Idaho Ramps Up War On Wolves

Idaho wolfSeasonStatus

Idaho wolf hunt status map 2012/2013

It’s no big surprise but here we go again.  IDFG just made life even more miserable for wolves unfortunate enough to live in that state.  It seems Idaho’s scorched earth wolf policy is designed to push the remaining, beleaguered animals toward the 100/150 minimum number, essentially relegating canis lupus to the species trash heap in Idaho.

From The Spokesman-Review

Major change for gray wolves:

Extend hunting season on private land in the Panhandle Zone to year-round.

 Extend extend hunting season in the Middle Fork Zone and in that portion of Unit 16 in the
    Dworshak-Elk City Zone north of the Selway River to end June 30.

Extend hunting season in Beaverhead and Island Park zones two months to end March 31.

 Increase harvest limit in the Salmon Zone to 45.

Expand trapping to portions of units 2 and 3.

Expand trapping to private lands in units 13, 18 and 22 from November 15 through March 15.

 Expand trapping season to Island Park and Salmon zones with foothold traps only; except snares may be used on private lands and in that portion of Unit 28 within designated wilderness.

Don’t bother writing to Idaho Fish and Game.  I’m sure they could care less what we have to say about their egregious wolf killing policies. Begging them to stop killing wolves is about as effective as an ejection seat on a helicopter.

All our energies need to be focused on seeing wolves relisted and preventing USFWS from delisting wolves across the lower 48.


Photo: Idaho Fish and Game

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY HATE, ABHOR HUNTERS!!!!!!!!!!!! LOATHE, DETEST!!!!! They have been consuming my every waking thought. Killing our beautiful wolves, and now with the knowledge, brainwashing our next generation! MAJOR LEAGUE GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • Well said.

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  3. Is there a way to drive the Wolves out of Ida-ho???

  4. [...] Idaho Ramps Up War On Wolves. [...]

  5. Wolves are going to get real smart when it comes to hunters. Watch them. God help our wolves. Idaho won’t see a dime of my vacation dollars. Idaho you guys suck. Get a leash on your elected officials or boot them out.

    • but its hard to be smart and have no where to go and hunt for food.

      • We can hope they can though.

  6. To all that have anything to do with this slaughter. May you all rot in HELL or where ever low-life piece of shit scumbags go, after ya’ll all die of a miserable death. Idaho is scratched off my vacation list and I will also stop purchasing anything from that state. BOYCOTT IDAHO!!!!!

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    Medan USA forsätter att utrota sin vackra vargstam i allt snabbare takt…

  8. our backstabbing legislators are to blame for this mess, ass kissing to the beef industry and other special interests groups. vote these scum out of office and get pro wildlife legislators in place.

  9. Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming has always had such hatred and disdain for wolves from generatiohal prejudice, etc — but now the younger and the new hunters and trappers have an amazing disregard for wildlife — hunting wolves seems ‘cool’ to them, and makes them feel macho — it is all about fun, recreation, and satisfying a sadistic bend to decide the fate of a majestic predator. It’s all very sick.
    It would be the SAME way here in Pennsylvania — if we had wolves— which were eradicated over 200 years ago. Pennsylvania hunters are over-the-top in cruelty when it comes to wild canines like coyotes and foxes.
    I guess monsters walk among us everywhere! Idaho, however, I must say has one of the most backward, hee-haw governors in the lower 48 states!

    • I agree, but I also believe there is more going on here than the war against wolves. There seems to be a war against animals in general to prove that people, particularly men, are in control. Look at the bison hunts, the coyote kills, the squirrel shooting-for-family fun in the park in New York, the pigeon shoots, the prairie dog poisonings, the push to reopen horse slaughter houses again. A man (a supporter of horse slaughter) in Oklahoma recently brought his horse out and shot it in the head to intimidate “animal rights protesters.” The killing going on is in-your-face and sadistic. Those involved are determined not to be stopped by protests of any kind. Unfortunately, they are supported by hunting groups, agricultural groups, anti-environmental groups, and they have the big organizations and money that legislators listen to and cater to. Maybe the killing is the revenge of the old white red necks trying to assert the control they feel they are losing as the country changes. The animals are paying for it, and not enough people are fighting to help them.

      • I think you nailed it, especially with this statement: “Maybe the killing is the revenge of the old white red necks trying to assert the control they feel they are losing as the country changes.”

      • I agree with you I also notice the war on all animals, everywhere I turn there are more and more horrible abuse of Wolves,Tigers,Lions,your pets that are stolen and sold to china for food etc this horror is happening all over the world,there does not seem to be any safe place for them all for Greed.

      • i say in aperfect world we buy land make santuaries an put individual packs in them respectively so they dont kill each other put our money into taking care of them instead of lobbying millions of dollars to fight a bunch of dumbasses. we already have people darting,collaring,releasing an collecting data on them. but hunters
        use gps to find them.or something like that.if we cant take the hunter away from the wolf take the wolf away from the hunter,but thats in a perfect world.put the money into taking care of them landwise,keeping our distance so they dont get used to humans just
        bring in live game an let em be wolves.but what do i know

      • We can try to spread the message of peace. Animals and kids without the rights or the votes are on their knees and paws and such praying for justice.We can always hope that in this world or another the beautiful creatures of this planet will find the tranquility,love, and freedom that all animals DESERVE.Don’t let the power hungry haters “intimidate” you.The world is going to keep spinning,and when we howl for justice we can only hope that the wolves from beyond are howling with us.Thank you for reading.God bless you,and never stop howling.
        Signed, A kid who cares.

    • You’re right Linda. There is a serious dog fighting problem also.

  10. I definitely agree with “All our energies need to be focused on seeing wolves relisted and
    preventing USFWS from delisting wolves across the lower 48.” The States have no regard for wildlife, except for “harvesting”. There is a glimmer of hope from Minnesota, but putting pressure on the next Sec. of Interior is the best hope we have.


    • I totally agree with you, mankind will never evolved to the point we can live as one nation, not just with our follow human, but with our follow sentient beings, without killing.

  12. Did anyone notice Jane Valez Mitchell on HLN last night showing a wolf being hunted down by helicopter? She said this is absolutely an outrage to the American people who want the killing of these magnificent animals to stop. She had a guest speaker on that is a wolf advocate. Nabeki I think you should send her a Tweet. She is a big time animal lover. Perhaps she could help our cause. Lets get her on board. She has a national show that millions of people watch. If I knew how to Tweet I would do it myself but I don’t.

    • I’ve been tweeting her for awhile now… I never get a response..

    • Bert…I did see Jane’s coverage last night on the wolves. This is the fifth time she’s covered wolves since 2009, when they were delisted in the Northern Rockies and now the Great Lakes. As far as I know, she’s the only one covering this tragedy. I’ve tried contacting her a few times but when you’re dealing with celebrities you have to go through their handlers first and therein lies the problem. Jane is a animal rights activist and has covered factory farming, she’s especially concerned about pigs forced to live their lives in gestation crates, fur cruelty and many other issues dealing with animals including the wolves.

      We have a campaign coming up soon (I know I’ve been promising this for a long times but it is going to happen)so maybe we can get her on board for it. We’ll see. It would be great.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. It is long overdue to start prosecuting all hunters who are killing wolves. Prison time for each killing should be 10 years per. It’s time!


  14. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game and commented:
    Now Idaho is joining Wyoming in declaring a year-round season on wolves!

  15. The national geographic book with foreward by Robert Redford just came on bookshelves
    Re the Sawtooth pack! Now they are allowed to be slaughtered .. Rise up Idaho folks and just say no to the big bad hunters !
    This is truly immoral and a crime against them nature and the planet !

  16. All along this has needed to be corrected on the federal level, and with jail time and property forfitures on a grand scale, similar to what they do to those involved in the narcotics trade. We need more even higher degrees of protection than “experimental” on the ESA. Wolves need FULL protection from all forms of hunting, trapping and snaring, as well as aerial hunting and “wolf management”. There should be only one way to “manage” wolves and that should be live trapping ( hav-a-heart) and relocation to wilderness areas no where near people/cattle. No more wolves should die. I have run into some to these woods psychopaths, the ones that their teachers wrote ‘doesn’t play well with others’ on their report cards when they were kids. The woods are their killing fields simply because they can do their thing there. Kill and get away with it.
    We need to form a think-tank of known pro-wolf people with the knowledge to get the necessary work done to reverse the current trends. And take “management” of wolves away from the states. We need to enlist the help of other organizations and put aside petty differences for the greater good.
    Nabeki, you are doing a great job! My heart goes out to you. And to all the wolves.
    Anyone who finds a dead mother wolf, please get knowledgeable help and get the pups to a friendly refuge very quickly. “Sav-a-kid” goat milk works pretty good in my experience until you can get them rescued. Every pup is precious.

  17. These hunters are a plague to our Planet!

    • Amen. And they dare to called the beauty they hunt animal.

  18. I love Wolfs ! I’m suffering so much cause I can’t stop immediatly this slaughter, this murder !

  19. Re-list Wolf:
    Regarding the on-going wolf slaughter: Jihad of western and Midwestern states of the wolf. I don’t know what to say, but it is a vendetta, not management, a jihad by yokel-redneck-hunter-trapper-rancher-like minded wildlife agencies and legislatures, but we have to move to get wolves out of state control. Wildlife management should mostly be a federal jurisdiction because wildlife is regional or national in that wildlife does not see state boundaries, intermingle across state boundaries, and are mostly, regarding predators, on national public land (national forests or national parks). Wildlife is a treasure to the country not a renewable or annihilation target of state or localities within state. Another point is that the western states of MT, ID, and WY are simply to redneck-yokel-rancher-sportsmen (hunter) to manage the wolf. The same types set out to eliminate the wolf and other predators 200 years ago along with the USA government. The wolf has basically, with political delisting, been turned over to traditional enemies. It is not science, not logic, not ecology; it is just traditional, ignorant hate elements making the decisions. The answer is to re-list, indefinitely, and probably forever, and get away from this right mind (republican) idea of state prominence in this regard. It is not limited to wolves but also grizzlies, which the state of MT seems anxious to “manage” kill once delisted, and I think they are next going after lions. Once the wildlife agencies “study” predators, it is likely to “manage” (kill) and marginalize them.

    • I agree wholeheartedly!!! What they did, slipping that rider into a budget Bill, without a separate vote is outrageous… And they will continue to do so if we do not raise an outcry against it… Abuse of power to the extreme! Blatant at that! Wolves need to go back on the endangered species list. As this rider needs to be seen for what it is. Unethical! And should not even be considered legal!

  20. And close to the Washington border also. Surprise. Why are our leaders allowing this to go on in the 21st century.

  21. These blood thirsty hunters don’t give a darn about life and God’s plan. I am so sick of them I am trying to find a different way to handle this ongoing slaughter. I emailed the Center for Biological Diversity and asked if there was something we could do to put the wolf back on the Endangered Species list, permanently. I am hoping to hear back from them, because we have the numbers, people who really care, and I believe that if we can bring a legal battle to Washington’s front door, we might have a shot.

    I wrote to Amy Atwood asking her for suggestions:

    Amy Atwood, Senior Attorney, manages and carries out litigation for the Center’s Endangered Species Program, including efforts to gain protection for species under the Endangered Species Act and to ensure that endangered species are protected and recovered in their native habitats. Before joining the Center in 2007, Amy worked as a staff attorney for the Western Environmental Law Center and as an associate attorney for Meyer & Glitzenstein (now Meyer, Glitzenstein & Crystal). She earned her law degree in 2000 from Vermont Law School and received a bachelor’s in political science from the University of California at Berkeley in 1995.

    Contact: Portland, OR, 503.283.5474,

    • Anne I’d be very interested in hearing the response you get…. For I also believe the only chance they have is getting back on the Endangered species list. And That, the way they were taken off of it, should not be held as legal! Especially the way, the deliberately avoided it, giving 2 other riders a separate vote. That’s blatant abuse of power and should be fought! We should not allow this to stand, for if it does they will continue to do more and more! It’s only opened the floodgates…. If we all sit back and just take it…

  22. It has been mentioned recently about getting land and putting up fences to keep the hunters out/wolves in.
    I actually have prime wolf habitat with woods, open areas, natural springs and a small pond and both sides of a stream as well as a wooded hillside. This land is in Maine. At least until we get the legal mess taken care of and wolves are safe again, I have come to the conclusion that we need a doomsday living gene pool of wolves. I think the biggest issue would be fencing? The best way to do it is only two wolves per couple of acres, fenced in. A male and female. This cuts down on the vet bills. It costs about $10 a week to feed each one. Plus monthly preventitive meds. Yearly shots. I have thought a lot about this in the time gone by since the delisting. I lack irs501( c)3 or 4 or a refuge permit. Since I also lack the cash to put this in place and the wolves lack the time before they are wiped out again, I would need to partner with an appropriate agency. To be very clear, I am not looking to start a breeding program. I just very simply want to keep about 25 pairs safe to be ready when ESA is enacted for the lower 48 states. And I would need helpers. If anyone or organization is interested, please contact me at PO Box 283, Shapleigh, ME 04076. Sorry about snail mail but my computer is undergoing repairs. Melody

    • Living with Wolves, with Jim and Jamie Dutcher… would be good to contact in regards to that.

    • Melody, wonderful idea and offer, I am all for protected sanctuaries for all animals, they need protection from extinction. You should start by visiting a wolf sanctuary, so much to learn about wolves

      wolves run in families, not in pairs like dogs, there is an alpha male, and an alpha female and then, the entire pack helps to raise the babies only the alpha male and female breed they also have to have live food or very freshly killed, several times a week, not for everyone.. here are some great links suggested from Connee Robertson, Wildlife Biologist,

      Keep us updated :)

      • Thank you Connee Robertson, I certainly appreciate your learned opinions. Everyone’s ideas are appreciated.
        I have no biologist’s degree. I do have 21 years of experience rescuing pet wolves from dying elders or bad situations. I am getting old and lame now, too. Not to mention short on dough! But it is not about us humans. I just have come to admit that both the wolves and I need help. I’m not in a position to raise litters of pups, the last litter of nine nearly drove me into the ground and the poor house! That’s not to say I would turn a pup away, but I have to be realistic.
        I am not a newbie to wolves, I know how they function as a pack in the wild. But maybe I can tell you from my experience what happens when you get multiple alpha females in a litter in a pen about the size of a modern mobile home. Somebody pulls rank and somebody has to go. Only problem is there is no place to go. So the eventually get in a serious fight. That means vet bills that I can’t afford and a lot of extra time dealing with wounds. I spayed them. They still do it. The only option is separation until I can home one of them with an expert? Ever try finding an expert without pets? Not easy.
        So I desperately need more chainlink fencing and by separating them, I can end the siblings trying to kick the other one out.
        As for food, I use the highest protein food I can get that I can afford. They love to hunt rodents. Unfortunatly, they like chickens, too.
        My vet says they are in top condition. But I agree with you that they need fresh meat…
        I sure wouldn’t turn down donations of fresh road kills. But as I said previously, I need a partner with the permits in place and charitable status. And I would love to give them more room to run and hunt rodents. Aside from the roadside lots, I have about 50 or so acres that I would love to have fenced and wolf packs saved from extinction. But I just can’t do that alone. I don’t want to be risking the lives of wolves, should I die suddenly without a plan in place.
        Also, I might be getting old but I am learning every day. I spend nearly 24/7 with these animals. I learn from watching them and interacting with them and helpful folks online, even a few old dying mushers who ran wolves for fun and exercise many years ago. Thanks again. Melody.

  23. Dawn, yes, very good idea! Does anyone have their address, I could write to them with some photos?
    I live on the land. But right by the road. The land goes back almost a mile into the woods and across some wetlands and just slightly up the other side. My husband is retiring in a month and wants a quiet retirement. So my house isn’t going to be the base of operations but I have a 30 foot camper I am not using that might work and doesn’t need a building permit.
    There are wolf refuges in the area but all of their animals are spayed or neutered . No one saw the depths of this genocide coming on this strong. I think desensitizing via video games has a lot to do with it? But it is unsustainable for the wolves, and if any are left in the wild, they will be so ‘shell-shocked’ that they may not be able to raise pups. The alphas have been targeted, so knowledge is not being passed down to the younger generations of wolves.
    I am not a biologist or vet but this would be a wonderful experience for work study through whatever wolf organization takes me up on the use of my land, if any? I am always blogging that we all should do what we do best. I can’t do much anymore physically, which has really slowed me down in my efforts, but I own this land, this prime, pristine wolf habitat. If now is not the time, when is it the time?
    Thanks for reading my posts. Keep posting the good ideas, we have to get creative to get ourselves and the wolves out of this planetary hate vortex. Thanks to Nabeki for running this great place for us wolf fans to gather and share knowledge! Now for a bit of wolf trivia you may not know: When the berries are ripe, not just bears and birds but also wolves will pick fresh berries off the bushes, very carefully with their lips and enjoy their sweetness. They learn this from their mothers. We still have much to learn about wolves and from them.

  24. This may sound naive but would/could it be effective if ethical (oxymoron?) hunters voiced their objections to the unregulated slaughter of wolves? I have read that “ethical” hunters oppose aerial and hounding hunting tactics as well as baiting. Wouldn’t some of these ignorant, political radicals listen if the message was coming from someone they do not consider an (liberal) enemy? Since there is no reasoning with these sadistic killers it seems that having other hunters speak to them might be the only way to get throught to (at least some of) them. Just a thought……

    • Kathy….I don’t think the “fringe” will listen to anyone, even fellow hunters that aren’t as frenzied over killing wolves. No reasoning with these people. They’re having the time of their lives, they love it and love the attention.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Nabeki,

        Thank you for your repsonse. I was afraid that was the reality. Pretty bleak forecast. I know you are extrememly busy but does anyone have “a take” on how Sally Jewel is going to vote on this? I just read the letter that Dan Ashe put out – sickening! Doesn’t Sally’s dept have authority over Dan’s. Still, so far I don’t have much faith in Sally. I am probably as cynical as the next person when it comes to current politics but I still have not read anything that even vaguely explains why someone like Sally, who has been a champion of the environment and was endorsed by many conservation groups- Sierra Club etc., would be so resistant to even listen to the expert scientists on this subject. From what I can tell she is leaning towards the anti-wolf camp. Someone had to have gotten to her but I still find it hard to believe that someone of her supposed integrity would not at least give credence to science and the fact that over 80% of all americans are against wolf delisting. If anyone can direct me to an article that will shed light on this I would be greatly appreciative. Kathy

      • Wolf slaughter is very American and very Canadian and very European. We, Americans, brought with us from the old worlds hysteria about wolves and posted the first bounty around 1630. Wolf massacre has continued since and is obviously still going on, especially in the wolf massacre states of MT-WY-ID-WI. The state and federal wildlife agencies from the beginning to the present have sided with hunters and ranchers and bought into the lies, myths and folklore reasons (stock predation and ungulate predation) for marginalizing or wiping out the wolf and other predator populations. It is like the concept of ecology is beyond them, that wolves and the other predators are good for wilderness ecology but not man, and that it would be better for all if we had a prevalent concept and practice of living with the predators instead of against them. But no, the wildlife agencies think they have to drive down the wolf numbers for the hunters and ranchers so that the hunters can engage in more sports killing (recreational opportunities), and the exaggerated lie of stock predation can be validated.

      • Thank you for your input. I am now researching the historical evolution of our federal agencies: F&W, Wildlife Services etc. to understand how a small minority of special interests (ranchers/hunters) gained such enormous political clout. I would love to see some petitions started to demand the dismantling of these agencies – their titles deceive the public into believing that they have the welfare of OUR wildlife at heart when in fact it is just the opposite. They are NOT protection agencies; they are lobbies for the ranching/hunting interests. I realize a movement like this will take a long time to catch on but we have to start somewhere. The more the public becomes aware of how biased and political these agencies are the sooner we can hope to see their power diminished.

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