Howl Across America

May 26, 2011

I want to take the opportunity to once again thank Louise du Toit for creating this amazing song for Howl Across America.

Howl Across America was launched in July 2011 to protest the brutal  Idaho and Montana wolf hunts. We continue to demand the end of wolf hunts and wolf slaughter.

Wolves in the Northern Rockies were stripped of their ESA protections in a travesty of justice when the US Senate passed a budget bill with a wolf delisting rider attached.  On a dark day, in the Spring of 2011, wolves were delivered to their enemies on a silver platter. President Obama signed the bill into law, making it the second time in just a few short years he had delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies.

  We call on the USFWS, Ken Salazar, President Obama and Congress to right this wrong and relist gray wolves before state management silences their howls forever.

Louise has been a stalwart supporter of wolves and this cause. Thank you again dear Louise.


August 12, 2011

“The song for HOWL ACROSS AMERICA was written by Louise du Toit as a contribution to the August 2011 events, organized by NIWA (Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance), Wolf Warriors, Howling For Justice and individual wolf advocates around the world, protesting against the killing of wolves. Music, lyrics, performance and recording by Louise du Toit in Greece, 2011.”

Created by members of NIWA (Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance), Wolf Warriors, and Howling For Justice, HOWL ACROSS AMERICA is calling on all wolf advocates to speak up for the wolves in August 2011. Please join their page at the following link and add your voice of protest against the war on our precious wolves”….Louise Du Toit



I watch the wolves go by
It seems as if they fly
As they run across the never-ending plane

With a spirit fierce and wild
And playful like a child
They embrace the earth in sunshine, snow and rain

And we don’t have the right
To keep them from the light
To hunt them down; to let them die in pain

So speak up loud and clear
Let the whole world hear
That roaming free is how they must remain

To keep the wolves alive
Help them to survive

The earth is full of signs
That we have crossed the lines
But we refuse to listen, see or hear

But endless tears will fall
When we will lose it all
We must stop at once to interfere

To keep the wolves alive
Help them to survive

To keep the wolves alive
Help them to survive

(Music and lyrics by Louise du Toit – 11 August 2011)

Louise du Toit – CD Albums @
Louise du Toit – Official Website @

Video: Courtesy Louise du Toit

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  1. My dear Nabeki, thank you SO much for your beautiful post about my song, “Howl Across America”. It is truly an honor to use my music as one of the vehicles to contribute to the fight for the salvation of the magnificent wolves, the latter which are superior to us humans in so many ways and to whom we should look up to with great respect. As you have written above, we shall continue to demand the end of wolf hunts and wolf slaughter, for as long as we live.
    May you have a blessed weekend full of love and light!

    • Howls Louise…So good to hear from you. We love Howl Across America, you’ve captured the essence of wolves and as always your voice rings true and beautiful. When we needed you, you came through for us and the wolves.

      Montana is gearing up for as severe an assault against the wolves as Idaho carried out in the last hunt. We plan to protest this every chance we get and your song will lead the way. I hope it will be played in thousands of households across this country and the world. We need a strong and united grass roots movement to pressure those in power, to make them understand the people won’t tolerate the persecution of wolves any longer. The people must speak and your song speaks for all of us.

      Have a wonderful holiday dearest Louise,

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. God bless you Louise. What a beautiful, beautiful song that sends a very strong and honest message. I wish this could be played on the airways all over the United States. It would knock a few politicians and their cronies off their rockers and wake them up. Would also wake up many that are totally oblivious as to the atrocities that are going on right in their backyards. Thank you!! And God bless!

  3. Once again thank you Nabeki, I trust you are feeling more positive today. Thank you Louise du Toit, for your song of support for the “Lords of the Forest”.
    Both of you have a lovely weekend.

    • Many howls to you Alan, have a wonderful weekend!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. Thank you Nabeki and Louise. If only people would listen and get involved in saving the wolves and all the wildlife that are being destroyed, along with their land, for the sake of development, oil drilling, grazing, and the blood lust of hunters–we just don’t seem to have our priorities straight.

    • Thank you Marcia for supporting wolves and taking the time to care. We need more people like you to speak out for wolves. This year will be our year, our year to say no more to the cruelty and torture of our wolves. We need every voice, we are the majority and when the majority finally speaks those in power will listen. This is our rallying cry and we will not be silenced.

      Here’s to a great weekend and a positive outcome for wolves,

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. Again, thank you so much Louise for writing the lyrics and singing your lovely song for our Wolves. Your voice is so beautiful.

  6. Once again Louise thank you its a truly magnificent song, and so powerful the meaning we MUST KEEP OUR WOLVES ALIVE brought tears to my eyes

  7. Thank you for your beautiful song means a lot to us,people who love and defend this creature that is so important for the ecosystems and so beautiful to admire..I’d love to.share this song with all the people I can, of course with your permission, so they can know what is this all about..I wish we had something more powerful than the internet to make people know about the horrors that are happening in their own country, what their government is doing..maybe why not a TV commercial? something graphically showing the misdeeds that our president is allowing anyone to do without any apparent regulation or punishment. Anyways you always know you can count with me, for the wolves..

  8. Defenders of Wildlife is still needing signatures on their petition to stop that anti-wolf ad.

    Also I suggest emailing them from their website and canceling any subscriptions to their ‘products’.

    Prayers continue for some blessings of sanity for our country and peace for precious wolves,other predator species, citizens across the world.


    • I already signed an endless number of petitions in a variety of caring sites, but I think owr weapons for defending our best friends are becoming more and more ineffective as they are not being heard by those in charge of the states. It would be better fir ua and the wolves to take this issue before federal eyes and why not president Barack Obama himself, we must show him that the correct decisions are more valuable than any budget bill..we must have him to RELIST wolves, we must have the law of the United States of America in the side of the wolves not showing it’s back to them and letting them in the darkness…

  9. Thank you once again, dear Louise and Nabeki for your tireless efforts to save the wolf. We must never stop fighting and keeping the dream alive. (Can’t hear this song without crying)

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