Trapped, Tortured Wolf Did Not Die In Vain…. » trapped wolf

trapped wolf

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  2. IM TOTALLY SPEECHLESS.. how can “men” do this? I would love to meet the ass holes who think its good to treat these fantastic creatures this way.. if only..

  3. Is this really what hunters want to portray – the cruel and inhumane death of a noble Animal?
    I am ashamed to live in a Western State where this is allowed and am ashamed that our Governmnet allows this. It is all infuenced by rancher lobbyists; all about money.
    What an f——- a——!

  4. Only an Asshole would enjoy having an animal suffer. trapping should be forbidden by law. If you need to cull animals do it humanly as possible.I have a german shepard and think what if his leg was in a trap for 24 hrs. plus. absolutly disgusting.

  5. I am absolutely horrified. This beautiful wolf must have been in unspeakable pain. Look at all the blood around him and his mouth held open in a cry of pain. Who is the loser posing with him? Who would smile at the camera while a magnificent creature cries out in pain? I have no words for what a waste of space this stupid idiot is. He needs to have his leg caught in a trap while the rest of us stand around smiling and laughing. But those of us with a conscience and kindness towards all creatures would probably help him out–unlike what he is unwilling to do for the wolf.

  6. Ohh My God this is horrible!!! What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?!? This is wrong on sooooo many levels! I have nothing against hunting, as long as it’s humane. This is torture!! People should be learning form these animals, the would learn the true meaning of family and loyalty. This just makes me sick!!!

  7. What a horrible human being!! I’m angry beyond words. Why oh why cant we just let the wolves live in peace. They were here before we were!!



  10. :DICK:

  11. can’t believe this!!! literally shaking with rage! coward!! low life scum!

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