URGENT ACTION ALERT: There’s A Hit Out On Washington’s Wedge Pack….

UPDATE: August 22, 2012

Great response everyone, keep calling and emailing.  Let’s try and save this pack! This is an outrage!


So much for Washington State being progressive on wolves. As soon as a wolf looks sideways at a cow the ranchers start squawking and fish and game comes running. No matter ranchers lose thousands and thousands of cows each year to non-predation.

In 2010 for example, 37, 300 cows keeled over or were stolen in Washington.  But of course ranchers don’t get reimbursed for any of the following conditions that regularly claim the lives of cattle and calves every year.

Digestive problems …………………………………………………..
Respiratory problems ………………………………………………..
Metabolic problems …………………………………………………..
Mastitis …………………………………………………………………..
Lameness/injury ……………………………………………………….
Other diseases ………………………………………………………..
Weather related ……………………………………………………….
Calving problems ……………………………………………………..
Poisoning ………………………………………………………………..
Theft ………………………………………………………………………

 “The “Wedge” pack was named for the wedge-shaped part of Stevens County between the Kettle River to the west and the Columbia River to the east.  The pack is Washington’s eighth.”  (Spokesman-Review)

The state has already killed a Wedge Pack  sub-adult female, now WDFW is  ready to take out all the adult wolves as soon as tomorrow over a few questionable depredations involving one rancher.  Where’s the proof? Oh that’s right we have to believe whatever the rancher and fish and game says.  There are pups involved who will be orphaned or worse, since both of their parents will be DEAD!

It won’t be hard to track and kill these wolves, the alpha male and one other wolf  in the pack is already radio collared. It will be like picking off fish in barrel. There pups will have to watch as their family is chased and killed.

Please speak out for them, they are voiceless and at the mercy of state management that was supposed to be so different. It’s looking like Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is bending to the same pressure from the livestock industry that has a strangle hold on all the wolf states.

Please call Governor Christine Gregoire today and tell her to put a stop to the massacre of the Wedge Pack!!

Phone:  360-902-4111

You can also contact the Phil Anderson, Director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildife

Phone:  360-902-2200


This is very urgent, please make those calls!! If you live out of state let them know you won’t be visiting Washington any time soon if they kill this wolf pack and orphan their pups.  Tell them you’ll be spending your tourist dollars elsewhere.

How much more wolf killing does there have to be until the American people rise up and say enough?????

Gray wolf captured on remote camera in Washington State

First sighting of  a member of the  Wedge Pack,  January 29, 2012


Video: WDFW

Photo: Photobucket

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Tags: Wedge Pack, kill over, orphaned pups or worse, stop killing wolves, WDFW, Columbia River, Kettle River, Christine Gregoire, Phil Anderson

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  1. I just came across your blog tonight googling about the Wedge pack. I live in WA and this just disgusts me! I have contacted Gregoire, Fish & Wildlife, and even Obama. Told him I’d vote for the other guy if he didn’t put a stop to it all. I’ve been signing petitions and contacting whoever I can for a few years now. Is it just me or does it seem like that’s not enough. It is disgusting how wolves take the blame for all predation (and, like you said, all deaths). I’m not suggesting we go around killing coyotes, bears, and mountain lions either; just saying it boggles my mind how wolves are made out to be the devil. I’d much rather encounter a wolf out in the wild than a bear or mountain lion, but that’s just me. Keep up the good work blogging.

  2. Will call immediately! This is outrageous. Seems like every state in the Northwest has an itchy trigger finger for wolves; I had hoped that Washington was going to be different. Seems like insanity is contagious!
    I live on the east coast and we managed to make our wild wolves go extinct over 200 years ago. Now with the new weaponry, and the flood gates of hatred open, wolves will be pushed to the border of extinction in the lower 48.
    Statistics above on livestock coincide with the study out of Wyoming regarding the year 2010 – they had 41,000 livestock losses; and only 59 were attributed to wolves – 33 sheep and 26 cows! Yet, just one wolf kill would have been one kill too many for Wyoming ranchers, who historically blame their laziness and neglect of their herds on predators!!

    • You are so right Linda. I never thought of the ranchers, who historically blaming their laziness and neglect of their herds on predators!! I have found out about the Anatolian Sheep dogs, which are used here in South Africa, very successfully I might add, to protect the herds from Leopards. The organization here have sold and introduced them some where in the USA for the purpose of protecting their livestock from wolf attacks and that had also proved successful. This business of the ranchers getting paid for losses to wolves, is ridiculous and I think that if that was stopped, then possibly the ranchers won’t be so ready to blame the majestic wolves.

  3. wrote both the gov .and director of fish and wildlife of washington state this a.m. ..must keep our voices growing.Speak Out!!!!!for the wolves and for the whole of our planet.

  4. Calling today and every hour if needed… and they are going to kill the wolves because cattle are in their forest, and also with 2 members of the pack being collared they stand NO chance BULLSHIT!!!! Right now I am NOT proud to be from WA State!!

  5. They think that they got away with shooting one without much fanfare, so now they can go for the gold I guess in this Anti-Wolf Olympics. How many different ways can they kill wolves – air, land, sea, poison, trapping, snaring, shooting. How do you actually confirm that cattle were killed by wolves and which one did it? Couldn’t it just be a carcass? I read where theft isn’t just a thing of the past either. This has to stop.

    • The vast majority of the time, they can’t tell what killed their cattle. This is due to the fact that so much time has passed by the time they find the carcass.

  6. I am calling first thing this morning when their offices open and will try to reach through the phone to slap their faces.

    Eight seconds of absolute beauty in motion. Thanks for posting the video of this perfect wolf :-) Bob G

  7. I realize that time was a major factor in your posting, and it is ridiculous that the various States Departments of Fish and Wildlife think they are part of the Special Forces. They seem to be able to operate with impunity against the defenseless wolves. The name is a total misnomer and I am amazed that the Federal Government does not control all environmental matters, but with Ken Salazar in power, I doubt they would be any better?
    When you have email addresses, for the Governor or mayor, I always write to them, but I normally get an automated reply, and nothing else. Congressman Joe Donnelly from Indiana, has replied, not personally, but via one of his staff, which shows that he is obviously well organised.
    Maybe you should have a look at the EcoEarth.Info site. Here is the link to one of the articles, and I think it is quite thought provoking: http://www.ecoearth.info/blog/2012/08/earth_meanders_this_i_know_to.asp
    I don’t know much about Dr. Glen Barry, Ecological Internet, but from what I can find via Google, he sounds like a go-getter. His article ties in with wolves, as he emphasizes the ecology break down taking place in the world, right now! The science supporting wolves, which I have read on Howling for Justice, proves that if one takes out the main predators, everything in their area goes out of balance. The same has been noted with the killing off of sharks, another senseless massacre that takes place every day.
    I think that the time to rebel is NOW! Signing petitions, phoning, Facebook posts and even twitter’s tweets do help, but usually only in limited areas or causes. What we really need is a world-wide rebellion – something that will force governments around the world to clamp down on the obliteration of every living thing, that inhabits our planet, regardless of the present reasons as to why they allow Mother Earth and all her creatures to be raped. Environmental Ministers should have the same power as the Minister of Defence, so that really tough measures can be taken against the “Ecological Criminals”.

  8. I just wrote to all departments that defenders posted and I e-mailed the Governor and the director for the Governor and I will call when they open up and tried to call your number ,the office is still closed ,but I will call. THIS is disgusting ,I had a hope things would be different in Washington and Oregon,guess I was wrong. I sure hope this works,why must they keep their hatred for wolves, just doesn’t make sense.

  9. I just wrote to all departments that defenders posted and I e-mailed the Governor and the director for the Governor and I will call when they open up and tried to call your number ,the office is still closed ,but I will call. THIS is disgusting ,I had a hope things would be different in Washington and Oregon,guess I was wrong.

  10. So essentially in America doesn’t this really speak, that ranchers have more rights!? What happened to freedom and equality for all!? So if they are to have more rights than us, than why don’t they fix the national deficiet, stand on the front lines in Afganistan, and fix every darn problem in this country because in my eyes they are playing God!!!

  11. What a diet.No beef,no Idhao potatoes and now,no Washington apples.Opps,forgot,no Ocean Spray products.My grandson and I will have to plant an apple tree.

    • Whoops on the spelling,I meant Idaho.

    • The governors line was busy ,now I am on hold, opps got women and she said I will be happy to add your calls and hung up real fast.

    • YES! Few people know that cranberry growers want all wildlife killed too. And don’t forget to boycott Wisconsin cheese, sports and tourism and let the tourism department know of it:


      and 1-800-432-8747 or 608/266-2161

      Tell them you are networking to avoid Wisconsin products and visiting Wisconsin as long as Wisconsin is killing wolves, pitting packs of dogs on wolves and bears and destroying our wildlife.

      • Thanks for sharing this, Patricia!

      • Thanks for clearing that up Patricia concerning the cranberry growers, I remember seeing their name on the bill supporting the wolf hunt in Wisconsin and I couldn’t figure out why.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. For once I am Lost for words…this is outrageous and a disgrace that rancher who lost livestock automatically blamed the gorgeous Wolf !! Did he see it,has he got proof other than what came out his mouth ? Will these killing\’s end with the \’wedge pack\’ or will it continue till they are endangered species ? On the heading page Howling for Justice it says the pups will suffer as the adults will get chased and killed leaving the pups hungry and terrified,then when they are adults will they get hunted too ? Will these killing\’s end with the \’wedge pack\’ or will it continue till they are endangered species ? I am so sickened with the unnecessary slaughtering of wild animals,whether it be sport or because they are \’predators\’ Oh I could rant forever now but I have said enough…I only hope our voiced opinions are heard and lead to an in depth enquiry and a halt to these

  13. Since you insist on dancing to the bastard ranchers tune, RELOCATE them. Idiots
    How hard is it?!!

  14. Emailing Phil Anderson (director@dfw.wa.gov) now, all the while praying for our precious wolf families.

  15. The Great Pyrenees is about a 3,000 year old dog that was bred specifically to protect livestock from bears and wolves. The dogs would wear barbed collars to protect them from wolf or bear attacks.
    I have heard that many ranchers in Colorado use these dogs to prtoect their livestock and have not lost any to predators.
    I own Pyrs because they are excellent watch dogs. They do tend to run around my back fence alot and bark, but that is just the instict bred into them to let the “predators” in my neighborhood that they are there to protect.
    if these ranchers were to use the dogs, nature vs. nature, they wouldn’t be so trigger happy.

  16. Have been trying to call, the line is either busy or I get put on hold so long I have to hang up. (I am at work). I hope this means the govenor and Fish and Wildlife are being flooded with angry callers!

  17. They are scare of us for now with furious! Wonderful power we are fights for all the wolves in All states and the world.

  18. Yes please call.

    Direct line to the Director is 360 902 2234. This will save you 5 mins listening to the huge ‘menu’ of departments.

    ..am so tired of the ‘entitlement’ of whiny ranchers. Their drivel about
    being ‘concerned about the land’ is at best amusing, and at worst, an enormous fallacy.

    I urge anyone on the ‘fence’ about boycotting meat to not participate in the cruel agriAnimal industry: cattle, sheep and chickens. Not only are these animals slaughtered cruelly in pack houses, they are fed GMO alfalfa and grains, usually raised in small pens or muddy stock pens, given antibiotics and hormones. All of these common practices create a questionable product, aside from the humane aspect. Additionally, ranchers range stock almost free on federal lands and cows cause scouring and erosion especially in riparian areas. Cattle compete with elk and deer for vegetation. With the ongoing drought in the US, this is a serious concern. Too bad RMEF, doesnt take into account climate change, for whatever reason one might assign as a cause.

    Ranching is a tradition that is from another time and no longer viable: it takes too much vegetation to raise one pound of protein. There are too many people to depend on animal meat for protein. Please, consider boycotting meat for 3 months, educate yourself on cleaner sources of protein(nuts, seeds, grains all with much higher protein), and kinder ones :> and notice the positive results.

    Abuse of animals is generally accepted in the US. Thanks to all who see a more civilized vision for the US, really it’s a backward country. It just has a lot of pretense. The movie “Buck” is a great documentary. The trainer states, ” How a man treats his animals tells a lot about he treats his family and himself.” Blessings to all. Peace for the wolves who are so innocent and easy prey for angry men.

    • I double down on your statements – go vegan. According to World Watch Institute, animal agriculture or ranching are the major cause of climate change – 51% because it is so energy intensive. It is also water intensive. It takes enough water to float a battleship to raise one cow in his or her short life to slaughter. Our major western aquifer is fast depleting – and the rivers being diverted to provide water for west coast cities – destroying salmon, beavers and entire ecosystems.

      Dairy is the most cruel – taking babies from their moms day 1 – and the boys are a by-product and go to veal. “Milkers”, the females (wake up in solidarity, women) are kept pregnant every year to keep milk production up. I live a mile from a cattle ranch in Wisconsin – and hear the cows every year, bellowing for their babies night and day when they are taken from them.

      We are now experiencing the effects of 320 ppm from 1980 – but we are at 397 and those effects will send us into climate chaos over the next 30 years, displacing millions of people all over the globe, and threatening all lives, the oceans, and human life, too.

      All because of us. We need to transform now. We do not have another 30 years for the wolves to rebound – we will be very very busy trying to survive. Act now – change now. We are out of time.

      • I triple down on all you said. I have been a vegetarian for years now; will give serious thought to being a vegan. I called the Governor’s office and was told by the girl that answered that my name would be added to the list of callers. Keep it up!

  19. Called the Gov Office- very nasty person took the message- really nasty- the direct line for the Wildlife Dept is 360-902-2515 so you don’t go through VM hell- constantly busy but will keep trying
    emailed everyone

  20. The cattle were probably on open range on our public National Forest land. Ranchers get practically free permits to run cows out into the forest. They de-horn the poor cows and leave there, unprotected, and don’t even bother checking on for weeks at a time. Then they complain when something happens to them (especially if it involves a natural predator). When wolves come across cows who are on National Forest land, far away from any house or sign of humanity, they logically assume the cows are part of the native wildlife.

    I’m writing to the Gov and re-blogging this today!

    • Exposing the Big Game…I believe it was a public allotment and from what I’ve heard the depredations have not been proven. As per usual wolves are tracked like terrorists..all because of the ranching and hunting cabals.

      Thanks so much for reblogging…I think the Governor’s office is being flooded with calls!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Thank you for putting out the word!

      • Hey guys I thinalled k they had it I called the fish dept 1 button he told me 10,000 people are calling one person. Next I called again get a message to go to a website for the wolves called wild ones and if you have a comment after reading they will take it. I can’t get the full website http://wdfw.wa.gov someone go their and look !

      • Thanks for the update Richie! I’m really glad everyone is calling, this has to be stopped! These wolves are just one of eight packs in Washington, they should be protected not killed. The link they gave you is the Washington Department of Fish and Game page, I’m sure we’ll get the real story on there (“eye roll”) It’s always the same, the pack killed a cow, the pack must die. And apparently there is no confirmation the pack did anything.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  21. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game and commented:
    The cattle were probably on open range on our public National Forest land. Ranchers get practically free permits to run cows out into the forest. They de-horn the poor cows and leave there, unprotected, and don’t even bother checking on for weeks at a time. Then they complain when something happens to them (especially if it involves a natural predator). When wolves come across cows who are on National Forest land, far away from any house or sign of humanity, they logically assume the cows are part of the native wildlife.

  22. I wrote both the governor and the commissioner and called. One has to fill out a form for request to speak to the governor, and, as a journalist, I will do that.

    Then I called 360-902-2515 and was given over to the regular Fish and Wildlife people who were handling the wolf public input. I was told that they have helped ranchers with electric fencing, helped fund more cowboy “range riders” and that ranchers either have their own dogs or not. (I suggested donkeys who have been very effective in Wisconsin.) He gave the usual economic depredation argument and that their funding has been cut by 40% to run their killing state agency. So I said I had the solution to that – as Aldo Leopold (their hunting hero) warned 80 years ago, stop funding state agencies only on special interest killing licenses and bring in the general public and wildlife lovers to fund state agencies for balance and more money to address natural predation.

    That does not involve a new tax – since wildlife watchers already bring 10-40 times the revenue of hunters to state tax coffers – we just need to organize to direct that money to state agencies or a parallel agency, tied to fair democratic representation to solve the underlying problem…funding on killing licenses is a bias we cannot surmount.

    Until we reform the funding, we will be dealing with the symptoms – the agencies providing maximum killing in maximum public lands of more and more species to satisfy their limited clientele and give them incentive to keep killing.

    I also made the statement that humans predate on cattle in horrific numbers – some 55 billion slaughterhouse animals being grown for human predation at any given time – and that farming for slaughter and high deer and elk numbers is an imbalance that wolves are trying to address – as they are the balancers, the strengtheners of biodiversity – the key apex predators who keep the web of life strong.

    Unphased, as in any killing business, linked to the ranchers/farmers and their killing businesses – killing is their modus operandus.

    He did say that they had killed “only one wolf” and I said “one wolf too many” – if that were a member of your family, you would think so.

  23. I called,and tried to make the point that the wolf is one of the lowest on the ‘predator’ list, but the woman who answered the phone said that all they were doing is taking note of all the phone calls.
    Let’s bombard them with the chimming racket of ringing phones!!!

  24. I seems that time is running out for these animals. Trigger happy humans so quick to destroy what does not belong to them, they have so much hatred it’s to the point of pure insanity. Now, four months time seems too long for the wolves, I only hope that winter gets here fast.

  25. Just called they are being very nice at 360 902 2515 but they are trying to ease this situation, what I really liked is he said both sides are calling,some wanting to kill more wolves. I find this hard to believe, because they are really trying to ease this tension. Keep calling,keep calling please ! Many confirmed killings he said I say bull …………

  26. Have politely asked them to reconsider and consider the damage to the tourist dollar they are doing. Again if you are overseas just use the WA zip 98504 or the office of who you are addressing.

  27. Quick question? Does Washington state have a depredation reimbursement plan at this time?

  28. e-mail address for Gov. Christine Gregoire????

  29. http://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/default.asp

  30. I have some questions. For a layperson such as myself, how do they verify if a wolf pack killed cattle?

    Do they just take the rancher’s word? Do they examine the remains at all?

    The reason I ask is that I wouldn’t put it above some these guys to do it themselves just to get rid of the wolves, or have their own dogs kill their own cattle and blame it on the wolves. The stakes are high right now, and they seem to want to eliminate as many as possible while they have been removed from Endangered Species protection. It’s interesting that so many ranchers are complaining about cattle loss at this time. I don’t remember hearing about so many instances of predation and I have always tried to keep up with the situation because it has been terribly unfair for many years. The location of this pack is interesting too – on the border of Canada which would allow for healthy interaction with Canadian wolves.

    The dumbest thing ever was to allow that rider to the budget bill. Our President can count as one of his accomplishments during his tenure that he helped bring the Grey Wolf to extinction in the lower 48. I pray that I am wrong.

    • Ida…They usually send Wildlife Services out to investigate depredations, so I wouldn’t trust them as far as I can throw them. They look for bite mark patterns, etc. But so much of it is just straight up BS. They can say anything they want. Wolves kill so few livestock that it doesn’t even warrant discussing but ranchers love to blow this out of proportion and make it look like wolves are rampaging everywhere. There are many predators out there that can kill cattle, the number one predator of cattle is the coyote but even they kill so few compared to non-predation that I mentioned in the post.

      It’s all Kabuki Theater. I’m so tired of talking about cows, who are killed for food and suffer unimaginable horrors in slaughterhouses. So all this belly aching about wolves and cows from ranchers is just DRAMA. They want wolves gone and the best way to accomplish it is to advertise any depredation they can pin on wolves to demonize them. Meanwhile an entire wolf pack is slated to die.

      Keep calling and emailing, tie up the phone lines and let the Governor know this will cast a pall over Washington as a place that’s progressive and forward thinking.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I just sent this to the Fish & Wildlife. I’ve called also….

        To whom it may concern:

        I am writing to you on behalf of the wolves. It seems to me you are simply bending to the ranchers whim!

        t will be a sorry day if you kill the female and leave her orphaned pups to their fate. How can any one of you
        look at yourselves in the mirror if you do this horrific deed?

        Please know that I, and many of my friends and family, will NEVER spend a dime in your state if this occurs.
        We will simply not visit or put our feet on your land. You will hurt many of your people with your lack of tourism.

        Abbey Zap

  31. Way keel the wolf what did they do to you

  32. This is AWFUL! I live in Oregon right below Washington. This absolutely unfair to wolves, they didn’t even do anything wrong and these people feel they have to right to shoot and kill innocent animals? This is an complete outrage!! >:O I want justice! Who’s with me? I’m calling that good for nothing governor and giving her a piece of my mind. WOLVES FOREVER!

  33. A lot of ranchers, claiming losses to collect Insurance.

  34. What is the lastest does anybody know,I heard they are going ahead and killing up to four wolves,and putting another collar on the alpha male to track movements,they must watch every step! Why doesn’t the rancher just watch his property,he got a sweet deal from the state to lease the taxpayers land.

  35. Contacted both, The thought of my brothers and sisters suffering again saddens me greatly. How many times must brother wolf be persecuted on the word of white men?

  36. The Red-neck Rancher disease has spread like wildfire among the Northwestern States. How sad, how pathetic.

  37. THIS sort of disgusting mockery must STOP and mankind has eliminated ENOUGH species already! THEY ARE NOT OURS TO ELIMINATE! The world is already overpopulated with humans! This sort of disregard is humiliating for such a race as the humans. WHEN are we going to hold the real MONSTER accountable?! It is the HUMANS that denature and raise dogs and such to fight. GET REAL! They have already been almost extinct from the ruthless, egotistical, self centered, vain, and lacking of moral judgments from humans.

  38. The wolf spirit
    The wolf spirit is like a beautiful song
    One can feel it forever, it is never too long
    The wolf spirit is like the freedom of clouds

    Hovering ever so gently, with head held so proud
    The wolf spirit dances in sunshine and rain
    In all four of our seasons, without any disdain
    The wolf spirit lives in the mountains up high
    Its grandeur is endless, it can touch the sky
    The wolf spirit belongs to all who live on earth
    It will live forever, no one can measure its worth
    KLK ♥

    • Thank you karenlyonskalmenson, that touched my heart.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  39. cuantos lobos tienen que morir y los cuatreros no los mantan? ellos roban y matan ganado los lobos son inocentes pero los ganaderos dicen son culpables y los cuatreros inocentes no se que mas decir un aullido de dolor y tristeza por cada lobo caido y por cada animal salvaje caido

    Google translate http://translate.google.com/

  40. Greed is your alibi and lying is your friend. It must really suck to be the likes of one such as yourself!

  41. I called on Friday and they said they were out to kill two more ,the women was very nice, and she said she was in trainning four a couple of days, and I told her I was going to visit but changed my plans. She said that is my right and they are a wolf friendly state,boy they had no other choice,these wolves have been at it for a while ! Richie G. what is going on now ? Monday ?

  42. any recent updates?

  43. They stop the order kill and sharpshooter for now… Look up at defense of wildlife website.

    • that is good news i hope we were at least a part of stopping it. We must keep our eyes and ears on the threat

  44. Look I JUST CALLED AND LEFT A MESSAGE ON A DIFFERENT HOT LINE ONE FOR INJURED ANIMALS THAT IS THE ONLY MESSAGE i COULD LEAVE. I will call tomorrow this sucks I will try to do my best ! Richie G. P.S. call Obama this is the time to get him before the election, he wants to be elected many calls saying they will note vote for him if he does not fire Salazar will make his people thing ….remember this is the time to call Washington

  45. Call the office’s, and click for “Fish”…they will have to transfer you to a real person so you won’t get their chickenshit voicemail! Last time we blew up their inboxes and fax, lets do it again!!!!!

    • I know my numbers are at the bottom,but what is the lastest ,did they kill any of the edge pack?

  46. I called and called and I called 3609024111 governor;360 902-4111 but do not prees wolves press another button their is a 2408,2259,2262 try them all and tell them DeFazio tried to put a bill through and Kevin Rankenr said their has failed.


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