Governor Bullock Signs HB 73, How Predictable!

dead wolf flickr commons

Well there you have it, no change in Helena. Same old, same old. I guess the Governor thought he’d be run out of town on a rail if he vetoed HB 73, so he did the easy thing and signed it. Apparently he consulted with biologists, I’d love to have been a fly on the wall during those conversations.

Did he hear this?

1. Well you know Governor, we’ve got lots of angry hunters and ranchers out there who don’t like wolves. They think wolves are the reincarnation of Beelzebub or their ex-wives. The greenies don’t contribute to the coffers of  fish and game anyway,  so to hell with them.  What’s a few more dead wolves to keep the peace?

or this?

2. The wolves are scapegoats for people who are just plain angry, don’t give into that mentality. There is no scientific reason to be killing wolves.  Montana ‘s elk population has stood at 150,000 since 2009, growing  66% since 1984, co-existing along with wolves in Montana for the last thirty years.  There are 2.5 million cattle in Montana and wolves were responsible for just 74 losses last year. Feral dogs kill more cows than wolves, hell vultures kill more cows than wolves. Non-predation claims the lives of thousands of cattle, things like birthing, mastitis, disease, weather, theft, etc.  The wolves are no threat to hunters or ranchers. Let’s not make life any harder for these animals, HB 73 is a bad bill, I wouldn’t sign it.

I’m going with door number 1.

As I said, no change in Helena. Rick Hill light??

Here’s some blathering from the press about the “wolf management  killing bill”. You can read it  but I suggest scrubbing your shower curtain with a toothbrush would be more enjoyable.

MT Governor signs wolf management bill

Posted: Feb 13, 2013 11:32 AM by MTN News – Marnee Banks
Updated: Feb 13, 2013 2:17 PM


Photo: Flickr Commons

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Tags: Governor Bullock,  HB 73, more dead wolves, Montana wolf killing zone, boycott Montana,  Rick Hill, wolf management = kill, politics as usual

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  1. The more I see of you and your cowardice the more IO am glad I decided not to retire in Montana. Spent many happy summers there with my family, cant bear see what’s happening in Montana now.

  2. Because he’s as worthless as the bastards who paid him off

  3. my heart is to heavy with pain and anger right now to say what I want to except what a bunch of A** holes

  4. Absolutely incredibly stupid and short-sighted…oh yeah, can’t see except through a rifle sight, I guess. Shame on these less-than-humans who grin over the death of a magnificent wolf. And shame on the Governor, for refusing to recognize science, truth, and justice.

    • agreed :(

    • The governor is just a coward. He has no opinion of his own. Afraid he’ll become “less popular.” Man up bastard!

  5. A special place in hell for this POS.

  6. I’m just ill. There is no rationality in this discussion. It’s like being Alice in Wonderland and everyone in positions of power are like the Queen of Hearts. Pathetic. Depressing. Disappointing. Disastrous.

    I’m beginning to feel our only hope is re-listing. I try to comfort myself with the idea that given the rate of slaughter it’s basically an inevitability. Totally offensive that we’re turning a successful $50,000,000 taxpayer funded success story into a $50,000,000 taxpayer funded disaster all for the jollies of a bunch of sloped forehead monsters (I wouldn’t insult Neanderthals with the comparison), welfare ranchers and idiots that kill for thrills.

    The one thing I can’t figure out is where is the outrage? We’re basically slaughtering dogs to protect the most damaging invasive species on the planet. Are we really that stupid? Never mind. Stupid question.

    • There would have to be a huge amount of outrage with money and power behind it to scare the legislators and public officials to act on behalf of the wolves.

      I have written, phoned, e-mailed, and made donations and will continue to do so. But the wolves still die. Now I pray that the wild spirits of those dead wolves will find freedom and peace in a place without human persecution. Other than that, I sponsor wolves who are safe in sanctuaries. That may not be their natural life, but at least they are not being trapped and shot.

    • This post said it all…….good one

    • Oliver, so well said. I agree completely. Nabeki, I love that you don’t mix words and you tell it like it is.. I applaud you in all your efforts to stop the killing of the wolves and keep us informed. I fell sick too. Why isn’t this being exposed to the public on the nightly news? In the south we hear nothing of this.

      • Bert, I believe the reason there has been a black out in the media is because it all happened under their fearless, leader Obama and his minions, the Democrats. Remember Obama appointed Ken Salazar and together they delisted wolves in 2009. Then it was the Senate Democrats who pushed through the wolf delisting rider in 2011, with Harry Reid leading the way and Obama signing the budget/ wolf rider legislation. The television media, especially NBC, CBC and ABC are NOT going to make Obama look bad.

        The slaughter of wolves is being normalized. There are televised wolf hunts on Direct TV. Everyday you hear of another assault on wolves and the media is SILENT!!!! If we don’t start demonstrating soon, there won’t be any wolves left. RFK Jr. was arrested over the Keystone Pipeline today or yesterday…why wasn’t he out there protesting the wolf slaughter?

        The grass roots movement are wolves only hope and we need to get our act together soon.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Nice

  7. I hoped that our new governor was strong enough to stand up to the “status quo” and hoped that he would take the time to study the wolf issue before rendering such a devastating decision.
    Last week I sent Governor Bullock a link to Norman Bishop’s report on what we have learned about wolves and the many reasons why they should not be hunted or “managed”.
    I believe that he would have not signed that bill into law if he understood the information that was presented in the report.
    It is clear that ignorance prevails at the state level of our government and we need to focus on help at a higher level. We need to be very vocal and let our new governor how disappointed we are in his decision.

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is poised to remove protections for wolves across the entire lower 48 states.
    U.S. Representatives Peter DeFazio (D-Ore), Ed Markey (D-Mass), and Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz) are circulating a letter opposing the removal of wolf protections.
    If you live in Montana, please contact US Representative Steve Daines at: or write to him at:
    206 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington D.C. 20515
    or you can call him at: 202-225-3211
    and ask him to support Representatives DeFazio, Markey, and Grijalva in protecting our wolves from extermination.

    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves

    • I agree with most of the above. But I don’t believe it is entirely ignorance that is responsible. There is too much irrational hatred of the species and too little courage to stand up against the haters, especially when most of them just like to hunt and kill. When you look at the methods–guns, bows and arrows, traps, snares, helicopters, and the “mighty” hunters holding up the bodies of dead and bloodied wolves while grinning like gargoyles, then that is more than ignorance. It is ugly, meanspirited, sadistic behavior by people who are ugly, meanspirited, and sadistic.

      • I agree with you.

      • This hatred goes back to the 1800s. When people were still very superstitious. It’s the 2000s now people! Give it a rest! They blame wolves for the theft or death of cattle or other livestock. Wolves aren’t the only thing in this country that can be responsible. Dogs, vultures, other birds of prey, bobcats, and even other people. Like we’re so innocent! People commit thousands of crimes everyday worse than steal one cow. I don’t see us taking them out and torturing or killing them!

      • Yes, they are certainly ugly and mean spirited! And to think that they actually do think of themselves as “mighty” makes it even more obscene. These people who kill wolves are the biggest cowards I can think of. I’d like to see them try to do it without all the weapons! They’re nothing but murderers…

      • Well said my friend.
        Is this my friend Marcia whom I meet in Boise, almost 1 year ago??

      • It is not so much superstition as it is a cultural attitude. Since disaffected pilgrims and money-to-be-made others arrived on the East Coast, they felt it was their Euro-opportunity to “own” land, just like the lords they escaped.
        I advise anyone to use their senses and notice how accepting of their culture they really are, and then ask themselves, what other choices could they make?

        Although I could write so much here as to take over Nabeki’s site on this, please let suffice that here it was popular to exterminate anything denying wealth to oneself, and the imitation of nobility in hunting for sport that took hold.

        Traditional ways offer a far different relationship with the Earth, and the Wolf. Those here might want to explore such a way of seeing, rather than the acceptance I mentioned.

        Fear of loss is so great in the American social species that taking others’ lives is done without thought.

        Fox hunting, pursuit and persecution, was and still is, looked up to as killing-game. As you’ve read, the puma hunters in MT who lost the dogs they use to tree the lions and gun them down standing still on a branch, feel that only they have a right to kill, for pleasure and social satisfaction.

        Because most hunters of ungulates travel less than 2 miles – usually far less (I have watched somewhere every hunting season) from their automobiles, they have claimed that Elk are disappearing, and like republicans keep up the false claims because they know that sheer volume trumps truth.

        They believe only one another.

        I’ve elsewhere described how the socipathic sport hunters control wolf-state politics, just as leninists controlled the opinions of millions to take power, although there were very few.
        In the states, as democrats compromised to get the few votes that are required to win a 2-party election, the socipaths realized their victory and took their pandering republican pawns further off the scale of humanity.
        The large cultures always trend to this unmitigated evil through this control by the most rabid. Yet, in the US, this element was here from the first.

        It’s unlikely politics will improve. It may be that the wolf needs active protection.

  8. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game and commented:
    Here’s the sad (and predictable) news…

  9. it is high time biologists started to develope moral standards concerning the treatment of animals. sometimes they are no better then the worst hunters. david mach described in one of his books how another scientist (Young) raised wolves for 3 years and then starved them, and after that fed them and then killed them just to measure their stomac – i think it is sick

    • What the hell is wrong with people today?! No one has a conscience anymore!

    • Biologists inform their personal work with the moral and ethical standards they acquired, or with which they are capable, as there is a spectrum of empathy occurring across individuals.

      Some, like L. David Mech, were trappers before they were college students, and what ecological principles he absorbed are prey to his ideal of human management and near-autistic denial of the actual nature of wolves: A highly social species is subject to what we term emotions, and since these are shaped in useful ways, to ignore their experience is abusive just as unfeeling individuals of our species can be abusive to any with whom they interact.

      Orna, once a female wolf was captured and offered food for 17 days. She cautiously refused until on day 17, she finally ate. They immediately killed her and dissected her digestive system. I once relegated such acts to the generation before me, but I look at the pure evil of those who vilify, fear, and target wolves, and understood that it was human nature. So later I studied psychology to try to understand why others, especially males, seemed not to be able to empathise.
      All I found was that as primates humans are more subject to fear than other species. Other species avoid conflict as much as possible, while humans in our oversaturated population, seek it.

      The fault was never in the predator, but in us.

  10. I had
    hoped our new governor would not pander to the special interest groups in this state. I am so sad that this new governor is looking even worse than the last one. I called, e-mailed and begged him to not sign this disastrous bill. Clearly, Bullock won’t listen to those of us who live in this backward state when it comes to dealing ethically with wolf and wildlife issues. Once again, we Montanan’s are saddled with a governor who is pandering to the interests of ranchers, hunters and trappers and has no regard for scientific evidence regarding wolves.

    • Plus the fact that hunting licenses bring money into the state coffers. Sad to fund the government by killing wildlife. I didn’t realize that the wilderness, the land and its wild inhabitants, just belonged to special interest groups. Silly me!

      • When will someone step in to relist them? I don’t know that they can stop a buffer zone around the park either. I wish the Federal gov’t coud put up a big electrified fence around the entire thing – but elk and other animals have to migrate.

        Anyone can sign anything into law, but to keep and enforce it will be another matter entirely. I love the part about educating the hunters about collared wolves also – in what way? I thought the new law was written to only include wolves (it had originally included mountain lions but that was stricken). And, of course, it goes into effect…immediately!

  11. how can this man sleep at night?obviously he has no conscience..but i guess that goes along with having no mind..otherwise ,he would have heard what the intelligent, educated and informed scientists had to say. maybe he did hear,maybe he just could not grasp what they had to say .how do these obtuse men get to powerful positions????????answer:we elect them.

    sorry,nabeki, i am getting cynical and letting my reptilian brain speak for me ,i.e . instinct and unfiltered feeling. i am just tired today of hearing about more and more of these men in power hell bent on devastating our do not have to post this .i do try to be more positive in my outlook and words..sometimes the sadness is just overwhelming.i will rally and keep up the fight..i just keep wondering why it has to be a “Fight?”but fight i will ,for our wolves and wilderness.

    • Hope the pathetic brown nose gets caught in a leg hold and rots in agony for days calling for his family then some AH pervert comes along and torments him until he dies in agony like so many of our beautiful wolves. .

      • No, the whole of wildlife will do a much more thorough job. ;)

  12. boycott montana…….until wolves are protected……free the wolves, chain the humans…..

    • Here, here I second that!

  13. How predictable is right. I knew he would sign that damn piece of legislation (HB 73). The folks of MT. need to start raising their voices
    & making some LOUD noise. That is if they disagree with the signing.
    I am hoping that the piece of legislation that our good friends U.S. Representatives Peter DeFazio (D-Ore), Ed Markey (D-Mass), and Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz) get a good backing. Plus we have lawsuits that are in the works. So we still have hope, if not a little that these issues will be dealt with.
    Also, if you haven’t read “Apathy, Cowardice, and Ignorance are the Deadliest Weapons of All” you need to. It’s a great expose on predators.

    Thanks as ALWAYS Nabeki for all your hard work & dedication to this blog & the wolves. xoxo ;-).

    • You’re welcome Sandy….Like you, I knew he wouldn’t sign it. He was listening to biologists…what a joke. He should have listened to Jay Mallonee, then he would have gotten the real story. This is pure politics.

      Now we have to fight another battle, they want to delist wolves across the nation. I’ll post Grijalva’s letter very soon.

      We need big protests and strength in numbers. How we get our movement to speak with one voice is almost a bigger challenge than dealing with the anti wolfers.

      “Apathy, Cowardice, and Ignorance are the Deadliest Weapons of All” is one of the best articles I’ve read on predator persecution and the mindsets going on in the fish and game agencies. Just excellent.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      Sorry for all the grammatical errors I had to fix, I’m having a bad day ):

      • I work @ a high school, they know me there as the “Wolf Lady”
        I am in the process of making up fliers, short but sweet ( the fliers themselves) about our wonderful wolves, then go around & putting them on cars. I want to put out more info. in he school itself. Work has been so draining on me, that I get tired & forget everything I have to do. I barely get enough time to read my e-mails. I will start writing my ideas down (duh!)
        My whole point is ……. I hope I’m doing enough.?
        We do need protests, I agree. It’s the money, the greed, that we don’t have. Which is of course a good thing.
        I know folks in WI. are not happy with what is going on. They have some crazy f#ckers in that state. Absolutely nuts, that is what those politicians are.

        Nabeki, did I ever send you the pictures of when I went to Madison, WI. for the memorial that had for the wolves that were murdered??
        Let me know – if I didn’t I will send you some of them.

  14. I wonder how many phone calls his office received from wolf LOVERS asking him to veto the bill? He still ignored us. I agree – boycott Montana.

    • That would be an interesting #, or percentage. There has to be a way to find that out.

  15. There never was a chance that he wouldnt sign ,he is like all the rest and thats why the war will never be over ,cant never give up or….give the enemy a break because of what they are..we need a civil war the question is is everyone ready you can bet those hunters are

  16. And… case anyone can’t see who these people are they are the same ones that were here shortly after the first civil war and said “We have to clean up the west ,do something with the american indian,theyre in the way of progress,”everyone knows how that one ended,only now these people have declared war on wildlife.

  17. We need to protest on the steps of the Helena Capitol! It gets news media ! And Montana will be covered in shame!
    Lets do this now !!
    My friends in calif just did at mark zuckerburg house because he had Chris Christie fundraiser at his house last night and he defunded planned parenthood in NJ .. So over 100 people showed up and news media right there!! In paper this morning!
    In the paper today .. He lives right around the corner, it works!! Also keystone pipeline protested yesterday and it got covered, one of my friends there and sent his pic getting arrested ! He was delighted! Arrested!
    Quit writing lets get protesting. !

    • You are right and I can predict the future too that football player that raped that young woman will be found innocent because the “GOOD OLE BOY” network is alive and well in MT,the white male will stick it to the rest until theyre stopped ………………

      • Yes, protesting. But I think money my be an issue for some of us.
        There is Boise, ID., Helena, MT., Cheyenne, WY. Madison, WI., Lansing, MI., & Saint Paul, MN. So there are plenty of places to go to protest, but we NEED a shit load of folks to show up to have any kind of press be interested. Or am I wrong? That is just my humble opinion.

  18. Living in Oklahoma I can relate to the way things re done.These people are stealing a American icon.the only way to stop these scum is physically or better yet boycot the products and tourism in the top 3 wolf killing states.Hit these fat boys in the wallet.

    • That is one way to protest. Boycotting the states. Money is a BIG one, as far as hitting it right in the wallet.

      • I don’t know. I fear that they ultimately don’t want the National Parks, and lack of tourism will help them. They are already starved of funds, and they are chipping away at them little by little, and taking away any oversight of the wildlife. All they care about is money from gas and oil underneath them, and anything else is in their way. If we really want to help, we need to decrease our demand for fossil fuels and hit them where it hurts – their profits. I don’t think we can give up our cushy benefits tho.

      • Now that I think of it, keep visiting, and keep demanding that we want our wolves and wildlife.

  19. I just sat here for 20 minutes, trying to express my feelings about the wolf MURDER going on. I have no words, just pain and heart ache..
    Governor Bullock is a coward and a very stupid man. may he rot in hell!!! oh and I cry.
    Howl with your friends!!


  21. This is just plain sickening!!! I am just a gust at the complete stupidity & sadistic behavior of some of the human race & right now they seem to reside in great numbers in MT! If they aren’t killing wolves, they’re killing buffalo & anything else that has four legs. This is the 21st century for God’s sake. It is well known that people you love to kill & torture animals can very easily turn their sadistic lust for blood on humans. I agree completely with one commenter that said:
    “But I don’t believe it is entirely ignorance that is responsible. There is too much irrational hatred of the species and too little courage to stand up against the haters, especially when most of them just like to hunt and kill. When you look at the methods–guns, bows and arrows, traps, snares, helicopters, and the “mighty” hunters holding up the bodies of dead and bloodied wolves while grinning like gargoyles, then that is more than ignorance. It is ugly, meanspirited, sadistic behavior by people who are ugly, meanspirited, and sadistic.”

  22. I had written letters, too and how typical that we were all ignored and the added insult to injury of saying that he listened to biologists….I am sure that your depiction of what he really listened to, Nabeki, is spot on. And so true that the kabal in charge is only interested in using public lands for their private profit – the fossil fuel industry….destruction and death are who they are….the anger and rage that we all share needs to have its toxicity directed at the haters….and I have been aware for a long time that the media is in the pockets of those in charge so that the public is kept in the dark about the war on wild life….and large protests do attract media attention….it is so hard not to want to take up arms and truly make the war on wild life be a war between us/those that love wild life and them/those that kill wild life….I will continue to pray and to write and call but I know that as long as the war is raging, we have to fight….so angry that sadists have so much power…I believe that the life of just one wolf is more important than all of the haters and their progeny put together….because a wolf is good and they are evil

  23. [...] Governor Bullock Signs HB 73, How Predictable! [...]

  24. I hope his karma catches up with him in thsi lifetime!

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