916 Wolves Massacred in Hunts….

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 What gives with the number changes? Can’t they count? Did they lose two wolves?

I haven’t been saving the individual daily counts but now I am. This has happened several times. Idaho’s counts have changed too. It’s bad enough having to do this but seeing the numbers go up and down  is even more maddening

January 14, 2013

138/31 Idaho
104/45 Montana
42/27 Wyoming
117    Wisconsin
412    Minnesota

January 11, 2013

138/31 ID
105/42 MT
42/27 WY
117 WI
412 MN

January 10, 2013

137/30 ID
109/37 MT
42/27 WY
117 WI
412 MN


January 9, 2013

136/28 ID
102/38 MT
42/27 WY
117 WI
412 MN



January 8, 2013

136/28 ID
103/39 MT
42/27 WY
117 WI
412 MN

There are no words for this disgusting display of cowardice and brutality. Why are these wolves dead?  What is their crime? That they live and breathe air?

All who are silent are guilty. All who made this possible are guilty. All who pulled the trigger, shot the arrows, used the poison, set the traps and snares, baited and called,  tracked the collars, killed the babies, killed the mothers, killed the fathers, killed the brothers, killed the sisters, killed without mercy, killed with black hearts, tortured, maimed, chased, bludgeoned, strangled, stalked and stabbed have my utter and complete contempt.

We will stop this madness, we will end this nightmare, we will save America’s wolves from this butchery, no matter how long it takes or the sacrifices we have to make. We will never give up, we will not capitulate. We are legion.

For the wolves,


“Wolves are the parents, the mothers, the fathers, the brothers and sisters that we always hoped we could be. I mean there’s extreme loyalty among family members, it’s everything to them

Ed Bangs, Nova Online


Photo: Courtesy The  Champion/ Tumblr

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  1. There will be a time when we will be able to hunt the hunters, and we will make them pay for this.

    • Sue – I am with u on that one! It tear my hearts and angry! i cannot understand at all.. I feel my body is dying! Made me sad all the times!

    • Farley Mowat told the truth: “I don’t like saying this, but I think we’re a bad species, and the sooner we got off the planet, the better.”

      It will certainly be better for just about every other species that we are torturing/exterminating.

      • Sad but true. We were put as caretakers of all living creatures. We have done a really bad job.

    • Amen!

    • I’m with you on that one. This is so sick and disgusting that we can’t let any animals live in peace.

  2. Yes I am flaming mad as hell as well … I have plenty of free time to spend helping with this cause…

    Tell me how I can help…


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    Sad and sickening. Breaks your heart knowing the cruelty and the ignorance of humankind…

  4. This is human arrogance and stupidity at it’s worst. I agree with Nabeki, we will never give up fighting for the wolves. Hunting the hunters will teach them nothing because they are already lost in ignorance and separation from their true Self, which is a part of all that is. This tears my soul and breaks my heart. Insanity – how can you possibly reason with insanity? Mother, Father, Sister, Brother Wolves – forgive us for not protecting you. I hear your voices echoing through the emptiness left behind by your slaughter – it is a bitter wind that chills to the bone.

    • Thank you, Janet, for you beautiful words and good heart.

  5. You know it is really sad that these wolf killers have nothing better to do than show their total ignorance and stupidity. These majestic animals have done nothing to these and other people, as a matter of fact these people have invaded their space. Wolfman in Loveland Colorado

  6. To the angel of the wolves:

    I thought this site might be a place for people to be notified of what’s going on with the majestic creatures, a good petition site for public to sign the petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com



  7. There are no words for this, man will pay dearly one day….

  8. And where are you now, Ed Bangs? You coward. You and Doug Smith who lives in his protected Yellowstone cocoon and the pervert traitor David Mech, who are enabling this criminal wolf massacre. You all know how wrong this is, as scientists who know these innocent beings so well. You and so many others who know the truth and do nothing to counter the liars and haters. You all suck and have ruined whatever decrnt legacy you had. Cowards!

    • Dearest Nabeki and all,

      Since the wolf hunting plans in MT and MI are proceeding to increase the number of killings in the future,along with The way being legally opened in WI for dog tracking of wolves, we might consider that the total unleashing of armed, angry men so intent on the persecution and death of those they revile, is a signal of near complete deterioration of a human society.

      Even the worshiped environmental icons Aldo Leopold and Ernest Thompson Seton were reformed “wolfers” in the term used in the 1800s and early 19s for those who eagerly killed this other social intelligence for profit.

      Science has prized objectivity, training men and women to compartmentalize their emotions, ethics,and moral sense, when involved in professional activity. Of course, in reality, we are equipped with a brain which processes information always through emotion, belief, values; although neuroscience, social biology and psychology recognizes this, the antiquated practices are still paramount in Bob Goldman’s individuals,along with Ed Bangs and others who have both worked to understand the wolf and betrayed themselves as well as their subjects through this failure of personal integrity.

      The gunmen in the forests and mountains of my land are an invasion of exactly that ethic which created both deadly violent children and adults who blindly shoot up others, and by those who arm themselves and their schools in fear of those who act out in deadly fashion. Since fear cannot be killed, the only way to completely overcome it is to face life without deadly projectile weapons.

      Since the old wolf sleeping, waiting behind me is in danger from our very walking in any area where any wolf has been reported, by those armed and frustrated individuals, this legalization of their psychological disorder has become quite personal.

      Bob, I’d like to take a look at your own anger: Do you recognize that it is a natural response that returns you to a sense of power, however momentary?
      Use it to regain the power inherent in life, to change such a culture that vilifies other beings and believes that abuse,torture, execution is a valid ethic.

      I do some things not worthy of reporting, and speak in anger over this persecution of the innocent self-willed wolf;; I invite you all to do as you are moved to.

      • Thanks, Mike. It’s the heartbreak we feel for our innocent brother and sister wolves that deserve respect and life… It’s the rage and anger we feel towards the depraved and evil killers… It’s the immense frustration we feel towards the undemocratic and corrupt wildlife MIS-management agencies… And our unyielding belief in justice, respect and kindness that all combine to drive us forward, much more creatively and powerfully, to defend and protect our beautiful wolves.

  9. Farley Mowat is a wolf angel, still here with us, doing his best to spread respect and love. Farley, you will always be my number one earth hero and have been since I was ten years old. Forty years later, my gratitude to you, gets stronger by the day and helps keep me going. I love you, Farley, along with my eternal wolf pack.

  10. I’m going to have to read more about Farley Mowat. What could Ed Bangs and Doug Smith have done? Also, I know it’s difficult but please, Bob, take a deep breath. We understand the depths of your feelings of loss and share it. Do’t let it strain your brain.

    • Nancy, save such advice for yourself. I can be angry and however else I feel about what is being done to wolves, with no advice wanted or needed from anyone about taking a breath or calming down. You deal with it your way and I’ll deal with it my way. I am heartbroken and angry and I use that to fight harder to protect wolves.

  11. The slaughter of wolves sickens me and those who take pleasure in this are doomed.

  12. My mom worked with ed bangs, and between him and david mech. They were the worst thing ever for the wolves. Sure they helped get the wolves in the USA. But they experimented upon them and set them up for hunts and did master plans for the cattle ranchers and gave the grazing rights away. Used them as a bargain for the ranchers and here… read this, my mom was in the agency. She was part of it. She seen the betrayal and is now front line trying to save the wolves along side us, her children. We are in the woods trying to rescue them. David Mech and Ed Bangs are POS’ and nothing worse then the ones who are putting the bullets and traps upon the wolves. Read this and Learn something about MR ED BANGS !


    • krystal..I know all about Ed Bangs and his attitude toward wolves. But the quote came from a NOVA ONLINE interview that was from the late nineties, early 2000’s, a much different perspective. I used to quote David Mech years ago too..especially this quote: “If the wolf is to survive, the wolf haters must be outnumbered. They must be outshouted, out financed, and out voted. Their narrow and biased attitude must be outweighed by an attitude based on an understanding of natural processes.” -L. David Mech”

      What happened to those men?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nothing happened to these men, which is the problem.

        Krystal and her mother come from a tradition of love and respect for the wolf, to whom they recognize themselves as close relatives. They personally have met and professionally worked with some wolves who were recently killed, which has emotionally devastated them, although perhaps strengthened them as well.

        The wolf has been my teacher, in quite a personal way, and although I studied wolves and related ecology, i’ve always known that failure of science as true ethical inquiry, to which I alluded in a note above to Bob Goldman.

        All scientists of that generation which produced Mech, Bangs, and others suffer from the protocols imposed, for so long by the time they came into important positions, they regarded their dissociation as necessary.
        Perhaps they will gain wisdom, but so long as Mech, for instance, is called upon to consult, he will advocate lethal force against the wolf, as he sees human “management” as the method of reducing interhuman dispute or social violence (he’s wrong in my eyes, for many reasons. One: those to whom I alluded in my Goldman comment have no intention of live-and-let-live).

        If you look at human concerns through the lens of media and politics, or just poll neighbors, you will probably find little concern with other species or their plight, especially predators. There is a phrase,”Great Chain of Being” which refers to the arrogant and erroneous human presumption that evolution led to humans at the apex of creation. Many scientists and organized religionists still subscribe to the reality of that fallacy.

        I hope I gave you a hint of their beliefs.

        Krystal and Nabeki, my heart is with you both.

        The heart of the wolf is innocent, and in the only true practicality, each he or she accepts what comes. Yet ferocious defense is also part of that innocence.

    • They are empty shells. And I mean that in the strongest sense. I spoke today for nearly an hour with a well-known team lead in the wolf recovery program. After the conversation and reflecting, and with a tad of female intuition, my sense of this person and the operation is this: They do not care a whit about these animals. It’s a game to them. It’s control. It’s entertainment. It’s domination. It’s an experiment. A total, reprehensible betrayal of these magnificent animals and of decent, caring people who do care deeply about these animals and all life and our beautiful planet. Those who have done this and continue to oppress and disrespect these animals will have their day. You can count on it.

  13. This needs to stop!! If they were endangered then this would be a crime, punishable and would have a better chance of stopping. Some people won’t be happy until they end all wildlife, then we end! Stop this now -

  14. The attitude towards the attack on preds stems,I believe,from the 1920’s and 1930’s with congress voting to kill them all,and forming the Wildlife Survey,Roosevelt,once these old folk from that age die out the deeply embeded hatred should go with it leaving only the lazy trappers to deal with

    • The attitudes are far older.

      Teddy Roosevelt, he of only-good-indian-is-dead-one fame, perceived himself as admirable and courageous through sending lethal bits of lead at distant animals. His ethic had to do with conservation for that purpose.
      Yet you mean Franklin.

      Mech’s instructor who set young trapper Mech to study wolves, was Durward Allen (of Purdue U was it?), who had a much more encompassing ability to love, and did not divorce himself from that respect in his work.

      The attitude is well-known to have stemmed from European attitudes. Few may be aware of how even in 1600s Pennsylvania and other colonies, large Groups of hunters would disperse in rings (up to 200 miles in diameter according to one source), each traveling toward the center, firing their weapons at ALL animals.
      It was done to kill predators,but the advantages were too lucrative, and all the terrified animals who did not escape the ring of fire, would be killed.

      Professional wolfers were hired to clear areas ahead of settlers in new US territories, so that wolves would be utterly exterminated by bullet, trap, strychnine. The wolfers gained bounties from government. I did not study when this began, but it occurred throughout the expansion into Louisiana Purchase lands, and continued until the last bounties were rescinded in the 1960s. US and Canada supported these men,

  15. I met Farley Mowat at his house in Canada in 1974 and he autographed my copy of Never Cry Wolf. He was a true pioneer in dispelling the myths about wolves and showing how valuable they are and doing it in a way the general public could understand.

  16. Damn them all! The fight continues!

  17. Im angered and saddened to hear the relentless massacre and extermination of wolves all across the nation. Wolves deserve to live free from the threat of man!! These wolf haters and biased humans, have no heart they are greedy they may have money and , whine and payoff the government and think they own the planet and can do away with the wild. We the wolf advocates and those who want to see the persecution of wolves ended must rise up, the wolves need us!! I know its another petition that may go unnoticed but we must keep fighting for wolves can’t let big mouthed hunters and ranchers get away with this.. We are watchers and the corrupt are seen for what they do. please sign and share send emails, letters, calls and spread the word howl for the wolf we will be heard.Below is a link for a petition


    • Petition signed. They need about 1,000 more signatures on this particular “Care2″ petition. Petition signing makes a difference! Thanks for posting the link so that others are aware of the opportunity to sign. ~Gerean Pflug, The Animal Spirits

      • You’re very welcome the animal spirits.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Thank you for sharing Jamie!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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  19. Wolf Defenders for LIFE!!!! U R NOT alone, we will NOT stop defending our beloved predators, humans MUST learn, and Big Industry will get CHECKED as consciousness grows!!! We will HOWL LOUDER THAN EVER TO AWAKEN THE SLEEPWALKERS AMONGST US!

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  21. According to a WDFW news release:
    The recovery and management of gray wolves in Washington and other western states will be the topic of three public meetings this month hosted by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). A panel of experts will discuss ongoing efforts to recover Washington’s gray wolf population, the latest information from population surveys in Washington and gray wolf management strategies used in other states. “Wolves are a high-profile species that attract considerable public interest from people who often have opposing views,” said Dave Ware, WDFW game manager. “This is a great opportunity for people interested in gray wolves to hear from experts about the recovery of the species throughout the West.”
    Keynote speakers include Mike Jimenez, Rocky Mountain wolf coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in Wyoming; Carter Niemeyer, retired wolf specialist with the USFWS and the U.S Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services; and Donny Martorello, WDFW carnivore section manager.
    The public meetings are scheduled for:
    Jan. 16 – Center Place Regional Event Center, 2426 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley, 6-8 p.m.
    Jan. 17 – Office Building #2, at 14th Ave. and Jefferson St., Olympia, 2:30-5 p.m.
    Jan. 18 – Magnuson Park’s Garden Room, 7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, 6-8 p.m.

    Don’t expect any kind of enlightened speech from the keynote speakers. What a pathetic bunch of self-righteous self-serving good ol’ boy wildlife managers. Whenever a species is “man”aged, the animals always end up being the losers.

    • Yes but go and speak out against the BS JustTheTruth…be a lone wolf.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • OK, I will take some anti-nausea pills and a barf bag and go.

    • Defenders of Wildlife and the Center for Biological Diversity just sent out emails asking people to attend the WDFW meetings and speak out for wolves.

      Defenders of Wildlife said “Wolf opponents may be present in force demanding that more wolves are killed.”

      As to questions to be asked of the panel, the Center for Biological Diversity, suggested the following:

      – I support using nonlethal measures to avoid livestock depredations. Is it true that these preventative actions are more effective at preventing unnecessary livestock death than wolf killings?
      – If wolf killing continues as a result of livestock death and livestock grazing and animal husbandry practices are not changed, will the same problems exist when wolves move into ranching territories?
      – I’m not aware of any published research demonstrating that killing wolves changes the behavior of other wolves — or that it creates human tolerance for wolves. With that in mind, what is the rationale for killing wolves?
      – Killing wolves does nothing to prevent future conflicts or reduce the number of wolves killed in the future. Isn’t there a better way?

      A few of my questions are (feel free to use):

      – The primary mandate for WDFW is to “protect, preserve, and perpetuate” our state’s wildlife, not cattle. Why is WDFW killing endangered species to protect cattle and hunting interests?

      – The wolf recovery and mangement plan is based upon the faulty premise that wolves will continue to flow into the state from Brittish Columbia, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. With the all out war on wolves going on in these areas, there will be few wolves left to move into Washington. Are you planning on revising the plan based upon the ongoing slaughter of wolves in other states?

      – Based upon the war on wolves and bloodbath that is going on in other states, what is WDFW going to do to prevent the same thing from happening here or do you support what is happening in other states?

      – The Colville Tribe is planning on hunting wolves. Shouldn’t the plan be revised to reflect the toll they will take on wolves in Washington?

      – The number of breeding pairs required prior to delisting wolves in Washington State is ridicouslly low. With the decreased movement of wolves into Washington, shouldn’t this number be greatly increased to prevent inbreeding and disease?

      Ask questions and keep asking until you get a decent answer. Be prepared and write your questions down before the meeting. You may be able to orally ask the questions or they may require you to write them on a supplied form.

  22. It seems like the desire to slaughter wolves has spread to Russia: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/09/world/europe/predatory-wolves-in-siberia-lead-to-a-boon-for-hunters.html?_r=0

    • Sonoran-Loba Russia has always been very brutal to their wolves, they have zero protection except from caring people that take an interest in their welfare.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  23. To “Just The Truth”, I was planning on attending the WDFW meeting in Seattle on the 18th. Do you think it will be a waste of my time?

    • I don’t know. Listening to the speakers would probably be a waste of time. There is supposed to be an opportunity to submit questions. Asking them hard questions and being a thorn in their side might make it worth going.

      Showing up and standing outside with a protest sign might generate some interest from those attending and the press.

    • No Wawash…anytime a wolf advocate can be present is a good thing. I would bring notes and speak if you have the chance. Knowledge is power.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  24. Regardless of where we live, we CAN act together. So far they have not listened to us. I have an idea. It would be a GLOBAL campaign and there would first be a lot of wrinkles to iron out. It would be a “POST IN PROTEST” call to action. All landowners would post their private land in solidarity with wolves, coyotes and ALL predators who are killed without reason, killed in “contests” and killed in traps. Hunters are clamoring for more places to hunt and most hunting is currently done on private land (varies from state to state). Let the hunters THEMSELVES get angry and put the pressure on Fish and Wildlife and all state agencies until they are ready to do something that actually addresses the wildlife, not caters to hunters. We could have signs….a logo that would be recognized universally. It would take a lot of work. It would cost some money for signs and mailing. And you wouldn’t HAVE to be a landowner….they could be posted on anyone’s house or window. It’s time to get everyone AWARE of what is happening to the wild ones. Amazing how many people have no idea. It’s an opportunity to show our solidarity.


    • I love your idea Gail. That is what this blog is all about, wolf advocates brain storming and organizing. It would be a “wolf conservancy” movement. As in “this land is off limits to wolf hunting and other predators”. We have to fight this war on many battlefields. I would promote it on the blog!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki, I love wolves, but I also love coyotes and ALL predators…ALL wildlife, My idea for this came from the malicious “contests” where “kill all you can in 3 days” There is no limit to the numbers that can be killed (NO LIMIT!) and is gaining momentum , , sponsored by local gun/hunt clubs and companies such as Foxpro, their main focus being coyotes but also include foxes, bobcats and even crows (PA). So in actuality, it would be more a “predator conservancy” movement….or….it could be more specific as in a “wolf/coyote conservancy” or “wild canid” movement. There are some feelers out now, it will be interesting to see the responses. Many wrinkles to iron out first, but it could be a mutual goal of ALL WILDLIFE ADVOCATES. If landowners will volunteer to comply,and education has an even greater far-reaching effect…..we could accomplish something very worthwhile. It should be ongoing and relentless. Of course there are always federal and state lands, but there is a high preference for private land.

    • *since FB is starting to censor and requires too much personal info, perhaps use a site at http://friendica.com/ for organizing this? It’s much safer and the server is not in the US. other docs can be shared via anonymous email and pastebin-type site, you can share documents, pdfs to download and print anywhere. people who had graphics to share could also do same and relaying url to download. pdf’s do nicely for this. you can lock pdf’s so they can’t be changed, if that is useful.

      • Thank you, river g, for the suggestion. My pc knowledge is very, very basic. I’ll keep your idea and maybe you could help if/when the time is right…?

  25. the NRA ,RMEF,Trappers,they all take care of their own and thats it,its a war your in and you have to take it to them , they’re not your friends,

    • One way to meet that objective is to get people to “post”. Creates kind of a “squeeze” effect ;)

  26. I am waiting to see the the Administration does as far as EPA and SOI appointments. My pen is hovering over the edge of changing my political party affiliation on the new census form I received, and whoever is chosen will be the tipping point to me becoming an Indpenendent. I found this throwing wildlife under the bus to gain a Democratic senate advantage repugnant, and I will never support the party again, but will vote on an inidividual basis.

    • That’s exactly my sentiment ida. I can remember a time when we could count on the Democrats to protect the ESA and wildlife but now, when it’s politically expedient, they will sacrifice our wolves to cold blooded fish and game agencies to hold onto power. Idaho and Montana wolves were sold down the river for Jon Tester’s senate seat. it was not long ago when Bruce Babbitt was at Interior and Bill Clinton in the White House. Now we have a president who delsited wolves not once but twice, something George Bush couldn’t accomplish. They passed Obamacare without one single Republican vote. I shudder to think what Obama will do in his second term when he doesn’t face re-election. It’s scary. Salazar is coming for the grizzlies next.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Caution to all: R-Serrano is introducing HJ-5 for a no-limit presidency, a repeal of the 22cd amendment.

        one source: http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-hj5/show

        Follow this please! This is a non-partisan issue.

        BTW, Americans must stop being mesmerized by the ‘shiny object ‘ of the two party system. Observe how it’s failed repeatedly. There were 5 presidential candidates this election, but only two received any air time, except on Democracy.now. Respectfully suggested for our country and the Wolves.

  27. It will surely hit a 1000 by Month’s end .. Does
    The slaughter stop the 31st ? .. Never never never again.. To stop this criminal cowardice is my main goal in life …
    We can stop this forever !
    Thank you
    Rebecca vitale mandich

  28. For Midwestern activists, please attend the memorial of the slain Wisconsin wolves tomorrow starting at 4:30pm ending at 5pm. At 101 South Webster Street, Madison Wisconsin.

    Volunteers are requested to help set-up at 4pm.

    From the Alliance For Animals http://www.allanimals.org/

  29. http://www.twincities.com/sports/ci_22194932/ultimate-catch

    Check out this article from the Minnesota hunt and associated comments.

  30. Hi Nabeki, What questions/statements would you present at the WDFW meeting next week in Washington state if you had the opportunity? Isn’t Carter Niemyer supportive of wolf recovery?

    • Nabeki may be gathering information for you – but you will need to become familiar with the literature. Many sources of digested information are available through websearch.

      Since modern research disagrees with the low target populations of restoration efforts, you will have to look particularly at peer-reviewed wolf ecology materials, – most are not easily accessed outside of university/education portals, and as I have not been in those places in the years since a wolf adopted me, I am not updated.

      Study population ecology.
      A large consideration is the effect of human management. In the short time of US recovery/management, the wolf population has grown well, but highly insufficient time or consideration had been given to uncertainties.
      (Wawash, it might be wise to limit the scope of your questions, as a discussion of the full gamut would be more extensive than Nabeki’s entire website!)
      Demographic uncertainties
      Catastrophic ” including accelerated climate change
      Environmental ”
      Genetic drift in small or isolated populations
      Founder effects

      I had expected population diminution from such effects (and some others), before the trend to slaughter proliferated so completely. My expectations were due to the predator/prey relationships, to emerging diseases carried largely by domestic canids and other species. (I had no idea that humans would become so violent and use such political force to persecute the wolf,only a few years past,believing that the new century’s rabidity was a passing phenomenon.)

      All the above dangers to survival increase hugely in small and diminished populations. Those are areas which recoveries, delisting, state management where wolf populations exist, have all failed to address remotely sufficiently. Contiguous populations are vital in avoiding these problems, so efforts to retain and increase contiguity of free wolf migration/dispersal MUST include physical connectivity unblocked by any method of population reduction or limitation.

      Authors such as Michael Soule’ are good sources for questions you should pose in these areas.
      Conservation biology is one term for the subject.

      Human management of wolves has caused some social unrest, and ethical questions are appropriate, including questioning the psychological results of empowering individuals and public to lethally manage wolves. (Now, there’s euphemism!)

      • Good, Mike! I would think these suggestions could be extrapolated to other predator species as well….?

  31. Please stop killing My Brothers and Sisters!

  32. I pulled the abo ve refr. article from twincities Minnesota and was absolutely sick – if I could just hang that asshole from his balls I would

    • The wolf hunters and trappers do worse, purposefully. It may be instructive for you to really look at their words, records,actions, in order to understand more clearly what you are up against.

      Since governments have unleashed this, after years of supporting restitution to the offspring of these victims of genocide, it may be that you have to find ways to rein in those who have allowed and compromised with such individuals.

      I once went to Montana calling my visit going to the Sundance. That meant to offer myself so that my people may live.

      We are still on this journey, still sacrificing. This describes Nabeki and all who come to her site. If you are called in any way by these, your brothers and sisters, your sacrifice is good and beautiful.

      • Mike, I agree that it is definitely instructive to go to “their” websites, it is very wise to not give in to the temptation to comment or communicate with them in any way. There is a movement/petition going around asking people to pledge NOT to comment, since it is felt that they really feed off of people’s sadness, anger and rage. I believe that to be true.

  33. I’m sorry I read that – what a ghastly article. It’s hard to believe people like that are allowed to raise children.

  34. I too am extremely irritated by their inconsistency with the numbers! They’re the ones that are in charge of wildlife conservation, management and population monitoring, and as such they should be consistent and accurate with the numbers! If they’re not then they shouldn’t be wildlife managers!

  35. I cannot believe that the death toll (for the 2012-2013 wolf hunting season) is now over 900…this is heart-wrenching! Rest in peace, 900+ poor wolves. They did not deserve to lose their lives like this.

  36. http://www.nrdc.org/wildlife/wild-things/ i cant wait till this is finished to see it

    • I didn’t realize it wasn’t finished. The NRDC did a great job in exposing the ignorance and useless killing (to provide paychecks), I look forward to it’s completion as well.

  37. We are in such different times. I read ppl have stopped believing in petitions to Salazar, etc. We wolf advocates need to study new tactics for vicious, senseless times. With a developing national ‘Statsi’ , please go to eff.org to see how to defend your identity when signing petitions. I assure you this is not paranoia.
    Also beautifultrouble.org. ( book also for non-online study ) will offer some evaluation of actions. I type this in full respect of everyone’s good intention and hopes since the delisting. Peace to all, especially the martyred wolves and… democracy. They seem doubly iconic to me.

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  39. These people are pathetic. When will they learn that its not their world to destroy?

    • That’s part of the problem….”they” do believe it’s theird to do whatever they wish because “it’s legal”. No one ever said it was moral or ethical but they don’t seem to care about that because they need someone’s skin for their wall and they are quite determined to get it. How pathetic they are.

  40. Ok I might not be a very knowledgeable about wolves; but I believe in my opinion they are majestic beautiful animals!! I learned from helping my son on a wolf report; that they do not attack humans! The wolves only kill to survive (to eat), protect their family, or cornered. They are our teachers, friends brothers, sisters, and etc.. They where here first and they have every right to be here as we are.. They know more about being a family and being human than we do!! Much love to the wolves!!

  41. And yet it gets worse http://www.mtexpress.com/vu_breaking_story.php?bid=98789#.UPmpR2dqx8E

  42. WDFW Wolf Meeting Follow Up

    I attended the WDFW wolf meeting in Seattle. There were a lot of people in attendance. They did a last minute move to an unheated warehouse type building to accommodate the number of attendees. No one was allowed to speak during the meeting. All questions had to be written down to be turned in to the panel. There were three armed guards there to keep the peace. Frankly I was glad they were present. Who knows how many armed wolf-haters may have been there. The agenda was for the panel to speak from 6 to 7:30 and then to answer questions from 7:30 to 8:00. The speakers were gas bags and spoke until nearly 8. They then answered questions until 8:30.

    This is the gist of what I heard:

    1. The reintroduction and recovery of wolves into the Northern Rocky Mountain region has exceeded their wildest expectations.
    2. Wolves have phenomenal reproductive and dispersal abilities.
    3. If you love wolves, that is ok. If you hate wolves, that is also ok. There are more than enough wolves to both love and hate.
    4. They encourage hunting of wolves so that they do not exceed their carrying capacity.
    5. Prior to re-instating wolves the federal government made a deal with the livestock industry that wolves killing livestock would not be tolerated. These wolves that kill livestock or venture into populated areas would be killed. This promise by the feds cannot be broken. (Like the federal government never breaks promises. Just ask the Native Americans about that.)
    6. Problem wolves (20% of the population) cause problems. The other 80% do not.
    7. Wolves are abundant in British Columbia and Idaho and continue to move into Washington.

    Occasionally one of the speakers would throw out a tidbit to make you think they actually liked wolves and people would applaud. I personally did not take their bait.

    I wrote down five questions. The moderator sorted and organized the questions. Only one of my questions was read and it was sanitized or toned down by the moderator, perhaps so as to not incite the crowd. And no, I did not use any bad words or insults. My question was that the number of breeding pairs required prior to the state delisting them was ridiculously low and shouldn’t the plan be adjusted to reflect the all-out war on wolves going on in other states and British Columbia, since there would be few wolves left to disperse into Washington. The Panel’s answer was of course that wolves have phenomenal reproductive and dispersal abilities and would continue to move into Washington. I wanted to scream, but didn’t (remember the armed guards).

    The moderator said that any questions that could not be answered in the time allowed would be summarized and answered on the WDFW wolf page on their website. I can’t wait.

    Sorry for posting such a long comment, but I believe this is information could be helpful to others. If others attended the meetings, I would like to hear your impressions.

    • JustTheTruth, Thanks very much for the excellent summary. I particularly appreciated your comment about the federal government breaking its word, every single treaty, with the Native Americans. Any totally dumb and uncalled for promise to the dirty, filthy lying cattlemen is a promise that must and will be thrown out the window to accommodate the 99.9% of Americans who are not cattlemen. It’s time to put justice for native wildlife and the ecological health of the land ahead of the massively destructive and murderous cattlemen. Wolves not cows on America’s public lands!

    • JustTheTruth,

      Thanks for sharing and participating, I know it must have been painful to listen to some of that rubbish. The end game is to get to the low number of breeding pairs and then start hunting wolves. Most of what you reported sounds like they were spouting the standard party line. And I thought Washington would be different but after the Wedge Pack slaughter I knew they were just like the rest of the wolf killing states. The thing that just kills me is there is no consideration of the social nature of wolves or pack cohesion. Their attitude is a wolf, is a wolf is a wolf. If you kill one, they just make more. It’s maddening and these are supposed to be biologists. I bet they forgot to mention that wolves in North America have lost 43% of their genetic variability since the 1900’s. All the killing has wiped out much of their diverse gene pool. That means weaker immune systems, making it harder to fight off disease, smaller litters, etc. BUT thank you for attending and reporting back, well done!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • You are right. They conveniently failed to mention that wolves have lost 43% of their genetic variability.

        These fish and wildlife guys are all alike. No heart and a tiny penis. Maybe they have lost some of their genetic variablity, too.

        In Washington, it took a citizens initiative to ban bear baiting and hound hunting of bears and cougars. It took another initiative to ban steel jaw traps. WDFW fought both of these initiatives all the way and are still trying to weaken and overturn them. They see absolutely nothing wrong with these practices. They still even allow baiting of dear, elk and other animals. How lazy and unsporting is that.

        I forgot to mention that at the meeting one of the WDFW guys said that WDFW is not in the business of killing animals. This is what the director of WDFW said after they killed the Wedge Pack. Excuse me but, killing is their business. They sell hunting and fishing licenses to kill animals. They manage the killing. They raise fish and birds to be killed. They teach kids and adults to kill. Killing is their only business! What kind of alternate reality do these people live in?

      • Just The Truth….you summed it up perfectly. They are in the business of killing, turning states into giant game farms, slaughtering predators to remove competition for their customers…the hunters.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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