Kalispell Hearing Today on Wolf Trapping Proposal and Other Bad Stuff….

A charade is playing out today in Kalispell, Montana, where the last of the hearings on the 2012/2013 wolf killing proposals will be held by Montana FWP. They want to trap wolves, abolish quotas in the state and well, kill lots of wolves.

From the Ravalli Repubic

Trapping wolves, allowing the taking of up to three wolves, using electronic calls, lengthening the hunt and eliminating quotas are among the proposals to be introduced at Thursday’s Wednesday’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission meeting.

Read the gory details here.

These are the “objectives” for decimating the wolf population, taken from the Montana FWP website. My comments are in blue.

1. Maintain a viable and connected wolf population in Montana.
Translation: Kill more wolves.
2. Gain and maintain authority for State of Montana to manage wolves.
Translation: We can’t allow those wolves to live wild and free, now can we? 
3. Maintain positive and effective working relationships with livestock producers, hunters, and
other stakeholders.
Translation: Cater to the hunters and ranchers, the non-consumptive user be damned.

4a. Reduce wolf impacts on livestock.

Fact: In 2011, 74,800 Montana  cows were lost to non-predation,  including  Digestive problems, Respiratory problems, Metabolic problems, Mastitis, Lameness/injury, Other diseases, Weather, Calving problems, Poisoning, Theft, Other non-predator, Unknown non-predator while just 74 to wolves, out of a population of over 2 million cows. 

4b. Reduce wolf impacts on big game populations.
Fact: Elk populations  have remained stable in the state at 150,000 elk since 2009. That is a 66% increase since 1984, according to the RMEF 25th anniversary press release in 2009. 
4c. Maintain sustainable hunter opportunity for wolves.

Translation: Now we are getting to the real truth.

4d. Maintain sustainable hunter opportunity for ungulates.
Translation: See 4c
5. Increase broad public acceptance of sustainable harvest and hunter opportunity as part of
wolf conservation.
Translation: Wolf hunters want to kill wolves. The license fees are an added bonus.
6. Enhance open and effective communication to better inform decisions
Translation: Uh-huh
7. Learn and improve as we go.
Translation: Kill more wolves.


 Montana continues to claim they know how many wolves actually reside in the state when Jay Mallonee, a Montana wolf biologist with over twenty years experience studying canis lupus,  has repeatedly challenged them on this:

From Wolf and Wildlife Studies

“Management agencies have claimed that the recovery and public hunting of wolves is based in science. A review of their statistics demonstrated that data collection methods did not follow a scientific protocol which resulted in flawed and often incorrect data. Consequently, agencies do not know the total number of wolves in Montana, a major reference point used by wolf managers. Therefore, the quotas proposed for public wolf hunts are completely arbitrary, and management decisions in general have not been based on facts. This has produced a wolf management system that lacks scientific perspective and does not utilize what is known about the wolves’ role in sustaining healthy ecosystems. Instead, the absence of verifiable data suggests that management decisions are often based on opinion and politics rather than science.”

I’m sure the trapping and trophy hunting communities  will be well represented, chomping at the bit to make sure Montana allows them to kill, kill and kill more wolves, especially using the medieval torture device, the leg-hold trap.

I can pretty much guarantee that no matter what happens in Kalispell today wolves will be trapped and killed in the coming Montana 2012/2013 wolf witch hunt.


 Wolf Meeting Planned For Flathead


By Scott Zoltan

POSTED: 10:10 pm MDT June 10, 2012

KALISPELL, Mont. — On Wednesday it’s the Flathead’s turn to host a meeting on a proposed trapping season for wolves, and an extended general hunting season. There would also be no statewide quota under the proposed rules.

FWP is considering a general season that would run from September 1 to February 28 in 2013. There would be quotas set up in two areas near Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.

Hunters would still have to report harvests within 24 hours, and the FWP would reserve the ability to shut down the season in certain areas to prevent overharvest.

FWP officials have already held meetings in Billings, Bozeman, Missoula and Great Falls, but they’re still hoping for a large turnout at Kalispell’s meeting.

“It’s really important that people do get their voices heard,” said FWP Spokesman John Fraley.

The open-house meeting will start at 7:00 pm on Wednesday at the Flathead Valley Community College Arts and Technology building.



Photo: Courtesy WordPress blog 39,500 miles later

Photo: Courtesy Ann Sydow Wolf People Pup

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Wolf People Pup

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  1. Wild boar with cubs are more dangerous than a wolf, who rarely shows people. You can talk with him, then he goes, while wild boar attack without hesitation

  2. What can we do if we don’t live close to Montana?
    Who can we object to?

    • Nobody! Thousands of email, letter, phone calls had absolutely no impact so far. Unless we come up with something like a million march on Washington, nothing will change.

    • Caryn….we have to demand wolves be relisted. That is the way to go now. Trying to reason with the states is hopeless. They don’t care what we think. Wolves need the protection of the ESA. The trophy hunting cabal smells blood in the water and would like to get rid of the ESA for good..so they could kill everything that moves, crawls, walks or runs. BUT if we continue to stay silent and only react to what they’re doing, wolves are lost. It’s going to take a concerted effort by everyone to accomplish this. This is an election year, one of the only times the politicians listen to us. We have to hold them accountable for this mess and demand they fix it or they can kiss our votes good bye.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • “Bad stuff” does not even come close to describing the atrocities that are being prepared for the wolves. It is way too mild.

  3. Typical. I already get mad when “rare breed sportsman” come to Alaska to kill animals that they would be able to murder in their area. Montana and the rest of the wolf killing states are practically in bed with “hunters” ranchers and other animal based corporations. It’s nice to know that these places support innocent slaughter to fill their ever-hungry wallets.

    • I am from South Africa and cannot understand why you americans are allowing such repulsive slaughter to carry on. The whole population should raise up and “demand” to leave the wolves alone. Those responsible are the beastly humans “cabal illuminati”
      minions and they MUST GO!!! Ask for international assistance to
      stop the cabal vicious bastards. They are being brought down as I type concerning the banks collapse. They are the culprits of all
      the misery in this beautiful planet our home Gaia and at last we
      are getting rid of them. Go on your knees and ask the Universal
      Mind to help you save the wolves. I don’t belong to any religion
      only go by “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you!”.

      • It is very sad indeed that we want this to happen, and then everyone else just follows the crowd. People are following the system blindly not caring about what happens to the victims of this so called “species management” and the should be perfectly fine with having the gun pointed at them since they find some need in destroying lives for the sake of “population control.

        “If you’re thinking of coming to America, this is what it’s like: you’ve got your Comfort Inn; you got your Best Western; you got your Red Lobster where you eat. Everybody’s very fat*, everybody’s very stupid8 and everybody’s very rude*. It’s not the holiday program —it’s the truth. And it’s not American unless it’s meat and smothered in cheese.”

        Jermery Clarkson, Top Gear

  4. Stop the lies Montana, Wyoming and IDAHO. You know darn well, the whole WORLD knows darn well, that the wolf is not the top predator. I received an email from some jerk who probably didn’t make it out of grade school telling me that we don’t know how many wolves there are in these states. Well, got news for that moron, scientist and biologists have been tracking the wolves and their declining numbers. I think I have the common sense to believe in their numbers than in one idiot’s “I know all”. If this didn’t concern real lives, lives that God wants here, lives that God, Himself put here, that are a major part in our Eco system, I’d be in hysterics. This pitiful being went on to imply that the wolves are starving, and have I ever seen a pack that starved to death? Number one..the only reason they might be starving is because they need more than 1 to bring down a moose, elk, bison. Number two…how could they be starving?! All the farmers have been screaming is “The wolves are eating our livestock”. Okay, which is it? Make up your mindless minds. Lord, you are definitely pitiful!

    • You should add “Wisconsin” to the list.

  5. Same old crap! The hunters just want to kill. It seems no amount of petitioning, e-mails, letters, phone calls, or donations help. The wildlife associations who take management agencies to court usually lose or have a winning case overturned. Too much big money involved backing the hunters. Look what is happening to elephants and lions, among others, in Africa. Guys and organizations with a lot of money and desire for trophies can buy the government agencies there too. So sad for the animals and so frustrating for those of us who care.

    • Only two words matter now Marcia. Relist Wolves! That is what I’m going to concentrate on and push for. We have to do this together. Wolf advocates MUST come together to accomplish this. If we don’t succeed the states will “manage/kill” them down to 150 animals, right above the number that would trigger relisting them.

      They are wiping out 16 years of wolf recovery. It’s up to everyone of us now to do their part. I would start by writing a letter to each of the Senate Democrats who voted to delist the wolves via budget rider. Let them know what they’ve done and how badly wolves are being treated. Tell them they won’t be getting your vote unless this terrible wrong is corrected. It’s an election year and many of them are up for re-election. They thought by pandering to Tester and delisting wolves they would hold onto their Senate majority. Well it works both ways, by selling out wolves lets remind them that they’re going to lose votes. We have to hold them accountable. That’s just one thing we can do for starters.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Please, it is time we woke up. They do not care about our letters. They already have the votes that they need. It does not affect them in any way, they just laugh us in the face and ignore us. We need to do more than writing letters that are tossed in the trash can. I do not know what. Maybe we should join forces with the big organizations like the Defenders of Wildlife. They are again fighting actively to save the wolves. They have a lot of clout in Washington. We have nothing. Politicians probably make fun of our letters and label us as lunatics. We are not organized, we have no money. The only thing we can do is follow those that can make a difference, like the Defenders or Earth Justice.

  6. Richie; All of you are correct big money is gaining control of almost everything in our lives,whether it was Dear Ronald or Bill one or the other started the ball rolling and it keeps on going. Well as for me no money in those western states, I will try Washington state this year,or California. This is a real shame,we introduced them then trap and shoot them on the ground and in the air ,,, sickens me !!!!!!

  7. The same crap as always, isn’t it? Hunters have already bought government and tge sad thing here is that agencies look the handful of dollar bills with better eyes than how they see the innocent lives being massacred right in front of their noses…There is a point in everything where ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…my grandfather used to say that everything in excess is bad, but this has gone just too far, this is not just about the money, they really hate this animals, there’s ni doubt of it. They have crossed the line long ago since the first trigger was pulled, we knew for sure that once they were allowed to kill, they would enter a killing frenzy that would have no end, and this stupid politicians aren’t lifting a finger because of the fact that tgey are satisfying their hatred and wallets at the same time…we must overthrow all of them, if we don’t bring them down and put people who really care in their places, wolves will be forever extinct in America’s wildlands.. They have no heart nor a hollow spot in where the heart should be, but they have a dark sticky fluid resembling tar….pure evil…. totally uninterested in tye innocence of life, careless and cruel and can NEVER be changed, it can only be destroyed… Let us don’t care anymore, let’s show them that we are no hippies and we can prove dangerous foes, as they have killed our loved ones since countless years….Are we going to let them walk away with this???

  8. Great post, Nabeki, reading between the lines to tell it like it really is.

  9. Things are going to get worse before a change will happen and in order for things to change for the wolves and for any other wildlife, we just can’t shrugg our shoulders and just give up,for by doing so, we just give them the ammo to continue and they’ve won. They don’t give up,why should we?

    • Oh we’re not giving up Rita but we’re also not going to play their little games and pretend they care what wolf advocates or wildlife watchers have to say. These hearings are a joke. In Missoula, someone yelled out wolves should be killed using helicopters and machine guns. The insanity has gone beyond reasonable dialog. Wolves MUST be relisted and all my energies are going to be directed to that end. What the states are doing to these magnificent animals is criminal. They should never have been allowed to gain control over them and now wolves in the Northern Rockies are paying the price for political pandering, sold out by the Obama administration and the US Senate. And of course coming soon to the Great Lakes Region as well.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • We shall never give up nor let them know that we have been weakened by their attempts to destroy what is so priced and loved for us, as at least I won’t ever give up, even if all my petitions are shredded, I’ll keep filling their trash cans until they can’t hold more of our petitions, someday they will face the consequences of all what they have done…but I can’t still help being brokenhearted for the price wolves have to pay for this…..The only thing I fervently hope is that the Canis Lupus species makes it from here to the day those criminals pay for their actions….Thanks for your devotion, Nabeki and all other defenders….Daniel.

  10. All we hear is bad news. So what can we do to stop this slaughter? I have signed all the petitions and nothing happens, the killing goes on. I feel helpless and hopeless. There must be something we can do to make a real difference besides talk about it. I live far away from the areas and just cannot see they care what I think.

  11. Why give up?? If they don’t give us or the wolves a break, why should we?!

  12. That’s the spirit!!! The fight is not over for it has just begun.What start sout as a little flame,can become a raging fire. May this fire,that we share,in our hearts,continue and spread to others.

    • It is just nausiating, what torture is being done to these wonderful creatures. Humans are so inhumane! Money speaks!

      • Even if money us to speak all languages it’s up to you to listen to it, this people value more those presidential flash cards than the life of innocent animals, the right thing to do will always have a more powerful voice than all the money in the world…buy again it’s your decision, who are you going to listen??? It’s now evident what those representatives chose…

  13. ahi que estar unidos en la lucha no inporta de donde seamos pais nacion los lobos nos necesitan un aullido a todos

    • Muy bien dicho…yo personalmente he comprobado que cuando uno se dedica a algo de corazón puede mover montañas enteras, estas criaturas nos necesitan mas que nunca, ya que las tonterias que han cometido el congreso y los cazadores ya han ido demasiado lejos. Yo soy de Monterrey Mexico y vivo en Laredo Texas y para nada me detiene el hecho de no ser estadounidense de nacimiento el defender a muerte a mis queridos lobos…

  14. The fight goes on: RELIST THE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Would you all like some good news? This isn’t about wild wolves, but here in northern Colorado we have been suffering through a huge wildfire which directly threatened a wolf sanctuary with 30 animals. Only 11 wolves were able to be evacuated before it became too dangerous to proceed. The rest were left in the hope that special underground concrete bunkers called fire dens would keep them safe. Yesterday, I found out that all the wolves left behind survived in the fire dens and the sanctuary, which was at first reported lost, suffered some damage but was not destroyed. The fire is still raging, so things could still change, but this weighed heavy on my mind for several days. I have supported this sanctuary for 20 years. Today, I was told that the owner, Frank Wendland, stayed behind also at great personal risk.

    • What wonderful news Judy. Thanks for sharing, may they remain safe!! Thank goodness they built the fire dens for them to seek shelter in.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Bless you and Mr. Wendland!

    • This message is like a song of joy – better like a howl of joy. Thank you for these good news

  16. The wolf sanctuary is called WOLF, Wolves Offered Life and Friendship. They need donations to help rebuild and their website is wolfsanctuary.net. I also know that Frank Wendland has a Facebook page, although I don’t use Facebook and don’t know what the page is called.

  17. I will look this one up on Facebook and see what I get

  18. The ‘i,prove and learn as we go a long is dishartening, even for me. Well, one good thing has come from this, your posts have become more comical :)
    Now to lie and say that I live in Montana :D

  19. Every time I read about how the states want to kill more wolves I become more and more convinced that I need to develop a fertility-control vaccine that can be darted into the animal so that the populations of wolves and other wildlife can be managed without killing them.


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