Can they sink any lower? I don’t think so. What’s  the difference between torturing wolves with dogs in Kyrgyztan or chasing and torturing wolves in Wisconsin?

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Originally posted on Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife:

This is VERY IMPORTANT information regarding the upcoming Natural Resources Board meeting that will discuss “rules” for the “training” of dogs to be used against wolves with almost no limitations right through breeding, denning, and birthing seasons until March 31 st. The cut off to register for speaking at the meeting is TODAY, but comments will be accepted until this Friday. Here is more information:


Wisconsin Natural Resources Board
public participation guidelines

Note: the deadline to register to testify at the February 2013 Board meeting has been changed to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, February 19.

The deadline to submit a written comment for the February 2013 Board meeting is 4 p.m. on Friday, February 22.

The public is welcome to attend any Natural Resources Board (NRB or Board) meeting unless it is noticed as a closed or executive session.

The Board also provides opportunities for citizens to speak…

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  1. Can anyone in Wisconsin go out an try to protect the dens? Kind of a Greenpeace type of thing?

    • I would be there for sure.

      • me too…i would rather die than have this massacre continue!

  2. Dogs should not kill wolves like people should not kill people. Why the killing anyway? You are not God. Live in peace, please!

    • I agree Donna but we’re going to have to change tactics to make a difference.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  3. Must a person be a resident of Wisconsin to comment?

    • Jerry…according to what I’ve been told, anyone can comment…that’s from the Wisconsin DNR.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I just called and spole to Laurie Ross, Board Laison (all who BTW is very nice), she said anyone can comment.

    • I live in Va. and I can tell you this, I would not waste one $ to visit the state of Wisconsin. I plan inform all of my friends and they in turn will inform their friends of this horrible thing that is happening in that state. Maybe they will listen if their pocketbooks are
      being affected…

      • Yup, they need to be treated like Montana, no one gets tourists if they have RED SNOW! Real simple, hit them in the pocketbook, and I live in the kill zone. What a bunch of bullshit. I am sure the WALKER is a big part of this, there was NO HUNTING of wolves till the repubbies walkered in :(

  4. Obviously these nice folks would do anything for money…or votes, which are in their case, the same thing. I think the point they are missing though, is that we the people of the United States bought and paid to have those wolfs reinterduced…That is our money, not the State of Wisconsin’s. The farmers and hunters are using “Public Lands” as if it were their own…and it is not. I personally want them to take their live stock, and get off my land. And I want the sadistic hunters and trappers to be charged with animal cruelty and put away before they decide that it’s O.K. to hunt and kill children as well. They can’t be eaten, and they aren’t armed either. Obviously those knuckle draggin, nose pickers, wouldn’t want to hunt anything that might shoot back, so now they want dogs to do the hunting and make the wolf almost dead so they can tippy toe up and kick the dog to death…Macho. These people are sick and need to be institutionalized.

    • Boy – you said it all – and I agree so much – and I wish that there were some young people going out and protecting these Wolves likt they would if those idiots start killing Children – or whatever walks – the anger I feel is hard to express – I can’t believe it’s going on and on and on and nothing is done about it – what happened to us – the People – who write – who sign petitions and tell the Govt what we want – but nobody seems to care –
      There have to be thousands of petitions coming in everywhere – but it’s like they are going in some big trashcan –

      I am lost – I can’t believe what is happening and keeps happening – I just do not understand it – why they keep killing and like you say – the Feds do nothing but kill more and more – our land – our World – ruled by Idiocincracy (sp) – for over four years now – nothing but crap coming down from above –

      I have seldom felt the anger I feel now -

  5. These so called Humans do not even care about the Dogs who sometimes get killed too and of course the poor Wolf – who can not fight a bunch of dogs – this is their entertainment because they do not have a brain besides liking blood and killing – I do not think they are “Humans” anymore – they have lost their hearts and souls – they make me sick -

  6. This is sad and wrong. Cant they find something else to do for a hobby, like read or something. We have evolved from the dark ages. At least some of us have. Just leave the wild life alone and let it live. We have to elevate our mentality or we are no better than we were 1000 yrs ago when we were impaling people on sticks.

  7. Ugh. That is all.

    • I know Ida…what fresh hell will they dream up tomorrow? This has descended into madness. I feel like I’m living in bizzaro world.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Thank you Nabeki for allerting us to the US Fish and Wildlife’s plan to remove the wolves in the lower 48 states from ESA protections. And to this new assault in Wisconsin. We must keep plugging away.
      Hope we good guys and gals can win for the wolves- our motives are through love and respect for this animal. I believe much from the other side is driven by hate and ignorance.

      • You’re welcome Jane. Both are terribly important to address. The most egregious is of course the hunting of wolves with dogs and “practicing on denning wolves in March”. We have to flood the Wisconsin DNR with comments and calls. Secondly though, the delisting of wolves across the Lower 48 is extremely serious. It means wolves in Washington, Oregon and California (including OR7) will lose federal protections and only have state plans to fall back on. Oregon’s state plan is very weak, Washington’s is better but in the end if wolves are delisted across the board it will mean they will be severely hampered from dispersing across state lines, they can’t do it now without being shot, can you imagine what will happen if they have ZERO protection. This is really not about wolves, it’s a culture war between environmentalists and animal rights advocates against the old guard of gun lobbies, ranching and hunting cabals. They see the wolf as a way to assert their power and also hurt us at the same time. It’s a win win situation for them. That’s why we have to get our act together and fight this battle to win it.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Well said!

  8. the organizations that defend pets should be itresred in that too

    • Orna…You’re right, we need to get the dog organizations involved as well. This is animal cruelty. Meanwhile Montana and Idaho wolves continue to die.

      I’m going to call HSUS and see if they are planning to challenge this “dog training” on denning wolves?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • That is a great idea – yes – this is almost worse than dog fighting which is against the law here – like that helps – but those poor dogs surely don’t come away unscathed – never mind the Wolf – it is so sick I dream about it –
        What made this World upside down? There is no Humanity left??

      • nightwing3…Pandora’s box was opened for the wolf haters when Obama delisted the wolves in 2009 and then again in 2011. The buck stops with him. And to this day he has not addressed what is going on. Not a word.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki – we have persisted for so long – what other cards can we play? He – our “Leader” will not speak or mention the thousands of petitions that surely end up at the designated places – I have never felt more helpless in my Life – killing Wolves – killing Bears – killing – killing killing – I want to put my blinders back on so I do not have to see it – and some earplugs to match –
        I don’t think it’s ever been this bad – not even under the terrible Bush Administration – and I know Obama could do something – but it seems like even the higher Courts are now in someone’s pocket – how do you fight this horror and this evil ? Crime has gone up while they worry about gun control and School Shootings – meanwhile killing and killing without a thought – how can anyone in charge stand up and say they got a conscience? Or they care?
        Do you really believe that we can still win this awful War? Or will it only stop when they have killed off everything that is dear to us?

  9. Dogs shouldn’t be trained to kill Wolves and people shouldn’t either. We could learn a lot from them. Without them this world becomes a shame. Wolves have a high capacity to live, love and understand. They are great protectors and very family oriented. They control deer populations too. The forest without their call will likely also fall. The Wolf was our first companion best friend has that changed so much in these last few centuries?

    • Terena…sadly the people that are leading this charge to hunt wolves with dogs, mainly the bear hounders, could care less about the importance of wolves. They are trophy hunters and kill for fun. The only way to win this is to restore wolves federal protections and that will be one hell of a battle. I’m stunned everyday that we’re fighting Democrats on this, who used to be the defenders of the environment. But greed and power has now morphed both parties into one.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  10. Has there not been enough blood spilled, Now we are adding domestic animals to this slaughter whom by the way will not come out of this well.. God save us all we as a country are headed down an evil road.

    • Patricia….this is pure and simple dog fighting for sport. The people who hatched this disgusting “plan” need their heads examined. But we have to fight back and continue to fight back, perseverance is our best weapon.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. what we are doing to this planet and all animals is horrific. wolves belong on the land, and there shld not be a mass murder of them, use of traps and dogs is inhumane and just plain wrong, nothing that is alive shld have to endure this kind of pain and torture. what gives humans the right to decide which mammal is more important, and what makes humans think we are the most important, we are not god. I cant believe this is being allowed and is legal, its beyond what I can fathom and breaks my heart.

    • I know heart breaks for these poor animals everyday. What’s happening to them is a repeat of the first extermination only more calculated and evil. Everyday there is another assault on them. Anti wolf bills are being passed in almost every wolf state, designed to hurt and exploit wolves. But we have to remember something, we are the majority and the people carrying out this treachery are the minority. The reason they are winning is they have the state legislatures tied up in the Northern Rockies, even the Democrats in Montana are DINO”S (Democrats In Name Only). Once they figured out how to go around the courts in Montana and Idaho they captured the wolves in a death grip. But we will not give up and keep fighting for them. We still have many cards to play.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  12. cruelty to animals and Gods creatures for sport or fun IS EVIL and unconscienceable please stop the senseless death of these beautiful creatures who have every right to this planet more so than the Human race that destroys all for greed and power…………..LOVE NOT HATE! TOLERANCE!

    • Gabriel…some of these trophy hunters wouldn’t know compassion or love if they tripped over it. Who kills for fun, who takes pleasure in the pain of another being? There’s a word for it, sadist!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. Wolves have the same feelings/values as we do. Apparently they are the only ones to live by these. The fact that these moronic sociopaths are allowed to run around in public getting their jollies killing is a sorry testament to the world today. Between them and the politicians someone needs to flush the gene pool.

  14. I just sent my letter to Laurie Ross and passed on the information to friends……

  15. These “hunters” are nothing but a bunch of sadistic low lifes!

  16. Are you aware of what is going on in North Carolina? Here in North Carolina ,the world’s ONLY population of Red Wolves, lives and dies, at the North Carolina Pocosin National Wildlife Refuge.They are supposed to be fully protected but there are less than 100 alive today.Coyote hunters have been allowed to “Spot light” hunt at night in the refuge and they are killing the wolves,they say they look like coyotes in the spotlight because they are a smaller wolf than most wolves. Nothing is being done to stop this.I have called and written to my State representatives, and my USA reps, my 2 Senators and my Congressman. This is driving me nuts.These magnificent creatures
    deserve to be safe and cherished by all Americans.I want to save them for my grandchildren and all future generations of children. I just do not know what else I can do.I have even called the Whitehouse comment line (202)-456-1111 and left messages to save these beautiful Red Wolves…..Help me save these American wolves.

    • I too am aware of what’s been happening to the Red Wolves, and it is very worrisome! It’s bad enough that coyotes are being hunted in this way, but it’s even worse when a critically endangered wolf is falling victim to the bullets meant for coyotes as well!

  17. I have no words, only TEARS.

    • Shirley….you’re among fellow advocates here and we feel your pain, believe me. It’s a sad, sad time.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  18. This is absolutely barbaric!!!!

    • leslie…it’s descended into the ninth circle of hell for the wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  19. Pretty sad here in Wisconsin. They have “seasoned” Wisconsin DNR game wardens at the meetings who are also “hound hunters” defending this practice and BSing the board. And the board eats it up. Reading the testimony of the last hearing when this was discussed was just depressing. We will comment, but they will turn a deaf ear. It will only stop if the Feds step in, but we won’t give up.

    • Thank you Robert for pointing out what we all know to be true. Wolves MUST BE RELISTED. That is their only salvation, the states are completely in bed with the hunting and ranching cabals. The wolves have to be wrenched away from them. This is legalized slaughter!!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  20. This just another act of cruelity towards wolves comited by a sick human

    • Very true Keevin.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  21. just when I “hope” they will not get any sicker – they do! I cannot think of anything that makes me more angry than to see an unfair fight – a Wolf in leg-hold trap being attacked is sick, same as the bears in the 3rd world countries – what are we? I am willing to go to Wisc. to stand between these sick, stupid nut cases

  22. I’ve seen this before a despicable practice by uncivilized people.As a nation where is the outrage at this wanton cruelty.lets let Wisconsin know wht the majority of this country thinks.But we sell puppies from shelters to animal test labs and euthanize 4 million pets. Year.I think this nation really dosent care.

    • I reminds me of putting blinders on a horse so they can’t see what’s going on Mike. But the media is really at fault here, if they had covered this like they cover celebrity babble, we’d have an outraged public. As is stands, the only person on television covering this story is Jane Velez-Mitchell…she’s done three stories since 2009 and I’m pretty sure she’s the only one.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  23. I am a Wisconsin resident, and have been writen several letters to the WI DNR. I have responses from two different wolf biologists, and I’ll post some of those comments later when I’m home from work. I will be in attendance at the DNR Board meeting next Tuesday, and will make the most of the 3-5 minutes I have to make a case to stop this maddness!

    • Bless you Elizabeth, I know the wolves would thank you if they could. We need more advocates like yourself that are willing to walk the walk. Thank you!! And yes please post the comments.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  25. in 1995 the introduction of the wolf program was started in yellowstone national park, after an extinction of the wolfs from north america. it was funded by thousands of volenteers and millions of dollars and donations…where are all the voices now ???? scream for the wolf…..he cant. !!! and not one human death has been related to a wolf kill since 1852 in this country. stop the killing !

    • That’s a very good question sue ellen. The problem is there’s a split in the wolf movement. Some groups support the hunting of wolves, that’s shocking I know. So those of us who are crusading against the delisting, have to fight not only the antis but also other green groups from watering down the message. I believe that’s why things have gotten so bad. If we had all stayed on the same page, wolves would not be in this situation. Sadly we’re not all united and that’s the sad truth.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  26. I am so sad, to read this horrific news. I can’t understand why fish & game do nothing, why the federals do nothing are they all shooting as well? Why it is so hard to relisted them? I think about every day this make me sick. Wake up America, wake up the world these barbaric behaviours should’nt be allowed anywhere on this planet, and sadly almost everyday it’s seems worse.
    I dream about trapping mad hunters and let them dying too, it’s all what they deserve but I know it is not the right solution…..
    Thank you Nabeki, and to all people who try to do something!
    For the wild ones, forever.

    • Slyvie, You’re so welcome.

      What our movement has to do is come together and speak with one voice. We are the majority and yet here we sit watching the wolves die one by one. It’s going to take much to see to them relisted. Opening the door to wolf hunting was the most tragic thing anyone could have done for these persecuted animals. For godsakes, they practically wrote the Endangered Species Act for wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  27. We are fighting on all sides, where do we comment even thou I do not think it will make a difference,got a nice e-mail from governor of Montana he said wildlife biologist agreed with this hr73 bullshit if you ask me

  28. We are fighting on all sides will it make a difference , I got a reply from Governor of Montana and he wrote even wildlife biologist agreed with hr 73 did they really I wrote back of an arrow through the eye of a wolf and said this is animal cruility or inhumane

  29. who do we call to comment ?

  30. did it

  31. We just found out today that the DNR gave the bear hounders the tracking info on den locations!!!!!!!!I sh&* you not………These people are severely mentally ill

    • William…WHAT??? OMG, I want to do a post on that. Is there something I can link to? Send me an email if you have it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  32. Could they sink any lower? Sure…put the whole lot of em in
    a scum bucket and lower it into a cesspool !

  33. I recieved an E mail from the Govenor, He said the bill he signed gave
    biologists more power over the wolves. I asked him what planet he lives on?.
    Every morning when I wake up I wonder how many more wolves have been murdered. Then I go to my computer and see the number rise.
    Then I cry. I sign all petitions, I send post cards to evil politicians,I pray
    for God to stop the insanity and the death number continues to rise.
    I worked at a wolf sanctuary for two years, teaching tourists about the plight of wolves. In those two years i also got to Know & be accepted by
    the wolves I cared for. So many times I wanted to leave the gates open
    and set my beloved friends free. Of course that was never an option.
    We gave them as good a life as we could.
    And now I learn evil wants to make wolf killers out of dogs? Do they not
    know all dogs have the same DNA as wolves? I cry.
    Wolf my kindred spirit be
    will I ever see you free?
    persecuted by evil men
    with nothing on their minds
    but to see your end
    I wish my love for you could stop
    the murderous rampage
    on you wrought
    I feel your pain
    I feel your grief
    I hear you blood cry for relief
    I use my voice
    I use my pen
    I’ll do what ever I can
    to see there will be NO END !!!!
    Howl with your friends, Christy

    • How beautiful that Poem is – it touched me so deeply – I too care more about the Wolves than most people – and I have lost hope – I keep fighting on paper – but each time I sign a petition or even donate a little – I do it with the sinking feeling that it is all wasted – I have not lost hope for so many years – but the fight has gone on and on – and I have lost the glimmer at the end of this long tunnel – Why can people not SEE? FEEL? – no compassion – they are dead themselves inside if they can kill so easy -

  34. Most people have a instinct to care and protect animals. It seems that these people have lost and cannot find that in themselves anymore.

  35. I believe that the type of person who tortures ,traps and kills defenceless animals is fundamentally inadequate emotionally and probably sexually… these are the child abusers the perverts .. you can educate and inform intelligent people , intelligent people do not accept or enjoy watching or causing suffering to anything why can this disgusting treatment of wolves be broadcast even on the radio if the TV companies are to ‘diplomatic’ ! how does the law not prosecute people who abuse undomesticated animals what can the wspca (sorry im english we have the rspca) do about it ? what about the dogs which get horrendously mauled doing the job they have been trained to do . that we can train our faithful dogs in this manner is wicked..
    God protect these poor helpless creatures they have nowhere to run. .

    • Chris I’m with you. This has to be one of the most horrendous schemes the wolf haters have come up with so far. The bear hounders are behind this I’m sure. They chase the poor bears with dogs and now they want to do this to the wolves. This is dog fighting in it’s most egregious form. Wolves are wild dogs and training domesticated dogs on pregnant alphas, denned up waiting for their pups to be born, is about as sick as a person can get.

      This has to be stopped. I hope whoever has privy to this knowledge will have the courage to step forward and hold a news conference and announce this outrage to the world.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  36. We must stop the Wisconsin DNR from allowing wolves to chased by hounds! Hunting and trapping are bad enough, the wolves do not need any more suffering under the hands of humans! Not to mention that the dogs risk injury and even death as well!

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