Stand Up For The Wolves, Who Will Speak For Them If We Don’t?




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  1. Was crying most of yesterday, checking the time in Wyoming and how close to dawn it was. Had lots of trouble getting it out of my mind but had to pull myself together because of my illness. I am emailing left, right and centre and getting all this known on my Facebook also. Maybe I’ve been over-sensitive but wolves have been part of my life since my teens. I love going to the zoo in Dublin to see them because otherwise I would never get to see any. What is happening right now is senseless, selfish, cruel and arrogant. How dare human beings stand over Mother Nature like this? How dare politicians choose 1 farmer and have an entire wolf pack killed because of the mighty dollar? Where is god in all this? (as you may sense, I’m rather philosophical). It just keeps on hurting…

    • Dear fellow Wolf lover .. I’m hurting SO much too .. I, too, wonder why God is allowing this senseless act of cruelty .. Is there really a
      reason for all this ? NO ! Absolutely not .. I feel sick to my Heart ..

      • You can ask why,seems that all animals are toys,ment for a sick and
        discusting sport. No animals deserve this kind of cruelty,they are a part of life,and deserve the same respect as us.

    • I want people to think long and hard about this. The white man slaughtered the Indians and buffalo. Before this, wolves had buffalo to eat. White man replaced the buffalo with cattle. So it makes prefect sense to for them to eat cattle. Now we are slaughtering them for something they would naturally eat. We, the white man have regressed.

      • Lets not make this into a racial thing…

  2. I do not know if my comments get posted. i don’t know if anyone reads them. but i read your post,Billie, and I have spoken these same words myself.I keep speaking out, to the powers in high places ,wondering when someone will take the time and trouble to listen ,to act. There is Reason behind all the words. Greed still astounds me. and yes.i do wonder where ,also, where was/is god in all this..i guess just letting man face his own mortality ,in one way or another.. man hastening the process of his own demise,one way or another,,I hate to sound pessimistic.But i think this is true.Nature is such fascinating process,much bigger than we.

    • So true… if you consider that our planet is billions of years old, and that it took millions of years to form what we have today, then we are just a mere speck of dust in the sky. But we have to try to keep nature balanced, but not in the way wolf haters think we should.

    • Email senators and the press in the same mail; I’ve done so today and I’ve heard that my letter will be published in the paper… some people do notice when you write them. I feel so good right now knowing that my words will be published and knowing that my first action on helping wolves has been picked up on. Needless to say however that I cannot ban wolves from my mind even if I wanted to :(

  3. I don’t know where are heart felt painful letters go, but wherever, if to the governor, president, whoever…they don’t care. They don’t hear us. I have emailed Willie Nelson. I have a list of others. They have voices that people will hear and listen to. I don’t know if he’ll ever get my email, or my link to his friend (who has passed) Waylon Jennings who sings, “Will The Wolf Survive”, but I am willing to try to most outlandish methods to save the wolf. I am going to see if I can find Twitter, or emails for the rest of the Animal Activists, like Willie Nelson. Meanwhile, I will be praying and standing on God’s word in the name of Jesus!

    • I emailed press and the senator of Wyoming this morning, from my experience the media tends to follow what politicians say and the other way around also

  4. Well if the state of Wisconsin pushes on with the hunt I will be protesting at the capital. If there are wisconsin citizens who are for wolves and their protection be in the captial on 10/15/2012. I will be the man with the blankets.

    • I live in Wisconsin and have been just devistated by the overwhelming sadness I feel about this indiscriminate massacre on wolves everywhere. The countless numbers of the fallen ones as well as the ones that are trying to survive have been in my thoughts and prayers for several months now. Especially lately because of the wolf hunt beginning here yesterday. Is there going to be a protest in Madison on October 15 and what time? I will be there!

      • There will be a silent demonstration, I will be there for a few hours from 11am to 2pm. My display will be quite large, so I shoudn’t be hard to find.

  5. It looks like Wyoming is playing this pretty close to the vest, especially now in light of what happened out in WA. And to think this plan was approved by our Dept. of the Interior. Believe me, I plan to be a thorn in the side of these wolf haters until the day I die.

    • My thoughts exactly Ida.

      The terrible part about Wyoming is the killers don’t have to report a wolf they killed for 10 days, there is no real oversight. So they could be out there gunning them down, poisoning or torturing them and we have no way of knowing until they start bragging and putting up pictures on hunting forums or FB. We must Boycott Wyoming and Yellowstone.

      And where are the voices from Jackson Hole that’s supposed to be so liberal? Where’s the outrage over this slaughter?

      It’s so sick I can’t sleep at night.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones.

      • Don’t worry, I feel the same way – sick at heart, stomach and staying up sleepless. I don’t think we’ll see a whole lot of braggers on YouTube this time, tho. I’m worried about the ten day reporting period also, and the bare minimum number of wolves – they supposedly only have around 200 or so, and yet they have to have a no-holds barred hunt. It’s all designed to wipe them out, so they can say oops, we made a mistake, sorry, didn’t know, a learning opportunity for next time. Only there won’t be a next time. I cannot believe our government is a party to it. The lawsuit can’t hammer down on WY fast enough.

      • By the way, a gorgeous video to accompany today’s post (for the most part!)

  6. It’s disgusting to watch this video, Must stop doing that! Too cruelty and heartless hunters, trappers and ranchers! Nightmares can be imagine to see horriblity! Keep fights for the wolves until die!

  7. I will sign and sign and sign every petition to save the wolves, Today I signed 70. Tonight another 25 and so on until have I signed every single one of them.

  8. I’ll NEVER be able to understand how anyone can bring themself to kill these wonderful creatures! (or any animal for that matter) and I’ll never stop trying to help saving them!

  9. is a disgrace and makes me ashamed to be human!

  10. So I posted on my Facebook the above link and to please stand up and save wolves…and I get this back:

    Sorry Deb, I am so against saving the Grey Wolves. They are dangerous and not a good thing to have around our cattle and sheep. I would shoot one if I saw one. Not beautiful creatures, more like killing machines. They would not think twice of jumping up and ripping your throat out.

    Also should consider what is happening to the cattle and sheep that are being slaughtered by the wolves this is our livelihood how we survive as ranchers and supply food to people in the U S so they can go in the store and buy meat

    We have freinds in Wyoming and Montana, they are not losing calves and down cows calving to illness. I have the facts, I have been there too. it is hecka scary,I have never had the hair on the back of my neck stick out before. They scared me, I was not far from my gun. I have heard stories of them chasing hunters and attcking there pack mules. They are nothing to protect.

    • This sounds familiar -last summer I was actually threatened on fbook over wolves. That ‘ranchers feed the world meat’ is a bit melodramatic.It’s ugly food,I hope people turn to other, cleaner forms of protein. Global warming will eventually make ranching a lost cause. Too bad Mr AntiWolf hasn’t read “Collapse” by Jared Diamond, especially the chapter on (Montana) ranching. I saw TX ranchers selling their herds at a loss, as they couldn’t feed them. Check that book out if you have time.

  11. In america, money talks and to get change to happen you need a lot to throw at lawyers so they can make things happen. is suing wyoming on behalf of several groups to get wolves protected. So if you have some spare change, it would be a good idea to fund this legal action.

  12. Please contact any investigative journalist teams you may know to do an in-depth photo documentary/article on the WY situation, especially.
    Forget TV/ MSM media it is all spin – some foxy chic would get her shoes dirty covering the story.

    International media may even be best, as it would accentuate the fact that almost 90 countries have banned trapping and snaring as cruel. These are the very practices the US FW allows and the state ‘animal’ agencies TRAIN people to do and make thousands of dollars selling the tags.

    America, the Sociopathic! As Gandhi said, “Western Civilization? Yes, that would be a very good idea!”

    • I’ve mailed several papers yesterday and my letter was picked up and will be published. So please everyone keep mailing senators and journalists in the same mail… eventually the press will have to look into this more and more… heartbreaking what is happening right now, but we got to get word out there…

      • thanks Billie. i also emailed some EU investigative papers. it’s important to keep doing something with the hurt. solidarity !

  13. It’s been a heartbreaking few weeks w/ everything about these wolves in different states. I have cried so much for the animals as well as other animals (dogs, cats). God Bless them all…

  14. i would say this could be a victory

  15. Because of this outrage created by Gov. Mead and his henchmen,
    I sent a stinging e-mail to Mead and some other infidel official,
    cursing their bloodthirsty actions and their state of Wyoming.
    They shall pay dearly with their souls for their own arrogance!
    Right now, I’m about to scream and snarl in rage!!
    Here’s what I wrote to these bureaucratic blasphemers:

    “I hope you realize what you have done and what you’re doing,
    is not only an act of civil war, it is also an act of high
    treason, and what you have done, was stir up a hornet’s nest
    by angering the vast majority of people on this planet who want
    our wolves left alone, and I promise you this:

    Because of the bloodthirsty actions you have taken,
    From this day forward, the State Of Wyoming

    If your state’s economy suffers,
    then you’ll only have yourselves to blame!!
    And when the super-volcano at Yellowstone blows,
    it’ll be the result of your own arrogance and YOU will pay
    the ultimate price with your souls when the
    Great Spirit renders His final Judgment!!!

    Because of man’s arrogance and cruelty towards Nature,
    the world will end on December 21, 2012.

    And when Yellowstone explodes into a fiery rage,
    there may not be a state of Wyoming, Idaho, nor Montana,
    nor even a United States, for that matter!
    There may not be an Earth for anything or anyone
    to stand on because of man’s own arrogance,
    selfishness, greed, and total stupidity!!!

    Because of your evil decision to order the massare of our wolves,
    you have just destroyed the planet Earth,
    along with more than 7 billion people and scores of wildlife!!

    Let this be known that you shall forever
    be put to shame for this outrage!!!”

    • December 21st, 2012 is the end of a calendar period, and not the end of the world. A lot of people have taken the “doomsday” theory much too seriously and have misinterpreted the ending of a calendar period with media-mad doomsday prophecies. December 22nd will happen, and the days after that also. Yellowstone’s super volcano and other natural disasters will erupt at some stage, but it won’t be on that date.

  16. I would like to share my two favorite Gandhi quotes that couldn’t be more appropriate today than when they were written. “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.” and “The greatness of nation and its moral progress, can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” I’m sure that if he were alive today he would be devistated at this cruelty to our wolves and wildlife along with all other animals that have suffered and died because of the cruel and evil actions of some humans.

  17. This was tagged in my email as an action. I don’t see anything here that suggests an action, a petition or an address to mail to. Did I misunderstand?

  18. let me put it as delicately as i possibly can…it would be a very bad idea for any of these testicular challenged so called hunters to attempt to cross the street when i am in their neighborhood and behind the wheel… talk about culling the heard, no one needs the morons…

  19. er mennesker så menningsløse, at de dræber alt det de ikke kan lide af dyr ???????? :-(((— myter-film om dyr, der gør deres tanker til forsat at dræbe det vidunderlige vi har her på jorden, menneske tror at de ejer jorden for dem selv– ( IKKE ALLE )- så deres holdning er kurupt–ulven skal leve, og ikke mere blodrus på denne jord :-((((– basta. lad dyre-venner tage magten– så der ikke mere lugter af krudt. STEM aldrig på dyre.hadder— de ødelægger jordens dyre-liv.– MENNESKET er det største penge-rov-dyr der findes ( IKKE ALLE )-

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