What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

Wolves sunset ThinkStock

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

‘Late morning,’ says the Wolf
as he runs and hides

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

‘Midday,’ says he
as shots ring out and
his pack scatters

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

‘Evening,’ says he sadly,
as he looks at the carnage
about him, metal teeth drawing

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

‘Too late,’ says the wolf
with tears in his eyes, now
the last of his kind as the
hunter takes aim…

What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

No more howls
Time has run out…

Alpa male Hawks nest pack paw print


By Darren Greenidge

Posted on December 23, 2012

Darren’s Website  – Caliburnus Rises

Thank you Darren for sharing your powerful poem with us. It touched my heart.

For the wolves, For the wild ones,


Wolf Paw Print

( Hawks Nest Alpha Male Who Was Shot and Killed)

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  1. Crying.

    • Darren’s poem is so powerful, it moved me to tears too Janet.

      For the wolves. For the wild ones,

      • Trophic Cascades.

        The Alphas are key to our Planet!

        In each Ecosystem we are blessed with the “best.”

        I do not speak of humans.

      • I sent a copy to Salazar and Obama.

        I also pressed this WONDERFUL prose through Linkedin.


  2. Outstanding. Touches heart AND soul. Thank you.

    • We have Darren to thank Gail…it touched my heart.

      For the wolves. For the wild ones,

      • I have this love embedded in my heart,

  3. Time for the tortured and oppressed – the wolves and those who fight for them – to stand up and revolt against the evil. We’ll make every rancher, hunter, trapper and supporting politician who dares to stand in our way pay for their crimes. Put whatever balls they have to the wall!

    Up the howls!

    • I agree. So do my friends and family.

    • Pete, if only we had 10,000 more like all of us here …..that is the problem….people not speaking out loud and continuously. I know that some of the big organizations like HSUS and others have filed lawsuits. I wish they had a special “predator actions” page so we could be kept up to date on their progress. It would help them, too, inasmuch as I’m certain we’d all be happy to donate a few extra dollars if we knew they were fighting like hell. It just seems like the feedback is hit and miss.

  4. Stunning. Thank you.

    • Batzion…Darren created something truly moving.

      For the wolves. For the wild ones,

      • He sure did. When I wrote that it was stunning, I meant it literally. It stunned me because it’s a beautiful tribute to the wolves but horrific beyond measure as well. The lone paw print at the bottom…it’s haunting.

      • Batzion….The paw print is actually a real print of a Mexican gray wolf, the alpha male of the Hawks Nest Pack, who was shot and killed, making the poem even more poignant.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. Very few phrases give me goosebumps.


    I have chills for our Canidae.

    The Babies.

    Nabeki, Your Good Karma is an Inspiration :)

  6. Still waiting for a plan to help put a stop to this complex and many faceted nightmare.

    • Agreed. We need money, organization, a big group of people who care, and a cultural shift recognizing that animals have a right to exist and live their lives without being interfered with, abused, and killed by human beings. Right now the money, organization, and power lie with the abusers and killers.

      • Marilyn, hadn’t seen your post when I stated similar. I’d prefer to contribute to organizations who are already working on this rather than splinter off and begin another. what do you think?
        Yes, the power does seem to lie with the abusers…how unfortunate.

        Want to see something? I was doing some research earlier today on the coyote “contests” that seem to be gaining popularity in the southwest. I’ve been curious to see if it would catch on in the NE. I almost freaked when I came across this…..and this is ONLY Pennsylvania! There’s an article, but scroll down to the “2013 Coyote Hunts” portion. AND many include foxes, crows, etc. I was so depressed :(


      • There is a planned ‘Contest” that is supposed to take place around 100 Mile House in British Columbia, Canada. Ranchers and First Nations are chomping at the bit to kill wolves, and will receive a prize for the smallest wolf killed. In other words, a baby. Canada is far behind a lot of other countries when it comes to animal rights, as you probably already know. I have written letters to government officials involved in this. They will notify me when they make a decision. This just sickens me! When will it stop? Why do we have to placate ranchers and First Nations? This is not respecting the animal spirit. I thought FN was into that.

  7. It is true.we can reach so many people’s hearts through Art:word,music,painting,dance, theater.Art is powerful.Just think of what Little red Riding Hood did for the wolf!!? Or the three little pigs..!!?It starts early,this training children’s minds to fear and hate.It is time to change these stories to speak the truths of today.I am grateful for this beautiful poem that was shared on this blog.We need more of this truth and beauty.Thank you ,Darren Greenidge.

  8. Yes, but when? I agree with you entirely, for emails and letters clearly mean nothing to those who have the power to stop this carnage.

    It seems the grey wolf will regain protection only when on the brink of extinction and only then because the hunters will agree that a moratorium on the slaughter (for that is all it would be) will ensure that the wolf, once its numbers have recovered, will again be available for their macabre ‘sport’.

    As heartbreaking as it would be for us, perhaps the last verse of Darren’s poem might be the only relief for this beleaguered species.

    No more howls
    Time has run out…

  9. My comment was in reply to Pete Braun.

  10. Thank you all so much for your kind words and passion. I am moved by your words for the wolves and the poem. Long may people like you be here to fight for them and the injustice and bad education that surrounds them and those that hunt and kill them. Bless you all.

    • No, bless you Darren for your wonderful, poignant poem and love of wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. Thank you Darren and thank you Nabeki for posting this heartbreaking poem. It is so sad that at this time we, people who care, feel as defenseless as those we want to protect and preserve. There must be a way to unite and fight back. Is it money that we need? Is it that organizations should get together as one and find a way which we all can follow? I am so so sad…

  12. Amen

  13. Heartbreaking poem, although becoming true. What more can we do for these poor creatures?

  14. People who support wolves are fighting back. But, the problem in the Northern Rockies is that most residents of these red states are conservative and believe that man dominates over all other species. These states were red and backward before wolves were ever reintroduced in ’95 and ’96.

    Many people live or move to ID/MT/WY because these states are Red, have few minorities and there is outlaw law enforcement like the anti-wolf sheriff’s department in Idaho County/Grangeville ID that sponsored a shoot/shovel & shut up raffle.

    If you want to kill something the flies or has four legs, or let your dogs rip apart a coyote or raccoon, the N Rockies are the place to be.

    • Absolutely! Isn’t it strange that some of the people who kill the most are Christians who use the Bible to justify their cruelty and death-dealing. I have one question: Who would want to worship a God that gives such people the right to harm and kill the creatures He supposedly created but turns over people to do anything they want with them. Unfortunately, the wolf killers and other abusers don’t have the cognitive skills to figure any of that out and the culture supports them.

      • Marcia when they use that “Dominion” argument, here’s something to counter with – I love this and may have posted before:

        Job 12:7-10 – “But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you. Which of all these does not know that the hand of the LORD has done this? In
        His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind”.


  15. So, so sad. What can be done on an activist, in-their-face (politicians and hunters) level?

  16. Beautiful bittersweet truths in a very moving poem. Thank you, Darren and Nabeki and fellow Wolf lovers and truth tellers. Waiting anxiously for the plan to help the Wolves. So true about the haters congregating in the Rockies…..but that does not excuse the fact that we all have to transcend this evil domination indoctrination and have laws that fit with our thinking and those in charge must change/be changed to enforce the laws of protecting Life vigorously! Imprison wolf killers/trappers and their political cronies/officials/sheriffs etc….for life without the possibility of parole as they are all serial killers. Society must be protected from them!

  17. Break’s my heart that these mean evil so called humans that are killing our beloved wolves don’t even care they have no heart,greedy selfish killers.

  18. Really crying because if things don’t turn around for wolves soon, this is true.

  19. Beautiful but heartbreaking poem. Sadly, this has already happened to the Japanese Wolf, the Hokkaido Wolf, the Texas Red Wolf, and the Florida Red/Black Wolf, while other wolves, like the Mexican Wolf, the Ethiopian Wolf, and the Himalayan Wolf, are on the verge of extinction. We must ensure that no other wolf species/subspecies follows this same path. Save the wolves!

  20. Here’s some very cool news! Be safe, smart wolves!


  21. Every night I say a prayer that there is (somewhere) a safe place where our wolves can hide. That enough of them will be able to survive and that they will not become extinct.
    Compared to mountain lions and coyotes, wolves are a very fragile population and if they are not put back on the Endangered List soon, they will cease to exist.

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