No Words For This…


UPDATE: The video is back up, shared under the Fair Use Doctrine. Thank you WE VOW!

UPDATE: November 19, 2012

Well that didn’t take long, the user took down not just this video but  other wolf trapping videos. Does that mean trappers want to hide what they do, so we don’t see the cruelty? I think we all know the answer to that.


This is what state management of wolves has brought to this iconic species.

This is not exclusive to Wisconsin, wolves are being trapped in Minnesota, Wyoming and Idaho. Montana wolf trapping follows on December 15.

A beautiful wolf was trapped and killed for nothing. Trapping is banned in 89 countries yet we’ve allowed fish and game agencies to hijack our wildlife and legalize this torture for the benefit of a few.

If the video upsets you, if it bothers you to see an animal imprisoned in a leg hold trap, pacing in fear, unable to defend itself, then shot while laughter rings out as the wolf is dying…please don’t just lament the wolf’s death, get active to see that wolves regain their Endangered Species Protections!!

Share this post with everyone you know. Spread the word. Don’t let this wolf die in vain.

Contact the Wisconsin DNR  1-800-847-9367



Born Free USA Releases Details of Trapping Investigation

Unprecedented Video and Photographs Show Brutality and Illegal Practices by U.S. Trappers, Including Images of Trapped Animals in New Mexico


Ban Cruel Traps

Footloose Montana

Protect America’s Wolves!

By Robert Goldman

To be delivered to: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama

Petition Statement
President Obama and his Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, a Colorado rancher, have adopted unjust and heartless “tea party” policies towards America’s wolves. And the U.S. Congress is equally guilty in this ecological and ethical injustice. Wolves are highly intelligent, native, and vital natural predators that belong on the land. Too many brutish ranchers and misguided hunters have unfairly demonized and maligned wolves for centuries. An American majority wants an end to demonization and massacre of America’s wolves and other native wildlife.

Click HERE to sign petition



By Louise Kane

To be delivered to: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama

Petition Statement
We, the people of the United States of America, supported the Endangered Species Act (ESA) which protected animals through a legitimate scientific process. That process was upheld and protected via the courts. The rider that stripped wolves from the ESA is unpatriotic, was not supported by most Americans, caves in to special lobbying anti wolf extremists, and is unscientific. It is outrageous that the rider that stripped wolves of their ESA protections went against public support, the courts, and the intent of Congress in implementing the ESA. It is extremely disturbing that the rider also prevents any review by the courts of the so-called “wolf management plans” that are calling for killing up to 60% of our wolves in the first year. It is disgusting that these animals will be trapped, poisoned and shot on sight, even in our national wild lands. I call on our Congress to rescind the ESA rider and to restore wolves to their rightful place on the Endangered Species List.
Click HERE to sign


Video: YouTube Published on Nov 15, 2012

Posted in: Wolf Wars, Animal Cruelty

Tags: Wisconsin wolf killed, wolf trapping, evil leg-hold traps, trophy hunting, killing for fun

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  1. No more being nice in my letters and emails. This is .. well … NO WORDS!!! As far as I am concerned, this is just one step away from being a psychopath! This video makes the so called hunter look so idiotic, while a beautiful wolf, minding his own business is slaughtered for nothing! I’d like to put that hunters leg in the trap and pelt him with paint balls. This has gone too far and when you can no longer talk to these idiots in an adult manner, the time has come to really tell them how I feel! Sad …

  2. SAD

  3. This video has been removed by the user.

    • Scott,

      Well that didn’t take long.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. Thanks to our clueless leaders in Washington for allowing this, and supporting the right to do it.

  5. If the extinction of wolves isn’t one of President Obama’s legacies, it certainly will happen under the next regime which will probably be Republican in 2016. Thank God I voted Green this time. :)

  6. Those men look and acted like a bunch of idiots,Will god said he would never destroy earth,he new man would be the one to destroy it, coming true isn’t it. I hope when their time comes they will get what is coming to them for all their sadistic cruelty. Put The Wolves back on the Endanger List. We the People Demand This

  7. Chickensh*t. Did anyone get the ‘particulars’? ;P

  8. I am outraged by this recent video.Why have we as humans made it a crusade to kill off almost every last wolf. I just don’t get it… We as humans don’t appear to be on a mission to kill off all the other predators. It seems like we are driven to hate and kill wolves. WHY? Why have we singled out this specific creature to kill by any means possible. I can just see the wolf hunters giddy with delight after shooting a wolf. Would they be that giddy after a bear, deer or elk kill? or are they just saving up all of their hostility and aiming it right at the wolves. I can’t remeber hearing about people so highly motivated to kill an animal as much as I have read and seen regarding the wolf. What kind of sick people have we become??? Don’t you wolf haters see how many people travel out West to see wolves. How many people line the entrances to Yellowstone to see a wolf. Doesn’t that stand for anything? How many people line the roads to wait to see a deer, mountain lion, or elk, or most any other predator????? No, they wait quietly and patiently for hours for just a fleeting glimpse of a wolf. Shame,shame on all of us that seek gratification by trapping and killing off that trapped animal. I hope that someday one of the hunters/trappers dog, cat or even their relative has the pleasure of stumbling into a leghold trap and feel the deep pain and suffering. Perhaps ,only then will people have empathy for our wolves.

    • Why does a wolf killer pose over a bloody, tortured wolf with his young child in the photo? What twisted mind would do that?

  9. The Vees live in or around Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin. On their Facebook pages are photos of the two tortured wolves & the Vees friends are showering the wolf killers with praise. Guess my relatives in WI won’t be doing any business at the Vees Fruit & Vegetable store or buying any onions from them.

  10. As Gandhi said, a society can be judged by how they treat animals. This man displays a hubris and disdain for other lifeforms. The best way to fight this is with education. But it does fill one with rage. I don’t like seeing these videos. But they do motivate and galvanize.

    • These men are terrible creatures. Just imaging them in our military. Ugh!

      • Remember military that have shot civilians including children and posted photos & laughed about it.

  11. Wow. How terrible. That poor animal was terrified, and they drop like stones. I’ve never seen such a thing in my life. I hope that *#&@$^# meets the same fate one day. Thanks to Jon Tester (D) for this, and our weak leadership for allowing it.

  12. Just pure evil.

  13. Oh my heart. There is no excuse nor reason for such barbarity. That SOB isn’t fit for the mission, get him out of here!

  14. Awful. Just awful. Tears for the wolf. RIP. You’re free now.

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  16. Post this with an angry note on Obama’s facebook wall and email! Also do the same with Ken Salazar and your Senators! Let them get a taste of the same horror we see happening to the wolves everyday because of this government!

  17. Justin F’s idea is right. People don’t understand what trapping really is.

    Here is a link to lawsuit to stop slaughter of wolves in WY.

    Earthjustice is also representing five animal welfare organizations in a lawsuit. go to:

  18. Disgusting, & I haven’t even watched the video. I can’t watch it …… I’ll go on a rampage, I’m angry enough.
    Salazar is on his way out, but the damage that he & his fellow assholes has done is something that cannot be repaired or the lives of the wolves cannot be brought back. Same thing goes for any of the wildlife he has caused havoc ….wild horses for instance.
    I was on my way to work yesterday & all I thought about was that goddamn video that is posted up above, with those idiots laughing at what they did. I think about the wolves everyday & everyday I think about how helpless I am for those poor creatures. Not being able to save them is probably the hardest for me. That is what eats @ me.
    I think if we could (all of us) only gather in D.C. for one HUGE rally to show Obama that we mean business, what more can we do???? Writing letters, e-mailing, phone calls, it doesn’t seem to do anything or am I wrong.???
    Positive thoughts for all of the wolves who have gone & who are still with with us. May a higher power watch over them & keep them safe …

    • The only way this is going to change, is for the sadists laughing over torturing wolves, to be called out and shunned by civilized society. One way to start is by boycotting their businesses. Example: boycotting big game outfitters who hunt wolves but advertise river trips or trail rides. In the case of the Vees – – where do they sell their onions – to your local grocery?

      I don’t see a D.C. rally happening. The effort has to come from wolf advocates taking action from their own computer, write LTEs, boycotting businesses/products. Talking to wildlife managers and continuing to distribute images of sickos like the Vees to media.

    • Sandra. I agree with you. Maybe it’s time WE ALL gather as one and let Obama and all the rest know what is going on in the REAL world! I’m worried because the same man who decided he was God and took them off the endangered list is staying in office yet another 4 years. What’s next? Our pets? Zoo life? Signing a bill saying rescue places and zoos is immoral or illegal? Heaven help us all … And heaven help my poor babies who are caught, tortured and taken from their families … With winter coming, it will be easier to track them .. Run babies .. Run …

    • I share your feelings. How do we start a campaign to get wolf lovers to D.C.? Sitting at the computer is not doing much, I agree.

  19. Yes… No words for THIS…But i lament the wolf’s death…sorry…i do what i can from Paris

  20. Do you know which person this is?

    • to whom are you referring to????

      • the person, i mean savage shooting the wolf and then cheering that it was the best thing he did in his life.

  21. Wolves are such majestic creatures how can they keep doing this, Dogs are decended from Wolves, and I am glad i love my little dog Angel, there must be a way to stop the Killing! Keep your chin up Nabeki and dont let the bastards get to you!

  22. Unspeakably cruel.

  23. i did not dare watch it. i send the famous pianist helene grimaud massege on facebook with a link to your blog, and a rquest to speak up since she is a wolf advocate. here is a link to her facebook:

    • Orna,

      The video is very brutal, I could barely watch it myself but I feel people need to know what’s really going on, not the sanitized version of the slaughter. The killers love to call this wolf management which is a code word for wolf killing. The worst part is they are torturing these animals before they kill them. The wolves are suffering every day, we have to find a way to save them from this horror.

      Thank you for the connection to Helene Grimaud’s FB page, I’ll be sure to write to her.

      For the wolves,

  24. i konw, you are right, ofcourse, i have seen a little from the diary indusrty, separitnig calves from theire mothers. and a monkey in a lab because i know i have to pass it on, but it shuns every thing else and it is hard to talk to people about anything else after you watch these things, without telling them, but often they dont want to hear. but you are right we have to be strong for them

  25. [...] [HERE] for GRAPHIC VIDEO to COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND Wolf Hunting and Trapping.  Nobody in their RIGHT MIND [...]

  26. That poor wolf! I cannot imagine the pain and trauma he/she must of gone through before being murdered by that trapper!

    I know that this is a blog for gray wolves and all, but will you please write an entry about the dire situation that the red wolves are currently in? Seven of these critically endangered wolves have been shot since North Carolina adopted its coyote night-hunting policy ( and, and I feel that we should let our fellow wolf advocates know about this so that they can be saved!

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