Golden Eyes..

Legacy 2

I want to share a beautiful song by Robert Schmidt, his tribute to the suffering, majestic wolves.

He writes:

This song and video was inspired by the cruel inhumane slaughter of wolves across the U.S.

Humans were created to care for the earth and it’s creatures, not kill for the sake of killing.

Thank you so much Robert! I can’t listen to goldeneyes without tears welling up.

Please share Robert’s moving ode to the wolves far and wide!

For the wolves, For the wild ones,



Video:  YouTube/goldeneyes by Robert T. Schmidt

Photo: Courtesy of  Ann Sydow and Wolf People

Posted in: gray wolf/canis lupus, Wolf Wars

Tags: Robert Schmidt, goldeneyes, tribute to wolves, wolf hunts, beauty of wolves, stop the wolf hunts!

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  1. Such a beautiful creature, such a beautiful video. Thanks Robert.

    • I’m always so ashamed to be a member of the human species when I see the gleeful hunters smiling over their tortured and dead prey. This kind of song and those who are helping animals rather than hurting them give me hope that we will redeem ourselves someday and make the world safe for all creatures.

  2. Reblogged this on The Linden Chronicles and commented:
    Please stop this needless slaughter of this majestic animal as we near the Wolf Moon on January 26, 2013. Tremendous work has been done to reintroduce this species back into the wild. Put the wolf back on the endangered species list.

  3. The video cut out around a minute into it but i still shared it! What a beautiful video and song i hope it reaches everyones ears and hearts thanks

  4. Thanks for posting this beautiful video. It’s mind boggling how people can be so cruel with such beautiful animals. I wonder how they would like it if someone hunted them for fun and enjoyed their suffering….


    • I am ready and willing to get people to go where the killers are and
      put my body between the wolves and their killers.
      ANYONE want to get with me? We would need alot of people. And theres no law that says we can’t walk around Muder sites with our own guns. Of course we would want to be NON Violent!
      Why does’nt man ever learn? Christy Heise
      For some comfort… God knows what the killers are doing, after all He made them. And you can’t con God. The day will come when blood thirsty wolf killers will have to answer for what they have done.
      I recently asked my 4yr old granddaughter not to grow up too fast.
      Her answer…I have to grow up Grandma,so I can save the wolves
      from the mean mean men.

  6. These animals are so beautiful, they are treated so badly.. This is such a sad video, I wish we could stop the killing of these beautiful creatures. Thanks for posting this video for us.

  7. I wish we could buy all of WY and ID, fence them off completely and let the wolves and wild horses free…..

    • I second that motion.

      • I third that motion!

      • Amen to that Marcia. I am in agreement.

      • I’m in the gallery shouting: Fourth !

    • yes and montana !

      Obama is not listening…
      the silence is deafening
      and we are killing the balance and harmony of the planet…
      do we not remember whence we came…
      how we betray our own, for what gain?
      these are the natives of this land…
      we can all leave now
      and give back what we took
      take a good look,
      beauty is beyond description when I look upon a wolf.

      • We have to stick together, continue to work and hope! We are all they have left.

    • I also agree with you, no rancher, no hunter, no trapper, just wildlife WILD! It’s a dream, but if you we do not dream, nothing would be fulfilled.

  8. Thank you! That is beautiful!!

  9. May all creatures,

    Those beginning to breathe
    And those ending their breath

    Those alone
    and those in herds
    Those ill
    And those healthy

    May all Your creatures
    Know your love.

    • Beautiful, gave me goose bumps

      • Thank you, it’s from a book PRAYERS FOR ANIMALS compiled
        by Carol J. Adams.

        I thought this would be appropriate. Glad it moved you, it
        did touch my soul as well.

  10. Beautiful video and song, Robert. Thank you! Will be sharing…..

  11. Everyone should have the heart and soul of the WOLF. I know because I am the proud owner of one. She is everything to me and my husband. She also talks and says alot of things. I have had up to 5 And she goes everywhere with us and we try to tell everyone about the wolf. Oh yes and she just turned 10 an she does not play well with others but just not too long ago my girlfriend got a dog and brought him over. Jake was only 5months old but he does not know it he is a teacup long hair Chiwawwa male who thinks he is as big and more bad than Promises 185lbs. to his 3lbs. Anyway, long story short love at first sight and now Jake is her BOYTOY! They play together and they chase each other they eat together everything. Who knew? It is just too funny. Wolves have a heart of gold. But just like kids not everyone should have them AS for me I will have nothing else. aka Punky

  12. This is beautiful and moving, Robert…thank you for your gift!

  13. This was sent on my FB; Shared by Let the Wolves run free, About the Future: “The wild things of this earth are not ours to do with as we please. They have been given to us in trust, and we must account for them to the generation which will come after us and audit our accounts.” _____________William T. Hornaday t

    • Thank you for sharing Joan. What a beautiful and true quote!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Here Here well put!

  14. Reminds me of a wolf friend I used to have (along w/my best friend Thor). Both timber wolves. This other timber wolf was found abandoned by some egotistical owner in a kennel. He was brought out to a branch of Environmental Conservation in upper NYS. They were going to name him, “Beanie”. WHAT!!!!! No way. His eyes lit up the night. I named him, Bright Eyes. (It stuck.) …..Thank God! ;)

  15. He has told the truth. Thank you so much Robert. As I watched, and listened, I had to keep wiping the tears that ran down my cheeks and the fight for the lack of air that my crying stopped.

  16. Thank you Robert, thank you Nabeki for sharing with us this beautiful and sad video.
    When I was a child and got angry because of human injustice against animals and wanted things to change immediately, my father used to tell me to calm down and learn that my measure of time is different
    to the time it takes for nature to work its own way and for humans to change… the sad sad thing is we have not given time to nature and humans and politics are taking too much time to understand and change… sadly, time is running out for wolves and other species and people who care have not found the unity it needs to stop this madness.

  17. I really love this song, will share. :)

  18. Urgent news: South Dakota just filled a bill that, if passed, would classify gray wolves as VERMIN to be SHOT ON SIGHT!

    • The article about South Dakota’s new anti-wolf bill is called “Bill puts wolves in crosshairs,” and it is on the Black Hills Pioneer site. Normally I would provide a link to it but for some reason it won’t let me.

  19. I never cry for anything like videos or movies. After that song finished playing, my eyes were bright red and I tear stained cheeks. Thank you so much for your kind words Robert Schmidt. I hope it touches many many more people as it did me.

    • Lover of Wolves…I feel the same way…it’s so moving and beautiful. I would love for it to go viral.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  20. All the pure and innocent … luminous eyes of gold that hold
    ancient secrets to other worlds; we pray for thee and understand
    your place in the world.

    To your predetators of human type, they will one day answer to
    a higher courtf, then it will be time, to answer, “What have you
    done for the animal kind?

    • Colette….Very moving, thank you for sharing.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • My pleasure. Just wish I woulda edited better and could see more
        and do less, with quality ! Thank U for thankin’ me. You are the
        angel/the cause, the advocate behind these sentient beings.

      • 2nd request – How do I edit it, once it’s posted? Or…… is
        there no way to edit it’s posted.

        Thank you. Maybe I missed something and didn’t come across
        your response yet.

        For the Wild Ones, a resounding howl ! Colette

      • Collette…there is no way for you to edit it after it’s posted but I could do it for you if you post the changes. And thanks for the kind words!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  21. Please view. I think everyone will agree.

    • Thanks for sharing Lover of Wolves,

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  22. What a breath taking song! Wolves are my kindred spirits. I worked with them, at a sanctuary in the Co. Rockies. Two blessed years. We were an education based sanctuary, I gave tours and discussed the plight of wolves in the lower 48 states. I learned more from those wolves than 48 years of human life. I WANT to put my body between the blood thirsty killers, and the wolves.I would give my life for wolves.
    Where in man is the killing desire? The heart? The soul? The left lobe of the brain, or the right lobe? Or the hippocampus?
    Much gratitude to the song writer, and the person that shared it.

  23. For the wolves, for the wild ones, is my new motto

    • Good Motto Christy (:

  24. It is bitter sweet reading all the comments. I have great concern for Doug Smith and all his staff they have worked so hard for over ten years now, in Yellowstone. I used to feel alone with my group at the wolf sancturary. (we were small in 03-05) The more people know about
    the plight of America’s grey wolf.the better!

    For the wolves, for the wild ones

  25. Nabeki – Thought this would be an appropriate contribution to
    all and anything wolf !

  26. Good Neighbors in Bear Country

    Posted: 24 Jan 2013 07:15 AM PST

    Erin Edge, Rockies and Plains Associate

    Grizzly family (Credit: Stephen Oachs)
    Working on grizzly bear conflict issues for over 10 years has shown me a few things: First, grizzly bears are smart, and their sense of smell is phenomenal. If there is an available food resource around, they will find it. Second, grizzly bears evoke emotion in humans. Almost everyone I talk to has some connection to just the idea of grizzly bears, and respecting all perspectives is part of finding real solutions to conflict. And finally, grizzly bears can recover, but only if we give them tolerance and safe access to wild, protected spaces. We must become responsible stewards of the lands we share. As Defenders’ Rockies and Plains Associate and point person on grizzly bear conservation, I draw on these three very simple ideas as I approach each day on the job, on the ground, working to keep the peace between humans and grizzlies. One of the reasons I love my job is that I get to see real-world solutions stop grizzly bear mortalities from occurring. This year was challenging, but rewarding.

    An electric fence around a beehive can prevent a lot of trouble for grizzlies and humans alike.
    The Northern Continental Divide grizzly bear population in Northwest Montana is on the road to recovery, and as the range expands, we face a rise in conflicts between people and grizzlies. This is particularly true in areas where former bear habitat is now occupied by people and livestock. Chicken coops, fruit trees and garbage are powerful attractants for bears. If a bear finds goodies at one location too often, they learn to expect food near human homes and property, often getting into trouble in the process, and potentially leading to the death of that bear. The bear may also teach its young to access things like birdfeeders, garbage and chickens. Consequently, generations of bears could be at risk if attractants are left available.

    Securing even one location can stop a grizzly bear from learning those behaviors and teaching other bears. To address this problem, we started an electric fence incentive program in 2010. Electric fencing is a highly effective tool for keeping bears out of trouble. Our program reimburses people half of the cost (up to $500) of an electric fence installed around the trees, chicken coops, or other features on their property that might attract grizzly bears. It’s been great to see the interest in this solution grow each year. In 2010 we completed six fences, then 12 fences in 2011, and then we completed a whopping 40 fences in 2012! The people who participate in the program are also happy – they find a way to protect their homes, livestock or other property without threatening the bears:

    Now I rest easy knowing that my trees and bears are safe. Thank you for your help. – Matt Dipaulo, 2012

    We are a 4H family with pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits and horses, and young children. We had spoken often about an electric fence, however, couldn’t afford putting in a good solid one. I know Defenders of Wildlife sure helped us! – The Morris Family, 2012

    Defenders also spearheads a variety of other coexistence projects to prevent conflicts between livestock and grizzlies. We assist ranchers with the costs of range riders, cost-share for livestock protection dogs and provide incentives to ranchers who voluntarily retire sheep grazing allotments that have a history of chronic livestock loss to grizzly bears. In fact, since we started this effort in 1997, Defenders has invested over $500,000 in more than 250 grizzly bear coexistence projects.

    Additionally, Defenders’ Grizzly Bear Compensation Trust reimburses ranchers for the marketable cost of verified livestock losses to grizzly bears. In 2012 alone, Defenders of Wildlife paid over $89,000 to livestock producers through this program. Since 1997, Defenders has reimbursed ranchers over $370,000 for lost livestock. Working closely with ranchers minimizes grizzly bear deaths related to livestock depredations and improves tolerance. In a human dominated landscape, tolerance for grizzlies is critical to give them room to move, raise their cubs and reoccupy historic ranges. Grizzlies once roamed the Great Plains to the California coast, from Canada to Mexico. Today, populations still occupy less than 2% of their historic range. The road to recovery is long and bumpy, but we are dedicated to working on the ground in order to ensure this iconic symbol of the American wilderness is recovered.

  27. Wolf Weekly Wrap-up

    Posted: 25 Jan 2013 09:17 AM PST

    Oregon Wolf Meets His End in Idaho

    Wolf OR16 was only one year old, but showed an urge to explore far beyond his age. He was born in Oregon and was part of the Walla Walla pack, but eventually struck out on his own, crossing hundreds of miles into Washington State. He then swam across the Snake River and ventured into Idaho, all the while being tracked by researchers homing in on his GPS collar.

    Wolf OR16 wakes after receiving his GPS collar in Oregon’s Union County on November 1, 2012.
    But as we all know, Idaho isn’t a great place to be a wolf these days and sadly, after only 33 days on Idaho soil, OR16 was tracked by a hunter on the Boise National Forest outside of Lowman and legally killed during Idaho’s wolf-hunting season.

    OR16 was an amazing animal. Wolves disperse into new areas all the time—these movements help keep wolf populations healthy and growing—but OR16’s journeys were extraordinary, even by wolf standards. His loss is even more tragic as researchers were gleaning tons of information on wolf behavior from the GPS and telemetry signals being emitted by his collar.

    OR16 is the second Oregon wolf killed as part of Idaho’s wolf hunts. A year ago, OR-9 was illegally shot by an Idaho hunter. Wolves are relatively new to Oregon; recent census data shows the population slowly climbing to 53 last year.

    Idaho’s wolf management practices have been taking a devastating toll on wolves in the northern Rockies since their Congressional delisting in 2011. In their latest move, the state has allocated $50,000 to kill wolves in order to inflate elk numbers for hunters.

  28. Wolves were protected under the Endangered Species Act for decades and are only now starting to recover. But sadly, hundreds are being hunted and trapped in Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Now, Michigan has passed a law to add to this carnage. And Michigan voters are fighting back to have their voices heard and prevent the slaughter of hundreds of wolves, often using painful methods such as steel-jawed leghold traps, for trophy collections.
    Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, a coalition of humane societies, Native American tribes, conservationists, and wolf biologists, is seeking to place a referendum on the Michigan ballot in 2014 to protect wolves from senseless recreational killing.

    Please help protect this iconic species. Sign the pledge today, and join animal lovers across the country in supporting the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected effort

  29. Bears are creatures of God as well and are hunted mercilessly,
    often just for the ‘shooter’ to have their picture taken w/the
    large, majestic body !
    Bear rugs, head trophies, claw necklaces, and the like are all

  30. there is more beauty, civility, humanity and grace in a single wolf than in the entirity of the redneck species… talk about useless vermin, the redneck should be exterminated… they serve not a single use… and i don’t refer to this country’s farmers or good oll boyss, not even hunters, but the exceptionally cruel, mindless and wanton sick bastards that slaughter a species so far above their sister humping hoard that a bounty should be placed on their existense…

  31. Did you hear that the Mexican Wolf population has increased from 58 to 75 over the past year? I think that this is the highest that it’s ever been since reintroduction! Here’s the article for this great news:

  32. Thank you for raising awareness of this issue, beautiful song!

  33. This is the most beautiful song about wolves I’ve ever heard!! I do not understand how people can murder these beautiful, sacred animals! Breaks my heart <3 <3 Thanks so much for this video.

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