Wyoming Plans Wolf Hunt For Fall 2012…..

Now I’ve heard it all. Wyoming plans on having a trophy hunt this fall, allowing up to 52 wolves to be killed. This will be carried out in the “flex zone” around Yellowstone National Park, which means any Yellowstone wolves wandering out of the park can be legally shot.

“Under Wyoming’s plan, the state would allow trophy hunting for wolves in a flexible zone around Yellowstone National Park, beginning in October. The hunting would last until 52 were killed or until the end of the year”

Remember the Cottonwood Pack?  The alpha male, female and their daughter got blown away by hunters during Montana’s first wolf hunt in 2009 because the state brilliantly opened the hunt right outside of Yellowstone and the Cottonwood Pack, not knowing how to read boundary signs, left the safety of the park and walked into a shooting gallery. Hunters were waiting for the wolves to cross over. It was like blasting ducks in a barrel.  Must be fun to kill innocent animals and heck they didn’t even have to work at it.

Yellowstone wolves are partially habituated to humans because they are enormously popular with tourists, who regularly follow their every move. Yellowstone wolves are used to people and have lost much of their natural fear of them, bad idea. They’ll be easy targets for “hunters” and I use that word very loosely.  Its’ not bad enough Wyoming wants to decimate their approx. 340 wolves down to 100 animals and ten breeding pairs, due to the disgusting wolf management plan that was concocted back in the  nineties to placate ranchers. Since the USFWS didn’t bother to update the plan since the reintroduction, we are left with the wolf killing states using these low numbers to “pick off”  their wolf populations. This is why wolves need to be relisted. The states are proving over and over again they cannot be trusted with the welfare of wolves. As soon as they had the chance  they started persecuting and killing them and continue to do it.

Congress should hang their heads in shame for what they’ve done. Especially the Senate Democrats who vowed they supported the ESA and wolves and turned around and threw Montana and Idaho wolves under the bus, sneakily slipping in a wolf delisting rider into a non-related budget bill, WITHOUT JUDICIAL REVIEW. In one fell swoop they doomed wolves in the Northern Rockies and gutted the ESA. Now any endangered species that becomes inconvenient can be kicked off the list by another “evil rider”. Who’s next? Grizzly bears? Salmon?

But get this, Governor Mead is hoping Congress will ride to Wyoming’s rescue and exempt them from the environmental lawsuits that are sure to ensue when they try to implement their “shoot on sight plan” in the rest of the state. Good luck on that one Wyoming during an election year.

Cynthia Lummis tried  to exempt Wyoming from legal challenges and that ” dog would not hunt”.


Wyoming plans wolf hunts this fall

Top Photo: Wolf wallpaper
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  2. please don’t let this happen…………………………

    • How can you ‘protect’ an animal, then do this? Abhorrent lack of moral judgement. Everyone that is part of this brings shame upon themselves.

  3. “Flex zone” – how creative. Not. No animals around the park should be hunted at all.

  4. They are getting bolder and bolder, aren’t they? They know that as long as the wolves have National Park protection, they won’t be able to exterminate them. So they try to put a positive spin on it for the stupid and clueless public. I hope someone rewrites this junk – but judging by the trend, it’ll probably sail through the Legislature. :(

  5. This is friggin outrageous…how come can this be legal!? juat because some drunk idiots think it’s fun to claim the lives of innocent animals? NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO DO THAT whether congress or not. Not even the US constitution is above the law of life that should be respected wether you idiot “hunters” like it or not…

  6. I wonder what ever happened to the ‘safe zones’ or the “protected paths” which allows wildlife to migrate from one preservation to another without being killed? These ‘protective paths’ were actually purchased by 4 wealthy businessmen and 1 celebrity – Harrison Ford – about 20 years ago! The CEO of Starbucks, at that time, was one of the businessmen, and I recall a CEO from Mexico who owned the largest cement company in all of Mexico was involved too. These protective paths for migration led from Yellowstone National Park, and continued into South America. This was also a project that had a base in Africa. They used another name (not protective paths)…errr ….my memory!!! I will think of it and post more later!
    Seems that with less than 15% of Americans being hunters and less than 2% being trappers – the great majority has to wake up, get fully involved, demand accountability from our elected officials and take the reigns away from the fringe groups that have all the ‘say’ over our wildlife. We need new blood in congress and the senate who are brave enough to stand up for laws in favor of wildlife and the environment and not go with business as usual.

    • Great point!

  7. P.S. Protective CORRIDORS for wildlife migrating out of Yellowstone!
    That is what they were called – not protective paths!! I clearly remember the story, but now cannot find it on google?

  8. Yes we need new blood but after the backstabbing that was done by the Tester crowd how to get these people out and the new ones in is the question , it will take a full cycle ,only in the primaries,the next topic is how to sue the states to protect federal assets(the wolves) when they are migratory/mobile assets I know it is done and has to be linked to the health of Yellowstones natural food chain health,just to file would show that not all people agree about the states actions on federal land boundaries,there has to be a buffer area,the greed of the states natural resources departments in chasing hunting fees is whats amazing,but they were first in line for federal money for infrastructure developement because they have low tax base,

  9. This has all been outrageous and inexcusable. Yet there does not seem to be any way to stop it. There is a war against wildlife and wolves are not the only victims. The underlying similarity is that no matter how much we try to help, the opposition (backed by conservative government) seems to win. I’m not advocating that we give up trying, but it is so frustrating to see the animals harmed and killed with seemingly no recourse. Big money = power.

  10. Is there something we can do?????

    • Maria, we can all write the person in charge, Governor Dave Freudenthal State Capitol /200 W. 24th St. Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002-0010. governor@state.wy.us Ken Salazar Sect. Of Interior 1849 C. St. Mail Stop Washington,DC 20240 202-208-3100

  11. One of the issues we are facing is an apathetic general public. The political climate is as toxic as i’ve ever seen. One thing is clear- the majority of taxpayers are under assualt from this conservative agenda of the Republican party. Nabeki had posted the list of Senators on the Environmental and Public Works Committee- who unfortunately were responsible for the wolf “outhate” delisting rider…..Who would have thought Democrats would be so cynical as to allow an animal to be stripped of ESA protection in an shortsighted attempt to try to save one senate seat in Montana…..The two issues we must watch closely- is how the Democrats treat the Wyoming issue with regard to the trophy hunt of Yellowstone wolves…..and how they approach the “sportsmen”(all laugh here) Heritage Act of 2012, a bill which is a big gift to the NRA and SCI, who as we all know, are no friends of wildlife. I cannot see for the life of me how Democrats could see any upside to supporting these two extreme issues….

    • It all depends on self survival when I contacted my senator about the rider vote (who is in a heated race) their office didn’t want to talk about it,after a week they replied, then I signed the petition and it was sent to her office,now I get a reply,I told them basically I am against them and their idea’s and will vote Rep. till she’s out as a party nom., now I get alot of response,I give them no replies,until they change same with OB,change has to occur however hard,Obama signed the delisting without even a blink,that is not right……………..

    • Absolutely right. The hunters are backed by powerful and wealthy groups such as the NRA. Most conservatives will support anything that will make themselves or just about anyone else a buck. Wildlife doesn’t matter, wilderness doesn’t matter. The wolves are suffering but so are the wild horses and bison. The Democrats don’t seem to have enough courage to stand up against the hunters and gun lobby, and most people don’t care enough to complain.

      • I care, and it’s why I am running for state Representative in House District 19 (Bountiful, Utah). for air quality, animal rights, preservation of habitat. I would like to talk to you about the kind of pressure I get to keep my mouth shut about guns & animals. I’d like your opinion on whether courage pays off on election day.

      • Good luck Lynn. I’ll gladly support your run, maybe I can put something up on the blog in support of your efforts. I have your email address if you want me to write to you let me know.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Democrats are not saints! They love money and power as much as the evil Republicans do! I don’t understand why this fallacy is so deeply rooted in the American mind (or lack of it)! I get so aggravated when dimwits exclaim: “I can’t believe Obama did this”! Maybe after 544 wolves have been killed, you finally believe it! Yes, he did it, the hero of hope and change, yes, yes,yes, he did it and you have not seen the end of it yet! He incontestably outwolfed Bush and will continue to trample our wildlife with the help of the useful idiots who are going to vote for him again!

      • Astrid, the GOP have always been anti Environment….in bed with Big Oil & Gas & Coal…I am not saying that there aren’t Democrats who have caved in to some of their awful demands….tacking on terrible riders onto bills that they have nothing to do with and yes, Pres Obama signed delisting into law…it makes me ill…and I will continue to write him everyday to change that…and I will continue to pursue media attention for the public outcry to force the change we all want….but I know, too, that Romney and the rest of the GOP will take away all of our freedoms, benefits and rights….and give all the benefits to the 1%….at our expense….not voting is not a viable option either…we need to vote out all of the ALEC sponsored folks who were behind the delisting in the first place…we need to find out WHO THEY ARE and publicize that so we can vote them out….

      • Hi Nikki,

        Here’s the list of the 81 Senators who betrayed wolves and voted to delist them via budget rider. I think it’s important to research who is up for re-election in November and let them know just how the delisting is working out for wolves. Be polite but let them know you won’t be voting for them unless they intend to right the egregious wrong they perpetrated on wolves and call for the relisting of gray wolves, not only in the Northern Rockies but the Great Lakes region as well.

        Contact The Infamous 81


        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • So what do you suggest we do?

      • Lynn, It’s become patently obvious that wolves must be relisted. The states are proving they are unable to care for wolves and now that they have them in their clutches are looking to reduce their numbers to the bare bones minimum of 100 wolves per state and 10 breeding pairs which is not a viable population. These wolves would be mere ghosts on the landscape, hunted and persecuted for the pleasure of trophy hunters. Our campaign should now be focused on achieving the goal of relisting. Public pressure is the only thing politicians respond to. If the American people demand the relisting of gray wolves and I mean thousands of people, writing to the Senators who delisted the wolves in the first place, letting them know they will not be getting your vote unless they reverse the damage they’ve done to wolves by correcting this egregious error they committed against wolves, all for Jon Testers Senate seat, which in all probability he will lose to Denny Rehberg anyway. All for naught.

        Their are so many brush fires every day concerning wolves it would be virtually impossible to try and tackle them all and the anti wolf crowd knows that. They are doing everything in their power to divert wolf advocates energy and time, keeping them exhausted and burned out from all the bad news that continues to pour in daily. We have to shift gears and go on the offensive. It’s up to each and every wolf advocate to realize if they don’t stand up for wolves now there won’t be any wolves to champion for. Lets get active and show these wolf haters that they may have won the battle but certainly not the war.

        Please check the list of Senators who voted to delist wolves and see who is up for re-election. You can post the results here on the blog and we can start a letter writing campaign to these politicians. There is never a better time to get their attention then before an election.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

        PS…If anyone is near Helena, Mt. they need to show up for the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks meeting on May 10, 2012, where they will be discussing adding trapping to the next wolf hunt. If Montana allows trapping of wolves, the population is certainly doomed, I’m very concerned about the number of wolves that are left after this years hunt. So please anyone that can make it to Helena meeting on May 10th, please show up for the wolves. Let Montana FWP know that we do not want wolves trapped or hunted and we’re sick and tired of the persecution and constant drumbeat of half truths and downright lies told about these animals.

    • In Minnesota, the wolf hunt has been led by Democrats. Sen. Amy Klobuchar presses Salazar to delist the wolf in MN, and state rep/Senators have been the drivers in the bill. I wish it was so simple as to simply demonize one party. It’s deep, and it’s dirty.

  12. To all Animal Lovers:

    “… wolves need to be re-listed.”

    I agree. To me, this is the only viable, near-term option for saving wolves from the next hunts, starting in August. I will spend all the time I can, as my only endeavor, on making the case for re-listing the wolves as endangered.
    Because they truly are endangered again, this time at the hands of violent animal haters in these states we’re all talking about.

    I have confirmed with a previous Director of U.S. Dept. Fish and Wildlife that Director Ashe, in conjunction with Secretary Salazar can, by themselves, re-list the wolves in all these animal hating states. That can be done at any time, just by a stroke of their pens.

    So… I am beginning a campaign to focus large numbers of animal lovers, and their actions, at the U.S. Dept. Fish and Wildlife and the Dept. of the Interior. I figure there are probably 100 million animal lovers in this country. So my goal is to get all 100 million to raise their voices at the same time on behalf of the wolves to get them re-listed before August, 2012.

    Thanks for listening.
    For the Wolves,
    David Forjan

    • Please let us do something about this…I live in Laredo TX, and I fervently want to help my friends the wolves and those who speak and stand for them. Anything, anything I could do, I will..even if the cost is my life….
      for the wolves ,anything

  13. (To Ida Lupine, above): Don’t believe that the blood-thirsty have given up plying their cruelty inside National Park boundaries. A week ago, the US House passed HR 4089 (and it goes to the Senate soon) which will expand killer’s rights on Federal Lands. Apparently that’s not enough for them, because two days ago, there’s an HR 4089 amendment introduced to expand this inside National Parks.

    Oh, excuse me, I’m supposed to call them “sportsmen’, and refer to it by it’s name “Sportsmen’s Heritage Bill”. (Sport is when all parties have agreed to engage in an activitiy.)

    • dear lynn, if youre running for any party that has animal rights in your agenda.. put my name down and a massive X on the forms.. i cant get to the usa, but im totally against any hunters or trappers hurting and terrorising the wolves, and other wildlife, and the ones running things at the moment seem to be able to “think up” new orders and laws as and when it suits them, to harm animals, so someone somewhere must be able to swing it to get my vote on your list..
      I wish you and others like you, who have a chance to do something and speak out for the wolves and wildlife all the very best in your trials. and thank you for doing what you do.. all of you.

    • Lynn – do u think that the Dem.’s will let that pass??

  14. When are we going to stop whining and do something???

  15. I have always wanted to visit Yellowstone and would love to see the wolves. I will boycott this until this barbaric “hunting” it outlawed.

    • I think boycotts are our best hope.

  16. Thanks for the post Lynn it made it much easier for me to cut and paste and add a little to my senators contact form now I’ll pass the info to as many people as I can find to put the pressure on in the senate to defeat HR4089

  17. Lynn, Good Luck with your run. I hope it turns out well for you. As for the hunters – they can kiss my ass. We don’t hear about or see these bills that the politicians write, so how can we fight against them? Also, when your up against a BIG MONEY platform – it’s hard to win anything. I don’t mean to sound cynical – but that is what it’s come down to – GREED. The Democratic Party is a lost cause it seems. Obama I thought would be fair …….. he has become so political it’s not funny, just ask our wildlife that.
    What do we do – I will never have the amount of cash that some of these asshats have (SCI, NRA, etc)
    I get very depressed thinking about the poor animals that have suffered & will suffer.

    Welcome back Nabeki dear. :-)

  18. Nabeki, does this so-called flex zone include the parkway between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks? If wolves can be hunted there, there will truly be no way for them to safely disperse from the parks and I thought they were at least supposed to provide for that. I am also outraged by the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act. It sends chills down my spine that hunting could be allowed in national parks. Maybe that would let wolf hunting occur inside Yellowstone itself. Just a chilling thought.

    • Ditto on that Judy – ditto.

    • Here you go Judy. It’s the Park Service that would allow it. This is another letter writing campaign that should be started but more than anything else we need to push hard to have wolves relisted.

      Say no to hunting wolves in parkway

      GENE TREMBLAY | Posted: Sunday, March 25, 2012 12:35 pm | (3) Comments

      Since the creation of America’s first national park, Yellowstone, 140 years ago, the National Park Service has operated with the understanding that their primary responsibility is to protect and preserve our nation’s most treasured places in their entirety for the benefit of future generations.

      And by entirety, that means everything, both cultural and natural resources, from historic cabins and structures to the ecosystems and the diverse native wildlife it supports, including gray wolves here in western Wyoming.

      Even though the State Wolf Management plan called for managing wolves as trophy game in Grand Teton National Park, the National Elk Refuge and Rockefeller Parkway, as absurd as that may seem to many, the state has put in writing that they will not hunt wolves in Grand Teton National Park and the Elk Refuge. Thank you for that.

      But, the state of Wyoming additionally says that wolves should not receive this protection and should be hunted inside the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway, a unit of the National Parks Service. It is inconsistent and makes no sense practically, legally and scientifically.

      Why is this NPS unit different from GTNP or any other NPS unit? Allowing wolves to be hunted inside the Parkway NPS Unit would break an important genetic connection between Yellowstone and Grand Teton and create a hole in the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, not to mention that it is a corridor traveled by millions of tourists each year that we need for our economy.

      It further creates a dual responsibility between the Park Service and the state that is in direct conflict. That is sure to lead to

      more lawsuits and problems. Practically speaking, this comes as a slap in the face to the hard-fought efforts that have taken place since the mid-1990s to repopulate this native species in the northern Rockies after they were eradicated from the area in the 1920s.

      It was bad management in the past that led to the original eradication of these important animals and by denying them the protections they deserve in this NPS unit, which is a vital connecting place for wolves traveling between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park; it is another in a long history of mistakes.

      The reintroduction and recovery of the gray wolf in the northern Rockies is one of the greatest conservation success stories in America. In addition to returning a native species to its home, multiple studies have shown that the presence of wolves has many positive impacts on the land, creating healthier landscapes and more sustainable ungulate population levels.

      Additionally, they attract more visitors to our towns and businesses who want to see this graceful animal in its native habitat. These visitors bring money and help support the economies of gateway communities around the parks. With these pluses, it is disturbing to see how eager the state of Wyoming is to have an open season on the gray wolf as soon as it falls off the Endangered Species List, which could be as early as this September.

      And while Wyoming may desire to hunt wolves within national park units, it remains within the National Park Service’s authority to determine what happens within park boundaries. This sets us up for a battle that we don’t need to have.

      It is critical that the state of Wyoming correct this inconsistency and Department of the Interior and the NPS stand up for protecting these wolves inside national parks and, specifically, that there not be hunting of wolves inside the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway.

      National parks are special places; they should serve as safe refuges for native species and especially for those that have just now recovered enough to be taken off the Endangered Species List. They should not serve as hunting grounds for an animal that has taken more than 80 years to restore.

      When visitors come to Yellowstone, Grand Teton and the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway they expect to see elk, antelope, bears, bison, deer and wolves. Wolves are valued as a park species, worthy of the same protections afforded to other species within national parks.

      Wyoming may have the right to manage wolves at minimal levels in other parts of the state, but that should not give them the ability to hunt wolves in our national parks.

      Gene Tremblay of Teton Village is a Northern Rockies Regional Council member for the National Parks Conservation Association.

      Read more: http://trib.com/opinion/columns/say-no-to-hunting-wolves-in-parkway/article_4af2ca34-65a6-5196-8995-708aebed5783.html#ixzz1tExC1phZ


  19. My son is moving to Bozeman Montana in a few weeks to start a new job right across the border from Wyoming. Bozeman backs up to Yellow Stone and I urged my son to go and see the wolves before they are all wiped out..He is very much into wildlife and photography so I am hoping he gets some pictures of the wolves for me.He is also a nature lover and I’m sure he will become an advocate for the wolves as well.
    This news makes me sick. Its the same thing they are doing to the poor Bison as they come out of the park grazing they have no idea what fate will be awaiting them.
    These people have no heart and this isn’t management. Its just an excuse to pull the trigger. I really do believe it makes men fell bigger then the rest of the world after they kill something and it strokes there ego’s.
    We have to make our voices heard and do everything we can to put a stop to this. Is there a petition yet?
    Plus am I missing something here? Doesn’t it make it very dangerous to go on public lands like national parks with people shooting guns all around right outside the boundaries of said parks? Isn’t anyone worried about innocent people who may be caught in the crossfire of some over zealous idiot with a gun? Perhaps we need to put up fences to keep the wolves in the parks and people out of them. Wouldn’t that we great! Just my two cents. Bert c.

    • Ken (Cowboy) Salazar Secetary Of Interior, Sport Hunters, Ranchers and Governors o Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are behind this. They got the courts to vote their way against the WOLVES. Wolves are best thing for our ecosystem. They help to keep the wild herds of deer, elks, moose, bison, antelopes, big horn sheep in check, by keeping them healthy.
      Wolves help keep the trees, grasses and plants growing by keeping the wild herds moving.

  20. It seems to me our only hope would be taking a case to the Supreme Court….but I don’t know who the judges are or their proclivities. We need to find a master minded brilliant lawyer with a heart for wolves to make a case.
    We definitely need a buffer Zone around Yellowstone- people tried and it was denied.
    We need to watch and listen to the wolves for answers.
    and All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us. jg

    • There is a Judge in Montana who is for the Wolves. He fought for the wolves and canceled the the bill to de-list the wolves. but was over turned. I am trying to remember his name and right now I can’t.

      • He is Judge Donald Molloy. He did indeed saved the wolves at least once, but failed to do so last summer when the constitutionality of the budget rider was challenged in court by a few animal right organizations.

  21. que se puede decir? solo ala mujer el perro caza por comida igual que los lobos o otros animales pero nunca por un trofeo

    • estos tios se traen otras cosas..kieren hacer sus tonterias de minas y buscar gas y petroleo. Destruyen una especie para a final de cuentas destruir tambien el ecosistema..NO TIENEN NI EL MAS MINIMO NI REMOTO DERECHO DE HACER LO QUE HACEN AHORA MISIMO…

  22. Lynn, I don’t know if courage pays off on election day–it depends on who is voting. Personally, I believe standing up for what you believe in (and I like what you believe in!) is important. Speaking out for animals and the environment in the face of wealthy corporations and individuals is something most politicians refuse to do right now. Their jobs depend on not fighting a cause unpopular with the hunters, ranchers, drillers, etc.

    • Honestly, much of the general public is utterly unaware that this is happening. Most people: 1) don’t know the wolves have been delisted; 2) don’t know they are being hunted. Without exception, I find people are very surprised and outraged to hear this. It has happened very rapidly and the general public just is not aware. Only the pro-hunt people and the pro-wilderness/environment people even know this is occuring,

  23. There are more of us….we are in the majority….I write everyday to msnbc and to a number of the folks who have shows there to get media attention…because, just like with the Stand Your Ground laws, we will get public outcry and legislators will be forced to do the right thing…because it is an election year….and I also write the White House every day (all three links I have) and ask for two writs: one is to put wolves back on the Endangered Species List and the other is to Ban Traps and Snares…..Because there are more of us (power in numbers)…we need to organize to get the media attention to get the pubic outcry to get the protections for wolves that we all want….
    I agree, too, with praying for help from a Greater Power to help us help His Children….the Wolves…..

  24. Man, please do not let this happen to them. This is hurtful to their habitat and environment. While they’re killing off the carnivores important to the biosphere, the herbivores that these predators go after grow in population and this can ruin a lot more than what the predators do in a year.

    I love wolves a lot and other animals, and they are important to the environment for keeping the biosphere in balance. Without carnivores, the herbivores can outright ruin crops and others that are important to the environment and people.

    These people need to be able to live with these animals in harmonious balance, because they are part of the Earth itself. You /man-made/ wipe out a species on Earth, you’re wiping out a part of the Earth as well. Someone needs to try and stop the hunt, seriously.

  25. Barbara B.,
    The judge you are thinking of is Judge Donald Molloy, a senior United States federal judge on the the US District Court for the District of Montana.

    He often rules in favor of wildlife and should go down in history books as such. He always ruled in favor of the wolves when it was within the law. Finally, he was receiving death threats to himself and his family over his judicial rulings in favor of wolves so I don’t believe he is sitting as judge for such cases now. jg

    • I do not think Judge Molloy would back down to anyone. He would have his family moved to a safe place.
      These people who are threatening him are the Politicians, Goivernors and Sports Hunters. Ken Salazar who is the Secretary of Interior. is against the wolves too. So is OBama.

  26. I would like to make a small point that the U.S.A has ” in god we trust” written on its money, yet killing gods creatures for money or the promise of favours leading to money is seen as acceptable. Just thought it was ironic. Just like to say I’m not knocking the U.S.A i think you have a fabulous country but some politician’s could do well to remember the motto and premise on which your money is handled.

    • Steven, God’s creatures are being killed by people who think they are right. They misunderstand the wolves.
      Governors of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming do not want to lose votes so they go along with the Ranchers and Sports Hunters.

      You vote our way or else you will lose your governorship is their threat.

  27. some creative wyoming lawyer nneds to file a suit claiming the wolves collectively for the non-redneck citizens, and present an armed defense… who knows , euthanizing these mindless rednecks could be a public service… maybe we could get paid by the carcass

  28. Please, please tell me that I can do something from my home in Laredo TX..I cry for the fact thatvthere us no way I can travel to the front lines of this wolf wars…Anything, anything I can do I will and with every fiber of my being ill get it done, I don’t care even if I have to risk my life for our wolf brothers..This must. be stopped right now, it has gone too far, so please tell me how can I serve to protect wolves…

    Werewolves have two sides, human and wolf; wolf sige gives them agility and strength, while human part gives them savagery and aggressiveness…..

  29. To Dave – Hey let’s try to get 1 million signatures on a very simple petition that just says “Relist wolves under the EPA.”. After that we can work on more permanent solutions! Thankx!!! Are you planning to do something like this? If so, be sure to send it through on fb. We need to act BEFORE the Fall. Thankx!

    • Donna…We need a well written petition demanding wolves regain their ESA protections. I’ll promote it front and center. Let’s go!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • to DAVE and DONNA.. get a petition started and post it through here and facebook, and i guarantee you will get tons of sigs keep us posted, as its only thing and way us in UK can get to help you lot out..
        ADE .

  30. Thanks Nabeki, I am ready to sign it!

    • I have made up several petitions. Have them sent to the Governors of Idaho,Montana and Wyoming.
      Nothing has ever happen as of yet. Get them started and I’ll sign too.

      • Thank you for all you do, I wish I was there to FIGHT for the wolves just as Mato is doing. Anything, ANYTHING, you kniw you and the wolves can always count with me, I live in Laredo TX so I must limit myself to what I can do from here, but I’ll sign a million petitions if precise. For the wolves, anything….

  31. I am ready to sign it!

  32. Noooo! We have to stop these horrid wolf hunts! How can I enjoy my birthday when I know more hunts have just begun!? I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about the disgusting things that are being done to our nation’s wolves. I completely agree that the states cannot be trusted with the welfare of wolves and that we must get this beautiful animal back on the endangered list before its too late.

  33. its getting more spread the news on facebook faster now. thats so great! GO HOWLING FOR JUSTICE!

    • wolfkitann….(:

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  34. Man is the true violent predator. This war on wolves in the West is mankind at it’s worst.

  35. We need a “Re-list wolves” petition with so many signatures the politicians can’t ignore it. If that can’t be done, run for office.
    Lynn Anderson, Candidate for Utah state legislature, District 19

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