Over A Thousand Wolves Destroyed In Race To The Bottom….


Wolf Hunting With AR-15


And it’s not over yet. Idaho’s wolf hunt continues.

How many wolves have to die?

When will the brutality end?

So many wolf families destroyed, untold suffering!

Will you speak for them?


Wolf Pup and Mother

Wolf Pup and Mother

Number Grid 1 To 1000 Number Grid 1 To 110 Number Grid 1 To 200


Image Emailed To Wolf Advocate 2009 With Message "Merry Cristmas"

Image Emailed To Wolf Advocate On Christmas eve 2009 with Message – “Merry Cristmas”

Number Grid 1 To 1000 Number Grid 1 To 110 Number Grid 1 To 200


wolf sign photo credit whitewolvepackdotcom

Number Grid 1 To 1000 Number Grid 1 To 110 Number Grid 1 To 200


Gut Shot

Gut Shot

Number Grid 1 To 1000 Number Grid 1 To 110 Number Grid 1 To 200


Rainbow Warriors

Number Grid 1 To 1000 Number Grid 1 To 110 Number Grid 1 To 200


NiniNovember2011-1 (1)


Number Grid 1 To 1000 Number Grid 1 To 110 Number Grid 1 To 200



OR-16 shot dead near Lowman, Idaho

Number Grid 1 To 1000 Number Grid 1 To 110 Number Grid 1 To 200


Fear Drives Hate

Fear Drives Hate

Number Grid 1 To 1000 Number Grid 1 To 110 Number Grid 1 To 200


Idaho says Make It Hurt_forbidanimalcrueltydotcom

Idaho Says Make It Hurt!

Number Grid 1 To 1000 Number Grid 1 To 110 Number Grid 1 To 200


06 Female Earth Island JournalYellowstone Lamar Canyon Alpha Female (O6) Shot Dead Fifteen Miles Outside The Park

Number Grid 1 To 1000 Number Grid 1 To 110 Number Grid 1 To 200


BloodDripwolfpaw print

Photos Courtesy: survivaltechniques101.com,AR15dotcom forbidanimalcrueltydotcom, tracksandsignsblogspot dot com, earth island journal, wikipedia commons, whitewolfpackdotcom, LA Times, Ann Sydow

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Tags: 1092 wolves killed for blood lust, wolf wars, unconscionable, stop the wolf hunts,  stand up for wolves, wolf killing states, Montana, Idaho, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Minnesota, AR-15dotcom

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  1. I just keep watching this helpless and powerless..Petitions, manifestation, lawsuits..nothing has helped whatsoever. What you ask here is a massive question that refuses to show its true colors WHY? we cannot just rely on the fact that those bastards are simply joyful of perpetrating such atrocities, there must be an explanation, something we can rely on.. Where they just “breeding” their targets since they reintroduced wolves in the past? what is this all about? I’m intelligent, I can crack most software in my pc, I am good at algebra and science overall, however the reason for this lies far beyond my comprehension.. as simple as it sounds I seem to be incapable of emulating the mind of the people behind this.. As much as any possible reason they have remains irrelevant to me I would still want to know WHY? That’s the best I can do from here as I am not a billionaire to bribe my way to the salvation of wolves, I cannot afford to leave high school for the fact that it is against the “law”.. A sea of blood from the wolves blends with a sea of tears, woe and deep grief while those sick fucks rejoice in a still unexplained slaughter of the innocent.. Even if the wolves do get extinct, they might if this continues, we, I shall not forget them. Seriously I do not know what to say anymore.. A person simply cannot handle such absolute loss.. no matter how tough I or anyone tries to be or pretend to be.. I’ll be watching over this grim situation through your posts, I HAVE been, but haven’t posted as I remained wordless… Going to sleep now, literally tired of all this armageddon.. TY Nabeki,

    • I can truly understand your frustration. Everyone who has worked to help animals has found that they run up against the many human beings who are heartlness, vicious, greedy, and capable of unthinkable acts of brutality and destruction. In the meantime, religion declares that human beings are close to the angels and are children of a loving and compassionate God who has given us dominion over all creation, the idea which has become the cultural legal norm. Until we get over the cultural and religious history that we are the only important beings on this planet and can use our power to destroy the rest at will, I have little hope for the all the suffering animals. I won’t step trying but am discouraged also.

      • Where is says God gave us dominion it does not mean to commit murder of his gorgeous and unmatchable handiwork….it mean to care for and protect!! That is where so many hunters can end up DEAD wrong, God did not give us his creation to DESTROY. He gave it to us to enjoy, protect and take proper care of. ONLY satan deceives humans and makes them like him, coming only to steal, kill and destroy!!

    • Daniel, I feel your pain, I really do. The answer to WHY? is an easy one. Because they can! A biologist actually uttered those lines at @ a fish and game meeting several years ago when asked why Montana was killing wolves. Because we can, he said! And until someone makes them stop they won’t stop.

      I just want you to know we continue to work on a project we believe will help the wolves. I know I’ve been promising this for a long time and it’s been almost a year and we’re still @ least six weeks away from launching but I believe this is where we can stand and fight back. That is my belief. So hold tight Daniel, I don’t plan on just writing about bad wolf news forever. We are working behind the scenes to effect change and though it’s taking longer than any of us could ever have imagined, it will happen soon!

      Also please visit Project: Wolf! They have a powerful billboard campaign in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming…some right outside of Yellowstone, that exposes the wolf hunts in all their brutality.

      Project: Wolf


      That’s the hope I can give to you.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Daniel, I feel the same sense of utter frustration and each of us has limited resources. No, we cant bribe our way to protecting wolves. But- before the Endangered Species Act was written in the 70’s there was no real protection and people were extremely frustrated and grief stricken with the callous attitude of many. Passing the law afforded protections for a good many years. At least there are some means to recourse. It may not be a perfect system, but its all we have got. We need those protections re-instated and even expanded. The world has many environmental challenges, even more than the 1970’s, so that means we need protections for species even more now. We must keep going and convince our legislators, a new crop, many with very little understanding of nature or conservation, that we still consider these issues of utmost importance in protecting and preserving Earth, our own habitat. The fact that you care so much gives me some hope and I thank you for that. Lets just keep tough and keep on the high road and keep struggling against these destructive forces. Please support the letter I mentioned in another post below.

  2. [...] via Over A Thousand Wolves Destroyed In Race To The Bottom….. [...]

    • We have to teach our children, killing is wrong, nature is beautiful, stop this nonsense

  3. thank you Nabeki, and Daniel for these so truly and well worded feelings; there is no comfort to be found, nowhere, unless a ‘miracle’ will happen

  4. It would be nice if their were a share button to post this to Facebook..

    • Joanna….It’s posted on Facebook (Wolf Warriors and HowlingforJustice). There are share buttons there. Plus there are buttons below each post to share on many different sites. Hope that helps!!

      Wolf Warriors


      Howling ForJustice


      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. stop the massacre against wolves and enforce a new law to protect them. save the wolf please.

  6. Isn’t this supposed to be a democracy? I can’t believe that a majority of citizens would condone such atrocities. How is it that a few special interest groups get their way while the people who would oppose them are pushed aside and silenced or kept in the dark? We need to spread the word and make our voices heard. This page is definitely helpful. Thank you for putting this page up!

  7. I remember when this slaughter of our wolves began last year. A horror then. Unjustified. Now months later, more than a horror with all the atrocities, torture, cruelty… And more states continue with the holocaust! I follow our wildlife. Wild horses, bison, prairie dogs, coyotes, mountain lions… The unimaginable slaughter! Boggles the mind as to the “reasoning” behind. I come away with feeling our government is corrupt. Yes it is. However, it is a few powerful corrupt politicians in the different animal group massacres that manage by deceit & *Greed to influence. That said, what about the taxpaying public? The majority who are against such horror? Again, no say. But we will not stop! Petitions, rallies… A no more vote for these, yes, sociopath legislators. And they are ruled by $$$ & we can hit where it hurts. Not visiting these states, targeted communities… Tourist money, shopping, lodging… But need to relay that we are not contributing to the income. Call stores, restaurants, hotels, area Chamber of Commerce… Just like we do for establishments selling fur, etc. Thank you. Blowing off some frustration here. For action in any way does help with feeling “helpless,” which we are not!!

  8. I hear you Daniel, I don’t know what to do myself. I keep sining petitions, but I almost feel like they are pointless. The gun shoots are much faster then pen or keyboard. This is beyond sad. I don’t understand it. And … I feel helpless.

  9. People who murder Wolves are ignorant, insecure & fearful of those the Wolf. They don’t know the Wolf & dodn’t try to get to know about them . These kill happy bastards should not be allowed to have weapons. Wolves ARE beneficial to the environment & DO NOT pose any threats! Pull your heads up out of yoru asses, wake up & stop the needless murder. Wolves help in the balance of the wilderness. They even help the stupid cattle rancehrs.

  10. Nabeki, thank you again. Sorry I have not posted, I am taking care of a wounded wolf, trying to save her leg.
    Two things I can think of at the moment is as many of us attend Democracy School through CELDF (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) to learn how to organize and fight back! The other thing is that this genocide may be able to be considered a felony in that it is eradicating aspecies held to be sacred in most Native American tribes. If someone went around burning down churches, they would go to prison! Native People I have spoken with are connecting the new genocide of the wolves with the campaign of genocide on themselves that has gone on since 1637. It is their prophecy that ties the fate of wolves to humans. Some Native people are afraid to let their kids play in the woods because they have made the connection that those hunters of wolves are murders who might shoot their kids, just out of bloodlust and racism. It is horrible to think that but a fact. If a temple or church was painted with Nazi propaganda, that would be considered domestic terrorism, just as if worshipers were murdered there. Murder of wolves as spritual animals is therefore domestic terrorism to Native Americans. And since any wolf on public land in America, as citizens, belongs to all of us, not just the politicians, those trophy hunters are stealing gov’t , plus our property. So we need to get some lawyers and make it illegal to hunt sacred animals on our public lands. There is already a law that is easily convertable to this use. Nabeki, please e-mail me and give me a snail mail POB to contact you. I want to send you the law and other info. Thanks! Mel

  11. Stop the brutal killing

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  13. In case anyone has missed it. PLEASE SUPPORT this letter that US Representatives have brought to their colleagues.


  14. I think you’re effort to get a wolf program in place is very selfless and a noble thing you’re doing. Please keep up the good work and if everyone that believes in helping save or at least improve these helpless creatures can do their part by sharing with people they know and use the power of social media, the internet, and most importantly the power of what can happen when people come together for a good cause they all believe in as opposed to the power people can also bring in the form of harm if that’s what they choose to use it for like these sad pathetic wolf hunters.

    I’d like to strip a few of them down to wearing nothing but a belt with some hooks, then clamp their hands together with the same steel vices used to trap the poor wolves, and then attach a few raw steaks to their belt and let them find their way out of the same forests the wolves hunt for food.

    Seems about fair, an eye for an eye. what do you say wolf hunters? Oh what’s wrong? you can cowardly hide behind an automatic military-grade assault rifle but aren’t hero enough to give the wolves a chance and see how good you are being the hunted? pussies. (sorry if I offend anyone – besides any of these cowards doing the slaughtering)

  15. these killers have been plotting for years to have their day, getting the right people in place, now we have to plan to get our people in place, get involved in politics and see who is supporting wildlife and then vote them in office, also we need masses of people to protest this killing , seems not enough people want to get involved or don’t care,,
    the hunters and trappers will poach and kill until one day we will wake up and they will be gone, the wildlife service, dnr, politicians are on their side at this time, lets turn that fact around before it’s too late.

  16. Reblogged this on Carinas space and commented:
    America won’t stop killing wolves until they have eradicated them completely – again!!

  17. I’m just a little disappointed at the amount of violent rhetoric being posted. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. We need to focus our positive energy on changing peoples minds. I know this is a passionate subject, but threats of violence never really changes a mind. Violence begets violence. It is not the path to positive change. Even when you are dealing with redneck knuckleheads.

  18. Robert S., Thank you for bringing up this point as I was concerned as well. Mostly though, I think people are just venting off some anger? But I worry it will be used against us? Every organization has it’s philosophers, warriors, speakers, people who fly under the radar, legal advisers and the ones who play crazy and are not officially claimed by the organizition. Everyone has their job to do. You teach. I rescue and write. Looks like it is getting crazy out there in the woods and I might have to add two more jobs, security and medics for protests and public gatherings? These are things I have learned over my many years. Your voice is appreciated, just as in a wolf family, the Omega is the one who difuses tension.
    I think in order to bring this genocide to an end, we must identify what our rolls are out of the above list and fall under one large umbrella group for the purpose of politics. Educating politicians and the general public.

    • @Melody@Robert…one of the rules of this blog is no death threats, it’s clearly spelled out in Please Read Before Commenting. I’ve banned people for doing it. I take it seriously, sometimes I miss it but when I do catch the posts they’re either gone or threats removed, if someone keeps doing it, they’re banned for good. Other than that, I do allow people to vent, they have a right to, the wolf haters don’t care what they say or about whom. We’re all human and being wolf advocates it’s been four years of hell. Before wolves’ delisting. hundreds of wolves were killed every year by Wildlife Services. Montana routinely wiped out entire packs, one year I believe it was ten or twelve. So even before the delisting things were not perfect for wolves but at least they didn’t have to face hunts and Wildlife Services combined.

      We do need to focus on solutions and as I said our group has been working on a campaign for almost a year, we’ve had many stops and starts, we’re hoping to launch in the next six weeks. It will be enlightening and pro-active. This blog will support the website but we’re going to be taking a different path. I’m tired of reporting bad news over and over while more wolves are killed every day. It’s frustrating and it keeps people feeling helpless. It’s time to start fighting back, or we’ll never win this war.

      Hope that clarifies things a little.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Hi Nabeki, if you need help with anything, or someone to talk to, you can just let me know.
        As for the conversation on the blog, I was concerned, not confused. Usually I can tell who is venting and not dangerous in the least. And there are those who have too much to drink and all of a sudden, spout off nonsense. The ones who concern me are the ones that have way too detailed, well thought through plans that actually walk the line on criminal threatening. I believe that you are doing the right thing to protect yourself while still letting people vent, within bounds. I have great respect for you. I hope you can find the energy to continue on with all you are doing. Melody

  19. I feel totally overwhelmed when I read stories such as this one. I have signed numerous petitions, yet the killing goes on. The killing of wolves is bad enough, but the attitudes of the people who are doing the killing is what I don’t understand. Many of them appear to make a mockery of the suffering wolves, or the trophy dead wolf. What else can we do to help stop this senseless killing?

  20. Exactly Melody, venting about a passionate subject. I mean I don’t think posting anything to get a wolf hunters attention on this blog would do much as I don’t think they are very popular here. So if you want to call my hypothetical/almost comical (visually anyway, call me evil) scenario of some pathetic wolf hunters running through the woods naked with steaks strapped to them – violent rhetoric I understand but I’m not really going to spend any energy trying to rally something like that up :)

    We’re all here in good nature of the wolves and the freedom to live w/out these horrific issues discussed so I apologize if I offended anyone.

  21. My family murdered for fear…this can not be ignored!! Wolves do not attack humans but your worried about a few cattle. Mother is already paying for humans mistakes don’t let it be more.

  22. I know it’s the better person who takes the high road – but from what I have read, any venting pales in comparison to the soul-crushing evil and violent killing is actually going on in reality, and shown in videos and on websites, many times by our own government agencies. A person would have to be made of stone not to get upset by what they see. There’s no comparison. Over a thousand wolves brutally k8illed for nothing, in modern times. Most not even anywhere near livestock.

  23. I waiting for others to realize that petitions, letter writing, and other liberal above-ground methods are not working. My time and patience is dwindling as I type this out. There have been deaths on the side of activists and no one cares to notice, let alone call to arms over such crimes. People who put their lives on the line for a cause should be commended, not condemned. I know out there right now someone is waiting for people like me to kick down and invite into the the dressed-in-black world of the underground, but the saying goes, “No one wants to help bake bread, but everyone wants to eat it.

    I tell you know that freedom cannot wait, so we owe it to the past, present and future and act accordingly.
    Now everyone here has one of two choices to make. You can either continue on the road to no where by leaf-letting, presentations, petitions and what not. Or you can “man-up” and dawn the balaclava and do something amazing. The choice is yours.

  24. Kevin, I wasn’t offended. Your post stood out as’ how the heck did you come up with a meat belt.’
    I did wonder if you think a wild wolf would come up to a human dressed like that? I highly doubt it.

    • Ha no I don’t think they would approach either. And I guess that popped into my head because I was trying to imagine these (not so) tough-macho guys posing with dead wolves as trophies and what would be their most embarrassing pathetic scenario. naked meat-belt with hungry wolves chasing… still funny when I picture it…sorry ;)

      • Although, a pack of wolves that smelled the raw meat might approach…

      • You wouldn’t see them, Kevin. I was concerned people would picture big, bad wolf stories. Punishment for extremely bad behavior in my tribe, in the old days, was to be tied to a tree for a few days to reconnect to Earth Mother and take time to think about what was done. Now, you know dogs like to water trees… wolves have trees they mark daily. Once the Alpha male got used to your mythical hunter, tied to a tree, it is possible, but not probable, that he could get marked. That would not be a story he’d dare tell!

      • Now that’s a funny thought. Hopefully the wolves get tired from lifting their legs!

  25. When we get out of the glass bottles of our ego,
    and when we escape like squirrels turning in the cage of
    and get into the forests again
    we shall shiver with cold and fright

    but things will happen to us,
    so that we don’t know ourselves.

    Cool, unlying life will rush in,
    and passion will make our bodies taut
    with new power

    To defend those in the forests; those –
    that are hunted, or lost, or abused, or trapped.

    We shall stamp our feet with new power
    and old things will fall down,
    we shall laugh and institutions with Evil,
    will curl up, like burned paper.

    ~ ~ ~ D.H. Lawrence

  26. Once again the ignorance of humanity screams loudly! By fighting Nature part of mankind once again hopes to protect greed and riches, rather than the good of the world around him. If only the intelligence of our forebearers held sway today we would know the importance of all animals to the fate of the World. What God created to work together to maintain the flow of the food chain works when left alone. SAVE the WOLVES!!!

  27. Those numbers…that tally of lost life…it’s too much to bear! I can’t believe that so many wolves have been murdered over the past few months. May they rest in peace. My heart weeps for the poor beasts. None of them deserved this.

  28. [...] Over A Thousand Wolves Destroyed In Race To The Bottom…. [...]

  29. I would not be surprised if the wolf is no longer around for my kids to see when they grow up what has this world come to

    • petitions are ignored by (better than thou ) politicians, show your anger and vote them out of office. it’s clear the ranchers and dnr does not want wolves around, our governor wants to open more of our public lands to grazing. he is a hunter and supports reduction of wolves to kiss the asses of hunter /trappers that whine the wolf is killing all THEIR game, show them enough is enough at the polls. i can’t wait for Dayton to leave, what a M_r_n .

  30. Why isnt everybody doing (peaceful) civil disobediences at the statehouses to get National Media present in the wolf killing states? If you really want to stop the wolf extermination, that is what you would do, or at least support. Nothing else, however valid has worked or will work with our corrupt system. Look back in history, PCD stopped unjust laws time and again. The Time in Now. Wolves are Begging you. They only have you to Fight for them, and they only have today.

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