ACTION ALERT: December 5th Last Day To Comment On Barbaric BC Wolf “Management Plan”…

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Few places remain on this planet where wolves can live as nature intended.
BC is still one of them….but it’s up to YOU to make sure that is stays this way!

Action Alert!

The BC government released a draft management plan for wolves on November 14th that is heavy on management but lacking conservation, ecology, and ethics. The proposed plan supports the:

· Elimination of wolves where they overlap with ranchers

· Machine gunning of wolves where caribou herds are in severe decline

· Continued sterilization of wolves when a decade of this has not increased caribou numbers

· Ongoing slaughter of wolves through lax hunting and trapping regulations (no bag limits, no specific tag required, year-round killing in some regions)

The draft plan needs to be changed! Your voice is NEEDED. Current wolf management in BC is extremely outdated. What’s missing from the plan? The incredible social nature and family bonds shared among this intelligent species.
Many wolf biologists argue that allowing wolves to express their natural social behavior benefits the wider ecosystem as well as wolves. The BC government wants to kill wolves for sport, to appease ranchers, and to help save endangered species. The number of wolves being killed across the province is at an all-time high since recording began.

Tomorrow (Dec. 5th) is the last day to tell the BC government that their barbaric wolf management plan does not represent the future we want for BC. We demand better! Please take a stand and use your voice if you have not submitted your concerns already.

Top predators are among the most outstanding achievements of wilderness, evolving over hundreds of centuries. The social structure of wolf packs has evolved with this. It is the wolf pack that is the top predator, not the individual wolf. Wolves are more than mere numbers. Their social bonds and kin-based families define what it means to be a wolf. Management plans need to take this into account.

We have noticed that the on-line comment form limits the amount of feedback you can provide and does not request your name or address. Please send comments to :

Honorable Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources

Premier Christy Clark

250-387-1715 / Fax: 250 387-0087

Rob Fleming, MLA (NDP environment critic)

The proposed plan does not consider the unique gene pools of wolf populations across the province, the intrinsic value of this intelligent and social species, nor recognize BC (and Canada) as one of the last places where wolves can still live as nature intended.

Please include the following in your comments:

1. Extend the deadline for public input to January 30.

2. NO helicopter killing or sterilization of wolves.

3. NO leghold traps, snares or baiting.

4. Return to former species license, quotas, bag limits, restricted seasons, and mandatory reporting of kills for hunting wolves.

5. A decision and statement that lethal predator control is NOT an option for the recovery of mountain caribou and a stop to the Quesnel Highland wolf sterilization and removal project.

6. A provincial management plan for wolves that considers the social stability of packs as well as population size to ensure the long-term conservation of the species in its most natural form.

7. A commitment to reduce wolf-livestock-human conflicts through prevention, and provision of educational initiatives and incentives for responsible husbandry practices.

8. Protection of large tracts of habitat for wolves and their prey. Ensure that protected areas are large enough to support multiple wolf families with no hunting/trapping allowed.

Polls across the province show that the majority of residents are against trophy hunting and killing for sport, yet the proposed management plan supports the continuation of killing wolves for pleasure as well as for hate. I urge you to revisit the plan and make the amendments that have been put forward in this letter.

A better BC for all includes recognizing the intrinsic value shared by all creatures in this province; a future where tolerance and coexistence with iconic predators is fostered; natural resources are managed in a sustainable way; and wild spaces large enough to support wide-ranging species are protected from human impacts and connected through wildlife corridors.

Enough killing! We seek justice for wolves, wildlife, and intact ecosystems. Without them, we are much less…
Please cc. on letters sent. Thank you for taking a stand and using your voice!

“Be the change you want to see in the world. ”
-M. Gandhi

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30 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Just e-mailed Mr. Thompson. What a sick world.

  2. Stop killing Wolves,What is wrong with some people,just leave the Wolves Alone,they have as much right if not more to live in peace and be free.How would they like to be Hunted,Trapped, Skinned ,Eaten,The Real Violent Predators are worse than any animal could ever be!!!

  3. DEAR NABEKI ! YOU KNOW HOW MY English is so bad ! Please. send me petition letter, like this we can to help from Europa ! I hope it’s not to late ! GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL WOLVES ON THIS CRUELTY, BAD, STUPID WORLD !!!

    • I will work on it for you Agnes. I’m beside myself with all the wolf killing that’s going on.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. Please Nabeki, help to stop the slaughter of these magnificent creatures. They are so beautiful, and just want a chance to live in their own environment. People are encroaching on them, not the other way around. Stop the slaughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I emailed them:
    Copy of email:

    Your Honor;

    Please let the wolves live in peace. As predators they are the lowest on the predator scale. What kills most of livestock are packs of wild dogs, coyotes, bears, cats, diseases, holes in the ground which causes the animal to break their leg. The wolf is at the bottom of this list. As for the farmers, please make them aware that they cannot spread their grazing land up to the entry of a wolf’s den. If the alpha female has pups in there, yes, she will attack, just as a human parent would attack someone who is threatening their child’s life.
    I have known a wolf. He was from the Minnesota woods. (Long ago.) There is no more docile creature than the wolf. He only kills to feed his family. He takes down the sick and elderly of wild herds, therefore, making the herd stronger. He keeps the herds moving so there is no overgrazing. Grass has a chance to grow, trees have a chance to become big and strong providing homes for many birds to raise their families. The wolf is an extremely necessary link in our world. (God thought so. I’m not arguing with Him.)

    The wolf is so important. Please do not become blind-sided by blood money. There is nothing so precious, so worth saving in our Eco system as the wolf. Ask God. He’ll tell you. That is why He put them here.

    Most sincerely,

    • Sent all the e-mails today plus earlier ones suggested by Robert Goldman.

      Dear Mr. Thompson:

      I urge you to extend the January 30 deadline for public input on wolf management. I also urge you to adopt a plan that is both humane and based on wolf research rather than on the irrational hatred of the species.

      I ask that you consider the following:

      Plans should not include traps, snares, bow hunting, or machine gunning from planes. The plan also should not allow killing that leaves wolf pups to die alone.

      Plans should include allowing wolves to maintain their social structure and territorial needs.
      Management should also recognize the important functions that wolves serve in the ecosystem.

      Plans should take account of the fact that the majority of wildlife and other animal fatalities result not from wolf activity but from weather, disease, and over-hunting.

      Plans should recognize that ranchers are often negligent in the care of their animals. Many of those animals are left untended on the open range without supervision, shelter, or medical care for illness, accidents, and birthing problems. Studies have suggested that cattle deaths from predation are often caused by animals other than wolves, although the latter are frequently blamed. There are methods that can be employed to prevent and reduce interaction between wolves and cattle/sheep, but some ranchers choose not to use them.

      Finally, plans for management should not be driven by “sporting” organizations who simply want another species to hunt.

      Thank you for your attention. I am hoping your wolves will not be the victims of the fear, hatred, and misinformation we have seen in the United States.

  6. Good! Just received an “AUTOMATED” email from:

    Minister, FLNR FLNR:EX
    Date: 12/5/2012 7:56:28 AM
    To: Anne
    Subject: Thank you for writing

    Thank you for taking the time to write to me. Due to the volume of incoming messages, this is an automated response to let you know my office has received your email.

    For further information on recent initiatives undertaken by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, please visit our website at


    Steve Thomson
    Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

    (I hope they get buried by protests in favor of saving the wolf!)

    • I also received an answer, this one from Mr. Fleming (from the list above):

      Thank you for the email expressing your concerns against the proposed Wolf Management ; as the Official Opposition critic for the environment, I am pleased to respond. Due to the volume of mail received, I am sending this as a form response; I hope it addresses all the issues you have raised.

      As you know, a wolf-kill contest sponsored by local business and the rod and gun club in Fort St. John has sparked outrage from concerned citizens and wildlife advocates

      While the contest may be legal, it is not a sound science-based wildlife management tool. Scientists have pointed out this kind of contest may make matters even worse

      The BC Liberal government have failed to keep a proper wildlife inventory – after a decade of cuts to conservation they have inadequate information on population numbers of ungulates and predators and have left inadequate support for ranchers and hunters.

      The BC Liberals draft wildlife management plan for wolf populations, released in November, has received criticism from several organizations, including the fact that it has a 50 per cent margin of error. This highlights their failure to perform proper inventory, making it difficult for the plan to be comprehensive and widely supported with that kind of uncertainty.A wildlife management plan for wolves needs to consider other factors as well — tourism, agriculture, guide outfitting sector, hunting sector and development.

      My Official Opposition colleagues and I believe contests like the one in the Northeast are not an effective, science-based wolf-management strategy. More targeted inventory and consultation with scientists, businesses and communities is needed before a comprehensive plan is implemented.

      I hope this clarifies our position for you. Thanks again for sharing your perspective on this important issue. Take care and do stay in touch.

      Best regards,

      Rob Fleming, MLA
      Victoria-Swan Lake
      Official Opposition Environment critic

  7. Just stop killing wolves for crying out loud! How can we even still be having this discussion when we already know what hunting wolves did in the past. And how could any feeling, evolved human being get enjoyment out of killing animals doing more good than harm. Aaaah…humans do the most harm to wipe out species, pollute, kill, torture, etc, so, hunters, dont even try to say your hunting for the Goidelic ig the environment!

  8. Quit being such blood thirsty, greedy, selfish idiots! Leave our wolves alone. Whoever okayed this did it in a sneaky way. Whats wrong with these people? God put them here for a reason not to be slaughtered in inhumane ways. We need to get them back on the endangered list! IMMEDIATELY! I would like for them to get caught in one of these grusome traps that need to be outlawed!

  9. We need to protect our wolves from these hunts. These hunts are cruel and unessary. Do you realize what our planet will be like without these natural hunters? Our planet is already in trouble from humans destroying it. We need the wolves. Please think again before we allow these hunts.

  10. I do ot understand the need to kill a wolf. After protecting them for all these years to hunt them makes no sense. It isn;t like dear where the animal is eaten; these are pleasure kills, for people who think that killing something is pleaurable. I also think that it is disrespectful and cruel to the Native Americans who find these animal sacred. They have cultural and religious belief that hold these animal sacred, these beliefs should be taken into account. Please stop the slaughter of these beautiful kind animals.

    • Kimberly the Colville Tribe in Washington state is holding a wolf hunt on their reservation. 9 wolves are slated for death…apparently there are at least three wolf packs on the reservation. This is so disturbing and upsetting. Wolves are a protected species in Washington.

      Colville Tribe opens wolf hunting season on reservation

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I do not understand how the Colville Tribe can kill the very animal that is so beloved by so many of our countries Native American population. Shame, Shame on you…I have been a strong supportor of the Native Americans since I was 13 years old.Back then they were plainly called, Indians. Now, since so much has changed, we now call them Native Americans. Lets hope I can keep on calling them …my friends and not change my thoughts and call them WOLF KILLERS. This will cloud my thoughts about them and forever change my opinion on any Native American person/persons that also join in on the wolf kills. Shame, Shame on us for all the deaths of our countries wolves.

  11. 10/17/2012

    SJ 70 Pg. 2198



    SJ 72 Pg. 2261



    SJ 72 Pg. 2261



    SJ 72 Pg. 2261



    SJ 73 Pg. 2267



    SJ 73 Pg. 2267



    SJ 74 Pg. 2304



    SJ 74 Pg. 2304



    SJ 74 Pg. 2304



    HJ 76 Pg. 2420

    received on 11/29/2012


    HJ 76 Pg. 2424

    read a first time


    HJ 76 Pg. 2424

    referred to Committee on Natural Resources, Tourism, and Outdoor Recreation


    HJ 77 Pg. 2448

    reported with recommendation with substitute H-1


    HJ 77 Pg. 2448

    referred to second reading
    Looks like the Michigan House is going to pass the hunt they included a committee

    • rajaju…I didn’t think there was any doubt. They ignore the will of the people and do exactly what they want.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. Please. Do NOT destroy & kill the Wolves. They are magnificent Creatures on this globe!! PROTECT THE WOLVES instead of KILLING & DESTROYING !! I´m begging. Please, DO PROTECT THESE MAGNIFICENT CREATURES called: WOLVES!!!!

  13. Done!

  14. Leave the wolves alone, if the wolf disappears so will man, they are the circle of life for man and wildlife. Do not kill them for trophies or for money for their pelts our earth is more important!!!

  15. its not a bad stupid world, its the bad stupid people. please stop killing these beautiful innocent creatures!!!!

  16. It’s official. This country has gone entirely nuts. :(

  17. Being Canadian I am ashamed by this… I really hope this doesn’t go through, and our wolves will be ok.

  18. Just returned home and opened my email. Sent off comments about the wolves in British Columbia. Thank you. Where have all the wolves gone……..when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn.

  19. Reblogged this on marsk and commented:
    This is real important, please read and spread this knowledge, help prefend more killing, at least u are able to do this……….

  20. I thought the purpose of predators was to control the populations without man’s interference, yet wildlife thugs (IE “hunters”) want an imbalance of life where only man can be allowed to control. When the wildlife gunslingers bring me a photo of an emaciated deer or any other animal for that matter (which will NEVER happen) then I’ll understand. And hunting is not sound science. It is only sound fun for unsound individuals who commit cowardly acts. And it sounds to me that any sound person who possesses a scintilla of sound sense would understand that soundly truth. Everyone must understand that wildlife management is an illusory concept created around 100 years
    ago. There is no such thing as wildlife “management”. Humans cannot “manage” nature. The only managing humans should be doing is managing to stay out of the animals’ space.

  21. It is essential for the well being of the environment in places such as BC, that wolves and other top predators be left to manage wildlife, They have managed without mans interference for more than a hundreds of thousands of years. Man needs to leave alone what he does not understand.

  22. SOME PEOPLE! These beloved creatures are here for a reason! God put them here for a reason, like he did for you!! He did not put you people here to slay your own type! We are all his children! Are you serious?! The red and grey wolf are now endangered along with other types, thanks to you! Do you know what kind of harm your causing the earth? The glaciers are melting in antarctica and all other icelands, and the wolves living there are pretty soon going to drown to death! You people are making it worse by killing even more! Go pick on someone your own size! Yeah a wolf is going to kill you if you try to hurt it, its called self defense and im pretty sure you would punch someone in the face is they hurt you or threaten to kill you. Males protect mates, Females protect cubs, yeah yeah yeah whatever! Then stop bothering them if your going to complain. One species of wolves are gone, and most have 200 and less! If anyone out there has ever read Whitefang by Jack London, you know it is a heartbreaking book. You know what wolves are going through. Read it if you haven’t, you will know and change your mind about these beloved animals! Maybe some people will have gained some common sense now. If this doesn’t make sense to you then go look it up or go to the library or somthing… but this is our last chance to help save wolves for good. I hope some people have changed their minds. This is serious, not for “haha’s”.
    For the wolves.

  23. I wish I knew about this earlier so that I could’ve comment about this wolf “management” plan, which is more like a killing plan than a scientifically sound management plan! It’s horrible, puts too much emphasize on killing, and is scientifically flawed! I hope it is not enacted!

    But I gotta ask: why are you guys opposed to sterilization? I’ll admit, I’m actually supportive of using sterilization for wildlife management. In fact, when I become a wildlife conservationist I’m going to try to promote fertility control as a major method of wildlife management.

    Does this mean that I necessarily approve of how wolf sterilization is currently being conducted? No; I don’t. Catching and surgically sterilizing is just way too stressful for the wolf and is too time-consuming and expensive for the scientists. Rather, I feel that fertility control should be conducted with contraceptions, and that these contraceptions be darted into the wolf to temporarily sterilize it. For native species, these contraceptives should not be permanent; they should only last for a certain amount of time so that the animal (in this case, the wolf) can reproduce once again after the drug wears off.

    This does NOT mean that wolves should be sterilized to near elimination; if anything, that would be overuse and abuse of this management tool. Nor should wolves be controlled range-wide in all areas, including pure wilderness. But I feel that fertility control should be used in areas where wolves are causing excessive damages to livestock and/or are endangering other native species (note that this does not mean artificially inflating big game herds for trophy hunters).

    I understand that many, if not most, of you guys are opposed to any management of wolves and wildlife; in fact, I used to be just like that. But if I had to choose between killing and fertility control, then I would choose fertility control any-time.

    Please let me know what your thoughts are on fertility control and all that I had written above. I want to get everybody’s opinions and insights into this so that I can improve my plans and come up with a solution that satisfies everyone: that is, the management of wolves without killing them or disrupting their packs. This is my ultimate goal, and I would really appreciate it if you guys helped me out with this by letting me know what you think. Thanks!

  24. By the way, does anybody know how this is going to impact the unique Coastal Wolves?

    Also, I think you guys would really enjoy this:

    I sure did!

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