Howling For Justice says:

This is a huge problem and one of the reasons the pro-wolf movement has been stalled. Too many people are depending on the big Orgs to save wolves when in fact they have very little to do with grass-roots organizing and mainly shun the smaller groups who have done much of the footwork concerning wolves. We are treated like step children while they beg for money to “save wolves” when in fact there is little “saving of wolves” going on. Before you give one cent to any large green group, find out their stand on wolf hunting. If they won’t tell you or equivocate, then pass them by.

Howling for Justice, Wolf Warriors, NIWA and Howl Across America do not support wolf hunting or wolf managing, which is a euphemism for killing wolves. Wolves do not need to be managed, their numbers are regulated by prey availability. Please do not be fooled or sucked into working with state game agencies who are in the predator killing business. They don’t care one whit about wolves, mountain lions, grizzly bears or other apex predators. What they care about is selling tags to trophy hunters who  love to kill predators. Wolf advocates need to put away the pipe dream of working with hunting centered agencies and push for relisting of gray wolves. That is their only hope of recovering in the lower 48. As long as the state game agencies are in charge of wolves they will continue to kill them.

The wolf hunts are purely political and have nothing to do with science. As of today 868 wolves have been wiped out in the combined hunts and if we don’t get serious this year about stopping the wanton slaughter of America’s wolves it  will become the norm and wolves will vanish from the lower 48 or will be kept around as a novelty in small, splintered packs, to be  hunted and persecuted, without ever being allowed to fulfill their role as vital apex predators.

 Thank you Jim for your clear thinking, excellent analysis of hunting and how far it is from being remotely connected to conservation. It’s the same as calling Ted Nugent an environmentalist.

Originally posted on Exposing the Big Game:

So you don’t get the idea I go around unfairly picking on small grassroots groups, here’s an excerpt from my book, Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport, wherein I take on the Goliath of all national green groups for siding with hunting…

Sport hunters have enjoyed so much laudation of late they’re beginning to cast themselves as conservation heroes. What’s worse is that many modern, influential green groups are swallowing that blather, hook, line and sinker. Maybe they ought to reread the words of Sierra Club founder, John Muir:

“Surely a better time must be drawing nigh when godlike human beings will become truly humane, and learn to put their animal fellow mortals in their hearts instead of on their backs or in their dinners. In the meantime we may just as well as not learn to live clean, innocent lives instead of slimy, bloody ones. All…

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  1. Love the fact that you are exposing the big Orgs. They do nothing but constantly ask for donations and write convincing stories that sucker us in believing they’re working to save the wolves. Just do some background checking on their fb pages. Defenders of Wildlife is one of many orgs. that laugh all the way to the bank with your hard earned money. Never donate without checking their accomplishments. Thank you for this well written blog.

  2. I stopped donating and my memberships to Defenders and Sierra Club a long time ago – because they do nothing – give out “gifts” and show beautiful pictures of the very Wolves that have been slaughtered – I have told them in e-mails and by returning all of their mailings w/ a note about how I think. All those “democrats” that voted to delist the Wolves in 2011 I am sure belong to one or more of these groups ie Kerry, Kennedy, Boxer, etc. etc. etc. – disgusting phony jerks! The Sacramento Bee did a very thorough expose of the so-called “wildlife management experts in the form of DFG & Wildlife “services”, etc. so I wrote my congressman (Mike Thompson) complaining about the wholesale slaughter and torture that takes place and rec’d. his already “stock” reply basically these groups were necessary to keep livestock and ranchers SAFE from all the predators out there- DUH! Considering one of these “necessary” organizations just killed two baby Mt. Lion cubs that were hiding under a porch and had empty stomachs(per DFG necropsy and statement) who they “thought” were ten months old and THIRTY pounds but turned out to be FOUR MONTHS OLD AND THIRTEEN POUNDS – there is not much hope AND this is California! These departments answer to no one except the Interior and Agriculture depts. and their leader’s who are ALWAYS livestock and ranching supporters.

  3. its sad to think all these animals are being SLAUGHTERED ALL BECAUSE OF $$$$$$$$$$

  4. Everything Obama does is for the God Almighty $$$$$$. He has a war on ALL animals, wild AND domestic. I have found that the Center for Biological Diversity appear to be the only group that will fight (in the courts, tooth and nail) for the wolf, and for wildlife. You get these well known groups that will say one or two things in favor of the wolf, then they disappear. Some are against PETA. Yes, they have very, umm, outspoken methods, but if they are willing to fight for the wolf, I am on their side, and not these so called animal activist groups that belittle them but don’t do a damn thing for the wolf. I don’t care who you are, how you do it, if you’re fighting for the survival of our icon, our wolves, then God bless you.

  5. Even at my ripe old age, I was actually pretty ‘innocent’ about the dark side of man and the rampant corruption of the ‘elected ones’—until August of 2011, on the eve of the wolf hunt as an infamous wolf hater taunted me about how awful things were going to be for wolves heretofore.
    I now have no regard for politicians, and a disdain for special interest groups and hunters, alike.
    Then to see our ‘own side’ drop the ball on gray wolves (DOW, Sierra Club, etc) was just sickening. We can’t weaken on our stand and we have to be very clear on what we want —no wolf hunting at all—and the wolves restored to their rightful place on the ESA.
    Wolves, as a persecuted animal, need permanent federal protection and in fact because they represent the wild spirit of America, should become a national symbol, like the eagle.
    Thank you for your many ‘truths’ in writing this blog and your great book.

  6. If you are a wolf advocate and oppose hunting, trapping and snaring of wolves – then be sure to ask the organization that you are making a donation to or help in other ways – where they stand. A recent editorial published by Wolves of the Rockies says the group supports wolf hunting.

    • Yes Resist….that should be the first question we ask a group, “Where do they stand on wolf hunting and trapping”. Many of the big Orgs are not opposed to it and say things like, we aren’t opposed to wolf hunting but wolves haven’t recovered yet. That is complete BS. Wolves do not need to be hunted or managed.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. Thank you, Jim. The mainstream groups continue to find ways to be part of the problem. It is amazing what happens to such groups when so much focus is spent on raising money, instead of their supposed mission.

  8. who do you guys think is the best organization out there fighting for wolves?

  9. Absolutely true! This is the old paradigm that got these boys what they wanted. We all agree in the back rooms and someone takes the fall, and it is always the wolf or another apex predator, and then they look the other way and pretend they had nothing to do with it and wring their hands. They have vilified this beautiful being and made it the enemy, and found agreement amongst themselves. I spoke to Carl Pope(ex pres of Sierra Club) at a political fundraiser in October and asked him why the wolf continues to be persecuted. He said the hunters want to be the top and only predator and these guys don’t see it any other way and basically the whole hunting paradigm is based on their wishes. He said it will never stop being that way. So the whole system is set up for them and managed from that reality.

  10. This is so frustrating and all of the above is true. I hope Nabeki comes up with an idea that can change the hunting paradigm. We will never find peace until we can get a handle on hunting.

  11. I wrote back several times to Defenders and told them I wanted more than a plush toy of a wolf. Never got an answer. They are doing nothing but asking for more money and using beautiful pictures of wolves probably now dead to do it. Worse than Whores. At least prostitutes have a product.

    • nancy..That’s why wolves are in the trouble they’re in because all we get is lip service from many of the big groups. Where is the grass roots organizing? Why not mobilize their base and get people out in the streets? They have tremendous power if they would only use it but I guess selling plush toys and talking about how terrible it is that wolves are being hunted is all we’re going to get. It’s the grass roots groups who will win this war for wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. I just got news that a judge in Montana has voided the buffer zone set up to protect the Yellowstone wolves that leave the park and go into Montana, due to a lawsuit from hunting groups. Wolves can now be hunted and trapped in the area around Gardiner. Hunters couldn’t even stomach a 60 square mile area where wolves would be protected. I am just outraged.

    • Judy, this is exactly why wolves cannot be “managed” on the state level. Wolves must be placed back on the ESA permanently. And there must be a permanent ban on the hunting of all native predators which do not need any “management” by state wildlife agencies or sport killers. This is exactly our mission.

      • Well said Bob. Wolves have been turned over to their mortal enemies. The haters may be gloating now and think they’ve won this war but they are wrong. They’ve won a few battles but it’s only made our side stronger and ready to fight on. Wolves will be relisted if the American people get involved and demand it. The hunting and ranching cabals hold the power now but they are in the minority.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. I can’t really blame the wildlife groups – the delisting is a huge stumbling block from which we may never recover. What a dumba$$ decision. The flimsy lawsuit removing emergency closing of the hunting zone near Gardinier is just the latest.

    • ida…the delisting dealt wolves a serious blow but what can be done can be undone. The reason the wolf states rushed to have wolf hunts is because they wanted to set a precedent, thinking that we could never undo the damage. But they are wrong. Maybe I’m an optimist but if we can get our message out and make enough noise things could do a 180. They are only winning because the MSM refuses to tell the story or report on the slaughter. They have no idea how committed we are and that we ARE NOT going to give up!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Good! I’m never going to give up either.

      • Great comment Nabeki and great response Ida.

  14. I am so disgusted with that judge in Montana. That is the trouble with having judges who are elected by popular vote and why federal courts are better. Local judges have to face re-election and the wolves can’t vote while their murderers can and do.

    • I’m disgusted too Marian.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  15. Thank you for this informative piece, Nabeki. I would like to know which organization best reprensents wolves in the court system. I will gladly divert my DOW dollars to another organization.

    • Wawash…I like WildEarth Guardians, Friends of the Clearwater, Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Western Watersheds Project.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  16. where is the group Annonymous? they are the only ones that can take down the hunting/nra nightmare – I keep hoping there is an animal lover somewhere in that group Yes, I like Peta also – they can be kooky, but that is what gets the public attention

    • Don’t forget Center for Biological Diversity. They are currently involved in several lawsuits to save wolves.

      • Yes Judy, I meant to add them. Thanks for reminding me!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • I’ve wondered about that too Pat? Where is everybody? How many wolves have to die before there is justice?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  17. Is there anyone doing a counter lawsuit to the hunting lawsuit that took away the buffer zone in Montana? And why in blazes didn’t someone have them leave the buffer zone in place til the lawsuit was decided???? Why not publish the name and address of the judge and their family – where everyone lives, goes to school, works etc so that they can be questioned on a constant daily basis why they are going against the will of the majority and going against the Lord? Let them be called Devil worshippers loudly wherever they are/wherever they go….call them Satanists who work for the Devil who are killers!
    There has to be consequences…..that judge cannot get away with it….and whoever had the buffer zone put in place needs to fight back and get it put in place where a judge like this hater cannot rescind it!

  18. how about a list of worthy org for wolves.. i have donated to earthjustice and howling for wolves, i know these 2 are good – any others ? timber wolf alliance?

    • Thomas….Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance, Footloose Montana, Friends of the Clearwater, Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Western Watersheds Project, CBD.

      For the wolves. For the wild ones,

      • There are too many small organizations. They would be more powerful when they join together!

  19. To get our wolves listed again as an endangered specie, Montana FW&P needs to discontinue using wolf footprints as a way to determine the number of existing wolves in Montana.
    A scientific approach needs to be used and we need to return to radio collaring wolves and identifying specific packs by population numbers, characteristics, and geographic location.
    If an Oregon wolf is referred as “OR 7″, then a wolf in Montana should be identified as MT# __ of the ___ Pack located in the _________.
    Any wolf that is collared should be “off-limits” to hunters and there should be a stiff penalty for killing one.
    It would probably take a couple of years to accomplish this and some “man power” and there would need to be some funding.
    The Wildlife Departments at the University of Montana and Montana State University could be involved in this project.
    During the time when packs are being identified, there should not be any wolf hunting of any kind.
    Our state and federal wildlife agencies do not want to do this because they know that wolf hunting has been based on totally inaccurate information and should never have been allowed.
    When this research has been completed, I am certain that our wolves will qualify for federal protection.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves

    • That is a wonderful idea, not just for gray wolves in Montana but for studying and protecting all species of wildlife all over the globe! We seriously need to go back to science for conserving and managing wildlife, and to get politics out of it! And as for that science, I have yet to see one non-governmental study that supports wolf hunting; if anything, I have seen studies that support the management of wolves without hunting them.

      The non-governmental scientists of this journal ( provide evidence for why the Rocky Mountain Gray Wolves are not recovered. It’s from 2009, but the wolf population has not changed much since then. And even if the science says that the Northern Rocky Mountain population of gray wolves is now healthy, the wolves should still go back on the Endangered Species List (as a threatened species or a species of special concern – if that latter category even exists for the ESA) as gray wolves still only inhabit about 5% of their historic range in the Lower 48 States; as in, they are gone from 95% of their Lower 48 range. That is not recovered from any perspective, even if the regional population is. To say that gray wolves as a species are recovered (in the Lower 48) just because the Northern Rockies population (plus the Great Lakes population) is healthy is like saying that the African elephant is recovered and no longer endangered since the population is healthy (overpopulated, according to some people) in Kruger National Park (or where-ever it is; I can’t remember where that controversial cull is). Obviously, this is not the case; elephants as a species are still highly endangered. Similar situation with wolves in the Lower 48.

  20. I’m sick and tired of wolf hunting being disguised as wolf management! This hunt is NOT responsible wolf management; it is slaughter, plain and simple!

  21. thank you very much for the information I will see what I can do as a rancher to provide more land for the wolves to Rome on without being slaughtered or persecuted

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