Governor Bullock, Don’t Buy Into The Wolf Hysteria, VETO HB 73!!


“A typical wolf about to take your children and eat your job”..Rational Wiki

UPDATE: February 7, 2013

Well today the rubber met the road in the Montana Senate.  HB 73 was rammed through and is on its way to Governor Bullock’s desk for signing.

The Governor heard NO, NO, NO  from people all over the country and the world, concerning the wolf hating legislation.  But apparently that wasn’t enough to change his mind. It looks like he’s going to sign it and if he does we’ll know there has been little change in Helena.  Montanans, who voted for Governor Bullock, believing he wouldn’t  jump on the wolf persecution train, will be proved dead wrong.  The same-old same-old wolf hysteria,  that has nothing what-so-ever to do with science or reality,  is still permeating the Montana Capital.

“Gov. Steve Bullock on Thursday indicated support for the legislation, noting it had been backed by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.”

“The department did support it, and at the end of the day we need to base these decisions on science, not on politics, and allowing more than one, three wolves to be taken, it fits in with the science,” he said.

What science is he talking about? There are 2.5 million cows in Montana and wolves were responsible for just 74 losses last year.  Montana elk numbers grew 66% from 1984 to 2009 while wolves were on the landscape 14 of those years. Wolves who dispersed back into Northwestern Montana in the early eighties, have been around for over 30 years.

In case the Governor isn’t aware there are wolf and wildlife advocates in Montana who enjoy viewing wildlife ALIVE.  Millions of tourists visit Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks in hopes of  catching a glimpse of a wild wolf.

Wolf viewing generates over 35 million dollars a year in the  GYA (Great Yellowstone Area).  It makes no sense to slaughter hundreds of wolves because a small, vocal,  wolf hating minority demands it. But how do you fight a  state legislature who’s  ready and willing to persecute wolves on behalf of that minority? Do wolves have even one friend in either the Montana House or Senate?  Hunters and ranchers don’t own Montana but they sure own the politicians.

I think what the Governor really meant to say is we need to base these decisions on politics, not science!


Legislature gives quick OK to expanded Montana wolf hunt

HELENA – A proposal to expand the state’s wolf hunt is being fast-tracked through the Legislature and shortly will be sent to the governor’s desk for his signature.

The Montana Senate on Thursday suspended its rules so it could take initial and final votes on the same day on the measure that already had overwhelmingly cleared the House. The Senate backed it 45-4.

House Bill 73 lets the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks increase the number of wolves one hunter can take, allows for electronic calls, and removes a requirement to wear hunter orange outside general deer and elk season.

The measure also prohibits the state wildlife agency from banning wolf hunts in areas around national parks. Its swift passage would allow the changes to take effect during the hunting season that’s currently under way.

The department last month abandoned efforts to shut down gray wolf hunting and trapping in an area north of Yellowstone National Park, a move originally promoted by concerns that too many wolves wandering out of the park were dying.

Lawmakers wanted to make sure such a regional closure doesn’t come up again.

Gov. Steve Bullock on Thursday indicated support for the legislation, noting it had been backed by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

“The department did support it, and at the end of the day we need to base these decisions on science, not on politics, and allowing more than one, three wolves to be taken, it fits in with the science,” he said.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks said it already has prepared rule changes that will allow the legislation to immediately impact what remains of the wolf hunting season ending Feb. 28.

Hunters and trappers so far this season have killed fewer than 200 wolves. Wildlife officials are hoping to reduce the animals’ population from an estimated 650 wolves to around 450. The goal is to reduce wolf attacks on livestock and help some elk herds that have been in decline due to wolf attacks. ( That sentence would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious for wolves)

Wildlife advocates have argued that the state is being too aggressive against a species only recently restored to the Northern Rockies after it was widely exterminated last century.



“Wolf hysteria (also known as wolf persecution, or rarely, lupophobia) is the widespread public hatred of wolves, incorporating both their enduring role as folk devils, and societal attitudes favouring policies of active persecution of wolves, and opposition and resistance to policies aiming to protect existing wild populations, or reintroduce the species into former ranges where it has become extinct relatively recently. The phenomenon shares much in common with moral panics, including the use of scaremongering, unverifiable anecdotesdemonisation, exaggeration, moral highroading etc”….Rational Wiki

06 Female Earth Island Journal

Yellowstone Lamar Canyon Alpha Female (06 Female) Killed For Nothing by Hunter, 15 miles outside the park


Contact Governor Bullock and ask him to veto HB 73

Governor Steve Bullock 



Top Photo:  Rational Wiki

Bottom Photo: Courtesy Earth Island Journal

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  1. plz help it to

  2. I am not surprised. Ca. allowed the Coyote slaughter to go ahead – those killing the most will get a beltbuckle! The Rocky Mtn. Elk Foundation – another Wolf killing group – is in bed w/ the Ca. DFG. We need to get movies of this carnage on tv like they did w/ the slaughterhouse pictures – people do not like it (except the fat, white killers). Annonymous needs to shut these people down.

    • Agreed!!

      • absolutely, most Americans have no idea what is going on!

      • True! Those to lazy to get up and do something always watch tv. Maybe someone will be inspired.

    • Maybe a film should be made based on the book “The Loop” by Nicholas Evans. Although fictional, some may say it’s a little “too close to home” with what is going on in Montana!!!

    • How do we stop this?! I feel the signing and advocating falls on deaf ears… we need foot soldiers, lobbyists, and lawyers! How can we do MORE?!!! We MUST! Our current wildlife management plans only destroy what we’ve built! Looking for allies to do MORE!



    • Then the politicians cannot understand why there are mass murders at schools!! They are teaching humans to mass murder, whether it be Wolves or Coyotes its still a mass murder. Remember Sandy Hook!!

      • Very very good association.

  5. Nabeki, to look at the nasty Wiki wolf drawing and then see the actual photo of gorgeous 06 in the Lamar Valley says it all. Many curses on each member of the Montana legislature who voted for this wolf persecution bill, for being no different then their ethically sick counterparts in Idaho. Gov. Bullock will be nothing more than a rubber stamp for hatred if he signs this. Lying through his teeth saying he’s going with science, when we all know he’s going with the dirty politics of ranchers and animal abusers, is a sick joke. He’s just another Montana coward. No state can be trusted to respect and protect wolves or any natural predator. The US needs a nation-wide Natural Predator Protection Bill similar to the one that protects eagles and migratory birds. And wolves must be placed back on the Endangered Species List.

    • Wolf supporters need to be in larger numbers, but even numbers may not help when wealthy and powerful groups are really pushing the decisions.

      By the way, the Jim and Jamie Dutcher were on a TV show this morning. They have done a lot of great work with wolves, including spending 6 years living with and studying a pack in Idaho. They are trying to educate the public about the “real” wolf, not the fairly tale one. However, most of the other people on the show were so busy laughing at the fact the Dutchers were living in a yurt during their study that Jim and Jamie barely had time to get their point across. That reaction is pretty typical when animal advocates try to reach the public with a message–more laughing and kidding around than attention to the issue.

  6. The wolves must be protected and not slaughered because of man’s sickness and depravety!


  8. This madness, this hysteria, some humans in the MT government are exhibiting is more like what they are describing the wolves as being, than the wolves themselves. This insane killing of wolves must stop. It is not based on science & any of the facts.

  9. We will not stop until this is over.

    • Stop what?! Lamenting and whining on a blog?! We accomplished nothing and nobody takes us seriously. We must come out from behind computer screens and march on Washington, all of us! Unlike us, the gun control advocates did not take years to go to Washington and speak up! We should learn from them and from other groups who went beyond praying and talking about the ever lasting spirit of the wolf or waiting for the day when wolf haters will pay for their crimes.

      • You’re absolutely right–we abhor what is happening to the wolves and other wildlife but have not taken to the streets. Problem is that when there have been demonstrations by various animal advocates, their numbers were so small that they advertised their very lack of power. Those who make the decisions are influenced by numbers, organization, and money– that things that constitute influence.

      • Astrid, I agree with your comments 100%. Except the gun control advocates have been getting their asses kicked by the NRA and cowardly politicians for decades. It’s only with the Sandy Hook massacre of twenty babies and six teachers that the gun control advocates seem unwilling to go down without a huge fight this time. What will it take for wolf and wildlife defenders to put up a huge fight that can’t be ignored by the national media anymore? What will it take? When will the national media wake up to the criminal persecution and massacre of America’s wolves and so much of the continent’s other native wildlife? When will such cruel and massive animal abuse matter to those in “the media?” That would surely help light the flame we need to protect wolves.

  10. Why is this allowed to contine and escalate? I just don’t understand it. I don’t see any change up ahead either, because it appears our President doesn’t care about wildlife.

    • I have heard Obama on several occasions say “the heritage of hunting” please give me a f&%king break. Slavery was in the so called heritage to Obama, I know for a fact that YOU wouldn’t want to keep that in the “heritage”. WTF????
      But, my point is Ida – I think your right, he does not give a shit about the wildlife. Which is very sad. I just hope that the new Interior Sec. is a bit better than Rancher Salazar.

      • I hope that is her first order of business – relisting the wolves. This is not hunting, it is not wildlife management, and the American people are concerned about these kinds of barbaric killing sprees masquerading as wildlife management.

  11. The wolves have suffered more than enough. It is time to put a halt to the slaughtering of these magnificent creatures. We’ve already lost more than a 1,000, which is a crime and sin. If you don’t move to stop all this they will have to be placed on the endangered species list and there is no excuse for this. Stop it, stop it, stop it PLEASE!

    • If it doesn’t stop then it might be too late for the wolves to be listed. We just can’t lose hope. There are wolf activists out there. Someday they WILL make a change!

  12. exactly!!!! please leave these magnificent creatures alone!!!!

  13. [...] The Governor heard NO, NO, NO  from people all over the country and the world, concerning the wolf hating legislation.  But apparently that wasn’t enough to change his mind. It looks like he’s going to sign it and if he does we’ll know there has been little change in Helena.  Montanans, who voted for Governor Bullock, believing he wouldn’t  jump on the wolf persecution train, will be proved dead wrong.  The same-old same-old wolf hysteria,  that has nothing what-so-ever to do with science or reality is still permeating the Montana Capital.    Read more on original post:… [...]

  14. Called & told them to VETO HB 73 ….. the guy asked for my name & address. I hope that everyone who loves wolves calls.
    Gov. Bullock sounds like he’s just another schill for the anti- wolf idiots.
    Science????? I have no clue to what he (the gov) is talking about. That science seems to be written for him by the Safari Club or a like association.

    • Excellent post!

      • I did as well and gladly gave my name and address. I wanted to share a lot more but I bit my lip instead !!

  15. Does one know how to contact “Annonymous” ????

    • Good idea. Wolves and their humane defenders need help from Anonymous and from every corner. Anonymous: step up for America’s wolves! Please help stop this unjust, criminal and soul crushing persecution and slaughter of these innocent and beautiful wolves. They are all innocent and beautiful. If not now, when?

  16. This breaks my heart…since 1984 when I protested the wolf hunts in Canada I have been an active wolf supporter…and it just seems we are losing …when will people realize these are amazing animals that we need in order to survive…yeah they kill Elk…that’s why God put Elk and Deer and Moose and other prey animals on earth…to feed the predators…That’s life…these bastards are mad because the wolves are killing their trophies…they wanted to kill that elk and the wolf got there first…Stop the insanity

  17. Apparently Obama’s choice to replace Salazar has been the CEO of REI and has spent much time hiking and climbing in the mountains. At least she isn’t a “*$%#@ rancher like Salazar.

  18. Dont kill it just because you are threatened by it..This animal has the same right to live as anything else…Bye the way, the dog you have in your back yard wouldnt be there if it wasnt for our wolf brothers.

  19. Montana is quickly becoming a disgrace to this country. Until it stops the slaughter or our wildlife, we the people have launched a world wide boycott of this state. There is enough murder taking place in this world without the Govt. promoting it. This barbaric massacre is disgusting and needs to stop.

  20. If Governor Bullock would contact the Center for Biological Diversity before picking up his pen and making a grave mistake, he would learn the true statistics, the true studies done by real conservationists, biologists, scientists of the importance of the wolf in our Eco system; NOT the political studies…unless he’s afraid to stand up for what is right. Here is the link to the staff at the Center for Biological Diversity: . Please Governor Bullock. Call them. You have nothing to loose, and only innocent lives to save.

  21. Just sent this to Gov. Bullock:

    From the Center for Biological Diversity….a non political group where true statistics are more important than artificial statistics padded by politicians for political gain.


    Few animals evoke the wild like wolves. Majestic, rangy and highly social, wolves play a crucial role in driving evolution and helping calibrate nature’s complex relationships.

    Once — before bounties, a federal extermination program and expansive human settlement — wolves roamed freely throughout most of the United States. Scientists estimate there were once some 2 million of the animals living wild in North America.

    By the 1960s, when wolves were finally protected under a precursor to the Endangered Species Act, they had been exterminated from all of the contiguous United States except a portion of Minnesota and Isle Royale National Park — victims of an unwillingness, on the part of the livestock industry, to coexist.

    Protection under the Endangered Species Act helped wolves tremendously. But now, with recovery incomplete, many wolves prematurely removed from the endangered species list, and others persecuted even while ostensibly protected, the gray wolf is in renewed danger.

    Gray wolf recovery under Endangered Species Act protection was a success in significant but limited regions. While it lasted it ensured, for two of the three gray wolf populations in the contiguous states, steady increases in numbers and distribution, along with benefits to their ecosystems. In the Great Lakes, wolf populations grew from a few hundred in the 1970s to around 5,000; they expanded their range from Minnesota to Wisconsin and Michigan. In the northern Rocky Mountains, natural migration from Canada and reintroduction to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho led to more than 1,700 wolves across Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington and Oregon. In the Southwest, just five surviving Mexican gray wolves were saved between 1977 and 1980 and bred in captivity; some of their progeny were reintroduced and now number a few dozen in the wild in Arizona and New Mexico.

    Despite these substantial gains, the job of wolf recovery is far from over. Wolves need connected populations for genetic sustainability, and natural ecosystems need wolves; yet today wolves occupy less than 5 percent of their historic range. But progress has been arrested with the premature delisting of wolves in the northern Rockies and Great Lakes region, with no plan for recovery in broader areas and insufficient protections from local pressures to hunt or “control” wolves back to the brink of extinction.

    In April 2011 Congress attached a rider to a must-pass budget bill that stripped Endangered Species Act protections from wolves in all of Montana and Idaho, the eastern third of Washington and Oregon, and a small portion of northern Utah — an unprecedented action that, for the first time in the history of the Act, removed a species from the endangered list by political fiat instead of science. Wolves were delisted in Wyoming, as well, in September 2012. The Fish and Wildlife Service also removed protections from wolves in the Great Lakes region. Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota and Wisconsin have begun public wolf hunting and/or trapping, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, cooperating with state agencies, is expanding its program of trapping, radio-collaring and releasing, then aerial gunning the pack-mates of these collared wolves — a program that, while wolves were protected by the Act, had been limited to those that preyed on livestock.

    In the Southwest, Mexican gray wolves are undergoing inbreeding depression from small numbers, federal removal of genetically valuable wolves, and the Fish and Wildlife Service’s refusal, despite scientists’ urgent pleas, to release wolves into the wild. The inbreeding depression is lowering litter sizes and pup survival rates.

    Now recovery for wolves across the country faces a new threat. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is preparing to removefederal protections from gray wolves that remain on the endangered species list, excepting Mexican gray wolves (which as noted are nevertheless being mismanaged despite their continued ‘endangered’ status).

    Since the Center’s inception, we have campaigned for wolves, adapting our efforts as the opportunities for recovery changed. We have taken the long view, even while addressing short-term threats.

    Our 1990 lawsuit, with allies, to compel reintroduction of the Mexican gray wolf led to a 1993 settlement agreement that resulted in the 1998 reintroduction into the Apache and Gila national forests. The Center, founded in the Gila in 1989 and maintaining staff in the reintroduction area to the present day, monitors wolf and habitat management. We have vigorously challenged federal shooting and trapping of Mexican wolves and are pushing for the resumption of wolf releases from captivity to the wild. We’ve petitioned and/or sued for changes in wolf management, development of a new, science-based Mexican wolf recovery plan, and listing of the Mexican wolf as an endangered subspecies or population of the gray wolf to afford it the right to such a plan. We help organize public pressure on agencies and elected officials to provide maximal protection for the beleaguered Mexican wolves. We currently have two active lawsuits filed against the Fish and Wildlife Service and have warned the agency about a pending third.

    In the northern Rocky Mountains, the Center’s four successful lawsuits with our allies delayed the removal of federal protections for wolves from April 2003, when first promulgated by the Bush administration, until May 2011, when protections were finally (though still prematurely) removed through an infamous congressional rider. That allowed the wolf population to grow by 1,000 animals during those eight years, from 761 to 1,774. The Center challenged the constitutionality of the rider in district and appeals courts and lost. Since then we have helped publicize the slaughter of northern Rockies wolves, as part of a long-term strategy of seeking congressional rescission of the harmful rider, and have filed suit to restore “endangered” protections to wolves in Wyoming, where the 2011 rider does not apply.

    We have also stood up for protection of wolves in Washington, Oregon and California in a nascent and vulnerable population that emanated from wolves dispersing from the northern Rockies. In 2006, with all these wolves still listed as endangered, we successfully opposed issuance of a permit to allow killing wolves in Oregon on behalf of the livestock industry. After the 2011 delisting of most wolves in the state, the Center and allies successfully sued under state law to save the lives of two wolves that Oregon officials had ordered killed. In 2012 we helped kill an Oregon bill that would have overturned our success in court and allowed the wolves’ destruction. We also filed a scientific petition with California officials to place wolves on the state’s endangered list and prepare a recovery plan.

    In the Midwest, as in the northern Rockies, multiple lawsuits filed by the Center and allies helped delay removal or reduction of protections from April 2003 until December 2011, allowing continued growth in the wolf population. In 2012 we filed a challenge to Minnesota’s wolf-hunting season; the lawsuit remains active.

    Since the original wolf recovery plans were written in the 1980s, we’ve learned much more about wolves’ behavior, ecology and needs. We know, for example, that returning wolves to ecosystems sets off a chain of events that benefits many species, including songbirds and beavers that gain from a return of streamside vegetation — which thrives in the absence of browsing elk that must move more often to avoid wolves — and pronghorn and foxes that are aided by wolves’ control of coyote populations.

    A mere 5,000 to 6,000 wolves occupy only about 5 percent of the animals’ historic range. Establishing wolf populations in remaining habitat in the Northeast, southern Rocky Mountains, Southwest, Pacific Northwest and elsewhere would secure a future for wolves and allow wolves to play their valuable ecological role in more of their former range. The Center seeks an end to wolf persecution and the linking of isolated wolf populations to combat inbreeding and allow ecosystem rejuvenation on a broader scale.

    • Very good post, Anne. Thank you! If Gov. Bullock does not read it, as he should, you at least helped more of us to be better and more knowledgable wolf defenders.

  22. Seem to be a lot of Idiots running this country and putting other Idiots into the jobs of DNR so they in turn listen to the Idiots that have been wanting this blood bath on the wildlife to satisfy their sadistic needs, oh I stand corrected did I say running this country or ruining this country!!!

    • This country was founded on thievery, violence and murder of native people and native wildlife. This evil assault continues. This cursed country we call the US continues to be ruled by murder, violence, greed and corruption. Corporations, Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Coal… have a death grip on the economy. The ongoing capitulation of democrats, the growing lunacy of republicans and the always creepy low life losers are sending innocent wolves and whatever else that is still somewhat free and good about our country, to oblivion. This country is losing its soul, more and more, each day. We need a humane revolution to reverse course soon before it’s too late, for precious wolves and for us.

  23. So disappointing!! Not only do the wolves not have a voice, seems we don’t either!!

  24. People believe they are doing the right thing when they go out and kill the wolves. They think they are doing a public service. They are doing a public service: they are giving the public reason to hate their guts! The wolves need help and just a few people aren’t enough to make a difference. If the country bound together, we could overthrow these assholes in the government!

  25. I hope that governor Bullock vetoes this bill. I just wrote and sent a letter requesting that he does so. I don’t expect it to work (I rarely even get responses to my letters), but I just can’t give up, not when innocent lives are on the line!

    I guess that Bullock meant to say that he’d only follow the science of the MFWP, whose interpretations of the data is biased towards favouring hunting, rather than all of the science from all sources.

  26. This is beyond frustrating. The majority of people do not want wolf slaughter. Only the “hunters and trappers” want it. Maybe a few un-predator friendly ranchers as well. There is no money from us going into their coffers. There needs to be huge outrage. I’d hoped the Jane Velez-Mitchell segment on tv would have helped but it’s hard to tell. What are we missing here? There is a “squirrel slam” where hunters get prizes for killing squirrels in Holley, NY – a fund raiser for the local fire dept. There was a scramble to get a petition out and they got 20,000 signatures in a very short time! Here is a sample of the latest update I rec’d earlier. Perhaps if you are reading this, you could consider signing as well. This is an apparently new petition. Just pointing out how this particular group is thinking outside the box. WE need to “hunt” for something similar in order to pull the rug out from under the wolf killer imbeciles and the gov’t that supports them:


    >>Please post and cross post my petition to pull FEMA funding from the sickos at the Holley Fire Dept who are sponsoring a squirrel killing contest. Thanks, John

    As demonstrated by the public outcry in response to the 7th Annual Hazzard County Squirrel Slam, a squirrel killing contest which promotes the idea and practice of CHILDREN KILLING ANIMALS sponsored by the Holley, NY Fire Department, the US government should not continue to subsidize sadistic entities, such as the Holley Fire Dept., who promote the recreational killing of animals. We expect an ethos of care and concern, not recreational killing or torture or animals, from emergency workers — especially those receiving Federal
    Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds.

    We urge FEMA and its Director W. Craig Fugate to follow and extend the spirit of the Stafford Act (Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, PL 100-707), which requires FEMA fund recipients — such as the Holley Fire Dept. — to include plans to rescue or shelter companion animals as a condition for FEMA funding.
    We demand that Director Fugate refuse to fund entities which engage in sadistic acts such as animal torture or killing, and the manipulation of children, whether companion animals or wildlife.
    We demand that FEMA investigate the practices of the Holley Fire Dept.and withdraw funding from the Holley Fire Dept. as long as they are associated with the “Squirrel Slam” or any such similar killing sprees.
    We believe that the desensitization of children to acts of violence and killing will lead to further acts of violence by children such as domestic violence, school killing sprees such as at Columbine or Newtown, which are little different from the Holley FD event as both promote a sociopathic form of killing as many beings as possible.
    We believe that the Holley Fire Dept. should better expend its efforts on training to rescue humans and animals from fires, floods, and other disasters instead of promoting killing and extermination.
    If the Holley F.D. wants to prepare children for life or membership in a proper Fire Department, they should sponsor a team sports event (soccer, baseball, basketball, etc.) which fosters the social, physical and mental skills necessary to work as a first responder.
    John T. Maher

    • Thanks for sharing this Gail.

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