142 Wolves Slaughtered in Combined Hunts!

Nine more wolves were reported slain since YESTERDAY, October 23.  

Wake up America!! 

Innocent wolves are dying torturous deaths. Pups, mothers, fathers, wolf families destroyed! 

This image was sent to a wolf advocate on Christmas Eve 2009 with the message: MERRY CRISTMAS!!

Get Active! Organize! This will continue until we join together to stop it!

 Howl Across America!!!

IDAHO – 65





142 Wolves Wiped Out in 55 Days


Video: YouTube: En compagnie des loups – Pour tous les Loups.wmv

Photo: Sent to Wolf Advocate 2009

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Tags:  wolf slaughter, wolf hunts, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Wisconsin, GET ACTIVE!!

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  1. danich: nu 142 ulve døde– afmontering disse ulve-hader–:-(((– de er ikke egnet til denne jord, vi skal være fri for dyre-krig—- hvad skal vi vise til næste generation ??????—- kun OS ????? :-((((

    danich: Now 142 wolves dead-removing these wolves-hate-:-( ((- they are not suitable for this earth, we must be free of animal war – what we must demonstrate to the next generation?????? – only OS????? (((

    Sorry if the translation isn’t exact vibeke but yes it’s a terrible tragedy and we have to put a stop to it. How many more years of this before they’re all gone? America’s shame? Grizzlies are next!!

    For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. will it ever stop this killing??? I can only cry and cry and feel so very very sorry for them.

  3. I didn’t know that it was legal to hunt wolf in america????

    • It isn’t! Our corrupt president Obama delisted the wolf illegally by signing a rider that was slipped on to the back of other amendments. He made a lot of money from the ranchers by giving them a license to slaughter America’s wild dog, the wolf. This isn’t the first time our illustrious president has broken the law. Hopefully we can get rid of him and his corrupt cronies come election. I think that Romney and Ryan will at least listen. I know Ryan is an avid hunter of deer and turkey, but they are nothing like Obama and his corrupt machine.

  4. Wolves will make a comeback. You wait and see. They will outlast the hunter. They will grow stronger and be wiser than ever before.

    • they will be back and stronger then ever and may the American Indians haunt them still they die,or be slaughter like them.you never can trust your sprirts.

  5. Why did we work so hard to bring them back to North America just to kill them off all over again? I don’t understand this!

    • Phyllis, I’m sure there are multiple reasons, one of them being to perpetuate the wildlife “management” agencies and provide paychecks to their employees via hunting license fees. Bring any species up to a healthy number and the opposition will clamor for any and all opportunities to kill them. It’s a vicious cycle.

    • Phyllis, That’s exactly my question!? Wolves were endangered, brought back from the brink, and now they’re being slaughtered all over again? Where’s the logic? And don’t we all know by now that for a strong ecosystem, we NEED wolves? Is this simply the work of a strong cattlemen’s lobbyist group? And if that is the case, that simply means that stupid people are taking the easy way out. There are much better, more sound, more creative ways to keep the wolves away from livestock.

  6. cruel bastards, cant leave anything alone……………

  7. Recently saw a television ad for Idaho potato farmers co-op. Let’s all contact them & tell them why we are not buying their potatoes. http://www.idaho-potatoes.com

    • Done! Thanks, Jeanette! Good idea.

  8. I don’t understand either, perhaps some sick cruel joke for the honest people who brought the wolves back just to give joy to the idiot hunters who should be tortured with the same kind of death. I hope I run across one of these guys so I can do to them what they did to these beautiful animals.

  9. From Canada: People of United States – do you have a say in your environmental issues and wildlife conversation – or does your government just tell you all what you are going to do and you all do it? Deplorable! Please wake up. Thank you.

    • Beth, we have some voice on some issues. There are opportunities to voice our opinions online, etc. But I think there is a growing mistrust of government agecies to be transparent. I just hope people do not give up. We do have commendable environmental and wildlife advocacy groups and individuals who work tirelessly to improve things. Not an easy job though it’s better than the alternative: Apathy.

      • What I tell the government on the idea of accomplishing problems by killing nature, “we won’t VOTE for them”. The you will see.

  10. This is so wrong, and sickening.

  11. I am a wolf advocate I have been fighting for them for years believe me trying to talk to some of those idiot rednecks is like talking to the dirt on the ground yes the government does need to either do something or we need to run all of them out of office we don’t need useless people in office either they do something or we will!!!!!!!

    • I don’t know what else to do either – the Minnesota slaughter starts today and I can hardly stand it! Do you know that all the “permits” to murder our wolves sold out in 4 minutes? Are you kidding me?? What is wrong with these people??? Nature has a way of taking care of nature – we need to butt out. Mans’ inhumanity to man comes second only to mans’ inhumanity to animals. I am heartbroken and I don’t know what else to do?

  12. for GOD sake!!!!!! this is so horroble!!!! but what else can we do???????? i had signed petitions i had donated, i had shared in face book!!!!!!!I”am devastated!!!!! all i can do is pray!!!!

    • Marlene, please keep doing what you’ve been doing! I believe our numbers are growing. Collectively we can make a difference. The results may not be immediate, but sooner or later – as we grow – they will be compelled to pay attention.

  13. Canada, yes American’s just do what the government says. Most anyways.

  14. Yes, don’t stop and don’t give up. It takes numbers to change the GREED cycle. Join more groups, and start a group in your area of wolf lovers. It takes educating the ones that are willing to change their mis-conceptions of the past and realize the importance of wolves in nature.

  15. I hope you dont mind but will share this video and site on my blog to help spread the word.

  16. send to obama n keep sendin to him dont stop to he do some thing about it

  17. how about instead of killing wonderful creatures to the point of extiction we do what the bloody human race was put here to do and protect them. they dont kill for fun they kill to survive and defend themselves unlike us humans who kill for the sheer fun of it. as far as im concerned the people who are out there hunting these beautiful animals should have their weapons taken from them and locked up for the rest of their lives

  18. Don’t give up and keep the working and they know we are fightings against wolf hunts..

  19. All the lies and excuses given for killing our wolves!
    That livestock will be safe.
    (KPAX TV just announced that ranchers realize now that it was Mountain Lions killing the cattle, not wolves. They taped the killings and found out that a group of lions were responsible.)
    That there will be more elk for hunting.
    (Recent reports from hunters in the Bitterroot Valley indicate that there appear to be less elk to hunt than last year.)
    Then why are hunters killing our few remaining wolves?
    (They want wolves as trophies, or they want to sell the pelts to Canada.) It’s the thrill of killing wolves and GREED!!
    Our wildlife should be treated with humanity and respected, not persecuted.
    Mankind has sunk to the lowest ethically and morally and human beings no longer have empathy for other creatures on our planet.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves

    • Toni, do you happen to have a link to the KPAX TV info re the mt lions killing…and not the wolves? Don’t want to put the mt lions in harm’s way either, but it buffers the argument that it’s always wolves doing the depredation. And it makes them look like idiots because they were SOoooo insistent it was wolves.

  20. It makes me so angry and so sad. America has some of the most beautiful wild places and creatures on the planet, and the actions of a few sadistic, selfish thugs and morally bankrupt politicians are destroying them when they should be cherished.

    • I totally agree. Destroying wild creatures and wild places like some uneducated 3rd world country that knows no better.

  21. Please all of the Wolve lovers, tell your polititions, they keep this up, you won’t vote for them. We are teaching ourselves to solve problems with nature by just killing. And as well teaching our kids to solve anything by killing. This must end, stop the barbaric act. Protect our Wolves, call you congressman and tell them, “no vote for you.”

  22. What happened to “Home of the FREE and the BRAVE?!? Wolves are the iconic persona of those virtues. Let’s NOT sit idle and watch them be destroyed again!! Let our voices be heard as we HOWL together to protect them!!!

  23. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.

  24. I’ve posted a link to this on my own blog.

  25. 30 wolves have been murdered so far in wisconsin, I can’t stop crying over the loss of our beloved wolves …Roxie, aka Sierra

  26. Just found your blog. Please keep up the great work your blog is educational. Thank you!

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  28. How can anyone be so cruel as to kill an innocent wolf, and then – to add insult to injury – send a picture of the dead beast to a wolf advocate – on Christmas Eve, and with the message “Merry Christmas” along with the gory photo?!

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