More Wolf Blood Shed, 3 Wedge Pack Wolves Aerial Gunned Today….

WDFW Killing Five Month Old Puppies Along With Their Family…SHAME!!!

More death, more killing..all for agribusiness.

Nice going WDFW, you’re giving Washington state quite the reputation. It makes me sick to think the packs four babies are either dead or will be soon.  Don’t weep Wolf Warriors, get active!!  How about a protest to let WDFW know how you feel about their cowardly act!!!

The wolves were slaughtered just seven miles from the Canadian border, I’m sure running for their lives. If only they were a little closer to the border. Their territory extends into Canada, I hope what’s remaining of the pack keeps on going and hides from these killers.

Why are cows trumping wolves on public land? Retire grazing leases!! Stop catering to cattle barons, they don’t own this country and they don’t own our public lands. I don’t care how long they’ve been grazing their cows on America’s land, they need to take their stream polluting,  methane producing gas bags (no disrespect to cows, they are not at fault) and high-tail it back to their own property and leave the wolves and our other native carnivores alone.  The only way to make this happen is if the American people wake up from their long sleep and speak out!!

Please read Sacred Cows At The Public Trough by Denzel and Nancy Ferguson , Waste of the West by Lynne Jacobs and Western Turf Wars: The Politics of Public Lands Ranching by Mike Hudak to learn the truth about why our wolves are dying!


State kills 3 more Wedge Pack wolves today

Department Director Phil Anderson said a WDFW marksman shot the wolves from a helicopter at about 8 a.m.  The wolves were shot about seven miles south of the U.S.-Canada border in the same area where two other wolves from the Wedge Pack were killed by aerial gunning yesterday.

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  1. please post the number and people to call and emails
    we will get on it daily

    • I agree, give names and addresses so we can send out our letters of concern. Thank you.

      • Lisa…I listed the tourism and Governor’s info in the post below this one.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • I just called the office of the governor in Washington and they took my call as just a number in a poll. I asked who I can talk to and they sent me to Fish and Wildlife… but they never listen and are just police mindlessly doing their job and g=following orders, right or wrong. they don’t weigh it. So I asked who is above them and was told a panel of commissioners decide the fate of the wolves. Here is the phone number for Fish and Wildlife for now and I’ll call to try to get the contact for this ridiculous commission of idiots. This panel needs to see our comments, and you know what? We should be this panel. It is our tax dollars paying these bureaucrats to destroy all that we hold as sacred and dear be it our wolves, our food freedoms, out h]freedom to choose our health practices and supplements, our constitutional rights being upheld, and so on. Seldom are the policies and decisions made by these puffed up bureaucrats who deem themselves judge, jury, rulers, overlords, and executioners implement is or ever has been for our greater good of earth, animals, nature, our people and our country.

      • Forgot the phone # for fish & Wildlife ~ (360)902-2515

        I just called and spoke to someone. He gave me the website about their decision making regarding the Gray wolves bring killed from the Wedge Pack.

        He refused to help me communicate with this “commission”

        He only seemed ton state that their main concern is for the human population over the predator population’s rights to their original habitat. that cattle and people who are stealing this habitat come first and foremost. they did kill all of the Wedge Pack bWolves and he said they’re introducing wolves who don’t yet have a taste for cattle to other parts of Washington. He said that once wolves got the taste for cattle and calves they no longer tried to hunt the moose, deer and caribou any longer. So logically, people who have ranches in those areas need to have enough money to create proper fencing electric or other and not to kill wolves because they;re too poor to do what is right or too lazy to care.

        If anyone knows the saga of what happen when official had allowed and or ordered all of the wolves in Yellowstone Park many years ago, and what devastation followed turning it almost into a baron wasteland, we need to get this fact through the thick resistance of these who are dooming the wolves which will not only rob us of their place with our own in the scheme of creation but will create and initiate a domino effect in the eco system. when the predators are gone the moose, etc numbers grow out of control. hence these foraging creatures eat all of the bark and limbs and leave off of the trees and shrubbery leaving no way of achieving the brilliant balance that the infinite intelligence of nature has left for us to respect, honor and hold as sacred.

        As soon as they reintroduced a pack of wolves all began to come back and flourish and has ever since.

  2. The gunner and pilot in the helicopter probably had a lot of practice on wolves in Idaho and Montana. Example – Eleven wolves from the Lochsa Pack were aerially gunned this past winter by order of IDFG because these wolves dared to eat elk – not acceptable. The Lochsa wolves were shot in a Wilderness area where there is no cattle grazing or ranchers, but there are selfish, arrogant big game outfitters who despise wolves.
    Wolves are and will continue to be slaughtered because the expense of the aircraft, the pilots, the gunner have to be justified to someone. These entities are hoping that wolves kill livestock or in the case of Idaho – eat elk. How do we stop this madness? Wolves need some friends in high places and they don’t seem to have any – not the people who helped put Obama in office and as a result, wolves are worse off than ever under Ken Salazar at Interior and Dan Ashe at USFWS.

    • Everything you said is dead on Resist. There are so many wolf packs who’ve been slaughtered since the reintroduction that most die without anyone knowing they even existed. Washington is shining a bright light on the shameful practice of killing wolves for agribusiness.They are siding with the ranchers, the majority of whom notoriously hate wolves and think they are entitled to a predator free landscape. They feel so entitled they have the nerve to demand native wolves eliminated on our public lands while they continue on their merry way practicing the Columbus Method of grazing “Let em loose in the Spring and discover em in the fall?” The only way any of this is going to change is if the American people wake up and realize we are losing our public lands and native wildlife. We need a sea change, a paradigm shift in how these lands are managed. Public land grazing must be eliminated, there should be no compromise on this!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • The only thing now is if our illustrious President slammed the hammer down and said ENOUGH – and that it will no t happen and even if Romney is elected I don’t think it will change – maybe a good old revolution would help – I am out of ideas and nothing seems to work – it doesn’t even both the President at all – he is so impressed with himself he could care less –

        We are in for another years of pain – shame and anger – I am so angry I think I could easily kill one of those people if he had a gun pointed at a Wolf – I would not even hesitate -

      • Well put, Nabeki!!!
        We should kick these inbred idiots’ bloomin’ arses
        out of WA, MT, ID, WY, and any other places
        where our beloved wolves can live in peace…

        I’d go a step further in launching a rebellion
        against the meat industry with a full-scale boycott
        until the barbaric industry is out of business
        once and for all.

  3. Heart breaking ! It’s so cruelty… Frightens them… They are the jerks bad!

  4. I drive truck and have driven through all these states from Washington Wyoming Oregon Idaho you name it. What I do not understand is when I drive trough these states I do not see any support for the wolves no billboards no flyers nothing in the papers . do the people of these states enjoy this do they get some kind of high or what. When I go through these states I know it takes alot of energy money time to go after them. I am sure the wolves don’t go knocking on the doors and say Kill me. So where does all the money come from these people have nothing better to do but slaughter and kill God’s critters and this is suppose to be a christian country. If I were to believe in hell i wish they all would go there including these money hungry political idiots. Why does everything have to evolve around money can’t things be decided because it is either right or wrong. So what’s next instead of voting why don’t we just go out and buy it. Since that’s all alot of people care about is money. If I had the money I would put an end to all of it. Have a blessed day

    • Very well said. God will give to everyone based on the good or bad that they have done. One day it will be their turn in this life or in the ‘hereafter’

    • You said it with passion and articulated it perfectly way. I whole heartedly and painfully concur. It’s glaringly clear that none of these candidates care. If Ron Paul could have had more support he would have cared. It feels good to read each incredibly intelligent, heart emanated comment here and be surrounded at least here by like minds and hearts. Wish and long for it to be everywhere. It’s just right. Not because our opinions and desires for selfish ranching, etc, but because it is in alignment with creation, with nature, with what lets life remain in tact. All else that is self-serving is based on nothing that furthers goodness and heals what has been damaged to bring it back to life.

    As the human race takes up more and more land, how are the wolves & wild animals in general, ment to survive? What do we expect them to do? Where are they ment to go? They just cant win. No matter where the wolf goes they will be in conflict with humans. You’d think that since we humans are ment to be the more intelligent & superior species, we would look at every possible option as a solution, to any conflict that may arise between man & wolf before making the decission to take a life of an innocent, with the added possibility of destroying a family/pack. Saddly instead of working on a way to sort out a viable solution, it seems that the easiest option is always taken and that is ‘kill, kill kill’, regardless of the concequences!!!
    To say that i am sickened & disgusted by the attitude against wolves worldwide is an understatement!!! GOD created ALL things living and its not up to us to make the decission on who/what will live or die. The wolve like every other creature has its place on this planet. There is a reason & purpose for the wolve being here and mankind needs to accept that and work with them NOT destroy them. A smart person would try to find solutions to any problems, other than slaughtering the wolf to the point of no return.

    • Hi annabel.leonard-schulz, you said, “Saddly instead of working on a way to sort out a viable solution, it seems that the easiest option is always taken and that is ‘kill, kill kill’, regardless of the concequences!!!

      Anatolian sheep dogs have worked in South Africa, where they protect livestock from Cheetahs and Leopard. Some have been exported to the USA to keep wolves at bay, and from what I have been able to ascertain, they have also been successful.

      The main problem is people who for some reason or other hate wolves. I think that the Americans should write to their representatives and try and befriend them and eventually persuade them to get the wolves re-enlisted. Unfortunately this will only be able to start next year, after the elections, but It does not take that long and I am sure it will have some success, providing that the letters are friendly and yet persuasive.

      • That sounds like a fairy tale – a President that has not lifted a finger to put these Wolves back on the endangered list and does not seem to care what happens to him will not change for the next four years – and Romney is not an Animals Lover – it would greatly surprise me if he changed anything –
        I no longer know what it takes to stop it except more violence – who is listening to us the little people?

    • I found your comments absolutely amazing! If everyone in the world thought like you, (and me) the world would be a fantastic place where animals and man live in harmony with each other! Is it possible you could run for president in your country (i wish)! You would be better at it than all the lot of them put together!!!!!!

  6. I hope they send Mr. McIrvine the bill, since he seems to be the ony one complaining. How much taxpayer money is this costing? Sharpshooters, aerial gunners, next it will be Homeland Security and the National Guard. It would be comical it it weren’t so tragic. Just awful and shameful for our country. You are so right that there’s nowhere our wildlife here can go where they won’t be in conflict with humans, land, sea or air. The new buzzword seems to be using these destroyed animals for “educational purposes” a vague term that I’m not sure what they mean, the same term used when they blew away a grizzly recently. Lots of animals piling up out West and nobody’s learning anything, it seems. We want it stopped.

    • What an effed up mess our gubmint is. November can’t come fast enough. Trouble is, none of ‘em are worth a damn. I may abstain.

  7. This is beyond evil, and while I agree wholeheartedly with your outrage and anger, I also think it’s important to remember that those “methane producing gas bag” cows are also the defenseless victims of an evil and unconscionable industry.

    • Lisamarie…I have total sympathy with the cows, they are victims just like the wolves and die brutal, brutal deaths. But sometimes you have to make a point to make a point. Normally I’d make that clear in my posts but tonight I was just too upset to notice.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  8. Cattle barons? Hardly. Fucking welfare ranchers. Without the deeply subsidized federal grazing on our public lands these throwbacks to the 1900’s would starve. They intentionally mismanage their animals so the government killers do their bidding. One of the best ways to cripple them is to cripple their industry. Give up all beef products and get your family and friends to do the same. You’ll be helping save wolves and your own health at the same time.

  9. I agree with you Dave. Here in Wisconsin, we started a bumpersticker drive. I’ll post the site in a bit. I would make the McIrvine family miserable. I can come up with all sorts of ideas but I’ll leave that up to you out there.

  10. Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife—– Nabeki has it on the sidebar. The bumperstickers areon there.

  11. One thing we can all do, is cultivate a friendship with our congressman. I wrote to Joe Donnelly, 2nd District Indiana, who unfortunately is not in one of the wolf killing states as far as I know, and below is an extract from his reply. From his figures below, there are an unbelievable number of animals and plants that are listed on the Endangered Species Act (P.L. 93-205). Congress passed this in 1973, and the wolves were taken off it when?

    “I believe Americans must be good stewards of our environment and wildlife. Unfortunately, an increasing number of animal and plant species are facing possible extinction. The most common cause of extinction is habitat loss due to development, changes in land management practices, competition from invasive species, and other factors. If we fail to protect endangered and threatened species, we will be doing a great disservice to ourselves and those who will come after us.”

    “Currently, there are 1,163 animals species and 796 plant species listed as either endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act (P.L. 93-205), which Congress passed in 1973. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was a comprehensive attempt to protect species at risk of extinction and to make habitat protection an integral part of that effort. The authorization for spending under ESA expired on October 1, 1992. However, the prohibitions and requirements of ESA remain in force, even in the absence of reauthorization, and funds have been appropriated to implement the administrative provisions of ESA in each subsequent fiscal year. ESA reauthorization remains on the legislative agenda and bills focusing on threatened or endangered species continue to be introduced each Congress.”

    “Rest assured, if legislation concerning endangered species comes to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote, I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind.”

  12. We hear about wulf killings day after day after day …. these senseless slaughters CAN NOT BE TOLERATED OR GO ON …. THEY MUST STOP !!! So what actions can be taken to STOP this?????? It is really heart breaking … we NEED SOME ANSWERS NOW!!! the sooner the better


    • I *completely* agree with you, “vidapreciosa.”

      • Thank you Scott for your support. I am far away and my voice counts naught so try to convince your fellow citizens that mental power can bypass any obstacle. Blessed be. Namaste


  15. Wolves = wild ranch = fence LET THE WILD LIVE IN THE WILD AND COWS ON A FARM

  16. Tears. Our wildlife is our future. Cruelty and killing is not the answer. I am so sorry to hear that we can’t do better.

  17. i certainly hope that all the people who care about the wolves are vegan themselves, follow the Golden Rule for ALL species and do not contribute to the violence, suffering, pollution and environmental devastation inherent in ALL forms of animal agriculture.

    “Aren’t humans amazing? They kill wildlife – birds, deer, all kinds of cats, coyotes, beavers, groundhogs, mice and foxes by the million in order to protect their domestic animals and their feed. Then they kill domestic animals by the billion and eat them. This in turn kills people by the million, because eating all those animals leads to degenerative – and fatal – health conditions like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and cancer. So then humans spend billions of dollars torturing and killing millions more animals to look for cures for these diseases. Elsewhere, millions of other human beings are being killed by hunger and malnutrition because food they could eat is being used to fatten domestic animals. Meanwhile, few people recognize the absurdity of humans, who kill so easily and violently, and once a year send out cards praying for “Peace on Earth.”~Revised Preface to Old MacDonald’s Factory Farm by C. David Coates

    • Yes Mark I am vegetarian ( I still eat yoghurt and butter). I could not possibly be part of the way they brutally torture animals in the abbatoirs.

      • glad to hear it vidapreciosa. btw, you may want to read this in regards to dairy as it may be the cruelest of all along with egg production:

      • Good Grief I didn’t know about this. I only saw years ago PETA’S videos showing the animals being shot with nail guns and most still alive hanging by a leg and being skinned and cut to pieces alive in the abbatoirs. When I think I have seen everything concerning human bestiality some horrible animal cruelty is presented to me, I am ending eating yoghurt and butter as from now. These articles should become public for the decent humans to know what happens to the animals.
        I don’t eat eggs either, Thank you Mark for sending me these links. As we are close to Ascension automatically all this preverted cruelty is also going to end forever and I can hardly wait to finally live in a loving peaceful and happy world with loving human beings that respect all creations. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I AM UNDER SHOCK!

    • Mark….Gary Yourofsky certainly walks the walk. His video was both horrifying yet eye-opening. Factory farming and the torture of animals for food is something I feel very passionate about. If I wasn’t blogging about the wolf holocaust I’d be blogging about the farm animal holocaust. Death on A Factory Farm aired on HBO about 3 years ago, it was a pig farm and the most horrendous things were going on there. Pigs are such intelligent beings and subjected to unimaginable horrors, like other animals raised for food, they’ew assigned no value except what they can produce for humans. It’s a very sick world we live in. I don’t eat meat for the same reasons Gary Yourofsky doesn’t. He’s a terrific speaker and I see that he is trying to reach the hearts and minds of young people.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • thanks Nabeki-it is great to find people who make the connection that ALL forms of violence against animals is connected. many people have compassion for a selected group such as dogs, cats, horses or even some wildlife yet continue to contribute to the torture and abuse against cows, chickens and pigs. btw, it is not only so called factory farms which are the issue but ALL forms of animal agriculture and the treament of sentient beings like property that is at the root of the injustice. many of the undercover video’s documenting horrific abuse were taken on so called small family farms and in the end, all the animals end up at the same place. Gary is a great guy who is working wonders spreading the message to those who need to hear it. also, it is not only eating animal flesh that causes so much pain and suffering & i hope you take time to read the links above about eggs and dairy too.

      • Markgl…I’m sickened by the dairy and poultry industries. The hens live in such horrific conditions, squeezed into tiny cages, de-beaked, not able to spread their wings or move around, living in darkness, never seeing the sun or feel the touch of human kindness, their life is a horror show. The same with the dairy industry, I could barely watch those little calves being punched to death, or those cretins jabbing the udders of cows who are unable to move or get away from them. I’ve read stories of animals freezing onto the sides of the death trucks in winter, then when delivered to the slaughterhouses, monsters rip them off the sides of the truck, leaving their skin behind. Pigs thrown into vats of hot water while still alive and jumping out of the vats on the killing floor being chased by their slave owners to put them back into the boiling water. I don’t understand how people who know this is going on can turn their backs and continue to eat meat. I have to admit I eat eggs but I have my own pet chickens and do not buy eggs from any source. My hens roam my entire property, they sit in the sun, they commune with each other, they have a pecking order, they love cantaloupe and watermelon, they are just as much my pets as my dog or cat. I love them and am grateful to them for giving me eggs. When they no longer are able to lay eggs they enjoy the same good life. Two of my hens lived to the ripe old ages of thirteen and fourteen, long past their laying days.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  18. I can’t stand reading posts like this anymore, it makes me sick thinking of innocent wolves being killed because they “attack” cattle… what about cattle polluting our oxygen levels because of methane gasses, the worst unknown reason for air pollution! Wolves rarely attack cattle and if they do, they go for the weaker ones that will not survive anyway?! Obama, you’re a great president but your decision to take wolves of the endangered species list after so much hard work was done trying to reintroduce wolves in the wild!

  19. To email Governor Gregoire:

  20. this just stinks the rabcher with he big trap has all the say !

  21. Wolf kills are in progress. Please call WA Governor at (360) 902-4111 and politely ask her to stop the killing now. This is the only way to stop the kills now. Call everyday and e-mail her office. Be relentless. Do this for the wolves and their pups! Thank you.

  22. Stupid lifeless people .

  23. We have to stop this killing now! When will humans learn to live with gods creatures! It’s so sad

  24. no se que decir de estos asesinos matar cachorros ser cobardes

  25. I know for a fact the Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has a ranch in the area where they’re killing all of our cherished wolves. so do his friends. They want all predators especially wolves wiped out so that their kids can play safely and their cattle will be free from harm. But this is the territory and habitat not just for these self serving humans but for our wolves, bears and other species for centuries. I learned that ken Salazar cares not for our petitions or our cries to be heard. It means nothing to him. What to do???? This is beyond criminal and they get away with it. I hope that karma is alive and well and comes back to haunt these monsters in whatever way will teach and stop them for good. To think that its our tax dollars funding them too!!!

  26. To me all of appearbe one huge setup!

  27. For what good it does, I wrote the President. You know that you can go onto the White House website and craft a poll, which if you get enough votes, will encourage the President to look into the matter personally.

  28. Woolf are a part of NATURE ,I think, killing of WOLF without any cause is pure cruelty , ferocity and shameful mischievous act . I abhor to this disgusting activity. which is mean to killing NATURE. ….DON”T KILL NATURE…SAVE NATURE…NATURE is a real need of human’s future on EARTH.

    • They say they are killing this targeted pack because they got sa taste for cattle. Caves in particular and they say they had to kill them all because they would no longer hunt for moose, elk, etc. but it is up to the ranchers to pay to enclose their live stock properly. there are all sorts of electric fences now. Also I rescued wolves for u]years and found out from a fellow rescuer that if you put up a barbed wire on the top of a fence that curves inward towards the area where the wolves are some how they don’t figure out how to get over it. Only if its straight up or bending out can they figure nit out. there’s things that many animal researchers have been offering to do in a team effort to help get a handle on this but these ranchers for the most part don’t want to try hard. they want a quick fix at the great cost of our precious wolves slaughtered like their lives are meaningless as trash. Really not different from the horrific dog and cat, etc live slaughter for their skins. Equally as cruel and barbaric.

  29. I am very disapoonted on My state’s officials about this subject.

  30. Heartbreaking. Wolves like people, are animals who deserve life, breath, and respect.

  31. This sickens me. Where I’m from..cattle are kept behind fences. Not aloud to go where ever. Those wolves were not doing one dang thing wrong. Its just because the cattlemen are IGNORANT! !!!!!!!! Karma is coming! !!!!!!!!!!

  32. Reblogged this on delia1979.

  33. what is wrong with these people,this madness has to stop.

  34. I wrote and sent an emergency postal letter to Earthjustice,
    on this travesty and strongly recommended the governor, WDFW,
    and the rancher be held legally (and criminally) accountable for their
    actions and inactions…
    Here is what I wrote:

    “To: The Heroes Of Earthjustice;

    We have volatile situation and many
    of our like-minded wolf supporters need your help
    in seeking justice against the Washington Department
    Of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) for the assassination of the Wedge Pack,
    just to appease one lazy, greedy, self-centered, stuck-up,
    redneck cattle rancher who won’t use non-lethal and humane
    methods to protect his stock from predators,
    and among other things,
    this rancher is allowing his cattle to graze on public
    national forest land, and we want this rancher held
    legally accountable for violations of the Endangered Species Act,
    by hiring aerial gunmen from the WDFW to render the Wedge Pack extinct.
    This rancher, IMHO, has no business of allowing his cattle to
    graze on public and national forest lands in the first place
    and he should also pay the price
    for his own arrogance and flagrant disregard for wildlife’s right to exist.
    I have written to the governor three times and it appears that
    she has chosen to sweep the issue under the rug and ignore
    the vast majority who wanted all of our wolves left alone.
    And so, I think the governor should also be held accountable
    for her failure or refusal to stop the massacre of the Wedge Pack.
    All six of our wolf brothers of the Wedge Pack are now martyrs,
    and it’s imperative to see that their deaths are not in vain.
    Therefore, I strongly recommend taking legal action against
    Washington’s governor, WDFW, and the rancher for their
    actions and inactions that led to the extinction of the Wedge Pack.
    Currently, plans for an economic and tourist boycott of Washington
    are underway as a result of the needless death of
    an entire wolf pack, a direct and flagrant violation
    of the Endangered Species Act when ALL wolves in WA
    are supposed to be protected under the law…
    And the state knowingly and willingly, broke the law…
    This is where we, as the vast majority of
    wolf and wildlife like-minds alike,
    desperately need your help
    in holding these bloodthirsty parties legally
    (and criminally) responsible for the needless
    death of the Wedge Pack in NE Washington,
    and taking necessary measures that no other
    wolf packs in the state, fall victim to such a heinous crime
    that’s been committed by a rogue government agency
    and a selfish and greedy cattle rancher.
    I know that you’re doing the best you can
    in these difficult situations and on behalf
    of myself and like-minds worldwide,
    we have your back….
    Continue fighting the noble fight!!!
    Many Howls & Blessings,
    Billy “Wolf-Wizard” Angus”

    Here is the postal address to Earthjustice for our howlers to write
    and call for legal action against the governor of WA,
    WDFW, and that stupid, self-centered, stuck-up,
    inbred cattle rancher:

    50 California Street, Suite 500
    San Francisco, CA 94111-4150

    Earthjustice, along with WildEarth Guardians, and other like-minded allies, are currently suing Wyoming to stop the hunts there.

    I also want to urge our beloved howlers who reside in WA
    to call for the governor’s resignation and the prosecution
    of the WDFW and the cattle rancher for knowingly
    and willingly violating the the law in the Endangered Species Act by
    assassinating the Wedge Pack, when ALL wolves are
    supposed to be under the protections of the ESA in Washington.

  35. And here is my first e-mail I sent to the governor,
    calling for the end to the hunts and the prosecution
    of the gunman who murdered our first 2 brothers:

    It is with deep regret that the state of Washington is hereby BOYCOTTED
    until this illegal bloodbath from the state’s WDFW is stopped immediately,
    and its officials and sharpshooters are brought to justice and prosecuted
    to the fullest extent of the law on charges of flagrantly violating the
    Endangered Species Act by aerial slaying two of our noble wolves,
    (in which by law, are supposed to be protected under the ESA)
    and a plan or conspiracy to massacre the remaining pack,
    based on lies and hate-mongering from one stupid cattle rancher.
    Because of this, the beef industry shall also be boycotted as well.
    (personally, I’m a vegetarian, and thus I stopped eating meat in 1984)
    This brutal act, just to appease one irresponsible redneck cattle rancher
    who has no regard for God’s creations whatsoever,
    is an act of treason against the will
    of the vast majority who want our wolves and other wildlife left alone,
    and because of this outrage, I (along with a multitude of wildlife like-minds worldwide)
    will not do business with, nor travel to/vacation, nor purchase products that come from
    the state of Washington, and the boycott shall extend into Idaho,
    Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Alaska.
    Wolves have been on this Earth long before man even existed,
    and the Creator put them here for a reason.
    It is the RANCHER who encroached upon the wolves’ territory,
    not the other way around…
    And therefore, IMHO, it would be in the best interest for
    the state and our wild animal kingdom,
    if this self-centered, anti-wildlife cattle baron sell his ranch,
    take his cattle and narrow-minded redneck attitude, leave the state of Washington,
    and relocate elsewhere to raise his stock, and never again,
    be allowed to graze his cattle on public lands and national forests at taxpayers’ expense!
    We, The People, expect our tax dollars to be invested into preserving ALL public lands for
    wildlife (includinge wolves) and tourists who revere them
    with awe and wonder, as the Lord’s creations.
    Not to be squadered to pander to a greedy wild-west wacko
    with a ruthless mentality of Old West.
    This is 2012 A.D., not 1892.
    The 19th Century is in the past and it should be left in the past!
    Please take this issue and my message with great seriousness.
    The only way to end our boycott of products and tourism in WA,
    is to end this senseless bloodshed and stop killing our wolves immediately
    and abide by the laws in the Endangered Species Act,
    reform or dissolve WDFW, outlaw cattle grazing on public lands,
    and ban trophy hunting and trapping forever!!!
    Let’s make the 21st Century look more like the 21st Century
    and revere ALL creation as very sacred,
    as the Great Spirit intended to be in the first place..
    Not regress back to the barbaric 19th!
    Thank You…
    Billy “Wolf-Wizard” Angus”

  36. And this is my send letter to the governor after I read
    that she stepped out from her office…
    As you can see, I was disgusted, and right now,
    I’m beyond “disgusted”….
    I’m outraged!!!
    Here’s what I wrote:

    I hope you realize that if you continue to skirt the issue
    and continue to allow the reckless slayings of God’s precious
    creations (which is our wolves), you would be just as guilty for the same
    crimes against Nature as the gunmen who now murdered 6 of our brothers.
    Not only your state’s economy and reputation will suffer
    stemmed from the boycott, your political career and reputation
    will also suffer, because you have wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars
    on this pork-barrel boondoggle and not only will you have to answer unto the Creator,
    the state’s sharpshooters will also have to stand in the shadows of Great Spirit’s justice
    and face the ultimate consequences when He renders His final Judgment!
    Please remember that every wolf that was brutally taken from
    this world, we revere as martyrs for the noble cause to put
    a stop to the hunting and trapping of these sacred creatures.
    And I’m also clearly, and boldly, reminding you that I
    will not do business, vacation, nor buy products from any state
    that condones these outdated acts of animal cruelty.
    If these such cruel acts spread across this nation, then I would have to
    boycott my own country…The United States Of America,
    and purchase products that come from friendly places
    such as parts of Europe, or perhaps the Caribbean
    and/or Pacific islands, or maybe Central and/or South America,
    OR simply go on a hunger strike and die of starvation,
    because of the arrogance, greed, and stupidity of the states’ governments
    and their incompentent agencies with their uncaring attitudes towards
    all that is revered sacred and you know that not only the whole
    world is watching, but the Creator is also watching,
    and to this day, He is very angry for what these hunters are
    doing to our wolves and other wildlife in which He made for
    all generations to revere with awe and wonder.

    I hope that you’ll find it in your heart and soul,
    the wisdom and common sense to end this barbaric bloodbath against Nature,
    evict that ruthless, greedy, self-centered rancher from the public land
    and he can either take his livestock with him, or sell it off, and move elsewhere.
    And the E-Coli plague that’s spoiled the meat, is clearly a result
    of Great Spirit’s wrath and anger, because of the senseless killings
    of His natural wonders to appease a mere handful of greedy
    corporate “welfare” ranchers and redneck idol-worshipers…
    It only goes to show that no one can defy the will of our Creator..
    And no mortal man is superior nor above the Almighty!
    For HE is still in charge of all things and only HE
    decides what stays and what goes…NOT MAN.

    PLEASE, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
    stop killing our wolves and leave them alone in peace.”

  37. And last but not least, after learning that the entire pack
    is now extinct, my anger boiled over as I sent the governor
    a stinging message last night:

    “Governor, I’m writing to you again, this time to express
    my outrage for your failure to stop WDFW’s brutal attack upon our wolves!!!
    Because of this, WDFW shall forever be haunted with guilt and regret
    and cursed with bad karma!!
    Let this be known that the pain they’ve inflicted upon God’s creations,
    is the pain that they shall suffer, two, to a thousand-fold!
    This, what I say unto you, is not a threat..
    It is a prophecy and a curse!
    And that lazy, greedy rancher shall also pay dearly with his soul,
    when the Creator renders His final Judgment!!
    Because of this outrage,
    the boycott of Washington’s
    products, services, and tourism shall take effect immediately!!
    If your state’s economy suffers,
    it’ll be because of the barbaric actions of the ruthless
    WDFW and one stupid lazy redneck country-bumpkin
    who won’t take the extra time to properly protect his stock!!
    Am I angry, YES!!!
    Because of this, YOU and the WDFW, and that dumb cattle rancher,
    shall forever be put to shame!!”

  38. :( so sad people are killing wolves

  39. I came up with an expression about 6 years ago at least that I call these [usually wealthy] ranchers that can lease federal money for a fraction of what they should be paying to graze on land they don’t belong and that is welfare ranching/grazing [un]rights. This concerning originally the buffalo with bfc with some of these same despicable states. It’s all bs and there is a petition out there to get rid of Salazar and get someone pro wildlife in his position and I want to see another petition specifically targeting welfare ranchers and telling the feds we don’t want them on our land. It reduces the leasr money of what they are willing to pay private land owners as well as is harmful to wildlife. One of these states is trying to open up hunting and trapping in state parks [I think Wis] could go on and on, you got a fb page????????

  40. the hunters on that page have apparently done extensive tracking and made sure they murdered all the wedge pack

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