Trapped, Tortured Wolf Did Not Die In Vain….

A trapper posing for the camera  with a  wounded wolf in the background caught in  a leghold trap  (Photo Courtesy Earth Island Journal)

The picture has now become iconic. A beautiful, black wolf, caught in a leghold trap, wounded, STILL ALIVE, blood soaking the snow around him, holding his injured foot off the ground, with the face of a trapper mugging for the camera.

The situation had become something of an arena sport because the trapped wolf was shot at by “hunters” just  having a little “fun”??  What a blast (pun intended) that must have been for them to fire on a trapped, defenseless animal?  Right?? Whoever shot at that wolf should be charged with a crime, this was animal torture and cruelty at its worst.  BUT, was what they did anymore cruel than trapping the wolf in the first place? Who knows how long he’d been tethered to that trap without food or water, frightened, shot and bleeding?

Initially the photo was downloaded from a trapping website and  posted on Footloose Montana’s Facebook page, which received hundreds of comments. On Monday Footloose received a vile, threatening email which prompted them to contact the authorities.

As sad as this story is the picture exposed the cruelty and torture of  the wolf for all to see, having the opposite effect of that which it was intended.  His image has become the face of the repulsive, ugly practice of trapping. It’s not a sport, it’s  medieval torment that belongs in the 5th century,  NOT in a civilized society.

  With his suffering exposed, will this animal’s tragic final moments on earth, caught on camera, finally be the  wake up call for America to say NO MORE??


Photos of live, trapped wolf prompt threats to Missoula-based group

March 29, 2012
Written By John S. Adams

HELENA — A Missoula-based anti-trapping organization said it received a threatening email this month after the group posted graphic photos on the Internet of a live Idaho wolf caught in a foot-hold trap.



The Predator Persecution Complex

The Perverse Logic of Wolf Hunts

The hysteria that surrounds wolf management in the Rockies has clouded rational discussion.  Wolves are hardly a threat to either hunting opportunity or the livestock industry.


For instance, the Wyoming Fish and Game reports: “The Department continues to manage to reduce Wyoming’s elk numbers. The total population of the herds with estimates increased by 16 percent in 2009 and is now 29 percent above the statewide objective of 83,640 animals.”

Things are similar in Montana. Populations have grown from an estimated 89,000 animals in 1992 prior to wolf recovery to 140,000-150,000 animals in recent years.

In Idaho we find a similar trend. According to the IDFG 23 out of 29 elk units are at and/or above objective. Hunter success in 2011 was 20%: one in five hunters killed an elk.

Wolves are clearly not a threat to the future of hunting in any of these states.



Wolf Torture and Execution Continues in the Northern Rockies

by James William Gibson – March 28, 2012

Montana Anti-Trapping Group Gets Death Threat for Releasing Photos

On March 16, a Friday, a US Forest Service employee from Grangeville, Idaho, laid out his wolf traps. The following Monday, using the name “Pinching,” he posted his story and pictures on . “I got a call on Sunday morning from a FS [Forest Service] cop that I know. You got one up here as there was a crowd forming. Several guys had stopped and taken a shot at him already,” wrote Pinching. The big, black male wolf stood in the trap, some 300-350 yards from the road, wounded—the shots left him surrounded by blood-stained snow. Pinching concluded his first post, “Male that went right at 100 pounds. No rub spots on the hide, and he will make me a good wall hanger.”



Photo: Courtesy Earth Island Journal

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  1. This unspeakable cruelty needs to be stopped. To deliberately torture any animal in this manner needs to be publicly and swiftly dealt with. The men responsible should be named and prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. The state employee should be terminated with no benefits. We as humans are the guardians of this planet and all life on it. This is not how we should be using our power over other species. Absolutely disgraceful and unforgivable!!! These men are SUB-HUMAN!!

    • humans like the one in this photo are the real menace. anti-life disconnected from the natural world and only capable of finding pleasure in killing. may the wolf rest in nature.

    • They’re not sub human. They’re average. They’re brutal and brutalized a seemingly endless cycle.Think of all the instruments of torture. The standing armies. Killing fields. Not even the Jains can point to a history without owning terrible slaughter. Asoka slaughtered his way to power. If he made laws protecting the trees and the animals, starving himself to death in atonement could hardly clean his slate. Think of the phenomenal power of destruction invested in civilized man. To make a gun is a crime. William Lloyd Garrison, Quaker, founder, contributing editor of the Liberator, the man who made Martin Luther King possible, had that one right. To Garrison to celebrate war, to erect a memorial to war or victory was immoral. Gandhi read him. “I do not wish to think, or speak, or write, with moderation. . . . I am in earnest — I will not equivocate — I will not excuse — I will not retreat a single inch — AND I WILL BE HEARD.” That’s what’s happening here in a collective voice. Think of all the wars of the world. Not one was anything but a gambit, a way to wealth for the few. Not even WWII. Before the war crimes tribunals had wrapped up IBM ‘was forced’ to restructure. Later we discover IBM had been there day 1. Installing computer timed train signals the more efficiently to transport Jews gypsies homosexuals, (animal rights activists, so Charles Patterson author of Eternal Treblinka says.) IBM gave hands on support, designed the ware and oversaw its installation for both rail and gas chambers. And Thomas Watson was a deeply religious man. IBM people went to his school and his church or else. Reminds me of Derrick Jensen. A gun has one use. A tiny handful of people refused to work on the bomb. Linus Pauling, Norbert Wiener, cybernetics are two whose names I remember. But I have to say given that the world is made of predators and prey, among the very best of times on earth was lived by indigenous people in America and maybe still is.

  2. Makes me sick. So sad. Do we know where this was done. Trapping needs to be outlawed. Men like that need to be imprisoned.
    Poor wolf. Tortured for being a wonderful being.
    Wish I could stop this.

  3. This is horrific, makes me simultaneously ashamed to be human as well as wonder if there is a split in the species scientists didn’t tell us about. Maybe there are two types of humans because I feel that I am NOTHING like these people.This image will haunt me forever.

    • There are two types of human beings according to the revered, wise Professor of Mythology, Joseph Campbell: people who see all sentient life as “thou”, and people who see natural life as “it”. The difference in the two groups is two entirely different ego states. His study of early cultures, shows humans all started out in the first group, and the division came much later. I’d long had the same thought as you expressed, and when I heard Joseph Campbell explain this division, I thought “Just as a racist will hate a non-racist /’race traitor’ of his own race, equally as much as he hates the members of a different race, those who practice cruelty want to inflict cruelty on non-cruel humans or ‘species traitors’.” I think even the most sensitively-worded request for behavior change, is usually met with hostile name-calling, because to them we are “traitors”. We “put animals ahead of people” in their minds, because their ego as centered as it is on ‘self’, is like a filter that logic cannot get through.

      • Well, its good to hear someone bring up that great man Joseph Campbell and I am certain that had he been alive today, he would be railing against the way we are degrading our planet and as for the treatment that wolves are receiving, I imagine he would be weeping. Its worth checking out his interviews with Bill Moyer’s that he did just before his death in 1988. Its astounding, life affirming stuff.
        As for other views on the whys and wherefores of humans behaviour towards wolves, ‘Of Wolves and Men’ by Barry Lopez is very comprehensive and understanding as is ‘The Philosopher and the Wolf’ by Mark Rowland’s, which is full of insights into our disturbing condition. ie that our evil doings are hard wired and we have to overcome these each and every day to move forward.
        Here is an interesting passage from Lopez’ book which is illuminating.
        “Wolves are extraordinary animals. In the winter of 1976 an aerial hunter surprised ten gray wolves travelling on a ridge in the Alaska range. There was nowhere for the animals to escape to and the gunner shot nine quickly. (Hmm there’s a familiar tale, but wait) The tenth had broken for the tip of a spur running off the ridge. The hunter knew the spur ended at an abrupt vertical drop of about three hundred feet and he followed, curious to see what the wolf would do. Without hesitation the wolf sailed off the spur, fell the three hundred feet into a snowbank, and came up running in an explosion of powder.”

        Wow, you probably think (like me, the first time I read it), that’s amazing, what an animal. Until you read it again, stop to think and consider the actions of the hunters.
        He shot nine wolves, well, we know all about that. but…but…having done all that killing and knowing the terrain, aware of the danger and possible consequences for the scared pursued wolf who has just seen nine of his pack slaughtered, just for curiosity’s sake, the inquisitive ape brain at work, he ‘followed’, in other words he pursued it. the wolf which by a miracle survived. The hunter had a choice, where was the shred of humanity that may have said, ‘I’ve taken 9, that will do, lets turn back’?
        This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we are up against, humans ‘uncivility’ if you will, towards ‘Bestons’, ‘other nations’, a sheer bloodyminded wilful arrogance that cannot seem to help itself, preventable by little, except by legislation or by a huge change of conciousness by the consensus of humankind or both, the latter preceding the former. As Mr Schopenhauer said, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

      • kaufmans 123 That’s a great story. Sad sickening disheartening infuriating grand. Praise wolves.

  4. Traps are the predecessor of one of the cruelest and most destructive of all modern devices: the anti-personnel land mine. They have no place in our world. We should all work together to ban all kinds of traps, snares and other similar devices. They are the most inhumane, indiscriminate and dangerous of all hunting apparatus. They kill and mame domestic animals, very frequently capture animals for which they weren’t intended, and result in more suffering, pain and fear than anything we can possibly imagine.

    • I agree with you totaly Oliver, but the petitions I have signed against snare and traps don’t seem to work.

      I think you are right thomastryon, I cannot work out how antone can kill such a beautiful creature, let alone wound him and watch him suffer.

      “We’re beginning to realize the almost irreparable loss in such cruel and barbaric practices as hunting and killing innocent creatures for pleasure…whose sole “offense” is being beautiful.”
      Joseph F. Goodavage; Magic: Science of the Future

  5. I wonder how this trapper would like to be in a trap. I am so tired of these people getting away with this evil.

  6. Reblogged this on Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife and commented:
    Commentary from Howling for Justice about brutal trapping picture.

  7. What is everyone’s thoughts on putting this on a billboard for the world to see? Would you help fund it if a Pay Pal account was set up? We could start with one and as funds came in they could be increased. The public needs to know about this.
    I need your thoughts and opinions.

    • I would contribute to that! Widespread publicity could seal the fate of the trappers! Billboards every where!

    • YES. Let’s get R done, and NOW! Not only get it on billboards, but the Internet and in all Conservation and Wildlife Groups bulletins. What good are these groups if they do not respond to this?
      This is the real proof of whether they are worthy of my money, political support or attention, and thus far, none of the supposed “wolf saviours” from Defenders of Wildlife, to Conservation Northwest has lifted a finger about this.
      Kinda shows you they are all lipservice and posturing for funds!!!!


    • I will contribute.

    • I would contribute to this- very good idea.

  8. This poor suffering wolf gave his life to save others. God knows. Nabeki, all these comments about children being dragged and killed and whatever- is this true? Cause it’s all new to me. I read the Anchorage Daily News and I do not believe it was cast in stone that woman was killed by wolves nor did I read she was eaten.

    • Bobette…no the comments about children are totally false. These people are liars, plain and simple. Wolves are the least dangerous of all large predators in North America. There have been no fatal wolf attacks in the lower 48 in 100 years. Two fatal attacks were attibuted to wolves in North America in the last century. One was a teacher in a remote part of Alaska and another was a Canadian man. Both attacks were unwitnessed and controverial, since as I said nobody was there to witness them. The Canadian incident was blamed on bears and then wolves, as far as I know it has not been cleared up to this day.

      There was a hunting accident in Oregon at a bus stop, A little boy was shot in the leg by a hunter. So no children are being dragged off anywhere by wolves but they have been the victim of hunting accidents, sometimes fatally.

      Wolves are very shy animals and you can understand why. Hunters kill approx. 100 people a year in accidents in the US and Canada and wound another 1000 people, many innocent bystanders. WHO IS THE MOST DANGEROUS PREDATOR?? Please read George Wuerthner’s article attached to the post, it’s excellent.

      Our beloved domestic dogs kill 30 people a year on average and bite another 4.7 million. Deer auto accidents kill and maim thousands annually and cause billions of dollars in damage.

      Please do not believe or listen to the anti wolf babbling. They have no idea what they’re talking about.They think if they repeat their garbage lies over and over again it will somehow become fact.

      The sad truth is wolves have once again become the scapegoat and poster child of unhappy people who like to kill things and find the wolf an easy target. Wolves can’t talk back or defend themselves. Idaho would like to hunt them back to extinction I’m sure of it, Otter already said they don’t want them there.

      I hope this picture will finally break through the force field that seems to have surrounded the wolf states and won’t allow the horrific slaughter that’s going on to see the light of day. Most people don’t even know there is a wolf hunt going on in Idaho.

      This could be our watershed moment. We are fighting back now and we won’t stop until the killing stops.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • It is all lies.
      Wolf can heal man, detect cancer even. Sense of smell tells him more than our brains tell us.
      Evil is behind the anti-wolf subhumans.
      I raised one, rescued from a breeder, for 15 years, they are exceedingly discerning, even spiritual beings, if only more knew…

  9. “Since when are animal-killers, who take millions of lives, on the same level of innocence as an innocent little child? It’s like a criminal attacking a family, killing one child, being marked as “ok” but when the husband of the family fights back to avenge the death of his son, it’s “eeeeevil” and “on the same level as the criminal” all of a sudden. Excuse me? That criminal was the one who took innocent lives!”

    The ultimate hypocrisy killing animals only when it’s convientent for their wallets. “It will better the enviorment” what?! your envoriment? better the human world by killing innocent ainamls? humanaboos and hypocrites for life!

    • Since the beginning of time. Every serial killer, trappers are a species of serial killers, began as a child acting out the rage and anger of childhood abuse, at least in modern times.(We’re not talking about living in wilderness as one of the wild.) Be it clear I do not offer this as an excuse, still, justice should always take into account the forces that animate criminals. Change must address the underlying causes of aberrant behaviour. There can be no one way to change. Change can be legislated top down. Exposing the social, especially family dynamics that necessitate defensive aggression is an aspect that must also be addressed. In order to dialogue one must be willing to acknowledge the family horror leading up to a life like the trapper who is mugging in the shot above. Hate the crime. Help enact appropriate laws. Forbear. Help people trapped in behaviour that is grounded in cruelty, that is, an inability to feel empathy, with truth and with love. Love for the creatures means all sentients. Like it or not that man is a sentient, an animal, one of us. What to do? HSUS/Pacelle worked with Vic and the pit bulls. He allowed Vic to enter into a campaign against dog fighting. I reacted negatively at first. On reflection I appreciated Pacell’s judgement and his decision.Punishment that sets out to extract more suffering will be in the end further inducement to cruelty affecting all within the offending individual’s sphere. There are better ways. Community service. But above all take away the guns and traps. Management of wildlife must be strictly non lethal. But why would non lethal means make sense to anyone who gets their burger from an abattoir? You think and know that wolf lived through horror. Think of it. 42.5 per second, all prey animals like horses, the doves of the world.That’s pretty fundamental. There has yet to be a nation that respected animals, societies for a time yes. Were traps on the way to land mines? (not to mention other instruments of torture) The lives of the sentients are linked.There’s still lots of room for righteous anger. What Linda Camac tells is a point well made. What’s happening here, at this site, is love unfolding. People love wolves and are treating them as their own children. At last action. “When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always.” Gandhi
      For the Wolves

      • I think the question still remains: do we avenged the dead or do we fight for their future. I say we can do both. These people just don’t seem like people anymore with their love for killing and blood. Humanity needs a slap in the face who are we to call ourselves animal lovers if we support the death and destuction of them. I went vegan for these very same reasons. I love wolves and yes, I hate people that kill them. Yes, I think they’re beautiful creatures. Yes, I want to save them endangered or not. The peoblem is people use “endangered” as an excuse to kill or not to kill we came up with that term so we wouldn’t look bad and tried to make a side like poachers and hunters which are the same damn thing. It’s like comparing murderers to terrorist.

        The current an most popular animal killing excuse is:
        “Said animal is “overpopulated” so we must kill them.”

        If they’re too stupid to see the difference between human and carnivores who go hunting, then they have an IQ of zero.
        The wolf attacks because it is hungry. To avoid dying from starvation.
        The human attacks for greed, luxury and kill while it isn’t neccecary to survive.
        The wolf acts on natural instinct when it hunts.
        The human does NOT act on natural instinct, but intellect and greed when it hunts. (Gun = using intellect instead of instinct. Denying this is proving you lack intellect).
        A wolf will die without hunting.
        A human will not.
        A wolf has to eat meat to survive because most other sources are venomous to him.
        A human can easily live without meat, especially without hunting.
        If (predator) hunting was truly neccecary to survive, me and a loooooooooooooooooot of other people would be DEAD now. And since we’re not, the sadistic hunters only proof that their argument doesn’t make sense. They’re just looking for an excuse to see blood spilling.

        Anti-wolf people even have the nerve to equate killing humans/animals as the same level of eating fruits and veggies. This is child minded behavior at it’s finest. With the “obsessive fans” I see better someone obsessed with wolves than a freak who enjoys or supports killing/hurting wolves or makes up all kind of excuses to justify hurting wolves.

        Quote from the anti-wolf people:
        “Ironically enough, thanks to wolfaboos and their mindless fanbase, the whitewashing campaign in defence of wolves has failed miserably, with most people now being sick to death of wolves, and seeing wolf hunting as a guaranteed lulz dispenser.”

        See how sick and sadistic they are?
        They start to see “lulz” (which means: fun) in wolf killing just because other people like wolves. Now that’s what I call a true sadist! Those people should really go get professional help because there is definatily something wrong in their heads.

        I am a proud non leathal method person when it comes to wolves and other animals becuase trying to call something “overpopulated” when no one knows Mother Nature’s acceptable levels who are we to call the shots. Humans are not gods and definitley aren’t that god dam special ethier humans=non-human animals and thats the way it’s supposed to be.

        “I’d rather be with ‘deslusional idiots’ than mingle with killers” -Annoynomous

      • Look I sympathize with your anger your frustration, your sorrow, your determination. I’m vegan. I’m there. I live with carnivores. I lived with a wolf bred dog. It was a love affair. But humanity does not need a slap in the face.That’s the whole point. No one does. These people are out of it. They are so distorted they are almost beyond help. Society has to legislate them out of their opportunities. You, me, (believe me I’m working on it the only way I know how) people who will be the politically active organization formed out of Howling For Justice – and who will join forces with Defender groups armed with lawyers, are going to put access to environmentally protected areas out of reach. Hunting as recreation will be challenged. I think there’s a good case there. Guns for any reason is a harder problem though it is a contributing problem. What to do when society is marginally or very much like sports hunters? Society, (I generalize, it’s hard to find individuals never mind societies that are not like sports hunters at least to some degree…) tend to be authoritarian, punitive and inured of animal slaughter, the cow kill, goat sheep bird wild thing if it moves kill. Never over look capital punishment. Studies have shown beyond doubt that where there is no capital punishment violent crimes especially murder decline.Many U.S. states can’t even ratify the International Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Hit em. The U.S. has enough nuclear war heads stored, in Turkey mind you, to fry the universe. What I’m saying is these men who take pot shots at trapped wolves were I guarantee you, terror stricken as children, during their helpless first years. And they don’t just kill wolves. They or their kind sexually assault their own children in greater numbers than the rest of society.They beat and intimidate their wives, kill their wives or prevent their wives from leaving by threatening to kill the dog. Not hear say.Their lives are being documented, their lives are documented. They are trauma bonds. Just as children are colour blind until taught not to be, children and animals are instantly in sync when all is well. Children become sports hunters when life is poor or hell. They don’t have to be the sons of hunters to become animal abusers. That children who abuse animals commit violent crimes later is understood. Efforts to enact law requiring incidents be recorded by appropriate agencies have been frustrated. But we need such laws. It’s part of the picture. Trauma bonds identify with a brutal parent almost always the father, so as not to live in terror constantly, so as not to be prey they prey. That has nothing to do with the majestic agreement made by creatures in the wild. Trauma bonds displace their rage fear and disappointment on the helpless. Nabeki recommended Derrick Jensen. A Language Older Than Words. Check it out. I read some. I didn’t read it through. I knew what he was writing about and I found it a hard go. My own family was a version, albeit mild, of what I describe, laced with a saving grace or two. Had it not been for the wise and kind intervention of a neighbouring mother I might be a very different person today. I’ve spent a lot of time reclaiming the life of that child. Growing things and caring for animals at farm/jails has helped some abusers. Killers have few human resources. We mustn’t lose sight of the facts. Not until they are perverted by force do children become insanely cruel. Look at indigenous people, the people of Luther Standing Bear. That’s humanity.We can relearn our direct involvement with nature.There are already so many people who are committed to the peaceful re-establishment of that ethic. We must never lose our anger. But if we do not conduct ourselves nonviolently how can we expect much less demand that of others? I am by nature a fighter. I counsel my self if I can. In fact Martin Luther King conducted regular meetings with the people who formed his civil rights movement. They practiced responding respectfully, non violently, to taunts, physical violence and outrage. I’ve seen training film of King at work with his people. I look forward to reading at this site about Howling For Justice convening in an auditorium with other organizations, a council of wildlife and wilderness defenders.
        For the Wolves

      • I applaud you greatly for being vegan. I get what you’re saying that the animal-killing supporters might stem from a deeper personal part of their lives, but it is still not a proper excuse for this behavior. Now maybe this is part of a healing process for them but we must find non-violent ways to heal what wounds that time has made in their lives.

        Something to remeber:

        “But then there are those past the point of help and leave nothing…but distruction in thier wake”

        Dywane from Alaksa

  10. This heartbreaking photograph of a suffering wolf, a unique spirit and gift to our world, will haunt me and stay etched in my heart forever. It only strengthens my fortitude to ban barbaric trapping for all time. Way back in 1971, my cat ran out the door! Two days later I finally found him, and no wonder who couldn’t come home, he was caught in a leg-hold trap someone set out for rabbits. I took him to the vet immediately, trap in tow. Later that month, I attended a town meeting armed with the trap, photos of my cat, the vet bill, and my sometimes horrific temper! Cutting to the chase, to this day there is an ordinance banning leg-hold traps in my old town. I used to wonder if we could do this one town at a time…wishful thinking. I used the argument that a child could also get caught in a trap, since they didn’t care too much about cats!
    Trappers usually go deep into the woods to set their wicked contraptions and do their ghastly deeds, as most do not want an audience to watch them dispatch the poor caught animal. Wild animals have very little laws protecting them against cruelty and are at the mercy of those who have no mercy.
    Call me ‘wrong’, but until they are banned, I will always have the urge to go ‘trap hunting’!

  11. Trappers have been emboldened by the state of Idaho which held trapping & snaring classes all over the state – teaching 600 people how to kill wolves by strangling and mangling. It’s going to take some right winger’s dog or kid or grandkid to get hurt or die in a trap or snare before the reddest state in the USA does anything about limiting trapping/snaring.

  12. Just be smart and keep the high road. Don’t contact wolf killers. Don’t use your real name anywhere on the internet in a public forum and stay off of anti-wolf websites. The demented humans that hate wolves are never going to change & you will just waste your time & emotional energy in trying to reason with them.

  13. Since the apathetic public has been awakened, capture this moment and take action to harness human energy and bring about change to torturing WILD animals. They deserve the same protection as pets and livestock. No time like the present to use the opportunity.

  14. Actions to consider:
    1 when someone sees a twitter against trapping or delisting of wolves retweet it. (RT)
    2 Post posters on a pastebin site where they can be downloaded for dissemination on t shirts, posters, fBoo, twitter. Use an anonymous email for this.
    3 Consider for yourself and promotign a boycott
    of A) beef NBCA and do not re-up with the NRA and tell them why ( they supported the delisting) as did Safari Club.
    If you dont know about these orgs/corps please do some research, see the politics behind the blood trail.
    4 Embarrass the luxury furriers (Seattle Fur Exchange is now another name American Legend Cooperative) A great poster would be the Black Wolf, with a high fashion female in fur. ” Your coat is not sexy”
    If anyone has any part of that. put it on pastebin ?

    Use alias/avatars on the internet , you should for general reasons anyway, not only to avoid just vile responses and bs ‘death’ threats from defensive trappers.
    Please look to the ultimate economic source of the de-lisiting. Know and recognize your outrage and channel it into understanding the politics of our time for the Black Wolf and all tortured animals, the eyes of the martyrs. They haunt me too. Steady On…

  15. I’ll chip in for a billboard. We have a storm brewing and that is a good thing. How about Martha Stewart. She’s an animal activist and very anti factory farming. She would be horrified over this.

    Thank you Fernanda De Jesus Malta for your support for wolves, they are indeed beautiful animals and don’t deserve the treatment they are getting.

    Obrigado por seu apoio para os lobos, eles são realmente lindos animais e não merecer o tratamento que estão recebendo.

    Para os lobos,

  17. This petition now exists on Please sign. We are up to 500 sigs, in 1 1/2 days. We need a thousand.

    For the wolves. Every petition and posting of this atrocity allows people to consider and perhaps act.
    Thank you for the wonderful blog! all best, carol

  18. Simply must be published as widely as ever possible. Damn them!!!!

  19. The world can see now – there is no bravery or honour in revelling in the torture and suffering of living beings. Where does it end? When there are no wolves, what then? It is not the wolf at your door you need to fear. It is people like this. Intolerance and lack of compassion are the result of a diseased soul. Compassion and tolerance are the highest forms of human evolution and to show them shows class and beauty. To lack these assets shows a lack of humanity, decency and intelligence.

  20. Not sure how much good it is going to do, or how far it will go, but have sent emails with this link to a nationwide columnist, (Kathleen Parker at the Washing Post), Jane Valdez Mitchell, Senator Charles Schumer (NY-D), Twitter, Defenders of Wildlife, plus have emailed everyone I know this link.
    POINT: Get the message out there…constantly, otherwise people forget and/or ignore what is happening. Keep the news stations and government officials up-to-date as to what is happening, even if they do know…keep contacting them about this. I want them to experience the daily nightmares of these slaughters, blood soaked snow, injured wolf that isn’t even bothering to attack his aggressor. Keep emailing! Haunt them!

    Anne DiNucci

  21. N. is being wise and not publishing the more inflammatory statements that some of us are making. But petitions don’t work. Those who are serious about doing more than whining online need to think outside the box. Outside the box and into the areas where the traps are set.

  22. yeah, this photo is now PROOF of the enormous CRUELTY inflicted on these amazing God’s creatures. This wolf did NOT die in vain and we will use this against them over and over and over again… until we STOP them.

  23. CALL TO ACTION for first week of April

    Contact : National Trappers Association (NTA) asking them to ‘stop’ the American Heritage (as they call it) of Cruel and Unusual Torture of wild animals, pets, and livestock caught it members’ traps. Genocide against Native Americans is also an American Heritage of no merit, as was child labor, until child labor was abolished by Congress in 1938.
    Write, call, email. Be polite. I know it can be difficult. Call toll free on their dime. They are a member of A L E C. They have coin.

NTA Headquarters, 
2815 Washington Avenue
Bedford, IN 47421
. 812-277-9670
. 1-866-680-TRAP(8727)
812-277-9672 FAX 

    Please pass this on to other activist sites?

    PS will visit – anything on demand progress yet ?

  24. When I connected to the internet this morning another horrifying photo met my eyes, and I was struck by its similarity to this one, with the moronic malevolent monster in the foreground, and the trapped tortured indigenous being in the background.

    Both pictures are manifestations of what Jack Forbes calls the wetiko disease. But I really like the Kayapo term mentioned in Paul Watson’s commentary that accompanies the photo: “termite people—relentlessly eating away at the world.”

    • Joanne, some people do not care about anyone or any living thing. Wolves are very beautiful animals. They are the pack animal I have ever seen.
      They will fight to the death to protect their packs. They take care of the little ones just like they were gold.
      The future of their packs.

  25. Nabeki

    I may be ‘behind the eight ball’, as you guys say, but here is a website I just stumbled across, take a look at the names on it, quite something, they’re on Facebook too.

    • kaufmans123…it’s a prestigious group and I’m sure some or all are doing their part but what is going to save wolves is a strong grass roots movement and media attention. We have to be able to pressure the states to stop the relentless wolf killing and that will only happen if many, many people get out there and get pro-active. This can’t just be a Facebook campaign anymore.

      Idaho is being very aggressive and will continue to be until they whittle the wolf population down to a 100 or 150 animals. Montana promises a larger more aggressive hunt in 2012. The Idaho hunt ends at midnight tonight except for the Lolo and Selway zones. Those wolves will be hunted right through denning and pupping season.

      We don’t have much time until the next hunt starts in either the end of August or the beginning of September. We have to use these few months to mobilize.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  26. Ugh. What grosses me out, after the hunting of course, is the fact that some woman somewhere actually might find a man like this desirable. Why are their standards in men so low???? I’m especially dismayed when women are connected with this kind of cruelty, I don’t know why. :(

    • As a woman I completely agree. Who said we are the fairer sex? The women who worked in concentration camps were as bad as if not worse than the men. They were not only cruel but sadistic. There are also women bullfighters and fox and stag hunters.

      A woman who finds a man who enjoys killing wolves for fun desirable needs to be in therapy. And as for women who indulge in this bloodfest of wolves for fun, words are inadequate to describe them.

  27. Finally an article from Reuters on! Indeed that wolf did not die in vain. Let’s hope that this is just the beginning of national coverage of these heinous crimes. Good work, wolf lovers!

  28. I have posted a long note to CNN asking them to take my request into consideration and ask them to tell the world of what’s going on in Idaho and Montana. If I ever get a reply I will post it. Let’s wait.

  29. At least I know his puishment will be more horendous when he faces the Great Father Wolves are sacred animals and killing them in any fashion is wrong and those that do will someday pay dearly. Great Father please help protect our wolves they need your intervention now Please don’t let this continue even if it means ending this world as we know.

  30. For the hunters out there trapping and hunting the wolves or whatever other wildlife, just remember, when your own life turns against you, your wife leaves you or whatever discomfort comes your way, dont blame the world. Remember when you killed those innocent animals in such an inhumane way, who really did you no wrong – that is why your own life will turn against you. Make right now whilst you can, before it is too late for you.

    • for real. It’s very easy to believe in hell with ppl like this around….

  31. Completely and utterly HEARTBREAKING! :'(

    Doesn’t matter if it’s against pets or wildlife, abuse is abuse:

    “According to a 1997 study done by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Northeastern University, animal abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people and four times more likely to commit property crimes than are individuals without a history of animal abuse.” ~Abuse Connection – The Link Between Animal Cruelty and Interpersonal Violence | Pet-Abuse.Com Animal Cruelty Database

    • Yes, and watching violent films showing slaughter also provokes these people, who have the brains of a banana, to commit crimes against animals. The two young boys who murdered Jamie Bulger began their killing career strapping cats to railway lines and killing pigeons. The same with Dennis Nielson and other murderers. These people are inadequate so they transfer that onto others to offload their frustration. In the case of Sarah Palin, she enjoys killing wolves and other wildlife from her light plane. This is from a religious person but then she is an airhead anyway.

  32. I felt physically sick at the photos of these slain wolves, killed by inadequate people with guns. It’s all about power and the fact that these low-lives can kill for fun. The moron, Josh Bransford, posing alongside the trapped wolf apparently works for the Forest Service so the taxpayer is funding him to kill these magnificent creatures.
    The wolf had already been shot a couple of times while he was helplessly caught in Bransford’s trap! What a vile and sick individual he is. The Board of Fish & Game are pandering to the hunting fraternity. God help the wildlife if that airhead Sarah Palin gets into the White House!

  33. This is the most disgusting photo that I’ve ever seen. This beautiful helpless animal being tortured by this callous lowlife!! How sick can you get??? Taxpayers are paying for this horrible man to torture and kill helpless animals. Truly disgusting!!

  34. Same should be done to all these heartless people. This is torture. And for what purpose? Do these assholes have nothing better to do? I hope they all get mauled by a pack of wolves. This should really be considered a crime. And it needs to stop. Now.

  35. I repeat –

    This is sick. Humans think they are all-powerful, and have the right to catch, kill and torture these beautiful, well meaning creatures. And they don’t. Especially when they use weapons such as guns, which wolves are helpless against. It is intolerable and must be stopped! If you are a wolf hunter, then think about the families and packs that these wolves probably have, and think of how sad you would be if your mother, father or other relative was killed, and never returned? And wolves only hunt livestock because the forests and their other homes are being destroyed, and they must survive.

    Fight for what you believe in.

  36. this is stupid why are people killing these magnificent what are they jealous because they cant be compared to the wolves well to bad just because u are jealous doesnt give u the right to the kill and torture these innocent creature all of u people that do this u make me sick

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