EIJ: Wolf Torture and Execution Continues in the Northern Rockies by J. William Gibson

(From Earth Island Journal) A Hunter and his dead prey

Montana Anti-Trapping Group Gets Death Threat for Releasing Photos

On March 16, a Friday, a US Forest Service employee from Grangeville, Idaho, laid out his traps wolf. The following Monday, using the name “Pinching,” he posted his story and pictures on www.Trapperman.com . “I got a call on Sunday morning from a FS [Forest Service] cop that I know. You got one up here as there was a crowd forming. Several guys had stopped and taken a shot at him already,” wrote Pinching. The big, black male wolf stood in the trap, some 300-350 yards from the road, wounded—the shots left him surrounded by blood-stained snow. Pinching concluded his first post, “Male that went right at 100 pounds. No rub spots on the hide, and he will make me a good wall hanger.”

The Trapperman website went wild with comments. “That’s a dandy!! Keep at it,” wrote Watarrat. Otterman asked, “All the gray on that muzzle make a guy wonder how old he is or if it is just part of his black coloring.” Pinching’s picture of the wolf’s paw caught in the trap got special attention. “Is that the MB750 stamped ‘wolf’ on the pan?” asked one man. “Looks to be a perfect pad catch. Congratulations! Pinching confirmed the trap model and commented, “Oh an [sic] by the way, a wolf is a heck of a lot of work to put on a stretcher! Man those things hold on to their hide like no other!”

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Trapped Wolf Used for Target Practice

Wolf torture continues and is praised by some while critics are threatened.

Published on March 29, 2012

by Marc Bekoff, Ph.D. in Animal Emotions

Wolves remain in the crosshairs and the teeth of leghold traps in the Northern Rockies (see and). Let me say upfront that I apologize for posting this brief alert, but it’s essential that people who don’t know about what’s happening learn about the barbaric treatment of wolves, and also for the skeptics to see it up close and personal if they can stand it.



Photo: Courtesy Earth Island Journal

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Tags: trapping cruelty, war on wolves,  wolves suffering,  Earth Island Journal, J. William Gibson

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  1. I can’t understand why bad people kills wolfs. They do nobelieve in God? This type of peole shoulb be punnish.t

  2. SICK and EVIL!!!!!!!

  3. There is just nothing left to say. The hunters are disgusting beyond description. It is not enough that they are making the wolves suffer in traps before they kill them–they cannot contain their glee as they grin over the victims. I can only hope for karma.

  4. Nabeki, This is so horrible and hard to stomach but I know this is all about getting the truth out but it hurts so bad inside to see the pictures and read what they are doing to the wolves it made me cry. We have no more human decency left in this world….

  5. It’s all evil. Why does anyone take pleasure in killing anything? Especially an animal as great as this?

    Also, I think we need to get this sort of thing out to more people. No offense intended, I love your blog, but telling wolf advocates to fight for the wolves won’t help as much as telling those who don’t know.

    • I agree Clem…that’s why this article is out there. It’s almost impossible to get the word out of the Northern Rockies! But who else is going to fight for wolves or spread the word then us? That is our mission to get the word out.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. When people sink to this level it makes you wonder… Without humanity what are they? Definitely lower than the animals they hunt for sport…

    • Please spread the word meirad!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. yeah, these people are lower than a snakes belly. i guess I can call them people. I have other words

  8. The way the Government and its wildlife Departments, plus the Governors of some states are hell bent on wiping out the wolves, all I can say is thank God the big five are not in the United States.

  9. the tears flow, the brutality continues… i share many of your posts on google + in the hope more people become outraged…

    • Please spread them far and wide Proudwomon…we have to get the attention of the rest of the country!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  10. The anti-trapping group should contact the FBI if they haven’t already.

  11. What a disgusting, ungodly creature (Trapper John). That poor animal looks like he suffered.

    I agree, the only way to bring attention to the wolves is to unite from across the country to show how much the preservation of them means to us all. :(

  12. Nabeki-
    This Gibson story will hopefully be the icing on the cake for this degenerate federal employee to not only lose his job, but for the authorities to take the “trophy wolf mount” that this airhead does not deserve…….The hillbillies shooting from the road at the trapped wolf…..the wolf in the trap for at least 2 days, all the while dan ashe is touting how Idaho has done a wonderful job with their wolf extermination campaign…… I’m confused…..I thought trappers are the original wholesome stewards of our natural resources……Like daniel Boone……wholesome, good, altruistic. You read the posts on trapperman and you get a feel for what these people are really like- dirtbags

    • Yes William…I truly hope this goes viral and the rest of the country sees what the delisting has done to wolves. We always knew this would happen but seriously I never believed it would sink this low. I try not to think of what happens to these poor animals before they’re killed but now the cats out of the bag. The one thing they don’t want is for the general public to see the kind of cold blooded brutality they perpetrate on wolves. We always get pictures of the wolves, as horrific as they are, after they’re killed. Now we see the real cruelty and what this beautiful black wolf had to endure. He will carry the banner for his brother and sister wolves and will not have died in vain.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. Wow- and they threaten women…….what real men they are

    • Cowards is what they are, without their traps, snares and high powered rifles, they would probaly wet themselves if they met a wolf in the wild!

  14. I hope that you are keeping all these things on paper, so that they are available when the real context comes – by that I mean when someone marches into Congress and testifies about what is really happening at a state level and argues for a PERMANENT FEDERAL GUIDELINE WITH REGULATION AND PENALTY PROVISIONS concerning the treatment of animals in the USA (all animals, wild, domestic, farm, livestock, and slaughterhouse)! Maybe one day that person will be me!!!!!

  15. One word can sum this all up- EEEEWWWWW!

  16. I try not to read or look because it makes me so angry that there is nothing I can do. Is there no one on that state that can release and help an animal in this nightmare? Are there any vet techs or medical personnel w/ a gun to stand off the asshole hunters and trappers. What is wrong w/ these monsters – someone has to help . If there was a Wolf trapped that close to a road why couldn’t someone stop and help? I know it is dangerous, but maybe something could be done This makes me sick

  17. Can anyone (more tech sav than me!) tell me how to relay this to my two senators that voted for the bill that delisted the Wolf? I have tried repeatedly w/ other horror stories that you post and use their advertised e-mail address, but it will not take? the only way you can use their e-mail address is to reply on-line @their site to a format given but no way to transfer this site – I know it is intentional on their part to prevent just this sort of thing getting thru, but there must be a way around – is there a tech “kid” out there? The same happens when I try to forward to CNN – no way (I know of) to forward????

  18. In the seventies when this was going on in Alaska people would go for hikes through the woods and destroy or demantle any snares or traps they came across. I am sure it would be easy to do that also in this day and age.

  19. Vile and heartbreaking.
    Just as bad as the wolf regaining consciousness when tied to the roof of a car after being taken out of a strangle hold trap…..
    Its hard not to have violent thoughts of retribution.

    • I agree with those sentiments as well Kim. What’s worse is these methods of “wildlife management” by these “sportsmen”(all laugh here)is acceptable treatment of wildlife in this country. It is sick. I remember when Idaho was doing their Commission meetings with the trapping community to discuss trap check policy. I was stunned to find out that not once was the welfare of the animal even considered……no ethical considerations, no biological opinions, nothing- just when the trappers would be able to get around to checking their death traps…..based on the convenience level of the trapper- what is wrong with this picture?

  20. I like the idea of the FBI. It can be done. Also, this is all horribly painful but it’s like a holocaust. These pictures are very important because they are the truth and the truth will win. Any one know Mary Jane of Mary Janes Farm? That Magazine out of Moscow, Idaho? I’m canceling my subscription as a boycott. She has a store up there. Show her those pictures. She used to work for Fish and Game or one of those agencies. Some one needs to ruffle her pretty feathers.

  21. And any of you how go for a walk into the woods, destroy those traps and snares, please!
    Reward this with $100 for each trap or snare.

    This is a message from Europe where this blog is beeing read every time.

  22. This unbelievably cruel and inhuman. These people are killers – they need wiping of the face of the earth. I hate them so much. Does that make me just as bad?

  23. What worries me about these idividuals with a lust for killing, is that they are allowed breed. Imagine what they teach their kids!!

  24. The photograph above, entitled “(From Earth Island Journal) A Hunter and his dead prey” is such a magnificent wolf. How on earth can someone get pleasure out of killing a beautiful animal like that?

  25. I grieve when I see this..It rips my heart right out of my chest..So this is what we have allowed these nut cases with guns to do, stand by and delight in torture of a magnificent creature that is trapped, wounded and unable to defend it’s self or even escape..Suffering for hours or days should be their punishment not the wolves…

    What kind of a person do’s this.? The same kind that kills innocent men, women & babies in wars all over our planet..

    Greed, self importance and domination of all at the end of a gun is just plane sick..To allow this to continue makes us all just as guilty. this must go viral..No self respecting hunter would be involved in this and any one doing these things should not be allowed to own a gun or a license to hunt for food, ever..

    One thing we need on this site is a Facebook link to make it easy to pass around…

    As sad and horrible as this is it must be viewed by all..These dreadful killers and enabeling polaticians, fish & game and all must be exposed before they kill off all these wonderful keepers of balance in nature…The wolves, like our wild mustangs must be saved and we must be the one’s to do that, now…Peace

  26. May I ask something? Who is monitoring the wolf populations of Idaho and the other states? I was just reading about Idaho expanding the hunting and trapping season and limits. I expect that Idaho will go over and above all human decency in carrying out their “management” plan. Surely the state’s law that says a state can manage wildlife “as they see fit” can be challenged because it is very vague and gives one no assurance that the “management” will be carried out in a humane or legitimate way. It’s shameful in the 21st century to see this, and that you can find examples of this all over the internet and nobody seems to care. I was reading an article on the Huffington Post that says today’s youth don’t seem to have as much interest in the environment or protecting it has they have in years past. The way we’re going, we’ll be back to the ’70s in no time. At least Montana seems to show a little more responsibility than Idaho, and we’ll have to see what Wyoming has in store. I can’t believe our government is allowing this.

    • Apparently God gave Idaho special permission for all it’s bloody slaughters, barbaric traps, helicopter hunts, puppies being hooked, wolves trapped and kicked to death. Idaho thinks they are above God’s law and that they have the right to murder innocent animals for blood money and favors. I think that Idaho might be one of the states that plans on drilling despite no matter what their pocket genie has said no to. This ought to be interesting.

  27. I spoke too soon I guess –

    “Some local leaders in Montana say that’s insufficient to control wolf growth and have pushed to raise the state quota or even offer bounties that pay $100 for an adult wolf carcass or $20 on a pup.”


    Bounties on pups now? This budget rider has turned into a nightmare.

  28. I have been following these stories internationally and am appalled by the brutality of supposedly civilised men. The calibre of a man (and of a society) is judged on his humanity to others more vulnerable. This torture is being done in the name of ‘sport’ and is being justified by those hunters in the name of local culture and history. The reality however, is that this is a barbaric and inhumane action that glorifies extreme torture and suffering on the wolf’s part for psychopathic pleasure. A sad reflection on the individual and society in the eyes of the rest of the world. It is one thing to hunt and kill cleanly with one shot, it is another to sadistically and intentionally trap, torture and prolong death and then glorify in it as shown in the recent photo’s circulating around the world in the various social media. There are far more effective non-lethal preventative control measures that can be used to prevent livestock predation. Local USA research supports that wolves contribute to <1% of stock losses yet wolves are blamed for all. For centuries Livestock Guardian Breed Dogs (LGD’s – Maremma’s, Great Pyrenees, Anatolians) have been used in Europe to protect stock from wolves and other predators very successfully. These breeds are already being used successfully in the USA and in Australia. In Africa they also use LGDs for Cheetah conversation to protect the cattle from attacks. We are using them in Australia for conservation of endangered Little Penguins and sea birds from predation by feral wild dogs and foxes. Prevention and deterrence is so much more effective than extermination of a species and the environmental and ecological damage done with removal of top predators. Elk, deer and Moose numbers should be allowed to be controlled naturally by the wolves and not by automatic right by the hunters. Hunting is not a life necessity but a barbaric blood sport that is allowed to continue because of the political power of these groups. The Yellowstone Wolf Project has demonstrated how effective the biodiversity and restoration of fragile ecosystems can occur with re-emergence of different animal species, insects and flora that had been destroyed and lost due to overgrazing and over population of Elk etc. America's woeful economy is supported by a healthy $35M ecotourism annually because people and tourists want to see wolves in Yellowstone. Not only is this good for the economy, it also supports the local area businesses with increased tourism. As a regular international traveller I will now vote with my wallet and feet and choose not to visit the USA and will advocate that to all that share the same views in the international community for the shame of this.

    • mtbcanaureen, just wanted to say thank you for your comment, with which I totally agree. I am also non-US, and I just cannot understand what is going on. I can only think it is pure bloodlust that fuels these so-called hunters to carry out their cruel acts, and I am absolutely appalled by the lack of concern shown by representatives of the US government. Not only are they authorizing the overkill of the wolf species, but they are willing to turn a blind eye to the method of slaughter, resulting in unacceptable suffering and inhumanity. All in all a totally scandalous bloody mess. Thank goodness we have people like Nabeki to detail what is happening and help get the message out to the rest of the world, as well as travellers like yourself, who can also contribute in a very positive and articulate way.

  29. I am writing to different government officials, again. Contacting different wolf advocates. Calling, emailing friends in different countries. I am tired of posting. Does no good. Nobody cares what you have to say. You have to do something. Just blah, blah, blahing about the wolf slaughters doesn’t help stop it one iota. You have to take action. I am, on my own, cause posting anything useful here goes unread and I’m tired of wasting my time posting the same links to the government officials over and over again. From now on…you want links to the right people…Google it.


  31. Been on the phone this morning with Defenders of Wildlife:Read this booklet.


  32. Damn the person who rolled away the stone from which these sickos crawled out under!


  34. I have asked all members of GOOD WOLF to take a pledge to print out the article and send it off to every local newspaper in their towns, and then to the national news media (both TV and newspaper media). I’ve asked them to enclose a photograph, if none prints out with the article, and I have provided one for them of the same sub-human with the tortured wolf. We need to spread the word on a grand scale of what the wolves are enduring, deep in the woods – at the mercy of those without mercy.

  35. THis Truely Needs to GO all over the internet
    ITs really sad when we cannot get one NEWS MEDIA National TV or anyone to publish the truth on what is really taking place to our wildlife? Yet it seems like its okay for people who wish harm to brag and throw these kinds of photo’s and articles all over the internet and video’s etc all negtive and HORRIble PHOTO’s.. I Just do not understand the human beings and there intentions anymore. People really are scary these days truely? NO compassion and no thoughts of others. ONly EGO it seems. WHy does the General Public not care about the wolves and what is happening to a NATional TReasure OUR wolves?? ITs truely Heartbreaking to see such a SElfish SOciety who only cares for whats important to them instead of the whole of our world. WE can live side by side with our animals. I personally think its a NATIONAL DISgrace what is happening to OUR WILDLIFE.

  36. What is the joy in killing another living being???

    • My defintion of “hunters: big fat sadists

  37. I’m terribly sorry, but if I ever received a death threat from a wolf trappers’ group because I am anti-trap and shoot-on-sight, it would be the last time the bastards would send to me. I don’t threaten anyone and don’t tolerate threats.

  38. I believe we are dealing with a true sociopath here–what else could explain such glee in cruelty, even of a wolf? Senseless cruelty is the lowest of the low. What goes on inside the mind of such a person?

  39. There are sick depraved people all over the world, but the fault lies with the government and authorities that allow these barbaric practices to exist.
    It is a time for a CHANGE!
    Be careful who you vote for and find out the candidate’s opinion and voting record regarding wildlife before casting your ballot.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves

  40. Isn’t man an amazing animal? He kills wildlife by the millions in order to protect his domestic animals and their feed. Then he kills domestic animals by the billions and eats them. This in turn kills man by the millions, because eating all those animals leads to degenerative—and fatal—health conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, and cancer. So then man tortures and kills millions more animals to look for cures for these diseases. Elsewhere, millions of other human beings are being killed by hunger and malnutrition because food they could eat is being used to fatten domestic animals.

    Meanwhile, many people are dying of sad laughter at the absurdity of man, who kills so easily and so violently, and once a year sends out cards praying for “Peace on Earth”. —Old MacDonald’s Factory Farm, by C. David Coates

  41. Although I know it isn’t enough I have decided to stop eating beef, and eventually all meat. It will be better for the enviroment. Also have been thinking more about who I vote for. For now I feel Obama is the lesser or two evils and I will vote for him. After this I will be looking at independent more closely and seeing what they have to offer.

  42. Its funny when I explain to people who are against the wolf or are saying they have become a problem and so they deserve to be hunted and murdered. In a very logical manner that this is not true and then I explain the benefits of the wolf on the enviroment and what they have done for the wilderness. And I tell them that the hunters are lazy, they don’t want to hunt. They want an easy kill, they want the elk lined up for slaughter, like cattle. Well the elk are finely wild again. Thanks to the wolves. Most of these people walk away educated. They have nothing negative to say to me about the wolf anymore because they can’t prove me wrong. Most people assume that wolf hunts are going on because they are being cauled or reduced for enviromental reasons. Once again I say this is a lie. People are very ignorant and it is our job to educate them. Many do not know of the torture and cruelty these poor animals suffer before they die. We need to educate ourselves as much as possible and go out into the world and plant a seed of knowledge into the hearts and souls of humans who don’t know. It will grow and they will know the truth. Anger does not work it only pushes people away.

    • good post and good for you being able to deal with those ignorant ppl the way you do. What I find hard though, is the hardwired mentality that we own this world and have the right to kill anything for any reason whatsoever. I find it very hard to not be upset. But I’m trying..

      • Marianne. The best weapon is knowledge. Educate yourself on the things that matter to you. And then use what you have learned to teach people the truth. Don’t walk around blind like so many people do, allowing others to run their lives. Learn and listen to both sides and don’t always believe what you hear. Remember there are always two sides to a story. Once you have heard both sides then you can use what you know to fight back in a calm manner. Sometimes anger is okay. Choose wisely when using it.

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