“Sorry For The Inconvenience We Are Trying To Save The WORLD”…Mato Woksabe

April 23, 2012

This is what a Wolf Warrior looks like.

Mato in front of IDFG in Boise, Idaho, protesting the slaughter of wolves.

Take heed Warriors. Every single one of us has the ability to do what Mato is doing.

Remember the Idaho hunt is not over. Lolo and Selway wolves are being hunted during denning and pupping season, through June 2012. The alpha females are sitting ducks in their dens. What kind of people kill pregnant wolves or newborn wolf pups? Ask yourself that question? Will we sit silently by as the slaughter continues?

The time for silence is over!!


Photo: Courtesy Mato Woksabe

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  1. Right On !!!!

  2. WELL DONE, Good job to all,a united front is hard to break

  3. Mato, u r my hero!! And an awesome human being!

  4. well done stop the slaughtering of all wolfs ie am ready to fight for them

  5. God bless you and yours forever and ever, and be the biggest and the best INCONVIENCE this world has ever seen!!! Amen!! If I lived anywhere nearby, I’d be right there with noisy bells on my toes and huge signs “SAVE THE WOLF” all in a row. Thank you so much. WTG!!!


  6. LIVE FOR THE WOLVES,you people are GREAT!!!!

  7. Tho I cannot be there in person to help, I hold you in my thoughts and prayers. Long live the magnificent Wolf.

  8. BRAVO! WE ALL MUST HAVE THE COURAGE OF OUR CONVICTIONS! What we do privately or together, all adds up, all counts from petitions, to protests, to writing letters to legislators,etc, marches, forming political PACS, billboards, educational tables, anything and everything….just never give up —-don’t believe in ‘lost causes’!

  9. Thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!! It am so glad that somebody stands in the front lines in to defending this animal’s rights…I’d love to be there and I fervently want to..but I’m a little too far away here in Laredo TX,.still allmy love and hope is yours wse them wisely….

  10. Blessings on everyone who is willing to do something to help!

  11. Thank you to all who can get to show their feelings .. the best i can do at the moment is just think about you lot and pray your words are heard, and your actions too.. thank you to you all..
    id love to be able to be there, but im over in the UK and totally totally behind you all.. as the saying goes…
    leave the wolves alone, they will take care of their own, they atre nature, and nature always takes care of her own. always.

  12. Yes, I love that they are there protesting. When I was there back in March protesting the folks who drove by were very accepting. There were only a few asshats who gave us the finger or yelled some obnoxious. I wish I could of been there. Was there any media there??
    In March there was NOT one person there from the media.
    Lets all protest the killing of “our” wolves.

    • No media again after calling every newspaper, and t.v station in the state 3 times myself and posting the phone numbers for other members to call aswell. I know other members called too. So this is where we ask why? And where is the media?

      • And honestly 2 protesters is not really a story. We need numbers to attract media. If I had time for another protest before peace and dignity would anybody be interested?

      • Mato…This has been a problem from the beginning, wolf advocates not showing up when they should be out there in droves. You are doing excellent work and it upsets me every time there is such a low turn out. The largest group so far was the Boise commissioners meeting. We need one of the large environmental groups to call out their members but all I hear is “crickets” when it comes time for a protest. The media is ignoring the issue the way they always do but they cover any anti wolf story they can. I’m frustrated as I know you must be.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. something obnoxious is what I meant ^^^^^^^^^^^

  14. Hello N. Would it be possible to have an action alert column? People are posting very good actions but they can be overlooked in the general comments.

    Also, for continued action, a specific action alert column would help
    for repeating actions, as the the contact info would be saved and one wouldn’t have to search through previous posts scanning for an address or name.

    Please consider. Many thanks for the blog, as ever.

    • Good ideas Eric, I’ll consider your suggestions.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  15. Mato, you are my hero! Love from Denmark. We simply must do everything possible to protect the wolves!

  16. Mato, I send you my love from the UK. You truly are a hero. Thank you so much. I am with you in thought and spirit.

  17. Mato … All my Love and Kudos from my house to yours .. I stand
    with you in Spirit .. as i live in Sweden .. I really Wish for this terrible war on precious Wolfs, to END forever .. I simply Love Wolfs and All
    of God’s creations.


  19. http://www.godvine.com/Dying-Man-Gets-his-Wish-to-Spend-his-Final-Days-with-his-Dog-1421.html touching video of a man’s last wish

  20. Proud to be a Rainbow Warrior for life.

  21. There was a news article about this rancher on the edge of the Lolos in the Bitteroots that wants to get himself out of a financial mess by developing a ski hill on his ranch. I went to the comment page and popped the question, is that why the wolves were shot?One person answered me by saying I was getting close. That’s what happened to the spotted owl. Can’t develope with endangered species in the neighborhood. This is more than a management issue. It’s all about corruption.

    • Bobette, it’s truly a war over public lands and who controls it. The powerful hunting and ranching lobbies are vying for that control, along with oil and mining interests. They are literally killing our native wildlife to clear the land for their use. We have to fight back!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Bobette,
        In support of Nabeki’s post, please refer to the following links which
        connect the dots about the delisting and subsequent massacre of wolves in the west:

        1 read first for background: http://www.alternet.org/story/150463/

        2 specifics: http://bit.ly/II1Bkw
        3 sourcewatch.org and alecexposed.org have lists of governors and
        legislators who are members and on the take.
        4 alec.org (this is the official site where the organization poses to be non-profit)

        If you research the Sagebrush Rebellion, this so-called grassroots movement is funded by corporate members of ALEC. The corps aim to de-federalize national monuments, USFS, and BLM land in states they own the legislators and govenors so they can exploit. This intention is on the ALEC website under their resolutions.

        Rocky Mtn Elk Foundation, Safari Club, B&Crockett, National Rifle Asso, National Trappers Asso, are all lapdogs to the cause, as they each have their private agenda within ALEC. Safari Club members will pay thousands of dollars for a wolf hunt. Follow the money. It is getting about getting them out of the way for more energy exploration, more Simplot mines in ID, more natural gas exploration.

        It’s a covert money trail. Legislators and governors on the ALEC membership list must not be re-elected, as they have blatantly shown their loyalty to the corporations wanting to brush aside ecological protections for wolves and other species, including homo sapiens. The hapless trappers and hunting clubs are shooting themselves in the foot in the long run, but seem ignorant how they are being used. Ironic. As we collectively work to save wolves, we must look at the smoking mirrors.

        thanks to everyone who keeps on for the wolves, and ultimately for all life on earth.

  22. How deeply I wish he was standing with a crowd of a million!

    • Donna…we can still have that million. Wolf advocates must stand together, this is a critical time.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  23. And here is the CORPORATE GRAB OF RESOURCES FROM FEDERAL LANDS. The source is at the end so you may reference.

    ” On 2/16, the House Natural Resources Committee passed H.R. 4019—a bill that would require the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to permit intensive logging, grazing, and oil and gas production on public lands to meet unrealistic revenue targets for county budgets. The bill would exempt these projects from the Endangered Species Act, along with other environmental laws. ”
    source: http://bit.ly/ywcjPH

    Please note which of your elected officials approved this and make sure they are replaced by an ecologically aware representative.

    A private timber sale on Oregon BLM is in the musings from state demos.

    Collapse is non-partisan, never forget that.
    Peace and thanks for what you do.

  24. Thanks, Serena and Eric. Valuable information. Will save. That’s why Congress wants to eradicate the ESA. So it can be opened up for mining etc. The National Parks is another story. Guns, guns, and more guns. Just say no more. NY Times has an excellent op-ed from a NRA member who is very critical of that organization.

  25. http://howlingforjustice.wordpress.com/category/washington-wolves/

    Let’s use our literacy and strategy skills please, and please put some pressure on Judge Nielson. We must begin looking to appeals processess, to ensure the laws were aptly and fully applied in this case. At the time these people killed the majority of the first pack to come to WA, they were listed Federal Endangered. What are you working so hard to re-list wolves and prevent trapping, when none of those laws stop actions such as these, anyway? The law did not work in the trial of Bill White, for he did not receive the fullest penalty of the law, which he deserved and then some. Tom and Erin White are up next, to likely walk away laughing at the “law”, as well. When wolves are delisted in WA, this family will be sure to take advantage of the opportunity in miriad ways, even if illegal, doubtless. Can we all quit preaching to the choir and disinterested strangers and work on monitoring this case and insisting on justice for the First Pack in WA? BTW, they were killing eagles too!

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