Wolf Blood Soaks The Ground – Over 600 Dead…

Wolf Killed_Source FB Posted November 13

I can hardly believe the numbers. 605 wolves have been slaughtered in the combined hunts since August 30, 2012.  In 102 days or a little over three months, hundreds of wolves have been wiped out. Images of their mangled, bloodied bodies litter FB and hunting forums. The smiling, grinning wolf killers are gloating in their blood bath. AND this is only December. Montana opens wolf trapping season on December 15.  The Colville Tribes in Washington state are  hunting wolves on their reservation.

Seven collared wolves from Yellowstone National Park have been killed.

Killed late October: 824M of the Mollies pack.

Early November: 829F of the Blacktail Plateau pack.

November 10th in WY: 754M of the Lamar Canyon pack.

November 13th in MT: 823F of the Junction Butte pack (sole collar).

Date/location unknown: 762M and 763F of the Madison pack.

Date unknown, killed in WY: 793(?) of the Snake River pack.

December 6th: 832F. Iconic Alpha Female of  the Lamar Canyon pack.

Wolves are being gut shot, tortured, trapped, strangled in choking snares, arrowed and god only knows what they’re doing to them in Wyoming’s  predator zone, any method of killing is allowed, including poison.  Wisconsin wants to hunt wolves with dogs. A temporary injunction stopped it for now BUT  the issue is being revisited on December 20, 2012.

This is the state of “wolf management” as of December 9, 2012.

We can thank the Obama administration and its Interior Secretary Ken Salazar,  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid D-N, for allowing the Northern Rockies wolf delisting rider to remain in the budget bill, Senator Jon Tester D-MT, for slipping the wolf rider into the Senate budget bill and the majority of  Senate Democrats who voted for it, USFWS for delisting wolves in Wyoming and the Great Lakes and the state game agencies of  Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin and Minnesota for allowing the hunts to take place. Everyone who is responsible for the massacre should hang their heads in shame but it’s fairly obvious they’re not ashamed. This will continue until wolf advocates come together and put pressure on the politicians and feds to stop to this insanity. Wolves must be relisted!!



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  1. Please Mr. Obama stop the murdering of Wolwes have compassion for wolves. Hunters are cruel, barbaric,brutal, heartles. A person who enjoy torture and killing and animal is a PSYCHOPAT. The torture the wolves have to endure is horrible, only a sick person enjoy the torture and killing of animals. Hunters are murderers that murder and animal for
    pleasure. wolves deserve to live. Wolves have better heart than the Psychopats hunters, The only fault of wolves is try to survive, wolves don’t kill for pleasure, hunters kill for pleasure. The greedy catlers and farmers kill the wolves for greed, they can’t loose any livestock because they loose money. Wolves need to eat, give food to their babys is nature, PLEASE PROTECT THE WOLVES FROM HUNTERS AND THE GREEDY FARMERS AND CATLERS. MR. OBAMA MILLIONS OF PEOPLE VOTE FOR YOU BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE YOU PROTECT ANIMALS AND THE ENVIROMENT, DON’T BETRAY THOSE PEOPLE THAT BELIEVE YOU AND THE DEMOCRAT PARTY WILL PROTECT ANIMALS. Shame and all goverments that don’t protect animals.


    • Suggestion:
      As there will always be wars – the manufacturers of guns and war materials will see to that – have all those hunt-happy, cruel people go to the front, where “the action is”, there they could perhaps do something against the real enemy. List all those who so “proudly” show how strong they are with a gun against unarmed creatures and
      send them IMMEDIATELY to the FRONT. No questions asked.
      (I know this worked before.)

  2. My heart is breaking, why are those bloodthirsty mindless morons allowed to murder our wildlife!!! This world is so damn sick. Fire Salazar and BAN BLOODSPORTS!!

  3. We are a hopeless society in this country. I also read about a Yellowstone Park employee embezzling park funds! You can’t sink much lower than we are going.

  4. Say it once, say it twice, say it a thousand times. Yet man refuses to learn.

    “As long as people will shed the blood of innocent creatures, there can be no peace, no liberty, no harmony between people. Slaughter and justice cannot dwell together.” Isaac Bashevis Singer, Holocaust Survivor (1904-1991)

    “Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.” Albert Schweitzer

    or even better: “Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they’re only animals.” Theodor Adorno, German philosopher (1903-1969)

    • Those are great! Thank you!

  5. This fucking sucks, that is way too many wolves in 4 mobths. The wolves are not harming anybody. They need ti go back on the endagered species list. Anyone know where I can get information ro be ab advecate for wolved. This is disgusting.

  6. Thank your moron greedy – betraying politicians for this slaughter.
    call and complain and make them as miserable as we are seeing these images.

  7. 605. Six hundred and five ! I knew there was a reason I have awakened every night for the past six weeks with my skin crawling and fear and uneasiness in my heart. Senators and Representatives that aren’t representing your district will not even answer you on the phone or open your mail. Whyu is this when this is a national issue? Back and forth from activism to hopellessness.

    • they do this because they abused their power for so long they have no fear – we need to keep the list of these betrayers and vote them out of office, it’s in out corner now NOT TO FORGET.

  8. These “monsters” I won’t call them sportsmen or hunters…..are targeting these wolves because they can. As one hunter was quoted a saying….”as an elk hunter it is my duty to shoot these wolves….and you say to yourself- how can you begin to talk sense into someone like that….You can’t. So we have to rely on the States involved to do the right thing and protect these iconic wolves….Wyoming- forget it. Idaho- forget it. They are incapable of managing predators responsibly. These heart wrenching posts- the SLOB hunters love it-
    These events are way over the line of basic decency. I am so exasperated I feel rage and I feel violated as an American citizen. Sometimes it doesn’t feel so good being an American- when we celebrate death and trophy hunting of sentient animals over life and biodiversity……Hopefully people will wake up and speak out against this attack on biodiversity itself.

    • AMEN…

    • You are right. How can you reason with an unreasonable individual. I’m not calling them a person because they clearly don’t have souls. I usually refer to them as zygotes, however, that is giving them too much credit too because it implies the potential to become a human being. I Don’t think we have to worry about that happening. This blatant disrespect for the lives of these wolves, and other wildlife, makes me sick. I sure hope that there is such a thing as karma.

  9. Do you notice that these SLOB hunters are always little in stature? They are like little boys trying to overcompensate for their lack of physical attributes…….Must suck to be short, on so many levels…..He may have killed that majestic creature- but he will always be an insignificant small person…..

    • Not just their stature – their minds, the depth of conscence – all, so small, so pitiful. Sad that these days, I find myself crying more for the animals, than for humans.

  10. God help us. We are a species bent on destruction. So much beauty….destroyed.

  11. He does look rather gleeful about it, I must say. I can’t wait to see what happens in January when the new cabinet members are appointed.

  12. This is terrible. Sometimes I wonder how I am a member of our ruthless, savage speies.

  13. I didn’t realize the wolf population had recovered so much that this many wolves killed wouldn’t be enough to decimate the species. Is this number for one year?

    • lifeinidaho….This is the result of five wolf hunts in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. The death toll is for a little over three months of killing. It’s Montana and Idaho’s third wolf hunt. Each year they’ve held a hunt over 500 wolves have died in just those two states. The wolf population has not recovered there but they don’t care, it’s not about science it’s about tearing the social structure of wolf packs, it’s about hate and greed, it’s about getting their numbers down to 100 to 150 wolves per state.

      This is Wisconsin’s, Minnesota’s and Wyoming’s first wolf hunt. Wyoming’s hunt is divided into a trophy hunt outside the border of Yellowstone National Park and a “predator zone” that encompasses 85% of the state, where wolves can be killed 365 days of the year 24/7. Yellowstone is surrounded by wolf hunts, seven collared Yellowstone wolves have been either lured out of the park or come out on their own to hunt, these wolves are habituated and have no fear of man due to the constant stream of visitors to the park. The wolves bring in 35 million dollars annually to the Greater Yellowstone Area, people come from all over the world to see them. Yellowstone wolves now live on an island, the hunts have virtually guaranteed that wolves will not be able to disperse in or out of the park without getting killed.

      This is a mass slaughter of wolves across five states. It’s disgusting and completely unnecessary and it all happened under a Democrat administration.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • In an article in Crosscut (also in The Inlander), rancher and environmentalist Laura Ackerman noted that “a wildlife tragedy began in Washington state on August 7 when the state Department of Fish and Wildlife announced that a wolf had killed a calf on a ranch close to Canada.” By September 27 the real tragedy had come to a close–the entire Wedge Pack had been killed. One of the most horrendous aspects of this episode is that the destruction of the animals was largely caused by one man, Bill McIrvine, owner of the Diamond M cattle ranch. Mr. McIrvine maintained that wolves killed some of his cattle, but he steadfastly refused the monetary compensation offered to him and had refused to participate in nonlethal methods to control wolf predation. McIrvine insisted that ranchers have the right to defend their property from wolves and that groups with a “radical environment agenda” were conspiring against those ranchers. He said that state sharpshooters would spend as long as necessary to kill the wolf pack.

        According to Ackerman, the state paid employees several weeks of overtime, and a helicopter was in the air for four days (it was a shot from the helicopter that ended the life of the collared alpha male, the last of the wolves to die). Ackerman sums up: “Whatever the price in blood, money, and mismanagement of compassion, this was the result: An entire wolf pack was killed for the sake of one rancher and one ranch.

        This ugly episode, among all the ugly episodes of wolf killing begs some questions: (1) Why did the state DFWL cave in to Bill McIrvine’s demands? (2) Why should taxpayers, including those of us who adamantly oppose the killing, have to pay because one rancher was demanding death? (3) Why don’t ranchers have to exhaust nonlethal measures of control before calling for the wolves’ execution? (4) Why are those of us opposed to the hunting so consistently ignored?

        It seems that when we speak up for wolves and face the large and wealthy cattlemen’s associations and gun/hunting organizations, we are about as powerless to save the wolves as they are to save themselves.

      • Thank you for this summary and info from Marcia…I will use in letters to President Obama, administrators and governors in WY, MT, ID, WA and MN as well as all the legislators (Democrat & Republican) who voted to delist wolves.
        Boycott these states and write letters, make phones calls.
        We have all the photos and information needed to show this horror of killing wolves in North America. It is no different than killing elephants, rhinos, lions & gorillas in Africa or tigers in India.
        Wolves, Grizzlies, Cougars, Bald Eagles, Bison are our endangered speciies that have needed protecting and now it’s open season on wolves. Disgusting.

  14. It’s a pure tragedy. The wolves MUST be RELISTED NOW!!!!!
    The battle continues.

    • Yes,the wolves MUST be RELISTED NOW!!! I’d love to get my hands on that hunter holding up that dead wolf and smiling. I promise he’ll NEVER smile again!!!

  15. Killing the creatures that we share Mother Earth with is a sickness. I would even go on to say that the vile men/women that do this are sociopaths & serial killers of nature. It makes my heart empty & sad when I see these ignorant people doing these horrid things to the beautiful creatures we share earth with.

    “As long as people will shed the blood of innocent creatures, there can be no peace, no liberty, no harmony between people. Slaughter and justice cannot dwell together.” Isaac Bashevis Singer, Holocaust Survivor (1904-1991)

  16. Dear God, somebody, anybody that has any influence PLEASE, I beg you, Please stop this senseless killing. The wolf is the soul of the wilderness and without the soul, the wilderness will die. Wolves are no danger to humans unless that is, if they themselves are being threatened. Again I beg of you…isn’t there someone out there who cares enough to stop this? Please….PLEASE.

  17. How disgusting that they can still be killing so many of these creatures
    They treat them like vermin in America How cruel are they to do this
    and theres a typical picture of some macho idiot thinks people are going to look at him and say how great he is Well he is not He is just another stupid bloodthirsty male who cant find any other fun in his life apart from killing I hope what goes round comes round At the end of the day you have to blame the politicians of these states for not passing a law to stop this Wake up you people before you lose all the wolves Then you will really be crying WOLF

  18. Write these people NOW. DEMAND a buffer zone around YNP in WY. DEMAND they relist wolves. Add Obama to this list too.

    Ken Salazar, Secretary
    Department of the Interior
    1849 C Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20240

    Tom Vilsack, Secretary
    Department of Agriculture
    1400 Independence Ave., S.W.
    Washington, DC 20250

    Tom Tidwell, Chief
    U.S. Forest Service
    1400 Independence Ave., SW
    Washington, D.C. 20250-0003

    Jonathan Jarvis, Director
    National Park Service
    1849 C Street NW
    Washington, DC 20240

    Daniel Ashe, Director
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    1849 C Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20240

    Mike Pool, Acting Director
    Bureau of Land Management
    1849 C Street NW, Rm. 5665
    Washington, DC 20240

    Mary Gibson Scott, Superintendent
    Grand Teton National Park
    P.O. Drawer 170
    Moose, WY 83012-0170

    Dan Wenk, Superintendent
    Yellowstone National Park
    P.O. Box 168
    Yellowstone National Park, WY

  19. These people have us living in a bloody slaughter field. They allow the sick idiots their bloodlust.

  20. The GRINNING IDIOT holding up the wolf he just killed makes me SICK to my stomach. How can there be pleasure in killing something beautiful that does not bother you???????? The world is getting sicker every day!!!!! The wolves MUST be PROTECTED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

    • I was thinking the same thing he looks like a Grinning Idiot,Every pic of these jerks look like a bunch of sick creeps

  21. Reblogged this on Happy Tails and Tales Blog and commented:
    I’m devastated! As we all should be. I am sick and so sorry for each murdered innocent animal! Please speak out to save the few beautiful wolves we have left. I really don’t want to hear of wolf extinction EVER!

  22. poor wolf

  23. Marcia, You may contact Dave Ware, Game Division Manager at WDFW with your questions about the Wedge Pack. His phone number is 360-902-2509. It cost $76,000 to eliminate the pack. Unbelievable waste of taxpayer funds to eradicate animals on public forests!

  24. This is already more than the total kill for the 2011-2012 wolf season, and it’s only December! I’m so afraid to see what the total kill will be at the end of the 2012-2013 wolf season! Granted, the fact that more states are participating in the wolf kill this year is probably a major factor for the higher number, but still, it’s sick!

    I just realized something extremely disturbing: more than 1,000 wolves have been slaughtered by hunters and trappers since Congress illegally forced the delisting of the Northern Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf back in April of 2011.

  25. My letters, calls, petitions, postings, bits of donations add to other people’s efforts. Now that the US is driven in DC by a ‘Democrat gone Republican”, as a friend put it.. we must hold accountable all the above listed politicians and corporate funded organizations. Do not forget them. Do not forgive. No physical threat intended here, just know a card by it’s face… Lawsuits and civil damages need to be considered. The deeper layer of corporate funding has to be investigated, as with RMEF donating 51,000 to Idaho Fish and Game. I suspect other ‘donations’ like that occur with kickbacks, ALEC perks, the like.

    HSUS has some studies that indicate many of the states where spousal abuse is high also have parallel animal abuse. The rural west shows it’s real face in these statistics.Wolf abuse/killing, as well as, cruelty to other fur bearers is common. Curiously, many of these states are under various serious environmental threats and these fellows are clueless – just wanting cheap foreign goods from W-mart, to watch to their spectator sports, and off animals. The western environment is as endangered as the wolf. (fracking, tar sands in UT, energy corporations given access to roadless and wilderness). I see the tragedy on both levels.

    I lament for the wolves, I lament for America that is deeply corrupted.

    Everyone just keep doing what you can. There is no “GOD” that is going to stop this. We must fight this here, it is like fighting the Nazi’s. It is EXACTLY like fighting the Nazis, a long, dark night of a nation’s soul. Never give up.

    Let every wolf death deepen your resolve.

    • I completely agree with what you wrote. You put it in such a way that makes a lot of sense. This is a very emotional issue, and it is difficult to stay focused with such a heavy heart. You stated many facts, and I think the key is remembering what politicians turned their back on the wolves and wildlife and get them the heck out of office. This will prove to be a challenging task because the Democratic party is just as much to blame as the Republicans. Since the before metioned parties are running the show, where do we find a viable candidate you will put an end to this slaughter? Maybe we need to look deep within these parties to see who has a record of defending animals and encourge them to run for the House or Senate. Beyond that I don’t know what else to do.

  26. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game and commented:
    More sick gloating psychopaths

  27. [...] Wolf Blood Soaks The Ground – Over 600 Dead… (howlingforjustice.wordpress.com) [...]

  28. Id like to say its a surprise but the Nazi’s gloated over the killings of jews and other individuals as if it were there family coat of arms. If there is a Heaven, God will allow wolves, bears, etc… to come back and extract a revenge unheard of on these murderers and all like them. Imagine going to a museum and seeing an Elk gore a hunter as this is the way they hunt, fight and protect their own kind… Cant wait for the opening…
    If this is the scene of man inheriting the Earth and all its environs, were F&^%(*!

  29. I am absolutely devastated and grief stricken
    Over the slaughter if these magnificent beings
    What have we wrought ? And why ? What is the goal? How does it end ? .. We cannot betray the wolf anymore. If we are going to kill them and no one raises a hand amongst our politicians and federal agencies then please never bring them back .. Let them rest in peace .. And we can be here by ourselves
    without their beauty in our world … And the intelligence they bring to the ecosystem …. We are the true losers as we kill, kill, kill, killing it all .. We are killing our wild earth guardians .. They are the keys to our future, they know how to live sustainably, they understand their territory …they don’t exploit it out of greed, they take what they need and leave it whole and unspoiled.
    It is a holocaust and I am ashamed to be in the human pack .. I want to run with the wolves .. They know how to be in the world so perfectly… I will continue to fight for them .. I am boycotting the wolf killing states .. Please join me .. No tourist dollars .. ! Stop the killing now ! ..

    • Couldn’t agree with you more

  30. To raise public awareness, it is important to use all social networking platforms, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Email, and of course our respective blogs. Reblogged on Animal Spirits.

  31. Reblogged this on THE ANIMAL SPIRITS and commented:
    This needs to stop immediately. Please use all social networking platforms available and reblog to raise public awareness. Write letters. Contact information of public officials is contained within this post. ~Gerean Pflug, The Animal Spirits

    • theanimalspirits….animal rights activists, wildlife watches, wolf advocates, we must all join together and deluge Congress, USFWS, Interior, the White House with emails, faxes, phone calls and keep the momentum going until we get what we want.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  32. Does the Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park have an email address? I have repeatedly called the governors of Wyoming and Montana to immediately issue executive orders to close all wolf hunting adjacent to Yellowstone. Maybe the Superintendent can exert pressure on the governors. Alpha female 832f killed last Thursday was the most viewed and most popular wolf in the entire park. She never left the park in her six years of life. Hunters are definitely luring wolves out to their deaths. I hope everyone here has signed the We the People petition at whitehouse.gov to have Rep. Raul Grijalva appointed as the new Secretary of the Interior. He is a true environmentalist.

  33. It’s become apparent that barbarism has reared its ugly head once again. There is such an ecstatic look on the killers faces. Obama, Salazar and the previous business are all to blame for these mass killings. It sickens me because so much of it is simply about money. The hunters, cattlemen and oil and gas are all in it together. The nineteenth century rides again.

  34. Reblogged this on WTFAW and commented:
    This is another terrible example of how we abuse the rights of animals and across the World there are thousands of similar instances happening to hundreds of species. The problem is so big, so widespread, so accepted that finding a solution seems impossible. The easy option is just to ignore what is happening and convince ourselves it is not our problem.

    But if everyone who cared enough to think about the problem acted as well we could Working Together make a difference.

    Paul Svendsen

    • Yes Paul…collectively we can make a huge difference…divided we fall. If we can harness the energy that was unleashed over the killing of the park wolves, enough to change MT FWP’s mind about buffer zones, then we can do it for all the wolves. We need to keep up unrelenting pressure.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones.

  35. There are nearly eight billion destructive humans on this planet. Ask yorself how man wolves are there left on this planet?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Please reblog!

  37. Dear God, grant me the power to find each and every one of these despicable, barbaric, callous low life rubbishes Cannot believe the cruelty that permeates this earth from vicious, evil so called humans – they are spawn of satan and they need to be sent back to the pits of hell. I am so bloody angry that no one has taken the stand to protect these animals. Surely these pieces of rubbish can be stopped.

  38. It is outrageous what’s happening right now! This is sick, disgusting, unethical; blood thirsty, primitive, barbaric 2 legged creatures from the dark ages can go ahead with this wolf massacre any way they can, and this is under protection, allowed by Government policy; shame on you all, indifferent cowards!

  39. For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, in this life and the next, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of karma.

  40. It’s never ending! One species after another. Makes me ashamed to be human

    • Me too rose!

      We are destroying the earth…all driven by greed and overpopulation..we now have 7 billion people on this planet!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  41. Reblogged this on RoseDixon.net and commented:
    Whilst a lot of my attention has been on Taiji Cove and the dolphin/small whale drive I am aghast to learn of the number of wolves that have been hunted and killed since the end of August. We are just relentlessly plundering nature. It cannot go on. We are creating our own payback by disturbing the balance of nature. I note that “Wolves are being gut shot, tortured, trapped, strangled in choking snares, arrowed and god only knows what they’re doing to them in Wyoming’s predator zone, any method of killing is allowed, including poison. Wisconsin wants to hunt wolves with dogs. A temporary injunction stopped it for now BUT the issue is being revisited on December 20, 2012.” Let us hope that the decision is pro wolf

    • rose…The dog hunting was stopped because environmental groups went to court and got an injunction but the wolf killers are pushing hard for it. I believe the DNR is trying to re-write the wolf “management/killing” plan to include dog hunting in some sneaky way. The bear hounders in Wisconsin are behind the dog hunting horror. That’s why wolves have to be relisted, we can’t deal with the states. They’ll keep doing it until someone makes them stop.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  42. This is barbaric!! Day after day animal advocates fight to save more innocent animals from slaughter. When is it all going to end !! When we have no animals left to kill ?? Shame on those who kill these magnificent creatures – Karma !!

    • I’m with you one hundred percent..Karma..It will come back to haunt them all..


  44. quit killing wolves they are endangered I would not want to see them extinct

  45. When humans stop eating meat, the cattle ranchers and others who use and kill animals will go out of business, move on to ethical jobs, and only then will indigenous animals, people, forests, grasslands, waters have any chance of recovering their rights to exist as nature commands: IN TOTAL FREEDOM. We are responsible for this dominant attitude that we are superior and entitled to kill, when, in the realms of SPIRIT, the exact opposite is true. Open the 3rd Eye and SEE. Organic Veg’n diet is the only path we are meant to take. Killing animals is corrupt and a Crime against the Creative Sources.

  46. “What harm have the trees done them? … Must they punish the grass for their own faults?”–Ursula LeGuin, ‘The Farthest Shore’

  47. Why can’t the ranchers tend to their herds? I guess they too busy collecting their corporate subsidies.

  48. Stop this senseless massacre. The ones who are trapped will suffer. Makes me ill .

  49. When will the day come, that the Wolf hunter bigots of American wildlife, will come to understand, that these creature belong to all peoples of north America. Wolves are to nature what Man is to Mankind. These hunters, zealots of life, who undermine, all that these Wolves have maintained throughout history, in their efforts to survive. Hunters are a bygone entity we no longer need in our world.

  50. This murdering of wolves is a most sad reflection of what our society has become. Now is the time to re-list the wolves as an endangered species. Misguided state legislators have passed laws that allow an open season for the continued slaughter and eventual extermination of the wolves. Remember Americans used the same “catchy” (mindless) phase about the American indians as they now extend to the wolf population…the only good indian/wolf is a dead one. WE need to teach and live values that create the change we so desire. Obviously there is a lot of work that needs to be done. With a united voice followed with definitive action we can indeed change this injustice.

  51. These murderers are not Hunters, a true hunter would respect the Wolf and mourn over its death, this is a Massacre and with all the petitions and letters we have sent to these Senators and Congressman, the Wolf is still being ignored and paying the ultimate price, This has to stop now!!! May Karma come back in ten fold to those who harm the Wolf!

  52. Je ne peux pas croire la haine irrationnelle d´une creature tente de suvivre.Pendant des siécles , il a été calomnié et persécuté aussi lache et vil , il ya un groupe de gens qui veulent lache et vil exterminer á jamais.
    S´il vous plait ne le permet pas !!!

  53. The guy holding the wolf in the picture shouldn’t be smiling. He should realize that he just killed a beautiful animal. This wolf slaughter has got to STOP NOW.

  54. Sure, as long as the politicians and killers feel safe, it’s okay to kill ‘whatever’. But there will be a day of reckoning for those degenerates.
    In the meantime, for you good Americans who fight against this horror, you have the respect and admiration of countless numbers of people beyond your borders.

  55. How can these horrible “people” live with themselves after causing so much pain and suffering? Karma always gets the last word.

  56. President Obama, Please stop the killing of wolves. They are beautiful, intelligent creatures and should be protected at all costs. No living being should be trapped and subject to such torture.

  57. So horrible and sad that the wolves in the wild are being culled and slaughtered. STOP this travesty. Wolves need protection. They keep things in balance.

  58. These -gutless-moronic – murderers of these magnificent animals couldn’t fail to kill them as they have all the latest in high powered -telesopic rifles-posing with their -scalps they are laughable as we all know if the wolves had a sporting chance they would be crapping their pants -they wouldn’t be concerned either I suppose about the babies that are left to starve and die because their parents won’t be coming home-you poor miserable excuses for a human being-shame on you.

  59. STOP this slaughter now if the wolves are slaughtered at this rate there will be none left

    • These hunters are pople of the lowest kind, who enjoykilling. The have no Moral compass in lifes garden of Nature and Governemnt have no consciousness in the right of all things to live a life without jeopardy or fear. The mankind animals care only for their own poorly understood manhood, of which they fail miserably, yet governments continue to allow the desecration of our most important wildlife. We must change the way governments think.

      • I feel sorry for the world if there are this many ignorant ppl in it!

  60. That is their plan!! To have no wolf left. WE MUST STOP THEM, THE SOONER THE BETTER.

  61. If you are going to tell me about this horror and show it to me so my brain will weep and my health will be affected then do us the courtesy of including a petition ar letter with links so we can at least act. This does NOTHING to help and everything to sicken the “caring” people.

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    So sad. I don’t know what else to say.

  63. wish they stop the hunting


  65. Men or women who choose to kill wolves place themselves at the bottom of our society…pathetic egotists who need self agrandizment, or simply ignorant folk who cannot choose to live WITH nature.

  66. If this guy thinks he looks sexy in this picture just imagine the type of the women or men that would sleep with this…Everyone that is part of harming the animals will suffer and their day will come……u cannot think its right to take a life PERIOD……….I tell what is sexy a man hugging and kissing a animal yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  67. If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.
    —St. Francis of Assisi

  68. Save the wolves TODAY.

  69. stop cruelty. it is horrible. I ask stop from Italy

  70. this is a great video and great site.. http://youtu.be/l6X9TjBAnvU
    copy and paste to your browser.

  71. How is killing an innocent animal a sport??
    Men take pleasure in killing animals for what- their machoism?
    To see a head as a trophy on their wall?
    Barbaric, senseless, misguided or thrill seeking individuals.
    You want to fire a gun? Go to a shooting range – let off your steam there – shoot a bottle of a tree stump – leave those who cannot speak or defend themselves alone!
    Only one word – Barbarians.
    Thank you for your enlightening site.

  72. I signed the petition. One voice from the land down under.

  73. Please, Please, Please , Stop allowing Wolf Hunting :0

  74. Thank you for speaking out on this. I am horrified that this has been allowed to happen and am doing what I can to apply pressure to elected officials and supporting groups like the Center for Biological Diversity which has launched a lawsuit to stop this killing.

  75. [...] The smiling, grinning wolf killers are gloating in their blood bath. AND this is only December. Read more… 334 more words http://howlingforjustice.wordpress.com/2012/12/09/wolf-blood-soaks-the-ground-over-600-dead/   [...]

  76. PLEASE leave our wolves alone, they have every right to be here as we! Like the native Americans the wolves where here first! The white race has ALWAYS tried to destroy what they don’t understand. Wolves are as easily misunderstand as everything.. Wolves understand love on so many different levels & they are more humane than what we are; They DO NOT kill for sport, needlessly, trophy, They kill to feed & protect their families.. We as a human race can not say the same thing!! I am ashamed to be called human if we keep continuing letting people Kill wolves & other animals needlessly, for trophies! DO THE RIGHT THING; LET THE WOLVES RUN FREELY LET THEM SURVIVE!!!

  77. This makes me feel sick to my stomach i love wolves they are my favourite animal they are such magestic gorgeous creatures sometimes i am ashamed to be human this is absolutely dishusting and upsets me deeply such a waste of such an amazing animal.

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