A Victory For Wisconsin Wolves!! Judge Says No To Hunting Wolves With Dogs!!

The Wolf Hunt

The Wolf Hunt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally a  victory!! Judge Peter C. Anderson has barred hunting Wisconsin wolves with dogs. This could derail the Wisconsin wolf hunt for this year. GOOD!!  Wisconsin was set to sic up to six dogs per hunter on innocent wolves. But it won’t be happening and wolf advocates couldn’t be happier. The wolf hunt insanity has reached epic levels of depravity and hunting wolves with dogs was the height of it. Now let’s hope there will be no wolf hunt in Wisconsin this year or any year.


 Judge: Don’t bring your dogs on wolf hunt in Wisconsin

 The Associated Press AP

7:45 p.m. CDT, August 31, 2012

 MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Dane County judge issued an order Friday that temporarily bans wolf hunters from training or using dogs in the chase, casting doubt on whether this fall’s hunt will happen.Judge Peter C. Anderson’s order comes as part of a lawsuit that a group of humane societies brought against the state Department of Natural Resources. The group contends the agency failed to impose any restrictions on dog training and dog use when it set up this fall’s new wolf hunt, creating the possibility of bloody fights that would violate Wisconsin’s animal cruelty statutes.

Judge bars dogs from Wisconsin wolf hunt

MADISON- A Dane County judge has blocked hunters from using dogs to go after wolves this fall.Judge Peter C. Anderson issued a temporary injunction Friday as part of a lawsuit a group of humane societies have filed against the Department of Natural Resources. The group contends the DNR failed to impose restrictions on hunting dogs during this fall’s wolf hunt, setting deadly dog-wolf clashes in the woods.It’s unclear what the ruling means for the hunt. Anderson says hunters can still go after wolves. DNR officials have warned the injunction could scuttle the hunt. They have said don’t have enough time to change their regulations to reflect the dog ban before the hunt begins in mid-October.DNR attorney Tim Andryk says the agency will have to review the judge’s order.



Photo: Wiki Commons

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  1. Hi,

    I really appreciate your work towards reducing needless wolf persecution! I do however think that a few changes in wording and advertising could move this issue towards the mainstream, as opposed to on the fringes. This does not need to be an idealistic animal rights movement. There is nothing hugely wrong with hunters, or farmers wanting to protect stock and their livelihoods, but there is something hugely wrong with wolves being persecuted. There is so much about wolves that is assumed by people, and this leads to their harm. Changing the perception is important and this involves reaching everyone… not just preaching to the converted. Why not try to understand where the hunters are coming from, and aiming to get slowly onside. This probably sounds unrealistic, but I truly believe this could happen (there will always be the 10% that won’t change, but 90% is not a bad figure!).

    Anyway, just a thought. Well done on a victory in Winconsin.

    I am rooting for the movement, all the way from NZ

    Cheers, Jodie

  2. It’s a start.I am grateful for even the smallest victory!Thank you to the Dane Co.judge. ,Judge Anderson.

  3. God bless you Judge Peter Anderson! So very many thank you for your kindness and humanity. I pray that we get rid of Obama, for he is the cause for this slaughtering and mayhem that has raised it’s ugly head in every brutal form possible against God’s dog, the wolf. Even though, (another prayer) our new VP,Paul Ryan is an avid hunter, I don’t think he is anything like what is out there now bringing pain and inhumanity and suffering to the animal that has been unduly implied as a blood thirsty monster. An animal, that if he could reason with the courts, he’d win his case, high-five, for the largest defamation of character lawsuit in the history of time.I sincerely believe we can talk to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and that they will listen to us, not just because we are many, but I believe because that is who they are, and you Judge Peter Anderson are a testament to possibilities that we haven’t seen in this war against this beautiful animal for all to long. God bless, and thank you!!

    • Anne, if you think this that your boy Ryan is any different, or that Romney is even going to able to blow his nose without asking permission from the right-wing of the Republican party, you are living in your own little world of únreality’. It was a Rep. in your state that drafted this hunting ‘plan’, and if the Reps. have their way, there will be no animal cruelty laws, no ESAct, no litigation for us citizens, no restrictions on ANYTHING – the cause of this slaughtering was Tester (MT-D), Simpson (R-ID) and the Republican-controlled Congress that held the country hostage last year with budget battle – remember that?

      • One last thing – I think we can all agree that Judge Peter Anderson deserves a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from all who are doing so much to help this animal avoid being exterminated once again. Thank you Nabeki and others for everything you do.

      • Thanks April for setting the record straight. President Obama has been horrid as far as the environment goes ….. but I shutter to think what it would be like with Romney/Ryan @ the helm. Tester & Simpson really put the screws to the wolves, then Obama signed the Budget Bill last April (2011)

    • I don’t think the Republicans have a very good record when it comes to animal welfare laws (forget animal rights!). A Republican legislature reversed the puppy mill law in Missouri. Republicans were mainly responsible for the ag-gag law proposals and bills that would criminalize showing the abuses on factory farms, and religious conservative Republicans usually sign on to the dominionist theory that people do not owe animals anything but can use them as they wish. Apparently Paul Ryan did help on some pet animal issues, and I appreciate that. But I doubt that the deer he fills full of arrows would be able to think about the dogs he helped.

      • I am a moderate who leans Democratic. I have nver voted Republican for President until this next election. Even the Reagan’s horid environmental record created land set aside for Mustangs. Nixon signed the ESA . Bush 1 was not a bad environmental president. Obama is a nightmare, even Babbitt has said the Obama trades away the environment in a heart beat to get the bils he does care about passed.

  4. Finally a victory, albeit a small one :)

  5. I’m grateful to Judge Peter Anderson for the decision he reached. Wonder if he will need bodyguards when he goes out now.

  6. I know the Republicans aren’t totally animal friendly, but one thing for sure is the Dems are NOT. I’ll be darned if I’m going to look at the dark side and whimper, and say…”We can’t do anything because both sides aren’t animal friendly….so I’m not going to break my neck trying.” If you are going to give up now, before the horrors of Washington have changed, then my friend, you might as well dig a hole and put your head in it, because no matter who is in power, I will try and speak out for the wolf with my last breath…no matter what. I do know from past PROOF, Obama is against the wolf for the buck. He doesn’t care what happens to them as long as it’s favorable for him politically. So, that side…we know….but I am hoping that not all people give up and lump all Republicans into one box. There are some out there who will listen…and we might have a chance.

    • Im not sure at all what you are saying here Anne. Traditionally Republicans have not shown any favor to environmental concerns and that certainly includes the conditions for wildlife. Im not excusing Obama’s Administration for their failings as far as not protecting wolves. But Id say that if a person is gambling as to who ‘might’ give a ratsass it is going to be the Dems over the Repubs each and every time. Conservatives have a miserable record for protecting the environment, favoring corporate, rancher and hunter interests always. There have been isolated instances of animal-friendly legislation that have been supported by individual Repubs of course, case in point Rick Santorum supported anti-cruelty legislation a few years ago. But these isolated cases are just that.

      • Amanda….what I was trying to say is, the current administration we know for a fact that no matter how many petitions we sign (I sent a signed petition with over 1,000 signatures from people all over the world to Obama and the governors of the states that are the worst.) I know they received them because I sent them certified mail, return receipt requested. They probably got shredded. So..we know for a fact that there is no help coming from this administration. It’s futile even wasting time begging them. Hopefully, yes I know Ryan hunts the whitetail deer and turkeys, but I am hoping that maybe if they win this election, we might have some people who will LISTEN to us, cause we surely don’t now. With Obama’s administration it couldn’t get any worse for the wolf…or for us either. Hoping for new hearts and ears. Can’t be any worse. One can only hope and try. I know I will try should the White House gets new occupants, and the corruption is cleared out. Anyhow, I look at it as new hope.

  7. Well it only makes sense. Of course I am against hunting or killing wolves for any reason, but using dogs clearly endangers the lives of the dogs involved as well. Making for many grisly deaths. It is something I just dont understand, this type of lust for death and gore using animals. Let’s make things a bit more fair – how about all hunters have to fight bare handed. Wonder how many would drop out then.

  8. We in Wisconsin are absolutely thrilled on what we have won-so far. I must include the hunters that were involved in ending this barbaric situation. Althought I detest hunting but understand deer must be controlled. Deer crashes kill approx. 14 people a year. This wolf hunt has drastically increased the groundswell of hatred, bitterness and anger towards hunting and hunters. Bear hounders are not respected by most deer hunters in the state. Dogs are disruptive in the woods and if it is against the law for your pet pooch to chase deer, why is it legal for hunting dogs to chase wildlife. This , it’s OK for you but not OK for me must end. Also waterfowl hunters are worried, along with pheasant hunters about traps and what this all means for their dogs. Remember, where did the Romneys put their beloved Shamus [sp] when they took road trips? Wasn’t in the car where he would have been safe. Forward

  9. Thank you Judge Anderson, and all you advocates for the wolves. I realize there is still so much education to be done…. and teaching the special interest, hunters, ranchers etc., they are only adding to the problem by killing all the wolves. Hopefully one day they will see the big picture. It is not all about them! We need our wolves, and balance is nature. Again thanks to all of you, for all you have done for our wolves. We no longer have the option of silence. It is the information age.

  10. Despise the depravity and enjoyment at such cruelty and vileness that is the persecution, torture and death of wolf hunting. So glad to hear this. But it mustnt stop. The hunters must become the hunted, by society. I want the end of it all. Only sick, blood thirsty, backward, sadists enjoy murder. Will never know how a civilised society can promote murder on the one hand yet punish for it on the other.

  11. This is a great victory ,I am from Michigan and here on facebook and the local UP papers where Michigans Bill to allow wolf hunting originated is loaded with people from Idaho and NW Montana trying to coax people to their way of wolf hunting but when I get involved in Idahos or Montanas discussions they all say its a Montana issue or aIdaho issue butt out,What gives do these people (GOP) think they can just ramrod the states into their way of thinking ,I doubt it but their cowbilly attitudes and bulling has got to be met head on

  12. Thanks so much for that wonderful news!!! A great step in the right direction.

  13. Thank you, Judge Anderson! These uncivilized louts who want to watch fighting between their dogs and wolves will have to remain frustrated.

  14. es una buena noticia pequeña victoria un paso adelante gracias al juez anderson

  15. Well I Thank God for a sain respons at last .. Love it.

  16. @ long last a rational person (Judge Peterson) I am so happy. Now we just need to get the western states on board.
    KUDOS to Judge Peterson :-)

  17. This is a sad victory, WOLVES SHOULD NOT BE MURDERED.

  18. This is an old article, but I thought it shows the kind of mentality we are up against of some “hunters”:


  19. At least one step in the right direction. Now if we could get them to stop killing wolves by any means!

  20. One small step for wolf advocates, one giant leap for all mankind.

  21. Finally, something!

  22. Yay!!! A great victory for wolves!! Wisconsin DNR: go f yourselves. I hope those of you who authorized this criminal barbarity in 2012 now realize what a-holes you are. Let’s hope this order stands and such victories spread!

  23. http://humanemyth.org/letsnotgiveup.htm This is an article/read about slavery and Whole Foods and it is worth a read. Doesn’t really apply to wolves, yet it does!

  24. Well done Judge Anderson for having good common sense and to all the wolf supporters for campaigning so hard against such cruelty to wolves.
    Well Done all of you!!!!!!

  25. [...] Wisconsin and Minnesota came up with wolf hunt plans. Wisconsin wanted to chase wolves with dogs.  Judge Peter C. Anderson put a stop to that, slapping a temporary injunction on the plan, preventing wolf  hunters from [...]

  26. Finally! A victory for wolves and wolf advocates! I really hope that the Wisconsin DNR decides to cancel the hunt but I doubt that they will as they extended the amount of time hunting tags are sold. But at least wolves won’t be chased by hounds, one of the crueller methods of hunting. I know that this halt in hunting wolves with hounds is only temporarily, unfortunately, but at least it’s better than not stopping it at all! It’s a small victory, but a victory nonetheless!

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