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  1. I don’t have the words to explain how sad I am.

    • This is so horrible, we just can’t let any animal live in peace.

  2. I now feel, for the sake of the wolves, they never should have been re-introduced into the lower United States. Our hunt-crazy culture can’t co-exist with these beautiful animals. The fact that many of these new wolf hunt laws allow for trapping shows just how inhumane the forces are behind these laws.

    • I totally agree. While having the species is great for biodiversity – all the things we here know about – it’s painful to hear/see/learn about the *individual* beings. to have a species limp along surrounded by hunting seasons run by and participated in by psychopaths….I have trouble believing all the suffering is worth it.

  3. This massacre would still have happened, regardless of the reintroduction process.
    Since the original settlers moved west in our country, wolf killing has been the norm.
    The Endangered Species Act gave the wolves a chance to live in peace and have their young.
    Now, packs are fractured or completely gone and the wolves have no way to escape.
    Alaska and Canada are also slaughtering the wolves, so the wolves have no safe place to go to regenerate as a species.
    Remember— this wolf hunting isn’t about wolves.
    It’s about politics, money, greed, and a lust for killing and blood.
    Wolf hunters are of the same mentality as the people that kill children and people gathered in public places. They believe that they have the RIGHT to kill.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves

    • I agree with every word written here ~

    • I agree about the politics. And the scientists accommodate the politicians. Shame on them!

    • Now maybe with the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary will people understand that we need to stop Killing and the excuses we give to justify it. The needless slaughter of innocent wolves needs to stop now! Not after we have driven them to extinction. Wolves are like the children, innocent and filled with so much life. How can a men take that away that isn’t mentally sick?

  4. With such a killer culture in the United States, with such a dismissal of the value of all life, is it any wonder that little children are killed in Connecticut, people gunned down in Aurora and American military wipe out Afghani families? There are clear connections here–no difference between slaughteing wolves and their cubs and killing children. The heart of darkness rules this nation and has since its origins in Colonial times. The people must change.

  5. I ask all advocates to take the following to heart, not just for wolves but for all creatures of the Earth.

    “Even though theiy’re strong and big and powerful, they’re vulnerable too. And whats heartbreaking is they know whats going on, they know they’re in trouble, and they’re scared. And we ache for them because their so much like us. We get scared and we’re vulnerable, and we need help sometimes too” -Big Miracle

    • Aching for the wolves is NOT ENOUGH.We ALL have to diligently STOP the hunting and slaughtering of the wolves.Gather together and protest.Also, fight to get bills passed to protect the wolves!!!

      • Yes, and to be morally consistent we should be stopping the killing and violence against wolves, bison, horses, and all sentient creatures. That won’t happen until the culture changes, and the culture won’t change until enough people organize, protest, and make what is going on now unacceptable.

  6. Has there ever been a more beautiful animal? That must be it – humans envy them. Just imagine – wiping them off the continent because “we don’t like them” or “they eat elk”. What arrogance – they were here before us, put here by some power greater than us. What we have to give can’t even come close.

    • perfectly stated….I basically think man does envy them..their absolute perfection…they do it all so beautifully.
      If we don’t act now the WILD America is gone…it will be all domesticated livestock to feed this huge burgeoning population. We are literally taking all the public lands as they drive off the wild horses and burros as well, that were supposed to be protected under the 1971 law enacted under Nixon. Please note that the only way, a wild animal is not trapped or hunted is if it is put on the endangered species list. That says that an animal has to be imperiled and close to extinction before the killing stops…think about it…we are living very high on the food chain to eliminate the other species that need that land as well to survive….

  7. And to say that wolves are a danger to children, well, after the events recently, I would have to say that humans are their own worst enemy by far, and especially to our children.

  8. Absolutely Ida. I agree with you.

  9. Stupid NRA.

  10. It would help a great deal if Ken Salazar is replaced as Secretary of the Interior with a real environmentalist and progressive. 238 groups, including environmental, Latino, religious, and progressive have sent a letter to President Obama to appoint Rep. Raul Grijalva(AZ) as the new Secretary of Interior. Rep. Grijalva sent a letter recently stating that the Fox Mountain alpha female Mexican wolf should not be taken from the wild. There is also a We the People petition up to sign about Rep. Grijalva. If you want change, please support this.

  11. I just wrote a letter to the governor of Michigan requesting that he vetoes Senate Bill 1350 (the bill that would classify the wolf as a “game species”). I doubt that it will work, but at least I tried to do something to stop the bill from being passed.

  12. Here’s the link to the wh petition to replace salazar with congressman raul grijalva – please sign/post/share so that we get 25,000 signatures by dec 31…..thanks….

  13. I have been working for the past three days on making my outrage known about the recent killing of the Alpha Female in Yellowstone last week of 832F. I wanted to get as much info on the incident as possible before commenting to anyone. I have since called the USFW in DC and spoken at length with the person taking comments. He said many people feel as I do, outraged. I lambasted them for delisting wolves. I left comments with my State Congressmen expressing my outrage and demanding the relisting of wolves. I wrote the NY Times and left a comment on their website stating the same and encouraging them to release the name of the hunter and to put stories like this on Front or National pages, not buried in environmental or human interest. I wrote MSNBC for coverage of this on their Rock Center program, much like the did for the Rhino poaching in Africa. I called and left messages with three wolf biologists at Yellowstone National Park, including the noted Doug Smith, I demanded to know the hunter and also requested a call back from them for a statement on their so called wolf project. They were all out supposedly until the 2nd of January. I wrote Sierra Club and told them I would not donate any more money unless it was specifically for the wolves. I left a message with the Defenders of Wildlife Northern Rockies office of Suzanne Stone asking for her input on what they are doing to demand restitution on this killing. I’ve written the office of the Governor of Wyoming and poke at length and with his Press person. In fact, I just hung up with him. That is where I realized there is NO sympathy for wolves in that state. Yes, they are outraged that the wolves were reintroduced into their state and they had no say so. He carried on about ranchers kids and dogs being in danger of wolves and losing money year after year to wolf predation. Families that have had ranches for decades near Yellowstone lament wolves feasting on their herds. They feel it is their right to eradicate these animals. They feel that their herds are food sources for wolves and wolves will never leave as long as they can feed. So, they must kill. The fact that the USFW, under the Dept. of the Interior, approved Wyoming’s wolf management plan, allows them to feel their plan is modest and sane. So, what I am saying is we cannot give up the fight. Just posting here is not the answer. You must call, write, protest, then call, write and protest again. Don’t send money to any group unless you let them know it is for the wolves. Ask them to be accountable. I tell them I want no mention of dolphins, dogs, bats or bears. I want their efforts for the WOLVES. I also wrote the Montana Sportsmens Association and the silly head of Friends of the Elk Herds or something ridiculous like that and told them they would never be free of the fight FOR wolves. They are the pagans and the predators. Anyway, I have been absent from my wolf activism for some time and am back at it with a vengeance this week. Just wanted to post to everyone on it. Thanks for being here as a forum for like minded wolf lovers.

    • You are amazing !!! .. I have done a lot of the same things you have done but not talked to press person at Wyoming gov office .. I called CNN and asked that they do a story on the wolves .. Just so the Wyoming people know the wolves were here before they settled that area.. So they can just take that old argument of theirs and basically stuff it .. The wolves belong to the public .. Not to them to do as they please .. It is America’s wildlife, not just theirs .. And that other old tired argument from the ranchers is an outlier and simply not true. .to be sure .23% predation is from wolves on livestock. Family dogs actually kill more at .6% .. The wolves aren’t interested in anything but their family pack and their wild prey such as deer or elk. And then they take the weak and infirm performing herd management better than any human could ever do!
      Somehow, this group dictates policy on an animal that manages its own environmental zone better than their human counterpart..
      And I’m not stopping my activism, I have a petition on entitled ” please stop killing us” ! I have called and written sec Salazar office many many times . He has never returned one call or written an email response .. He is an abysmal secretary of our beautiful lands. You’d think Bush was still president his policies are so special interest ( ranchers oil and gas leasing) driven.
      He is not a steward of the environment for the greater good . We definitely need a change In this office so the policies come from the top down. .. Please call Obama office and urge him to relist the wolf and delist Salazar
      Thank you
      Rebecca vitale mandich

  14. It’s so good to have all of you to talk with. I called Yellowstone and talked to a real person to complain about the famous female being shot. They were very embarrassed. They have taken out that phone and now you can only get a recording. But you can bet they know they will have angry customers or a lack of customers next season. You can only call to report a crime now but the number is 307 344 2134. I’m going to call it anyway because it’s the only one they have except for a tape recording. I wonder what the wolf biologists say. Don’t they think this is slaughter? Doesn’t it make them angry? Don’t they have more information than anyone to save this species? I don’t get it. I guess they have to save their jobs. But what a price!

    • I have called everyone and emailed everyone
      At I spoke with a biologist and they are very sad about the famous wolves shot .. He said they were like family. He said one of the wildlife commissioners got 1,000 emails re the wolf .. They voted to extend the boundary
      So the emails help and probably the phone calls so keep it up for our brother and sister wolf .. I am heartbroken and so upset by these “murders ” of animals that are just being gunned down for being a wolf.. They are wonderful beings and are the scapegoat for all the ills of there’s people’s world. It seems a very craven and cowardly game is taking place and their precious and beautiful blood is being spilled … I wish just one politician had the courage to stand up and say ” No ” .. ! Just one to say it ?? Are there any that can do this ? And ask the president to stop the killing! Haven’t enough innocents already died this month!
      God bless us all ! And I continue to do my meditative prayers for the wolves .. Please join me.. I started a petition at ” please stop killing us!” Please sign ASAP and pass on to others .. We must do this now ..
      Thank you
      Rebecca vitale mandich

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