‘Blood on their hands’ by Ratty and the Watchers

Thank you Dave and the rest of the band for your passionate, wonderful dedication to wolves and their fallen brethren.

Please share it far and wide Wolf Warriors, let this be our rallying cry!!



Photo: Wolf Warriors, Commons

Posted in: Wolf Wars

Tags: Ratty and the Watchers, Blood on Their Hands, Stop killing wolves, stand up for wolves, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Michigan, Minnesota

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  1. Thanks I love it. We must use our talents to free the animals. This made me cry.

  2. Our hearts fill with sadness when viewing pictures of so many wolves being slaughtered. It is long past time to stop these horrors and let the wolves finally live in peace. For those who kill, may you rest in pain and sorrow for the murders you have committed and may the spirits of the wolves howl at you for eternity.

  3. it showes so clearly the contrast between beauty and ugliness

  4. All of the videos that are posted here have beautiful meanings and they have very powerful messages. I end up crying for all of them. This was a beautiful song. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Tears tears tears forever if it doesn’t stop we paid too for the killing of these beautiful Wolves dying

  6. I love you wolf.

  7. :'( That’s for all our fallen angle wolves!!! For you hunters you are a monster how can you live with your self and sleep at night knowing you took a life! This is the U S A. The land of the free! The wildlife is to be free to do what it want’s! Not for what you want to do with it as you please! LEAVE THE WOLVES AND WILDLIFE ALONE!!!!! God put them here to keep the balance in the wild. When man kills you bring an unbalance in the wildlife and the world They are only doing what comes natural for them to survive, for them to survive they have to eat just like you do. So what if they kill livestock it’s not like you don’t get 100% reimbursement from the government. Dog’s kill more livestock then wolves. Researchers have confirmed that wolves tent to prey on the most vnlnerable deer and elk which includes weak, diseased, injured. That’s where the balance comes in at the wolves takeout the diseased cuz if not everything and everyone will get sick. No predator including wolves have ever caused an animal species to become endangered. EXCEPT MAN. That’s where the unbalance comes in at in the wild is MAN ALONE! Natural predators keep the population of other animals in balance. thereby creating healthy population that can be supported by their own habitat. The finding of the re-post was that during the 100 years of the 20th century there were between 20-30 attacks in North America (including Alaska, and Canada, which have relatively high populations of wolves). Of these three were fatal all because of RABIES. No attacks have been recorded in Yellowstone since the reintroduction of wolves more then a decade ago. for comparison, during the 20th century there have been 71 fatal grizzly (brown) bear attacks in North America. Each year in the United States 16-18 people die from dog attacks. Wild wolves seldom pose a threat to people. Nothing that only 2 humans deaths from a wolf attacks have been documented in North America over the past 60 years.

    Wolves are the consummate, cautious “cowards” of the pack predators of the world. They do not actively hunt for humans- Polar bears do, And are about the only predator (other than rare, rougue, lion & ect) DO naturally stalk humans as prey! So why kill wolves? If it’s for game ect. I hope you enjoy the blood money that sits in your hands. Go out and find a job for money instead of taking alive of a wolf that don’t even come after you like you do them. Wolves mate for life if their mate dies the other one will soon die. They have family and feeling’s just like we do. If they lose family or get hurt the cry just like us. So STOP KILLING THE WOLVES AND WILDLIFE!!! Let them have peace that’s all they want so they can keep the balance in the wildlife and world. Let them run free and do what god want’s them to do.
    Killing is wrong anyway and you hunters no that. The same way as if you were to kill another human you would go to jail and maybe the death chair. Well it should be the same way when you kill or abuse animals of all kinds. I’m not going to say please or think you. Cuz you should know this already! YOU KNOW WHAT RIGHT AND WRONG!!!

  8. It is amazing that some dude in the UK is moved enough to write and record this song, create and produce this video, yet so few in the US are aware or care.

    • I just hope this video doesn’t promote the idea of wolves as pets.

  9. We care…

  10. I am doing all I can to help our beautiful, majestic wolves! I bought canvas tote bags for my groceries with images of the noble wolf with “Save Wolves” imprinted. And of course, my shirts & jacket with the same logo. Cafe Press. These sure will get noticed. I also printed out flyers about the massacre of our wolves. I put them on windshields. Every little bit of ACTION helps. FOR *OUR-WOLVES<3

  11. Beautiful! My sincerest appreciation and thanks for all of us out there who help in the protection of these wonderful wolves!

    • We are trying with everything we have to make a difference Paul!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Paul V….They did such a great job on this song. I hope it goes viral.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. Reblogged this on Caliburnus Rises and commented:
    Brilliant! I’m in awe…

  13. What are they doing with the rest of the wolf anyway? They should be made to eat every last bit of that animal they killed, that’s what’s wrong. They were never taught that respect by their fathers. They never learned to think about what they were doing.

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