If this can be proven it will blow things wide open in Wisconsin, it’s unconscionable. To think wolves would be subjected to such horror when they are bound to their den sites awaiting the birth of their pups!

A similar situation was uncovered concerning Mexican gray wolves. Telemetry devices were given out to Southwestern ranchers when Mexican gray wolves were first reintroduced, apparently so ranchers would use them to keep track of any wolves approaching their cows. The USFWS handed out the telemetry to people who were no friend to the wolf.

“Don’t Give Wolf Opponents Tracking Frequencies”

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**UPDATE** Remember these are only allegations at this time, but they are backed up by some very serious statements from people with impeccable integrity. We will keep digging for more information, and update as more information becomes available. All of us are still trying to wrap our minds around this. 


Yesterday we were made aware of some very disturbing information. According to multiple reliable sources, with direct links to the the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, a DNR employee or employees have given confidential research data regarding the precise GPS coordinates of wolf dens to wolf hunters/hounders/trappers. The sources are reluctant to go on the record with this information, but if true it would answer many questions about this past falls wolf killing season.

One of the most common questions asked during the wolf killing season last fall was, “how are they killing them so quickly?” I…

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  1. This is “hunting” ?!?! Extermination is more like it! Appalling!

    • If that is true, then I hope the corruption it reveals will cause more trouble than they know what to do with in Wisconsin. This could be just another example of what the hunting group is willing to stoop to to get their kills.

    • There are no words to explain how truly horrible this is.

    • It’s a slaughter Vincent. How low can they sink?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. Reblogged this on redemptionforanimals.

  3. Not surprised. It’s been going on around here for a long time. When extermination is the goal, anything goes.

  4. This is just horrible. It seems that never a day goes by that some more bad news for wolves comes & it isn’t just wolves, too much of our wildlife is being slaughtered for no good reason! It just makes me sick. There are so many sadistic & greedy people out there. Why can’t we get some honest caring people in the Dept. of Interior, the BLM, & other govt. agencies? We all need to bombard President Obama about this!!! There is a White House web site where individuals can email him & we all NEED to do it.

  5. If this is true, this is a criminal betrayal of wolves and those of us who want America’s wolves protected from demonizers and sadists. Those who perpetrated this betrayal at Wisconsin DNR must be fired and brought to court to face justice. When proven to be true and who among us doubts that it is true, knowing how despicable these hateful killers are, this will provide wolf defenders with more power to shut down the cowardly and wicked persecution and massacre of all vital and beautiful wolves, that means all of them, every single one. To all: Defend and Protect Wolves Forever!
    Protect America’s Wolves! campaign

    • Bob…It’s outrageous. What more can they do to these magnificent animals. What manly men using domestic dogs to attack wolves at their den sites. Pure evil!! I will never set foot in Wisconsin again, advocates should boycott the state, especially the cheese.

      I spent my childhood in Wisconsin, it’s a beautiful state, too bad it’s been hijacked by these haters.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. E-mail Mr.
    Remind him that he has a JOB that has rules and regulations. These individuals only understand a few things in life and those include their employment or lack of it. Like the two cops who shot the elk in a neighborhood in Colorado, his JOB could be on the line if we make enough noise.

    • Thank you for sharing Candace.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • I just signed Bob’s petition and commented that I have begun to vote for candidates based on their records of conservation and wildlife issues. Votes do count and we must research their records at the appropriate times. Nabeki, I truly think word is spreading. We’re going to find a crack in their wall at some point. I can hardly wait.

      • Gail, I agree, the more despicable they become the more angry and disgusted people are getting. This story is going to break out of the Great Lakes and the Northern Rockies and it’s going to be big. We are making progress this year even though things seem desperate. But as Toni’s story points out, the intimidation factor is always there. If you have a pro-wolf sticker on your car, it might get keyed or worse, maybe tires slashed. Or if you speak out in a fish and game meeting in favor of wolves, will someone follow you and copy your license plate? It’s scary stuff going on in the Northern Rockies.

        Unfortunately in Montana and Idaho, there is little to no support in any of the state legislatures for wolves. They have a lock on them due to the rider. But things are going to change and they will change, this year could be the turning point.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • With such a name as Loomans, his rootes are in Holland/the Netherlands. I am not proud to be a Dutch citizen now a days.

  7. Wisconsin DNR = pathetic, criminal sadists and destroyers of America’s wildlife, just like state wildlife MIS-management agencies in most every state. When proven true, those responsible for this criminal betrayal of wolves and their human defenders, must face justice, fines and jail time! Fire up those lawsuits!!

  8. All hunting in the 21st Century is unsustainable, unnecessary, cruel, barbaric and just plain torture & murder from sociopaths.

  9. Wolves need protection I reference the animal planet series Rhino Wars where 4 former us soldiers work to target poachers and protect rhinos by whatever means necessary !I’m on board with that.

    • Yes and they do it in Kenya too Mike. The Kenyans know their wildlife is worth more to them alive then on someone’s wall. They protect them at all costs.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Me too, Mike.

      • This is so disgusting, we need to surround the wolves and protect them.

  10. I am on Board with that as well, if we want to save these animals, that is what we have to do..I am surprised there aren’t more hunting accidents..

    • Maybe someday if we are lucky.

  11. Who are you people that decide who will kill our beawolves? We need them they were here before you people!
    Generations wont even know these animals. Maybe the hunters even hates their own kids- So, they haven`t heart. They are no humans? Evel? Must be “.

  12. That’s completely fucked up ! I hope something can be done about it

  13. unreal!!! this is soooo EVIL. what can we do?????

  14. What a sick state…perhaps they should stop getting federal funding!

    • Good idea Diane. But look who they have as governor? I think Wisconsin is in the same boat as some of the wolf states in the Northern Rockies, no friends in the legislature for wolves.

      Chasing wolves with up to six dogs per hunter, that is just evil dog fighting pure and simple. Wolves are wild dogs and using domesticated dogs to hunt them IS dog fighting. These people can’t get away with this. And if it’s true that the DNR gave locations of wolf den sites to trappers, hunters and hounders..then it will blow this whole dirty mess wide open.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  15. Is there some investigation starting? Is there anything anyone can do to get this to the attentioin of the “authorities? And who are the “authorities” anymore? Can we trust some department or agency of the government to enforce the rules? It doesn’t seem to have a self-governing, decency authority. Who can we write to? Where did you get your information, a whistle blower? Hope something gets done about this and heads roll. Never going to Montana, Wisconsin, or Wyoming again. Must be full of rabid monkeys.

    • We can hope that one of the more powerful animal organizations will address this through legal channels. I believe I read that the HSUS may include this in their efforts. Let’s keep watching. I will continue to support them and several other pro-animal/wildlife groups that have been active. I think it’s the best way to fight the powerful pro-hunting people who have been so influential with many politicians and state wildlife “management” agencies.

      • I believe that the Center for Biological Diversity are in the courts on behalf of the wolf, as is HSUS, and I’m not sure about Defenders of Wildlife, but they used to be. So, yes there are lawsuits in the process in defensive of the wolf. I would like to know how we can help these wonderful people in their plight to save the wolf.

      • Ann, actually Defenders of Wildlife has been very ineffective in defending and protecting wolves. They certainly do make noise as if they do, but they seem better at fundraising than at truly keeping wolves safe and alive. I would stay away from them (and the useless Sierra Club) and focus on other groups such as Predator Defense, WildEarth Guardians, Humane Society, Howling for Wolves and another fantastic wolf defender group that will soon be announced.

    • Nancy..the investigation is ongoing. They are trying to get someone to go “on the record” with this information, which means whistle blowing and I’m sure people are scared of losing their jobs. We’ll have to see if someone is willing to speak out, so that it’s just not anecdotal evidence.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Let’s hope there is one brave soul with a strong sense of justice who is willing to say: “Screw the job”.

      • Is there no one left in Wisconsin government with ethics? The jobs on the line should not be those of the whistleblowers.

      • Candace, whoever steps forward to tell the truth would ultimately be treated like the hero they are!

      • Candace…it looks like the inmates are running the asylum. The states can’t be trusted to do what’s right for wolves, relisting is the only answer.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  16. This is tough to swallow. It would seem that any states DNR would know the ecosystem is very delicate and these animals play a huge role in this process. If this is true I would surely follow a money trail from local wealthy ranchers their area representatives … This is horrible and can’t be tolerated

  17. We’re seeing just how low humanity can fall, and I don’t think the bottom has been reached yet. Blech!!!!

    • Agreed ida!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  18. I have sent an email to I will not quit helping, Nabeki! I will continue to fight for my wild brothers and sisters and their families from Illinois, where I continue holding to the truth that our creator placed us as His caretakers. Emphasis on CARE!

    • Thank you Vicky!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  19. Do something. Do something. Do something. Who is doing something. Something must be done. Write this person. Sign this petition. Well, let me tell YOU something. At some point, the hunters will become the hunted. The predators will become the prey. And they will be terrified out of their wits. It is only a matter of time and providence. The universal law of reciprocity demands it. This is as much a spiritual war as it is a physical war, and it must be fought on that level as well. The wolf is spirit. We are spirit joined with the wolf. Spirit will prevail. It always does: Center. Focus. Breathe. Pray. Then fight like you’ve never fought before.

    • Agreed, Batzion. We really must become a larger, more cohesive unity for the animals who need us. Look at how the politicians are shaking in their boots in fear of upsetting the NRA (btw, who the F…. do THEY think they are, anyway?) They get their power from memberships….members who pay money to join the organizations that represents their interests. It’s what we MUST do at every opportunity. We need loud voices, advocacy, money and representation by enlightened organizations and people.

  20. OMG! I just wrote this on the Animal Rescue site: “Low IQ idiots are killing the wolf for fun. The Fish&Game are in Obama’s pocket. Their ‘scientific’ data is curved, and they put collars on wolves then for $$ give these idiots the coordinates for the wolves locations. The wolf is not a major predator.”

  21. Truly sickening, enraging, how low can these people stoop, this is just criminal, is this all that can be done legally, just a protest to the above mentioned person, by mail??

  22. Here is something I have been doing since 2005
    I buy index cards the size you would put a recipe on.
    On one side of the card in the middle put a line from top to bottom.
    then on the right side of the card (same side w/vertical line) put three lines horizontal. On the three lines put the address of who the post card is for. Place a post card stamp on the upper right corner.
    Then on the other side of the card write your message.
    I have been sending Governor Otter post cards ever since he was elected. Post card stamps are less cost than a regular stamp.
    Now Bullock and the other governors will be getting post cards!
    Just think if even ten people send post cards every week, they just might “Get It” that most Americans want the wolf put back on the ESA.
    I talked with Doug Smith (Yellowstone wolves) about doing this. He said it would’t make a difference. I think if LOTS of people do this it could help.
    I dread to think how awful Doug and his staff must feel. They worked so hard to bring the wolves back.
    And to you Nabeki a heartfelt THANK-YOU for all you are doing for our
    beloved wolves.
    Howl with your friends, Christy

    • Christy, I’m not concerned about Doug Smith. I’m concerned about wolves and keeping them safe, unmolested and free. Smith has basically been harassing wolves for far too long. When will all his collaring (and “research”) be enough? This involves chasing each wolf down, tranquilizing them and then making their movements known to everyone with a tracking device, for example wolf haters and murderous perverts. Smith recently stated in a nationally broadcast NPR interview that he supports state sanctioned wolf hunts. He stated that “with no wolf hunting allowed there were alot of people walking around angry all the time…” because they couldn’t kill wolves. He then offered his bizarre and appalling opinion that wolf killing is neccassary so that wolves will be “accepted” by these angry people. One wolf defender responded by asking if these angry people should be allowed to kill their wives, if they are unhappy with their presence, to vent their anger and blow off steam? Doug Smith lives in a safe and sheltered Yellowstone cocoon and has become part of the problem in our mission to defend and protect America’s wolves.

      • BraveWolf, I’m not familiar with Mr.Smith, but just want to say that from what you describe, I believe he is correct inasmuch as yes, these people probably “are walking around angry all the time” due to this unimaginable hatred they have of the wolves. They will never “accept” them, and killing them is the “safety valve” which enables them to comply with wolf hunt seasons. The incredible part is that he seems to expect that everyone else who is enlightened should be subjugated into acceptance of wolf slaughters in deference to these psychopaths. The scenario would be that they are the superior ones and we are the subordinates. I say “bullshit” to that idea!

    • Christy, I think it’s a great idea, if everyone did just one thing for wolves every day, it would make a difference. Sadly Doug Smith supports the wolf hunts…he’s stated they’re needed for public tolerance. Eighteen years after wolf reintroduction, the wolf states are no more tolerant then they were during first extermination.

      Thank you Christy for being a pro active wolf advocate. Small things can turn into big things, if everyone followed your example wolves would be on their way to relisting.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  23. This is REALLY SICK. Will post on my facebook.

  24. I thought the situation for wolves was grave in my country but this is shocking!! Is this what wolf management is? I sincerely hope these allegations are untrue, although in my heart I fear the opposite.

  25. what can the average person do to help stop this

  26. Can folks there in WI form a human shield with tranquilizer darts for the dogs so that no one gets hurt? I called the WH coment line 202-456-1111 and spoke at length about the Genocide….that there’s a bill in Congress to remove more protections and what’s going to happen tomorrow in WI and WY: regarding the Holocaust of pregnant moms and unborn/newborn babies, etc….even included how this is the source of the culture of violence…how it is against science, talked about the health of ecosystems with predators….referenced man’s interference and the plague….referenced how my folks were Holocaust survivors who raised me to do something when I witness something wrong…..I was specific about how wolves keep undulate herds moving and how using range riders minimizes livestock depradations, which are minimal to start with and how the Koch bros Americans for prosperity had a youtube video of lies about wolves because they want a public land grab to drill/frack without “dealing” with wildlife/wolves. She listened, wrote it all down and said that she had not been aware that this was happening (she first pushed back at me that this comment line is for current events) and I mentioned the bill currently in Congress and she then said again how she had no idea about the Genocide….she did use that word…and said that my message will get to the pres but that the process takes 6-8 weeks… everyone please let’s call every day! and please if you’re in WI form a human shield! Thanks!

    • Nikki, you wrote:
      >>.I was specific about ……. how the Koch bros Americans for prosperity had a youtube video of lies about wolves because they want a public land grab to drill/frack without “dealing” with wildlife/wolves.<<

      I had no idea! Do you have a link to this video?

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