Montana FWP Commissioners, Say NO To Trapping Wolves!!

Don’t do it! Don’t become Idaho! Montana has two national treasures in the state where wolves roam, north Yellowstone (where most park wolves call home ) and Glacier National Park. Why would you be willing to put those fragile populations of wolves at risk? It’s bad enough wolves are being hunted in Montana in the first place but to add trapping as a weapon against such  a small population of wolves, in the third largest state in the lower 48 , is madness!!

Don’t listen to the radical fringe who think the only good wolf is a dead wolf. You forget wildlife watchers in Montana and around the world who want to view wild wolves. You only have to look to Yellowstone, where wolves generate 35 million dollars annualy to the GYA. Wolves are the rock stars of Yellowstone, the animals most people want to see.  By allowing trapping you will certainly put the wolves of Yellowstone and Glacier National park at terrible risk. Yellowstone wolves are habituated to humans. Remember the Cottonwood Pack disaster? Can you imagine the carnage when hunters start laying traps right outside the borders of Yellowstone, where wolves routinely cross over to hunt?

 Don’t go the way of Idaho, whose reputation has taken a huge hit because of the state’s cruelty directed at wolves.

There is no wolf crisis!! Only one dreamed up in the heads of the wolf hating zealots. Elk numbers have been @ 150,000 in Montana since 2009.  Livestock losses to wolves are miniscule.  Ed Bangs (retired USFWS Wolf Recovery Coordinator) recently stated  “To the livestock industry, wolf losses are so small, you can’t even measure them.” 

So why the heavy hand? Why the persecution? You know the truth and you know trapping is barbaric, cruel and completely unnecessary. Do the right thing! DO NOT APPROVE the trapping of wolves in Montana.

The FWP Commission begins at 8:30 a.m. Thursday in Helena at the Montana Wild Education Center, 2668 Broadwater Ave., west of Helena near Spring Meadow Lake State Park.

Be there to support wolves and say no to trapping them!!


Wolf trapping: It’s like traditional stoning

I was reading the article this morning regarding the large number of comments about proposed changes to wolf hunting and trapping. I remembered a guy explaining to me awhile back about how the “old timers” go about trapping wolves.

“First ya take yerself a piece of cable and fray it so’s that the broken strands are a pointin up. Then you hang the other end a yer cable in a tree so’s that the frayed end is far enough off of the ground so’s a wolf gotta jump to git to it. Then you put yerself some bait on the frayed end of the cable and when the wolf jumps up to get it his mouth becomes hooked on the barbs and he hangs there til he’s dead.”

Yep, that’s just part of our good old Montana heritage. When can we expect the traditional stoning to begin?

Jim Rolando, Missoula


I definitely don’t agree with the Missoulian that wolf hunting is necessary but I applaud the editorial staff for taking a stand against  trapping wolves.

Wolf trapping is cruel and unnecessary

Missoulian Editorial

July 11, 2012 


The Ugly Face Of Wolf Trapping and Snaring

Warning Graphic Videos


Photo: Courtesy All Creatures

Videos: YouTube

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  1. this makes me sick – very sick, I cannot look @video, but what is on top of vehicle in background? I would love to snare one of these guys in a trap and leave him there – I am going to tell the Sierra Club to put this stuff in their magazine or in their mailings when they ask for money from members to “fight” for the Wolves I don’t even know what to say anymore, but think I might have to move to Montana in order to be more effective.

    • You might take a look at Defenders of Wildlife.

  2. Pat that is a dead wolf that jerk killed

  3. Got so excited when I first read the headline….thought that Montana had actually said ‘NO’ to trapping wolves! Disappointed as I read on…….trapping wolves is really unthinkable.
    Any animal in a trap is subjected to great terror, pain, dehydration, attacks from predators, the elements, leaving young behind to starve to death, and finally a brutal death delivered by their nemesis trapper. It is all so wrong on so many levels.
    Most civilized countries have already banned trapping! We cannot consider ourselves a first world country while still living in the dark ages of cruel animal treatment.
    please sign this
    & join Footloose Montana, Born Free USA, and Trap-Free Oregon

    Will share on page as I am reading this on the day of the meeting!

  4. Montana FWP… Why??? Why return to torturing and massacreing vital, innocent and beautiful wolves, which a majority of Montanans and Americans have come to respect and to love? So many things are broken in this country, why add another immoral, criminal, bloody crime against wolves to the list??? Montana FWP: Don’t do this to the wolves or to us.

    • Thank you Robert-we are trying to get as many people to the local office this morning as possible.

  5. There is no problem with wolves anywhere in the Rockies or anywhere in the US. It’s exactly the opposite, the wolves add life and health and vigor to every ecosystem they inhabit. The problem is with ignorant, sadistic, hateful people who blindly hate wolves. The problem is with federal politicians and state wildlife officials who have decided, against the wishes of a humane and respectful majority, to sacrifice vital, innocent and beautiful wolves, to hatred and cruelty, again.

    • Wolves need to be protected against the cruel humans that take pleasure from barbaric practices like trapping, wolves are a benefit to the ecosystems not something evil, the evil ones are the humans that enjoy killing them.

  6. i don get it, other countries baned traping. Why are we still doing it? its cruel and wrong. It hurt not only the wolf but other animals as well. they use excuses like the wolf is carring a a bug, or killing to many deer, when its the human that kill too much .

  7. Please if you can’t get to Helena for the Commission meeting (8:30 MST) go to your local/regional FWP office-public comment can still be offered via satellite on the changes to the original proposal-we need numbers at each office to show our support of wolf protection from trapping! This is just the beginning, a dry-run for the real fight to come-please come!!

  8. Robert is right–a main problem is people, not wolves. People who are so ignorant and mean that no amount of wolf killing or wolf suffering will stop them. When those people are backed by the big money of hunting groups even legislators who disagree with the trapping and killing will back down and not have the courage to voice their objections. So we can add cowardice to the stupidity and sadism that are persecuting the wolves.

    • I totally agree with you. I watched a little bit of the videos; could not continue. It is so disgusting, so nauseating, so horrendous. I feel sick to my stomach and lost….

  9. Let’s not legalize cruelty and destruction of our environment.

  10. I just. Don’t get it??? There is no reason to hunt wolves!!!! Trapping?? BARBERIC! We should be ashamed of ourselves.

    • Allison, if you aren’t doing it – dont share the blame. Peace.

  11. Je déteste ces personnes qui piègent le loup!!! ils n’ont pas de cœur!! Il faut que cela cesse!!!

  12. THURS 12 July:
    MT FWP accepting public comment. Meeting is in session this am.
    Call right now:

    HQ Phone: (406) 444-2535
    Fax: (406) 444-4952
    Directors Office (406) 444-3186

    email at:
    (406) 444-2535

    Be polite. You don’t want to sound like you’re from Idaho right?
    Sorry couldn’t resist. Feels good to smile.

  13. As long as there are traps this barbarism will continue. We must fight for a ban on traps!

  14. I don’t know why people hate wolves- its completely unfounded if you ask me.

    If I ever catch someone hunting, hurting or killing a wolf- they better be ready to die as well- period- cause ill ring there fucking necks with my bare hands!

  15. thought the wolves were on the “treat me with respect” list in Montana only to see this video. Can’t watch the entirety. That is a dead wolf on top of vehicle – that jerk should be trapped and tied to the vehicle . This is sickening. Everyone protest like hell and send your comments to those who want change – are there any ?? Pain is in my heart and soul. Keep the wolf family protected. Thanks to all who help and care.

  16. I hope the future world will be without humans.

    • liked your comment. amen!

  17. I’ve only watched two videos from the YouTube series “The process of snaring wolves”, but in those two videos and in everyone’s comments, there was no reasoning behind the guy’s project to clear all the wolves out of his area. He did it because he wanted to, and because others would appreciate it (for their own unexplained reasons). I stopped looking for his reason when I saw his threat to set extra snares for each negative comment. No other reason than that’s what he wanted to do.

  18. Thank you for exposing this barbarism.

  19. Can’t stand this atrosity done by inhumane jerks………stop this!

  20. Wolves are beautiful animals who need our protection, not abuse.

  21. But how can we protect them? These idiot people want them extinct!

    • How? Same way everything else gets done in America: lawsuits. To do that you need money and lawyers. Challenge the law on some grounds. Its purely political, this so-called “wolf management”. It does generate revenue for FW&P’s in Montana from sale of licences. As a long time student of the wolf and the issues surrounding it, I really don’t see much hope for meaningful change in terms of protecting it. Read as much of the available literature as you can about wolves, and mans relationship with them. HIstorically, wolves have been persecuted since humans became a generally agrarian society.

      • You have me even more depressed, even though I agree with all you said. Money talks, power corrupts, etc. It is totally political with no thought what-so-ever to the wolf. Nobody gives a rat’s *^%$%^&^ as to the fact that they are feeling, caring creatures. Grrrrr….

      • Timpotom, I think the “totally political” talk Nhuhwolf used is how wildlife advocates talk with people who don’t care about the “soft issues.” With them, the most effective strategy is to present a case based on science, law, and popular opinion. Where public opinion enters, the feelings of the people are summarized in poll results. It can be effective.

  22. Well nothing has worked so far. It keeps getting worse, daily.
    Idaho, Montana, trapping! I feel trapped as I can do so little other than send a small donation and sign the petitions. But it sickens me, that man is so despicable as to harm other creatures for SPORT.
    What sport is there to come upon a trapped animal and shoot it, or worse, laugh at it. I am so repulsed by those people I could scream.
    And those that hunt wolves? For trophies? Please, they make me so ill. I asked but did not get a reply; who are the best groups to send my small pittance to? I am not sure. Thanks.

    • Abbey, you didn’t get a response because it’s obvious that most if not all the national groups have been and are miserable failures in actually protecting wolves. Right now, do what YOU are able to do. Are you a good letter writer? You do write well. Write letters to the editor. Are you a good speaker? Speak up where you can help educate and inspire people with your respect for wolves and wildlife. Join local people and local efforts. Talk with your friends. What can you do together? Perhaps you can initiate a public group protest at your governor’s office or at the local hunting supply store. Get the idea? You can be a leader who inspires others and yourself to help defend and protect wolves.

      • All I can do is try… it seems it is all anyone can do BUT….
        the results are not good so far :( Downright depressing!

  23. AFLAC kicks back money when folks buy insurance from them to none other than the wolf hating/killing kabal – the Rocky Mtn Elk Foundation – so please sign this petition to AFLAC and boycott them, of course: (thanks)

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