The Haunting Howl of The Mexican Gray Wolf…

One of the most endangered animals in the world, the Mexican gray wolf, demonstrates why the howl of the wolf is so hauntingly beautiful and symbolic of all that is wild and free. This is the sound wolf haters want to silence forever! The Mexican gray wolves fate is tied to their Northern brothers and sisters.  They are all suffering, although the Mexican gray wolf  population increased again this year, it’s nothing even close to the 200 wolves USFWS promised would be roaming free by 2006. Over 66% of the Blue Range wolf recovery area is heavily grazed by cattle and open to mining, forestry and recreational interests. (ghosts of the southwest).  Seven years later there are just 75  Mexican grays living in the wild.

The Mexican gray wolf  stands as a reminder of what can happen to all gray wolves when ignorance and intolerance prevail.


Uploaded on Jan 21, 2008 by Rick LoBello

“Please help save the Mexican wolf by forwarding message to others.

I transferred to video an old 8mm movie I took during the late 1970s of what I believe was the last or one of the last wild Mexican wolves captured from northern Mexico before the species went extinct in the wild. Thanks to the efforts of people from across then continent with the help of the numerous zoos that have been maintaining a captive population, the US Fish and Wildlife Department and the US Forest Service with the help of the states of Arizona and New Mexico, were able to reintroduce wolves successfully back into the wild in 1998.

As you watch the film keep in mind that this animal, less than a week before I filmed it, was living in the wilds of Mexico. It was one of the last descendants of wild Mexican wolves that had been living in harmony with the land and Native Americans for thousands of years. Their story almost came to a complete end. Fortunately the United States passed the Endangered Species Act. If it wasn’t for that critical piece of legislation I am sure that the Mexican wolf would have gone completely extinct since there were few animals in captivity and virtually none in zoos.

I hope that people who watch this 3 minute video will want to learn more about these beautiful animals and get involved in efforts to help with conservation efforts here in the United States and Mexico.

All Mexican wolves believed to be alive in the wilds of Arizona and New Mexico today, are the descendants of the progeny of this wolf and four others. The wolf in the film was captured by Roy McBride who was hired by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in cooperation with the Mexican government to rescue the last wild Mexican wolves in Durango and Chihuahua. Roy and I were fellow graduate students at Sul Ross State University in Alpine where the film was made.

Most of you know that at the El Paso Zoo where I work we have three Mexican wolves and are trying to help save this critically endangered species in many ways including supporting the ongoing reintroduction program in the Southwest. If you have been following the story of this project you know that the descendants of the wolf in this video need our continued support. Please go on the Internet by starting with the El Paso Zoo website at where you can learn more and get involved. Start with the page we have at The music is from Peter Kater’s soundtrack from the film “How the West Was Lost”, track 2 – Dull Knife and Little Wolf.”… Rick Lobello



Mexican Gray Wolf wikimedia commons


Top Video: Courtesy Endangered Wolf You Tube

Middle Video: Courtesy In Memory Of The Last Wild Mexican Wolf

Bottom video: Courtesy WapiskisiwMahihkan

Photo: Courtesy Wikipedia Commons

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  1. Hi Rick, It broke my heart to watch. It broke again and again. Such a beautiful and noble animal. I live a life of quiet and continued grief for not only the wolves but for the entire animal kingdom of which we have subjugated and continue to torture and murder. I lament. I lament. I will visit the websites you mention. I also support the Red Wolf right here in my home state.

  2. Wolves are so beautiful and perfect, and most people suck.

    • That about says it all! The hard truth.

  3. Nabeki….I need to send something of interest to you that I think you may wish to read but I cannot find your email…I got a new computer and when all my stuff got switched to the new one…my email addresses didn’t make it to the new one….please email me privately with the email I can send a link to you for your comment…thanks and many blessings…Kim

    • wolfangelrescue…You can always send it to me in a private message on our Facebook pages, either Wolf Warriors or Howling ForJustice(: On the HFJ facebook page you’ll notice that the r and J don’t have a space, that’s because an anti wolfer used the name Howling For Justice so I couldn’t, those are the lengths they go to.

      Wolf Warriors

      Howling ForJustice

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. So beautiful and haunting. I can’t imagine a world without it, I really can’t. I will do all I can to keep these wolves here.

    • Me neither ida, i’m in this for the long haul.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. Reblogged this on Carinas space.

  6. Rick, this video brings all the good memories of my work for the Mexican wolf in Albuquerque, when I met you. We had so much hope and fought the fight for the Mexican wolf and for the reintroduction in Yellowstone. It is so sad to hear or read day in and day out how hatred and stupidity is taking such a high toll on our wolves. Even we so much sadness, I am not giving up and as Ida and Nabeki say, we are here for them, and will continue the fight. Thank you Rick, thank you Nabeki!

    • mayasioux….You’re welcome. Mexican gray wolves are such beautiful animals and they have struggled since their “reintroduction” which the USFWS royally mismanaged these last 15 years. So many wolves have died because cattle chokes the Blue Range Recovery area along with mining and other extraction industries. It’s any wonder these animals have survived at all and are finally increasing their numbers in spite of the “management” that they’ve been subjected to. The reintroduction for the Mexican grays and the wolves in the Northern Rockies were heady days for us all, we had such high hopes. To think it’s come to this. But being an activist means there will be good and bad times and these are bad times for wolves but in no way is this fight even close to being over. We fight on.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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  8. Beautiful! I love all wolves, but for some reason the Mexican Wolf is my favourite. I desperately hope that these wolves can be saved, and I hope to one day participate in their conservation. I would be devastated of they were to go extinct!

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  11. Looking forward to hearing it for real this summer!

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