Another Senseless Killing, Yearling Wolf, OR 16 Slain For Nothing…


Yearling Wolf OR-16, a member of Oregon’s Walla Walla pack , was slain  Saturday, January 19 , 2013 in the bloody Idaho wolf hunt

January 25, 2013

Here’s a convo from an anti-wolf Facebook page laughing about  OR-16’s death. This is what they find funny, the death of a yearling wolf.

Too bad it didn’t get shot. So much for the whole family thing the wolf humpers claim.

  Larry O.
    Hopefully he will stay in Idaho long enough to get angel wings. With that black hide he will make a great rug.

    Bill K
    If us pushing that wolf back over to be shot in idaho works.. we willc ontinue to push many more back for the shooters. hell we will even pay for the ammo. ha ha ha ha.


I might as well be a funeral director, that’s all I seem to be doing is reporting on dead wolves.

OR-16, a beautiful black yearling Oregon wolf, who made the terrible mistake of crossing the Snake River into the killing fields of Idaho, was slaughtered  for nothing last Saturday in the deadly Idaho wolf hunt. There was talk that he and other collared Oregon wolves were being targeted.  I remember reading a convo between wolf haters  stating the plan was to try and shuttle as many Oregon wolves into Idaho as possible (wish I could find the quote, I’d gladly post it here.) That’s the mind-set we’re dealing with. Shame on the federal government for turning these wolves over to their mortal enemies to be tortured and killed.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of this insanity. I’m not planning on sitting on my hands this year and watching the carnage continue. Enough is enough. The wolf killers are rubbing our faces in it  but their hubris will be their downfall because wolf advocates are more upset than I’ve ever seen them.

The anti wolf crowd thinks they hold all the cards but they forget they are the minority and we are the majority. It’s just a matter of waking up the sleeping masses. The killing of collared wolves, who many people identify with,  is mobilizing the troops. The killing of Yellowstone’s Lamar Canyon alpha female O6 and her beta male 754 and many other collared  wolves, including  OR-9, brother to famous wolf OR-7 and now OR-16,  has people hopping mad. Not because these wolves are more important than the almost 1000 wolves who’ve been slaughtered since August 30, 2012 but because they are well-known, have numbers and have been written about. People identify with them and their deaths are sparking outrage.  The pro-wolf movement is ready to stand and fight.

Rest in Peace OR-16, beautiful boy. You were just a yearling, never having a chance to live your life. But you will not be forgotten. This is a rallying cry to all who love wolves. The time for lamenting is over. It’s time to take action and work to see wolves relisted.  For all who are frustrated with the ineffective actions of the past, several other wolf advocates and myself are  plotting a new path, one we hope will change the dynamic of this fight.

For the wolves, For OR-16,



Oregon Wolf Gunned Down in Idaho

Oregon conservationists lament killing, highlight contrasting approaches to wolf management and wildlife conservation.


Second Oregon wolf killed in Idaho by hunter

By Richard Cockle, The Oregonian
January 24, 2013 at 6:46 PM, updated January 24, 2013 at 7:12 PM


Photo: Courtesy ODFW

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  1. I wish I could find words of encouragement for you but I am lost for words at the moment </3

    • Getting harder and harder not to be overwhelmed with hatred for the people doing this.

  2. OR-16, your murder will be avenged one way or another. Sleep in peace, little one, and know that we sense your spirit which is very much alive. You are loved. You always will be.

    • Your words are very true and very touching; a hard combination to find. OR 16, rest in peace. I’m so sorry this happened.

      • Thank you. I’ve read all the comments, including the ones from the anti-wolf FB page and further considered OR-16’s murder. I can only say, at this very moment, an eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.

  3. I don’t believe this has happened, We need a strong soi and that is it,Obama must wake up ! This is terrible poor little wolf

  4. Will we ever have good news again? Every day this senseless hunt goes on brings new heartbreak. Our great western wilderness has become a killing field once again, tainted by the blood of our beloved wolves. What insanity has gripped our country? Why do we move backwards, allowing fear and ignorance to rule? Never have I felt more helpless..What can we do to stop this?

    • I feel the same way.There is no more common sense only “common stupidity” in this country. Why are we allowing these blood thirsty people to rule over these magnificent animals and destroy them for the pleasure of the kill? Insanity has gripped our country and so has evil because that is what this is.. Total evil towards the wolves who have a right to live and yet we discard them and treat them like trash. I’m sick over this news and Nabeki we can tell you are sick of all of it too. We better act soon before the wolves are wiped out for eternity.What ever happened to the voice of reason? I’m angry too…

      • We are going back to the 1700s. We are doing the exact same thing to the wolves as we did to the Native Americans when we first arrived here. The only difference is that the wolves have absolutely no way to protect themselves. They are helpless and people are taking advantage of this. These heartless spawns of Satan have no conciense let alone a soul.

  5. I stand with you. I am ready for battle.

  6. I am ready to keep up our work to stop this slaughter.! BTW,my painting of a tagged wolf appears in “Trouble with the Curve” ,with Amy Adams.Ironically,it appears on the wall in her office .She plays an attorney.Noone probably noticed it ,but any wolf- conscious person might.Perhaps ,subconsciously it will speak to an audience…the title of the work is”the Voices Grow”…as do our numbers of wolf warriors!!!!…We can stand strong and together and be heard and stop the insane will take time and pereverence.The wheels of justice grind
    excruciatingly slowly……

    • Wow Helen, I have to watch Trouble With The Curve again.

      Yes we must stand together. This is the year we fight back. I’m totally sick of counting dead wolves. This has to stop.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. This petition just exploaded on my facebook page this morning: . Please share and this could save them.

  8. I am planning to shoot a documentary film about wolves in Italy and Germany. I fully support your battle against the statues of evil: the wolf hunters. Jenny

    • Jenny…please keep us posted on your film!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I will! The healthy woman looks a lot like a wolf: robust, full of energy, with great vital force, capable of giving life, ready to defend the territory, inventive, loyal, wandering…… For the wolves, the wild ones…and for us!

  9. I fill so sad and can not beleive that these hunter keep killing are wolfs like this. The wolfs are the most beautiful of all being. This is very sad.

  10. I’m telling you, I will never forgive the Democrats for opening the doors to this. Never. I can’t muster up any enthusiasm for another four years – especially if we get another dud for SOI.

    • Ida…you and I think alike on this. I still feel so betrayed by all those Dem posers that pretended to care about wolves and then voted for the wolf delisting rider. Feinstein, Boxer, the Udalls, Cardin, Kerry..the lot of them. But before that our newly elected President selects a rancher to head the Interior and then delists wolves. After eight years of George Bush I thought we could finally breathe a sigh of relief but no. Obama has been the worst President on wildlife this country has ever seen. He’s helped to badly weaken the ESA and now the grizzlies are the new target. People blame Salazar but Salazar wouldn’t be in that position if it wasn’t for the President.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. You’re right: Enough is enough! My God, how I hate hunters!!!!

    • Me too. I hate them.

  12. What is the matter with the human race? Cruel, cruel, cruel.

  13. May you continue to roam freely and finally have the peace you deserved, Yearling Wolf Brother! My outrage is combined with my utter sadness at this news. I, too, am committed to do all I can to help our fight against those who wish to simply exterminate out of fear and hate. May all our blessed Wolf siblings who have passed on rest safely. As you say dear Nabeki, for the wolves!

  14. the life that has been taken will never come back, but we here out of the states know and see that you are fighting, and we are encoureged in our local fights

  15. Obama is turning out to be one of the worst presidents for protecting animals, your right we need to wake the sleeping masses to stand up to the president and our traitor legislators.

  16. I am beyond sick at heart at the outright cruelty of so many humans in the wolf killing states….I cannot relate to such emptiness of heart, soul and spirit….there is something truly wrong with the direction humans are evolving…the ones who are doing all of the killing and who want wolves eradicated seem to be going backward in their development as human beings….I have little hope for the human species if it continues down the path of cruelty it is on….I am incredulous that politicians including our president are so blind and deaf that they do not hear the outcry from the people in this country to stop the killing of wolves….

  17. I am with you, this has to be stopped!

  18. Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Sad but True This was shared by Wolf Spirit I will be heading up that way very soon since I’m in a State close by it won’t be easy keeping my temper but I will try!

  19. I know that youre right when you say “theyre rubbing our noses in it” the common point is the collars I believe, there is a double agent in the pro wolf camp , the frequency for these wolves being shot collars is being leaked and as with the GPS ‘s on hunting dogs its just a matter of going out and shooting them, the Washington State DNR just calls in a hunter buddy when theyre about to cross , the scientists have more than enough data ,its a sham

  20. …..and theyre crying in ID ,Mont,and Alaska because they know that federal funding is going under the ax and all those cushy scientist jobs and fed parks money is getting cut

  21. I’ve been visiting this site everyday and everyday I get more disappointed in mankind. Today, I am absolutely disgusted by their actions. Usually they are killing adult wolves, not that it’s good, but to kill a yearling is absolutely unforgivable! I dont believe in such a thing but……….. I hope they go to HELL for the rest of eternity and a year! It’s disgusting what they do.

    • Agree!

  22. I understand your hatred for these heartless creatures but hasn’t there already been enough violence for this lifetime? You have a reasonable and sensable reason to be angry or furious with these people. Let’s not set a bad image.

    • It’s the only thing these jerks understand. Be nice and warm and fuzzy and they will walk all over you. Declare war on their instruments of death.

    • Humans can be the most heartless on earth. I will take wolves any day!!!!!

  23. the government is playing for profits, and right now the national order of testicular challenged rednecks are paying congress to allow their carnage… the government is complicit, in anything that turns a profit, and these fat cat ranchers, stealing $$ from you in the form of free water (check it out) and keeping our corrupted civil servants in blood money in exchange for continuing their charade… not that I would encourage violence, but these perverted bastards, and the next generation of perverted little bastards, will continue this shit till it comes home in some manner, and i assure you, I wouldn’t spend a second lamenting their fate… quite the contrary…

  24. I hope these missing links are laughing on the other side of their face very soon. If the wolves are relisted. :)

    • The slaughter of these wolves is a crime that needs to be punishable by 10 years in the prison. It is completely out of hand and getting worse each and every day. The human race is in charge of taking care of this planet with all inhabitants, but should not cause the extinction of any species.

  25. I echo all of the comments and still want to know where anonomyous is – hard to believe there is not a Wolf lover in their midst! I am so angry and sad at same time and really pissed that “democrats” are such republicans (in sheep’s clothing!) in mean time the crap goes on w/ tv ads & shows – by now you have probably all seen the Volva ad w/ the big, bad Wolf stopping the red car! Oprah’s interview of “lance” mentioned Wolves @the door and was picked up by CNN on a broadcast. None of this should matter BUT the public is so stupid and ill-informed that it is important.

  26. I’m w/ Mark – and get anonomyous on board

  27. Bastards thar do this to these beautiful animals.

  28. saddened beyond words… we will not stop defending and loving our wolves!

  29. Anyone here from Michigan? The Humane So of the US is trying to get an initiative on the ballot to stop the hunt there. They need signatures but you have to be a Michigander. Please go to their website and sign the petition and if you live there please sign up to gather signatures. They need 250,000 to get a ballot initiative.

  30. Thank you for all you do for our wolves<3 I help in any way I can, along with thousands & thousands of others. With you & the wolves!

  31. Rest in peace, Wolf OR-16…you did not deserve to die such a horrible death.

  32. I’ve no words left, I feel so sick at heart.

  33. That poor young wolf did not deserve to die such a grisly death. R.I.P Wolf OR-16, you will be missed.

    That anti-wolf conversation is very disturbing.

  34. [...] Another Senseless Killing, Yearling Wolf, OR 16 Slain For Nothing… [...]

  35. Lost for words, I pray sometimes that God just wipes us all out so that the animals do not have to suffer any longer at our hands. How does he love us, we are truly vile…humanity if vile.

    • Please get the media involved. This is one way to bring it to the forefront and get it stopped.

  36. I want to know that hunted OR16 by Idaho hunter was legal?
    Because he was Oregon wolf. I’m still keeping the picture of hunter and OR16 from wolf hunters page. I know it was true that he across to Idaho but he putted on collar of Oregon. It doesn’t make sense to me at all. I hope the hunter was arrest but it was happened.

  37. It is long overdue to prosecute all hunters who are killing wolves. 10 years per kill should be the sentence. The hunter becomes the hunted.

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