TAKE ACTION: Keep The Fox Mountain Alpha Female Wild…

Mexican Gray Wolf Pups (Lobos of the Southwest)

UPDATE: August 14, 2012

As of today I’m hearing the alpha female of the Fox Mountain Pack is still free.  The concern is are they laying leg hold traps to catch her? This would be a dangerous situation for her  pups or other members of the pack. We don’t need any of the wolves sustaining leg injuries.  I sincerely hope this is not the case and that a solution is being devised to keep this important breeding female wild.  Please keep your phone calls and emails coming.

The following callous statement by “Officials” was reported in the Albuquerque Journal on August 13th, 2012.

‘Calls to Service spokesmen were not returned, but officials have said the wolf is of low genetic value to its species and constitutes a risk to cattle owners.”

That’s the mindset we’re dealing with, pathetic. How about this is a critically endangered wolf mother and CATTLE CONSTITUTE A THREAT TO HER SURVIVAL Get cows out of the wolf recovery area. Retire grazing leases!

Every Mexican gray wolf is important to the recovery of the species!


We were all relieved to hear the kill order on the Fox Mountain alpha female had been rescinded but disturbed she would be separated from her pups and spend the rest of her life in captivity, never to see her family again.  This is not acceptable. Without this mother present, the Fox Mountain pack could disband leaving the pups orphaned or worse.  It’s not uncommon for this to happen when one of the alphas is lost, either by death or capture. It will put tremendous pressure on the alpha male to keep  his growing family fed.  Wolves are highly social animals so you can imagine how they will react to the loss of their matriarch.

Please keep the phone calls and emails coming. The important contacts  are listed below,  provided by WildEarth Guardians.

Tell them to keep this mother wild and remove the cows from the den site vicinity.  Grazing leases must be retired in the wolves recovery area  to give these animals a fighting chance.

Just a few short years ago wild Mexican gray wolf numbers dropped to dangerous levels due to poaching. Their numbers have climbed back up to an anemic fifty plus but still far below the recovery goal that was  promised by 2006. Here we are six years later still fighting the same forces that want to  stop Mexican gray wolf recovery dead in its tracks. If the pack disbands, the loss will be immeasurable. These wolves are the most endangered animal in North America. Removing a successful breeding female from the wild, over a few cows, is egregious.


Please call the White House, New Mexico Senators Udall and Bingaman, and New Mexico Congressional Representatives Luján and Heinrich now to keep the Fox Mountain mother wolf in the wild, and demand that cattle be restricted from the pack’s den area.

White House (202) 456-1111

Senator Tom Udall (202) 224-6621, (505) 988-6511 or (505) 346-6791

Senator Jeff Bingaman (202) 224-5521 or 1-800-443-8658

Congressman Ben Ray Luján (505) 984-8950 or (202) 225-6190

Congressman Martin Heinrich (505) 346-6781 or (202) 225-6316

Please politely tell them:

  • The Fox Mountain pups need their mother and to be left unmolested in the wild of the Apache National Forest. Like any youngster who loses their mother, those pups will suffer, and the mother will suffer in captivity. Removing members from a pack causes trauma for all the pack’s members, and can even cause packs to disband, studies show.
  • Fewer than 60 Mexican wolves roam the wild, and the Fox Mountain pack contains one of only six breeding pairs identified. Removing this wolf is biologically harmful and a huge waste of taxpayer money.
  • The livestock owner has been compensated for his losses.
  • Livestock owners within the territory of the Fox Mountain pack should immediately either temporarily remove all livestock from the vicinity of the pups’ den, or use electric fencing or herders to manage cattle by day, and barns and corrals to secure the animals at night.



Let’s work to keep this wolf mother wild to raise her puppies, lead her family and continue to  contribute to the important recovery of Mexican gray wolves!!


This video was taken  in the late seventies. It’s believed to be one of the last wild Mexican gray wolves “captured from northern Mexico before the species went extinct in the wild.”  Click here to read more.


Photo: Courtesy Lobos of the Southwest

Video: You Tube Courtesy   

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  1. Thanks Nabeki and WildEarth Guardians! I will take all of these actions and send out an email to tons of wolf friends asking them to do the same. Please everyone: take these actions today and tomorrow and spread the word far and wide. The alpha female has not yet been captured and is still free!!

  2. Colette Pondella here from Shadowland Foundation. I just spoke to reps in each office. Congressman Heinrich is working with Fish and Game to rectify the situation and see if there is a better choice. Thanks for all you do.

    • Great job!!

    • Oh what terrific news Colette. Thank you so much for the update.

      For the wolves, For the Fox Mountain Mother,

  3. Thanks Nabeki and WildEarth Guardians! I will spread the word about this to my wolf loving friends.

    • Thank you Karin..yes please spread the word far and wide, this mother needs to remain wild with her pups and family!!

      For the wolves, For the Fox Mountain Mother,

  4. I just talked to Cong. Heinrich’s office as well, and glad to also here that he is on the same page as we are! The person who answered the phone said that it would be most powerful if we contacted our own representatives in our own districts to get them to support Cong. Heinrich’s efforts of no-kill, no-capture of the Alpha mother. And I also passed on gratitude for compassionate, scientific solution…and education and responsibility for the ranchers.

    OK…more calls now…

    Yes, thank you for your service of instigating and informing our united efforts! May our actions and intentions prevail!

    • Thank you so much Tallulah…great job. And thanks for the update. Wolves have such wonderful advocates.

      For the wolves, For the Fox Mountain Mother,

  5. I’m doing the same. Perhaps if we can alert as many people as possible we can turn it around for this wolf mother.. Wouldn’t it feel great to get someone to listen to our pleas and the right outcome happens?..Its in our mist we must reach for it…Thanks Nabeki, Bert C.

    • Thank you as always Bert, I’m feeling we can turn this around with enough support. Share this information with as many friends as you can. We can do this!

      Also it was brought to my attention that it is going to be very difficult to catch this mother without running into interference from other pack members. We don’t want any of the other wolves hurt trying to protect their babies and matriarch. What if they use leg hold traps and other wolves are injured in the pack? “Wolves are fed by their feet”, so they don’t mangled feet. This entire situation is a travesty and the feds need to rectify it.

      For the wolves, For the Fox Mountain Mother,

  6. I did call each of the 4 representative/senators from New Mexico with my defense of why the female alfa mother Mexican wolf should be left in the wild with her pups. In this country, there is a large problem where, if I am not a constituent ofthe state I am calling, my comments and opinions from Chicago are not regarded or considered.

    • Thank you classylady..these wolves belong to the American people, not Arizona or New Mexico. They are the most critically endangered mammal in North America. I know they will try to give you the run around but it’s federal money funding the so called Mexican Gray Wolf recovery program..so federal means all of us.

      For the wolves, For the Fox Mountain Mother,

  7. I will call all the numbers you gave, you bet I will call,thank you for all you do Nabeki!

    • You’re so welcome Richie and thank you!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  8. This is wonderful news! The Udall family has such a wonderful history as environmental stewards. Thank you Nabeki! :)

    • (:

  9. Bless you Nabeki! I pray that they will listen and let her be with her mate and her family and to make it clear that she is not to be slaughtered, and her family is to be safe. Like the Rainbow Warriors said:
    “When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto earth from many colors, classes and creeds, and who, by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as……………………..

    The Warriors of the Rainbow”

    I do hope that this is finally the beginning of such time.

    Tomorrow morning I shall call each and every number; White House, Senators and Congressmen.

    • Anne, that actually brought me to tears. Somedays it’s hard to get out of bed thinking about all the suffering but what keeps me going is knowing there are good people in this world who truly care. We outnumber the destroyers of beauty, we’re just not as organized. There are so many amazing organizations trying to save the planet, like Sea Shepherd. We must keep going forward!!

      For the wolves, For the Fox Mountain Mother,

      • Nabeki, I know how you feel. When I wake in the mornings I can hear them from within my soul. I can feel their hearts, see their eyes, hear their howls. It actually makes it hard for me to breath, but with every tear drop, every breath, I close my eyes and try to send them the knowledge that there are many of us out there fighting a strong fight for their survival, their safety. I can see their eyes in my mind looking back at me. They know.

  10. How can we from overseas help, we can only sit and watch as you have a phone number. I know we are from another country and our voice is not worth the air that it uses but it is a global world and maybe I and others in the world would like to visit your country and maybe see or hear these animals in the wild, why bother if they are not. Thats what I would be telling those officials. Tourist dollars can be a big voice used in the right way. Let the world help if it can.

    • australian voice….I think all voices are important, this is a global world and we’re all affected by the loss of biodiversity. If you have Skype you can easily make calls to all the numbers listed. Not sure if there is a charge but I don’t believe so.

      Let them know you will not be visiting the US if they continue to allow cows to trump wolves and other native wildlife. Coyote suffer as well from terrible persecution. That should get their attention. As you said tourist dollars can be a big voice!!

      For the wolves, For the Fox Mountain Mother,

      • Thank you Nabeki, don’t feel so helpless if we can help these wonderful creatures in some way. Will start finding ways to get our voice heard.

      • Thank you, have found where to send my e-mails, they might get the idea the world is watching and how it feels. Keep up the work and pressure hopefully she and her pups will get through this.

  11. Thank you,Nabeki.for the info.I thank you all for your help.

  12. I had given up hope – thought for sure she would be dead or captured (that cannot be a fun thing! – I imagine even worse than what they do to wild horses?) at least there is something more for us to do – I will call all of your list & my rep.-it is abt. time these people helped set right the horror they enacted by delisting and the ranchers lhave their $ enough is enough – they need to move the ranchers! I have forwarded to my niece in Oregon . Please let something go right for these animals.

  13. I have already made calls to the White House and to the two senators today and stated that I was glad that they did not kill her but she belongs with her mate and pups in the wild and it was not right to keep her captivity away from her family.

  14. Will make calls tomorrow. I will also express my opinion on keeping livestock on Federal lands. I you want to maintain herds, you do so on your own land and leave what belongs to we taxpayers for the bison wolves and bears.

  15. Has anyone heared anything?

    • No news, so keep making those calls, everyone!! Call all the phone numbers, be firm and polite. Rita, did you sign my Protect America’s Wolves! petition? Please do. My Action emails are informative and targeted. Whenever possible, I am working with some of the best wolf and wildlife friends in different states and we are going to turn things around for wolves. Just keep informed and keep taking Action with phone calls, emails, attending wolf policy meetings and talks and legislative sessions. Spread the word to family and friends to do as much as they can, too. Don’t stop actively helping the wolves and don’t depend on one hero or one group. We all have to be wolf defender heroes together.

      • Robert,I signed your petition.Indeed, we have to act together.Thank you for the reply.I know everyone is busy.

    • As far as I know Rita she has not been captured but I’m very worried they are setting out leg hold traps which the pups could get caught in and cripple their feet. WildEarth Guardians wrote a terrific letter to USFWS, Pres. Obama and the NM Congressional delegation to appeal to keep this critically endangered wolf mother wild. I’m waiting to get permission from them to post it.

      For the wolves, For the Fox Mountain Alpha Mother,

  16. Thanks,Nabeki,the whole situaton has gotten me on edge.I worry about the legs traps or some Elmer Fudd out there with a gun.
    For the wolves,For the Fox Mountain Alpha Mother

  17. Thanks Nabeki, I’ve called all Senators and Reps you listed on behalf of this mother wolf, her family and the 60 wild Mexican wolves left on this planet. The aides in the offices were all receptive and courteous.
    Please keep us posted as to what the powers-that-be decide to do.
    Thanks for bringing Lousie du Toit to us. I love her wolf songs, they bring the soul of the wolf with them.

    For the wolves!

  18. What happened to the Fox Mountain Alpha female

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