Salazar Is Leaving!!


Thank god, we’ve all waited for this news! Salazar is leaving the Interior and heading home to Colorado in March! The wolves will be howling tonight.  Salazar has been the worst Interior Secretary EVER. James Watt couldn’t hold a candle to him and that’s saying something.

He and Obama together have delisted wolves twice in the NRM AND recently delisted wolves in the Great Lakes, causing untold wolf suffering  in both parts of the country.  Our rancher Interior Secretary announced last year he’d like to see grizzlies delisted by 2014. So all I have to say to Ken Salazar is GOOD RIDDANCE!!

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-AZ,  is the right choice to be our next Interior Secretary. His record on the environment stands for itself. Not only would his selection be right for all America’s wildlife and wild places but he actually cares about wolves.  When the Fox Mountain alpha female was being threatened with removal from her family and pack, Rep. Grijalva personally  wrote to  USFWS Regional Southwest Director, Benjamin Tuggle, on behalf of this highly endangered and beleaguered Mexican gray wolf.

From Lobos Of The Southwest:

Congressman Grijalva Sends Letter to Director Tuggle of the Fish and Wildlife Service

 Arizona Congressman Speaks Up in Support of Mexican Gray Wolves, August 16, 2012 (posted 08/23/12)

Arizona Congressman, Raul Grijalva, responded to his constituents concerns about the planned removal of the Fox Mountain alpha female.  In his letter to U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s Southwest Regional Director, Dr. Benjamin Tuggle, Congressman Grijalva expresses “serious concerns about the ecological impacts of permanently removing this wolf”.
Here are a few more excerpts from his letter:

“There are few wild wolves in this area.  Leaving them in place is critical for their recovery.”

“I am concerned that her removal could result in death or injury for her, her pups, or other adults in the pack.”
“If the Service feels it needs to remove the Fox Mountain alpha female, it should refrain from doing so until it has a solid plan in place to release more wolves.”
“I am concerned that the Service is removing wolves without a plan to enhance the overall population.”

You can read the complete letter here.

Please call the White House and your representatives and let them know you support the selection of  Rep. Grijalva to head the  Interior.

US Capital Switchboard Number


President Obama

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

White House comment line:  202-456-1111


Interior Secretary Ken Salazar leaving Obama administration

By Morgan Little January 16, 2013, 7:46 a.m.

WASHINGTON — Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced Wednesday that he plans to step down and return to Colorado, leaving another opening in President Obama’s Cabinet.

Click here to read more.


Photo: kewlwallpapersdotcom
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  1. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game.

  2. Salazar is leaving!!!!!!!!!!!One huge step in the right direction..yes ..the wolves and i will both be howling tonight!!

    • Best news in a long time! Sad thing is that having pandered to the ranchers, hunters, and other big- money interest groups, Salazar will probably leave for some hugely high-paying job as a reward. The punishments have gone to the wolves and other animals. I hope there is justice in another, better place–a good place for the wolves and another one that people such as Salazar have earned.


      SORRY to scream and to be so graphic and upset but I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR YEARS!!!! AN EVIL MUTANT HE IS for ALL the DEATH SUFFERING TORTURE AND BARBARIC PAIN and HURT and BLOODSHED HE HAS CAUSED and animal families he has destroyed!!! ANd ALL the innocent, helpless, defenseless victim animals he has killed and tortured!


  3. Good riddance to Salazar, the devil. Go home to Colorado, you bastard and then go straight to hell where you belong. Long live the wolves. May we soon succeed in protecting them, every single wolf, and witness their healing and recovery throughout the country.

  4. The appropriate response from the animals would be “Thanks… next time, PAY ATTENTION!”

  5. Hurrah! Salazar was an (expletive deleted). Let’s hope we get someone better in there.

  6. Wolves are my favorite animal, they have a wonderful family structure and I just love them. I have never seen a wolf in the wild and I would like to someday! It would be nice if they were not being shot to death just for the heck of it just because men can’t live with them peacefully! It is a sad time for me and I hope all the people who made this choice and took place in all the killings get what they have coming to them, whatever it may be!

  7. I hope Salazar is leaving for hell.

    • YES!!!! A ONE WAY TICKET- ECONOMY Class seating on the WING …to properly receive the FULL EFFECT of the burning flames of HELL as he enters the GATES!



      GOD SEES ALL!!

      • Well said

      • Very very true

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  9. this is the best news i ever have in my life!!!!!! this man been a nothing else then a monster!!!!!! Evil!!!!!!

    • Yes, very good news. BUT his replacement by a true friend and ally is vital. #1 choice: US Rep Raul Grijalva, a good and decent man and a proven friend of nature and ecology and wolves.

      • I agree 100%! Rep Raul Grijalva is one of the minority who try to help the wolves and other species. May he live a long and prosperous life.

  10. I have never heard such great news. Our Creator has granted our prayers and maybe now our land and animals will be as they should be. Let’s make sure all knows this great news.

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    • I agree. Everyoner who can should spread this joyous news.

  11. Wow, incredible news for wolves, mustangs and the environment.

    What a miserable fill in the blank he has been!

  12. im sure my heart just skipped a beat as i read this post. please let this finally be the start of something in politics,a change to people who see the real big picture. for all our sake, by all i mean every creature, well except a few two legged ones huh.

    • Haha. Yeah!

  13. We can only hope whoever his replacement is has a more caring nature for wildlife than Salazar had. And can convince those who thought delisting all the wildlife they’ve delisted was a wise move and can help re-list those poor animals before more are gunned down or killed in worse manners.

    • True. Obviously killing wolves by gunfire is horrible and inhumane. They were also tortured and beaten. Some people are disgusting. Let’s hope that those who hate won’t change those who don’t and let the ones who love rise!

  14. let us hope and pray that the replacement will have more of a heart for our wildlife and not turn out to be a ‘killer’ of any wildlife!!!!!!

  15. I was overjoyed to learn that rancher Salazar is leaving the Department of the Interior to return to Colorado. However, it is a catastrophe for wolves, mustangs, and the environment that his departure was not much sooner.

    I called both of my senators and my congressman to urge them to support Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) as Secretary of the Interior.

    The White House comment line was continuously busy so I clicked on the White House link above to urge President Obama to select Congressman Grijalva as his next Secretary of the Interior.

    I received the following response:

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for your message. On behalf of President Obama, we
    appreciate hearing from you. The President has promised the
    most transparent administration in history, and we are committed
    to listening to and responding to you.

    In order to better handle the millions of electronic messages
    we are receiving and respond more quickly, we have implemented a
    new contact form on our website:

    Please note that this web form has replaced That email address is no longer
    monitored, so we encourage you to resubmit your message
    through the link above. Thank you for using the web form and
    helping us improve communications with you.


    The Presidential Correspondence Team

  16. Great news! Good riddance and I’m praying for the wolves tonight (and howling, too)!

    • Amen!

  17. Below is a commentary about possible replacements of Salazar:

    “A successor to Salazar at the Interior Department, which manages hundreds of millions of acres of land including national parks, will likely come from a state in the West, where most federally-owned lands are located.

    Potential candidates for the Interior post include outgoing Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, former New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman, who was chairman of the Senate energy committee, and Bill Ritter, former governor of Colorado. All three have also been talked about as in the running for the EPA or the Department of Energy.

    Another possible pick is John Berry, director of the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management. Berry, who is openly gay, was assistant secretary for policy, management and budget at Interior during the Clinton administration.”

    What do you think about these people? Anybody knows anything about them?

  18. Great news of the day! He certainly will not be missed!

  19. Before we rejoice, we should wait and see who is Salazar’s replacement.
    Did you read that Brian Schweitzer, and Dave Freudenthal are on the list?

    • Schweitzer – he gets in there will be NO relief in sight for wildlife, especially out west.

  20. WONDERFUL BUT NOW IS TIME FOR THE TROOPS TO MOBIIZE – CALL AND WRITE YOUR SENATOR AND CONGRESSMAN AND CALL THE WHITE HOUSE – NOW! Hopefully, the fat, white hunters are so fixated on their assault rifles, etc. they won’t notice or at least not have time. IT IS TIME FOR ALL THE ANIMAL GROUPS AND THOSE NOT IN GROUPS TO GET OFF THEIR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING – this is a very easy thing to do, but for it to make any difference there must be a large response.

  21. With all of the horrible things Cowboy Kennie has done to our wildlands and wildlife, all I have to say is good riddance to this lowlife! Cowboy Kennie is one of main reasons why I didn’t vote for Obama in the last election! He is the worst Interior Secretary in our nation’s history!

  22. Yeeeaaahhh


  23. Amigos del lobos… Imagine if ol’Ken received a crap load of postcards at his Colorado home and his office in the District of Corruption until he leaves in March. Imagine a giant heap of postcards with messages like: GOOD RIDDANCE, “this picture of toilet paper reminded me of the job you did for America”, and such. You’re all clever. Make it funny not scary of course.

    Salazar’s legacy is corrupt, paved with the gold he made from so much animal abuse, and he’ll probably go back to work for the beef orgs. Time to throw the crap back.

  24. Thank God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How I despised that man….

  25. I don’t want him here in CO!! Can’t he be shipped somewhere else far, far away? A place with no animals….

    • Cowen, in hell, where Salazar will end up, there will be no life, no animals, no green earth. He will be alone with other hateful humans who persecuted and slaughtered innocent animals, where they will torture each other for all eternity.

      • Maybe this will be where he finally realizes just how lonely and empty he really is………………….I don’t so much hate him as I pity him. He must be a very bitter, lonely person. To think of a world without the unconditional love of animals would be miserable for me.

  26. Great news! Now is the time to contact President Obama urging the selection of Congressman Grijalva as the new Secretary of Interior! I just sent my email and will continue to do so daily! Please join me in doing the same!

  27. Yeehaw, woohoo! Finally! I’ve been waiting for this news to come! It’s about time that we replaced him with someone else, and to once again have an environmentally-conscious Secretary of the Interior! So who’s gonna replace Salazar? Will it be Raul Grijalva? That would be great, but regardless of who the replacement is, I really hope that he/she will actually care about wildlife, and will listen to science rather than special interest groups that could care less about this planet.

    • now we all really have to work hard to make sure this God awful torture has ended e mail the white house line above and congressman Grijalva to stop game hunting stop the cruel torture and impliment proper management policies by registered rangers. and pray hard. DO NOT LET UP.

  28. Let us all continue our intentions through increased activism…to direct the wisest and most visionary outcome. I’ve already written numerous times to the White House for Salazar’s resignation and replacement by Grijalva. SO this is extraordinary news! Grijalva does sound like the very best replacement. And with all attention now on gun violence in our brutal society, it will take all of our efforts to secure lasting change to end the slaughter of all innocents (whether human, or more than human.) Thanks to all who have invested their energies in seeking justice for the wild, and for everyone who will continue to fight/write/pray/fast/speak for the rights of Nature.

  29. On his first go-around the word was he might pick the Kennedy who is on the radio show ring of fire,this Kennedy was never in politics this might just be what we need. But I think Obama is thing because of Sandy he does not want to upseat the hunters,especially out west and in the great lakes ,that bothers me. So I don’t like he is leaving this for last.

  30. well it is about time,I have been trying to get him out every since they put him in,we still have a long road ahead but we will keep writing the President, the Government till they put them back on the Endangered List,never give up. May they live in peace and freedom

  31. After so much sorrow and anger, this is the best news I received yesterday. I hope to receive the best of the best when Raul Grijalva is appointed… we hope!

  32. Raul Grijalva is one of the few people in congress who has the courage to represent all of us: not special interests with big money. I live in Arizona and there is a dearth of officials who merit respect-Mr. Grijalva is a wonderful exception to that. I hope Pres. Obama nominates him and starts fulfilling the “change” that those of us who voted for him thought he has serious about.

  33. I hope to God it won’t be Brian Schweitzer. Jeff Bingaman is a good person. I’ve always heard good things about him, but I still think Raul Grijalva would be best. 232 environmental and progressive groups have written a letter to President Obama to nominate him.

  34. good riddance, it’s about time, I hope Raul Grijalva is appointed.

  35. Please recall that Gov Christine Gregoire of Washington State did nothing to prevent the slaughter of the Wedge Pack Wolves last September. In fact, the automated response I received from her office stated that this decision was entirely in the hands of WDFW. How’s that for “passing the buck”? I do not believe that she is a viable candidate for Secretary of the Interior. I am urging President Obama to select Raul Grivalja.

  36. Oops! I am supporting Raul GRIJALVA! Sorry for the misspelling!

  37. Biogems has a petition at It is made out to Salazar but whoever Obama picks, they will send it to. Write to the President and tell him we want Raul!

  38. Lawmakers look for stronger actions against wolves in MT
    Posted: Jan 18, 2013 2:14 PM by Marnee Banks – MTN News


    0.0 (0 votes)
    HELENA – The Montana House of Representatives is taking a bold stand and asking the state’s wildlife agency to more aggressively manage wolves.

    Lawmakers have unanimously approved House Bill 73, which gives Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks more tools to manage wolves.

    The measure allows hunters to purchase more than one wolf tag and use electronic calls to lure the animals, and also reduces the price of a nonresident wolf license from 350 dollars to 50.

    The bill is responding to cries from livestock producers and hunters who say the wolves are negatively impacting the landscape in Montana and want to see the state more aggressively manage the species.

    “This bill is about one of the great successes we’ve had with wildlife recover in Montana, the recovery of the wolf. Unfortunately, along with the recovery we’ve found we need more management tools in Montana,” said Rep. Kelly Flunn (R-Townsend).

    The bill also states that in hunting districts adjacent to national parks the FWP Commission is prohibited from closing a district unless the wolf quota has been met.

    This responds to a recent Commission decision to close a district outside Yellowstone Park after hunters reported killing several wolves with tracking devices on them.

    Following one more procedural vote, the bill will move to Senate.

    Will this slaughter of our Montana wolves ever end?
    The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks stated that we had a total population of 550 wolves in 2011. After killing 165 wolves, FW&P said that there were 630 wolves in Montana. At a meeting in Missoula in March, I asked FW&P officials how they determine the number of wolves in Montana and they said that they count wolf footprints.
    How scientific is that?
    The original quota set for reducing wolves was set in 2011 at 220 wolves. When only 165 wolves were taken, FW&P extended the season to 2012 to meet the original quota. In 2012, 150 wolves have been killed and trapping season is not over with yet. Add the 2 wolf seasons together and we have lost 315 wolves. That exceeds the original quota by 95 wolves.
    It was reported that it was a great hunting season in the fall for deer and elk and depredation of livestock is down, so what excuse do the legislators have now for killing our wolves?
    We lose additional wolves each year in Montana.
    Federal Wildlife Services kills about 140 wolves a year and poaching eliminates many more.
    The state legislators need to be educated in the important role our predators play in culling out the weak and sick animals assuring a healthier stock of game animals. Wolves are doing the job that God intended them to do.
    We need to let our state legislators know that we do not approve of House Bill #73. They need to take a scientific approach to game management and stop representing special interest groups that want wolves killed for political and economic gain.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves

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  40. I screamed out loud in the store I was at when it came over the news and will write Good Riddance to him with shoe polish on my car windows right next to my Wolves Belong sticker from the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance! Thank you Dear GOD!!!

  41. Finally! We need a Secretary of the Interior who actually cares about wildlife, not one who caters to the rancher’s every demand!

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