I’m in a spiritual mood these days, dead wolves haunt my thoughts.  I’m sick of begging the states, they don’t care what we think and don’t listen to what we say.

Wolves must be relisted, it’s their only hope or this endless hunting season will go on and on. It’s each and every wolf advocates job to find a way to end this madness. Think about it. Are we just going to take it or will we work to stop it?

There’s blood on my keyboard. I’m battle weary but I’m not going to give up, are you?


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  1. You are correct. I have also been busy trying to help wolves. Maybe you have taken some concrete actions, other than these posts, which most elected/appointed officials don’t read. What else are you doing?
    I’d sure like more ideas of possible actions.

  2. I share the same excitement with you! Force that you will win!

  3. I would like to know how I can help, too. I sign all the petitions, write letters to THEM, but I have no clue what else I can do. Please suggest?

  4. I’ve emailed for help, donated money – What does it take to wake this nation up to the plight of the Wolves. I’ve tried & tried and it doesn’t seem to make one bit of difference. But I will not stop trying until all wolves are safe and delisted.

  5. I feel the same frustration–phone calls, e-mails, donations, all to no avail. And the problem goes beyond wolves. Those of us who are also fighting for farmed animals, dogs in puppy mills, animals in circuses, abuse cases that never to go trial are finding the same thing. Legislators are bought by big business–the big business of hunting, agriculture, “entertainment,” etc. If anyone can make a buck abusing animals or get a thrill by going on a killing spree, lawmakers don’t want to stop them fearing what will happen next election. Of course, they are backed by the religious dominionists, those who believe that only people matter and that they should have total control over what happens to animals. Talk about a stacked deck for the powerless!

    • Don’t look now, but the same folks want to have total control over women and children, too. They just move a bit more carefully on that front, with PR films about “sister wives” and so on. Something awful has affected their minds for sure, and my theory is that it’s pure avarice, thinly disguised as religious fervor. Read on, please.

      You are right that we must fight for all animals. The latest plea is for the war dogs: the poor things receive no care or medical compensation after being put into combat situations where they should never be in the first place.

      This makes us wonder, what is the root cause for the wars in which we have been involved for over a decade? And why is the government so hell-bent on debasing our national parks and wilderness areas along with the wildlife therein? The answer is the same for both questions: domination of the world’s oil and gas industry. Think about it, and about how Canada cleared their oil fields of wildlife before beginning their oil sands mining. Now hydraulic fracturing for gas is being imposed on the very areas where we are begging for protection for the wolves and their habitat. And fracking is clearly a doomsday technology, but one that is garnering huge sums of money for politicians and their major financial supporters.

      • Dana..everything you said is true. They are gearing up to exploit the land for oil and gas. North Dakota is booming, people are literally living in tent cities to make money, they know everyone is hurting and will do just about anything for a job…so they are exploiting people who want to work. They have no idea the devastating effects fracking can have on our water supply and they don’t care. That’s why they are clearing the wild horses off their land that was promised to them over thirty years ago. There are more wild horses in holding pens than in the wild. Our wild places are being attacked on every front and it’s only going to get worse unless we stand up to this. Wolves are the canary in the mines, a warning sign to us all that next it will be the grizzly bears, then the salmon. They want to dismantle the ESA and have their way with what little we have left. This has to stop and our voices must be heard.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. As for giving up, that is what they want us to do–get the idea through our heads that nothing we want or can do will help the wolves or the other animal victims. So the hell with the system. I will keep trying too.

    • Good for you and all of us! Now let’s try to aim part of our energy toward establishment of a new system of clean energy technology! Yes, I firmly believe that in the process we must constantly remind everyone within range of our comments that we so-called “humans” should scale back our sense of entitlement with regard to animals and habitats, and replace that sense of entitlement with a sense of OBLIGATION…to the wolves, to the land, to all that we were put on earth to protect rather than abuse.

  7. The wolves must be re listed however the people in office right now must have these animals care taken away, for it’ obvious they are not doing a good job & are not good caretakers. Our politicians see that “killing” animals, like deer, moose, elk, etc is money. You must 1st purchase a “license” & pay for all the animals you KILL. Hunting is a joke, & I hate it. Then there;s the job of “managing animal population”, for 1 example: The horse roundups where they take our tax dollars, use an expensive helicopter & round up horses, why?? There are 1000’s of acres of land for these horses, but the BLM rounds them up even during foaling season, & many foals get injured & die during this time. The BLM- puts the horses in SMALL pens & the horses stay there for time indefinite. This is abuse at it’s worse. We need another group to be in charge of animals, because at this rate our wild life is diminishing. The BlM should not be in charge of any animals. We need to change this NOW.

  8. Maybe when they “manage” animal populations down to zero, they will be satisfied. At least the cattlemen, mining and logging interests, and hunters will have had their way.

  9. Shirley, Marcia, Caryn,
    You are all correct. And sensitive, caring, decent, humane people. Ideally, all humans like us should band together, all animal lovers. To show everyone just how many of us there are. And exert our combined influence. That’s what I’m working on. Be well all of you, great to know of you all and listen to you all. Forjan

  10. Forjan, you’re absolutely right. Those in power listen to money but will also pay attention to enough numbers. Maybe we can all get together for the cause. Good luck with your efforts!

    • Marcia,
      I will post again here when iI finalize my method.
      Be well all of you animal lovers.

  11. By the time anyone in the government agrees to attend to the mass slaughter; and by the time any measurable public outcry can be rallied; there will be countless few wolves left…and no one will ever be prosecuted for illegal torture that violates every manner of “fair” “hunting” practice! The real battle is not with the Federal government. The real battle is with the unified effort of the NRA and the Cattlemen’s Association, and, with Harry Reid, L. David Mech, and Ken Salazar – who worked together to devise a scheme to rid the US of wolves then waited for the opportunity to seize a weak moment and push through an Amendment to the Constitution “without Judicial review.” And the final real battle is with the House of Representative and the US Congress who together contain too few people who are informed and interested in the ongoing battle for the protection of wolves, other endangered species, and the US as well as global environment! The Federal representatives were only too glad to return the hot potato back to the states who were only too ready to conduct massive slaughter the instant they could. And, remember, the states are not just spending money on this “venture” they are making money…in the form of hunting licenses but more so in the form of political contributions from the Cattlemen, NRA, and hunting organizations/associations! Defenders of Wildlife really dropped the ball. The Human Society never really picked it up. Wolf advocates are entirely too disconnected and disorganized to coordinate an effective response. That is what is happening. We have 6 weeks to find a Robert Redford and a billion dollars or – by this time next year – wolves will essentially be extinct in the Northern Rocky states. I’ve written many letters to news personnel, Senators and Representatives…few have even responded.

  12. There are many ways to support wolves and the Endangered Species Act. Wolves and wilderness are part of our legacy as Americans. Corrupt influences and a corrupt government are destroying that legacy. Letters, cultivating media and organizing are essential. But the key is getting concerned people on the front lines in this war. Make no mistake, this is a war. Wolf survival and our rights as citizens and decent Americans and access to wilderness is what this war is all about–this is a fight for life itself. I put myself on the front lines of this war every day. I have joined one of the few effective organizations fighting this war–Predator Defense. I am dedicating what remains of my life to our wolves. You reading this blog, what are you personally doing? Do you demonstrate in your community? Do you stand against the totalitarian interests behind this wolf slaughter and the destruction of the rule of law in the United States? Have you contacted your state and national reps? Have you taken your concerns to the streets? What have you, personally, done in terms of direct action? Dr. Raven–see
    Join us–stand and fight for what you love.

  13. I have e mailed Bob Abbey, & Ken Salazar almost everyday with NO RESPONSE EVER. And they are working for us??Listening to us?? So there must be another way because our comments are falling on deaf ears. We must go over them somehow with a plan to remove BLM from animal care, or have a walk with signs with TV people there. I must say I’ve seen the heard the attitude of people in Idaho & they are a lost cause.
    I agree about Robert Redford. He is interested in the NRDC & makes comments about environmental concerns. He is my hero.

    • Go to any follow the money type web site. Salazar is supported by ranching and big oil. But the candidate who tied his dog on his car roof has similar financial obligations.

      Some of you young ones out there: what prevents you from a little cubnapping? After all, who owns wolves? The taxpayers I believe. If you were to kill them and carry their dead bodies out of the woods, the local officials would say, “Good for you!” So what is wrong with taking them out alive? Pardon me, but I grew up in the proactive ’60s. So if I were a bit more spry, and happened to find a den of orphaned pups before the cowboys came along to poison them…..

      At this point there are several donor supported wolf facilities nationwide. They have large acreages where wolves are being allowed to roam in “the wild,” breed, and eventually be returned to a safe natural habitat. It’s far better than the fate they now are experiencing.

    • Do not forget that the NRDC is one of the big organizations who was part of the “settlement” to delist the wolf in March 2011, together with the Defenders of Wildlife among others. They were ready to sacrifice the Northern Rockies wolves and reach an agreement with the government to delist them. This is when I lost all confidence in the NRDC , Robert Redford included, and the Defenders, and stopped supporting them.

      • I absolutely agree with you. I lost faith in these organizations a long time ago. I remember the “settlement” they were willing to make and it weakened our position. The anti wolf crowd knew that we were weak and could exploit us.

        The grass roots movement is stronger than any one organization. We have the power to turn thid around, we have the numbers but do we have the will? That’s what’s been lacking, lots of talk and very little action. I think it’s because for years people relied on the big groups to save wolves and now that everything has failed in the court, people feel lost. We need to get regain our mojo and fight back. In just a few month the slaughter will begin again. It’s time to organize.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Caryn….we have to come together as a movement. The time is now, it’s been three years since wolves were delisted and each year it gets worse. Their goal is to kill most of the wolves and leave just a token number right above 100, to harass and kill for sport every year.

      We can make a difference. Each and everyone of us has to step up. Writing to Salazar is a waste of time. He is the problem and is decimating not only the wolves but our wild horses as well. I have ideas I’m formulating and will have more to say in several weeks, in the meantime what ever you can do to rally support for wolves in your home town please do it. This story needs national attention. All our efforts have to be focused on getting wolves relisted.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  14. we will NEVER give up.. and yes, this IS a spiritual battle. Good vs evil.

    • So glad to hear it Marianne.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  15. I think each state needs a wolf symposium one of my friends said wednesday night. Each states experts and people with these strong desires need to get to try and know eachother, reach out to eachother and help eachother. I am finding here in NM that no one has heard of eachother and I am trying to connect them as well as to this blog. Meantime I get to hear whats going on with our wolves and really feel more inspired and hopeful because so many different kinds of people are involved than I realized. I don’t think we should give up calling and writing in about wolves though. I also want everyone to think about every piece of beef they eat this summer at barbecues is blood money to some of those that are killing wolves. Lets try and vote with our pocketbooks also.

    • Thanks L.S. Here are my favorite rules. Please add yours:
      Shop for local meat and potatoes at an ethics-centered market like Whole Foods, or farmers’ markets in your area that verify the origin (and grass feeding and humane slaughtering methods) of any meats, fish, and produce. Avoid businesses like Cold Water Creek clothing and Coors Beer (both Idaho based). No more vacations in the Rockies for a while. And tell ‘em why!!!

      And please check out the new organization called OREGON WILD.

      • Dana, Whole Foods is owned by Dupont I believe and last I checked, Coors is in Golden, Colorado.

      • Just as those precious wolves value their lives – So do all cows… All pigs… All chickens and so on. It’s a fractured ideology that advocates for compassion for one species but then turns around and willfully kills another. If you can justify killing domestic dogs, rabbits, birds or “livestock”… There’s no question that killing wolves can also be seen as acceptable.

        I propose that all animal advocates unite in the absolute protection of *ALL* species… It is the lack of consistency that spoils and mutes our message – If everyone united to abolish the notion that animals are here to “use”, abuse and kill according to our wants and desires – We’d be much further on in the fight against all oppression…

      • Provoked…I think that is an idea whose time has come. Think of the power of numbers we would have. Can we come together to fight for animal rights?

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • All terrific ideas L.Slade. A wolf symposium sounds like a terrific idea. It would have to be in a central area of each state, because money is tight and people are strapped for cash. But I agree advocates need to meet in real time to brainstorm and formulate a plan.

      The American people do not want wolves slaughtered, I know this in my heart. If they knew what was truly going on they would try to stop it. And yes boycotts are another tool. Giving up beef or eliminating it as much as possible from your diet is another tool. We have to be just as loud as the anti wolf crowd. This is a grass roots movement and we are the ones who must lead.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  16. Fire with fire and never give up

  17. can not give up by wolves and wild my support from Argentina

    • Thank you Nicole.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  18. Don’t worry I will not stop fighting for them ever. With each soul lost, I grow more determined to write more letters, e-mail more people,call more representatives,and I won’t stop until we have them re-listed. It is going to be a long battle for us , but especially for the wolves. They are the ones in harms way. We will stay strong and count our blessings for any good things that may go their way. please feel free to get a hold of me if you need to or I can pass any moreinfo your way, Kelly

    • Thank you kellymegee..that is exactly the attitude we need. Every single advocate has to do all they can do to save these innocent and persecuted animals.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  19. Dont Give up or give into the scumbags there will be a day when all Wolves will be protected, and on that day I will smile because there will no more Wolves being Hunted!

  20. Senate voted down Tester’s rider on the Farm Bill. Johnson and Johnson left Alec. Kiss away NRA. 80& of Minnesota’s DNR survey has said no to a wolf hunt. We need more public pressure.

    • Bobette…that where the power lies, in the hands of the people. Public pressure is the only thing they listen to or understand.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  21. That’s 80%. Sorry it’s 12:45am here.

  22. You aren’t alone in trying to save our beloved wolves!
    You have many loyal supporters on this site.
    Remember that I have traveled all over Montana attending Wolf Rallies and Fish, Wildlife & Parks Hearings where I have testified on behalf of the wolves.
    If we all do our part and sign all pro-wolf petitions, we will get noticed and people will listen to what we have to say about wolves.
    The important thing is that we don’t give up fighting for animals that can not speak for themselves and that we are united in supporting this cause.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves

    • Thank you Toni, you are amazing and I know how hard you’ve worked for wolves. We must keep fighting no matter what but I propose that this is a watershed moment. Every wolf hunt destroys more and more of these magnificent animals. It’s time to take it up a notch. We have to take a page out of the anti wolf play book. Public pressure and lots of it, especially now in an election year.

      Thank you for all you do.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  23. Dell Computers just left ALEC due to thousands of annoying people. That’s my new word- annoying

    • We have to be annoying as hell!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Just a great response from everyone, dear Agnes. I know how anguished you are. It’s been three long years since wolves lost their protections and every year it gets worse. I have a few ideas I’m working on that I will share when I’ve fully thought them out. I believe we can change things but we need public support and outrage to pressure the politicians to reverse the wrong that was perpetrated on wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  26. A gracious good morning to Mr. Slade since he felt the need to address me personally and publicly: OK, I’m not a beer person except for the fresh stuff at my local micro brewery. But do you infer that Colorado proud home of Secretary Salizar, is doing a whole lot better in its treatment of wolves and mustangs? Only in that there are fewer numbers there; but some of the anti-wolf propaganda I’ve seen coming out of Colorado papers is bizarre.
    Before you go the full antiestablishment route and say DuPont bad and Whole Foods bad, update yourself re. some very progressive agricultural research DuPont is doing this year to benefit the billion or so starving people and animals on planet earth. Next, go into a Whole Foods Market (no, they’re NOT owned by DuPont) and have some serious conversations with their staff; take careful inventory of their stock and you will understand they have more concern for environmental sustainability than anyone else you can find under a roof.
    Now let’s all stay on message, OK?

    • I am sorry Dana that you felt it as an attack and or embarressed. I did not mean it that way. I have no way to answer you personally through here. I have never cared for Salazar and I am ashamed I come from the same state. I have a friend that still lives there and she updates me weekly about some of the anti-wolf things she reads in the papers out there. I am happy I moved away almost a decade ago and I was not advocating for CO, I just grew up in the same area as the Coors Brewery and I have a nephew that still works there. Maybe their paper pushing part is in a different state though. I also shop at Whole Foods but I am aware that not everything is as good as it seems to be. I said that I THINK WF is owned by DuPont, nothing else. I just heard that the other day and have not checked into it further yet. I am not saying don’t shop there! I do know some of their staff and they don’t know anymore about enviromental sustainability locally or globally than if they worked at any other market but overall, I believe you. I wonder about the whole GMO thing at times everywhere I shop and really must become more educated about that in the future because Monsanto is becomming too powerful, it’s scary. The world is changing but oh so slowly, I see it in my own business where people are waking up and I am trying very hard to slip conversations in to help the wolf wherever I can in my life. I am helping throw a pro-wolf event in my own city today in fact, where two hundred people will be this evening!!!! Our local farmer’s markets here are rumored to be getting things from other places besides growing stuff on their own land and making stuff themselves so I will have to check into that. I still don’t care to eat beef even if its grass fed. It’s all bad for the wolf, my colon and hormones in my opinion and I have worked in health care for almost two decades and seen why but won’t argue this anymore, this is ridiculous. I have more to do than prove to you what I already know. By the way, I am female, suprised and very dissapointed now.

      • I agree about Whole Foods. It is not that great and the employees are clueless and some of them don’t even speak English. I find it unacceptable that they carry veal and live lobsters. There is a sign next to the live lobsters saying that they will be “humanely killed”!!! They are still going to be boiled alive. Did they find a way of doing it “humanely”?!!! Maybe!

      • Wow! In order to facilitate boycotting, let’s allow ourselves one more of these digressions on the power of the purse! Where you live is a question that is none of my business, but we consumers should all take regional attitudes into account, shouldn’t we? I am in a part of the northeast where a large segment of the population is grad-school, liberal, clued in about the environment and sustainability. I’ve heard our local Whole Foods employees giving erudite scoldings to anyone who dares to ask about products like krill oil or veal! Their meats and seafoods are labeled with ratings according to place of origin and the means by which they were raised, butchered, etc. I had a discussion with the butcher about Rocky Mountain area beef and lamb and related wolf slaughter, and got a very positive response. (By the way no languages other than Her Majesty’s English are spoken by any WF employees, even though they seem to be widely multi-national.) What odd differences we are seeing here. I have relatives in Seattle whose feedback is as positive as mine, so you might want to address your complaints to Whole Foods’ corporate level.

        Anyway what we’re proving is that we must keep on with the fight, and bit by bit point by point we might just win. I’ve been getting good responses when I take the wolf story and the anti-fracking story to all sorts of community groups like churches, environmental clubs, sports clubs. Even the hunters here are with us: For years I’ve heard a popular local joke, “They should fence in all of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, then give out AK47s and declare open season on humans.” This from people who used to take frequent sports vacations to the Rockies.

  27. So it seems this is not constitutional, Public Trust Doctrine violated, etc. What is needed is PRO BONE LEGAL folks to file a law suit with an emergency injunction to stop all hunts, trapping, etc., until such time as this gets done.

    Obama signed it in to law to de-list. The Senate didn’t want to piss of Tester so he got the wolf delisted.

    The ONLY way to undo this really, is for the American people to RISE UP and demand the re-listing…it’s going to take ALOT OF PEOPLE, ALOT of press and some big names, but we can do it

    • Can you elaborate on this? Do any of you know a good animal advocate lawyer to whom we can all write to beg for help here? (I have one friend who is in that category but has a stress related illness, and this will be a tough long fight.) Who can give names and contact info about senators who may be sympathetic to our cause? With Nabeki’s approval, I think we should try selecting a very few potential standard bearers and just flooding them with letters and e mails.

  28. I agree re listing is our only hope!

  29. We’ll NEVER STOP fighting for the wolves!!!!!!

  30. Colorado has no wolves and is not likely to ever have any except for an occasional disperser if Wyoming gets its shoot on sight policy approved. I am also ashamed that Ken Salazar is from here and that I voted for him when he ran for Senate. He presented himself as an environmentalist.

  31. God bless you nekiba for I pray for you and our fight for the wolf even though the other cattle ranchers hate me I will always allow the wolf to Rome free on my land I may not be popular among other ranchers but I save a lot of money because of the wolf killing the sick and disease wild life I will never give up truly your friend the cattle rancher

  32. Hunters like to say that they are the true environmentalist because the money they spend on licenses supports the state wildlife agencies. But I think more and more people are becoming disgusted by this system and its obvious contradiction. How is it good for the environment to kill off one speicies in favor of another to the detriment of the whole ecosystem. And this issue of allowing hunting in National Parks and Wildlife Refuges is obscene. I wrote to my Congressman when a vote was about to be taken concerning the so called “Sportsman’s Heritage” legislation and he said he fully supported sportman’s “rights” to pursue their proud heritage. What a disappointment. One encouraging trend is that the number of hunters has been steadily declining in recent years. This is a fact that has not been lost on the hunters and hunting groups are now pushing an agenda of “Hunting as a Family Affair. Lets take the kids out hunting and teach them how to kill animals.”

    So let us keep the message out there for all the children that the way of compassion and respect is the only way that the planet will survive.
    Support sanctuaries where children can have the profound experience of spending time with wolves and can see their beauty and their social natures. And support public television that produces many intelligent and moving programs about the threat and tragedy of the extinction of species. The website below is just one example.

    For the wild

    • Small print in back sections of “Sportsmen’s Heritage” tell you the real intent of that piece of legislation! Read it and weep. It calls for repair of existing wilderness roads and building of new roads to “facilitate mineral resource recovery” in all our national parks and wilderness areas. IN OTHER WORDS, FRACK ON, BOYS. The Senate will soon be confronted with the ugly stepchild of “Sportsmens’…” I believe the new title mentions expansion of mineral rights.

      • Dana,

        That is interesting. I did not see that particular part of the text when I read it but it doesn’t surprise me. There was a provision for the “closing” of public lands if the federal government wants to use them for mineral or energy related extraction. Nothing is sacred and nothing will remain as long as the elephant in the room continues to be ignored, i.e. human population growth. I have one daughter and she loves and respects wolves and does everything that she can to share that view with other people including me. I learn a great deal from her as I continue to learn from this blog
        (Many thanks to Nabeki) and everone who participates.

  33. I don’t know what Whole Foods and Coors Beer have to do with wolves or how I got sucked into that one but I spotted this last night if anyone is interested-it’s on restoring denali’s buffer zone.

    Another awesome site I found that is huge and covers many areas is Lobos of the Southwest or It has lots of good suggestions on how to be more active, articles of what’s happening with wolves, who to contact and websites/blogs to follow for all over the nation.

  34. Great to read all this brainstorming and searching. Direct action needs to be continued. We have seen that petitions to US pres and most of congress are questionable. Yet they are ANNOYING, as someone referenced. As for Omam-ney there are not enough political parties
    so I m considering Daffy Duck as my candidate. Just kidding, sort of.

    In any case, I ‘ve been thinking of a couple actions:

    1) Supporting a .org filling separate FOIA’s to: IDFG and MTGF, to study what they did with the gagging amount of revenue they collected by selling – was it 6200 wolf tags in Idaho? (It was in that excellent report on the wolf linked from this website).

    2) a Storify account to collect all trapping and snaring images particularly aimed at showing WHY this cruelty has been banned in 88 countries and ask WHY it is allowed in the US. I would ask that if possible the eyes of tortured animals be included in a separate closeup. Images of sentient being’s sad and tortured eyes haunt me from various images including the Black wolf ( who’s eyes I felt in that image juxtaposed with the callousness of the trapper in the foreground)
    and others. I know you have all seen your fill as well. If these horrible pictures were made viral, I think it would bring home via the truth of it just what snaring looks like, just what trapping looks like, and the eyes…
    I believe it would give all those torturous stories have a last say. The images could be shared via social media. Stills can be easily made into a movie with motion graphics.

    3) Send petitions to appropriate UN committees, as the lies permeating our national corporate takeover need to be shown worldwide and be embarrassing to the clown show in washington DC.

    4) Follow the money. Where do the hides go? How many are purchased on Ebay? Other places?

    5) More environmentalists need to be on citizen committees of federal lands. When these rollover for new members nominate your friends, or yourself.

    Just some thoughts. Feedback welcome. Activists could unite purpose via social networking and by locale.

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