OR-7’s Sister Dies Grisly Death…..

Imnaha pack female_wolf_pup OR 5
Sweet girl, OR-5,  being collared in February 2010. She was caught in a leg hold trap, in the wolf killing state of Idaho,  at the end of March 2013. She’s the second sibling of OR-7 to die in  Idaho.

Iconic Oregon wolf, OR-7,  made the right decision when he left his natal pack, the Imnaha’s,  and headed west, away from Idaho but his two siblings, OR-9 and OR-5 weren’t so lucky. His brother OR-9 was killed by an Idaho hunter with an expired wolf tag, in other words the wolf was poached. It’s always such a big deal when elk are killed out of season or with expired tags but wolves are treated as if their lives are worth nothing.

And so the sad story of OR-7’s family continues with the death of his sister OR-5,  pictured above. She originally dispersed to the Blue Mountains in Washington state, I wish she’d stayed there.

“A yearling female wolf from Oregon’s Imnaha Pack trotted into Washington’s Blue Mountains last month.

According to ODFW’s January wolf management update, OR-5, an animal that hadn’t been heard from since late November, “was discovered in the north Blue Mountains of Washington by WDFW personnel on 1/20/11.”

Five days later, “A subsequent flight by ODFW visually confirmed the young female wolf had dispersed and is now in Washington. This is the first evidence of dispersal from this pack,” says ODFW”…..northwest sportsmen

Unfortunately she left the Blue Mountains and ended up in Idaho during wolf trapping season. Another wolf life snuffed out in the cruelest of ways, caught in a leg hold trap. It’s heart breaking she had to suffer and die for nothing. Trapping is torture, banned in 89 countries but in the backward Northern Rockies, it claims the lives of innocent animals, like this little wolf.

    “Crossing the border into Idaho was a death sentence for this wolf,” said Amaroq Weiss, the west coast wolf organizer for the Center for Biological Diversity. “What a heartbreaking paradox — one wolf from this pack, OR-7, is world-renowned and beloved, while his sister OR-5 died a lonely, terribly painful death in a steel-jawed leghold trap.”….

The Idaho perpetual wolf hunt has now claimed the lives of two of OR-7’s siblings, who innocently don’t understand boundaries and crossed into that wolf killing state where their lives were taken.

As the USFWS prepares to delist wolves across the lower 48, we have to fight back against the tyranny being perpetrated against them.

OR-5 and OR-9 didn’t deserve what happened to them and neither did the thousands of wolves who’ve  lost their lives since the Obama Administration declared war against them.

Speak Out!



Sister of famous California wolf trapped, killed

April 30, 2013

The sister of California’s famous wandering wolf was killed by trappers in Idaho.

The three-year-old gray wolf, known as OR-5, left the Imnaha pack in Oregon just like her brother, OR-7, who roamed more than 2,000 miles through California before crossing back into Oregon on March 13. The sister went the other way, crossing into Idaho, where she got caught in a foothold trap March 30 on the next-to-last day of the Idaho trapping season.

This wolf skin was recovered by the Peninsula Humane Society

“Crossing the border into Idaho was a death sentence for this wolf,” said Amaroq Weiss, the west coast wolf organizer for the Center for Biological Diversity. “What a heartbreaking paradox — one wolf from this pack, OR-7, is world-renowned and beloved, while his sister OR-5 died a lonely, terribly painful death in a steel-jawed leghold trap.”

Federal Endangered Species Act protections were rescinded for wolves in the northern Rockies in 2011, prompting what Weiss characterized as a hunting frenzy. More than 800 wolves have been killed in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming since then, reducing the wolf population 7 percent.

The brother of the California wolf, OR-9, was killed last year by an Idaho hunter, one of several radio-collared wolves that, instead of providing valuable research, became hunting trophies.The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to remove protections for gray wolves over the rest of  the United States, including Oregon and California, according to a draft rule obtained by the Chronicle last week.



Oregon Wolf Dies In Idaho (Sister Of California Wolf)

Pup for Imnaha wolf pack, other members leave for Idaho and Wheeler County



Pup for Imnaha wolf pack, other members leave for Idaho and Wheeler County

August 8, 2011



Photo: Courtesy ODWF

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  1. I hope that scumbag hunter is happy. He looks like he is.

  2. Hunters SUCK

    • No…not all hunters suck. I was raised hunting and fishing and people who are real true hunters have such a deep rooted respect for wildlife…we don’t kill predators, we dont’ kill wolves, we dont murder animals by setting out traps. we dont torture our kills…we hunt and eat and use every part of the animal better than what your beef industry does…our meat is healthy and fat free and loaded with great iron…we respect our laws and only hunt during season…we do what wolves used to do…thin out the herds and keep them healthy…I just had to say that. i am as passionate about these wolves as any non hunting person could possibly be. I am speaking out for all legal and moral hunters…we would NEVER do something as insane as this wolf hunt…I would rather use my hunting rifle on a wolf murdering bastard than shoot something that wasn’t legal or edible…please dont condemn all hunters just because of these inbred, corn fed bastards in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and all other states where wolves are slaughtered.

      • Try going Vegan, then you won’t have to kill animals at all.

      • I wish all hunters were like you, Susan.

      • I know not all hunters are bad. But the ones who would torture animals who just try to survive like that……Should have their heads shoved in their own hunting traps. I know, sounds brutal, but it would be the about the same as what they’re doing to these poor wolves.

  3. Reblogged this on bearspawprint.

  4. why is this crap still going on? why is it acceptable for wolves to be murdered?

  5. I wish with all my heart and every breath I take that there was a way to reach these Banjo Banging Neanderthals with their guns. I wish this corrupt government would wake up and realize that the people they are ‘suppose’ to listen to are fighting mad about the slaughter of America’s beautiful icon, the family pet’s ancestor, the wolf. I hope and pray that someday soon someone will be able to make the difference. I have posted just about every petition for the wolf on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, I received a couple of messages from people who are ‘sheep in wolves’ clothing telling me to stop sending them petitions for the wolf…and they are supposedly wolf supporters. Even their online names on Facebook have ‘wolf’ in them. I am really doubting the sincerity of some of these people who claim to be helping to save the wolf. What we need are people who are willing to go that extra mile. I am sick and tired of people who cannot be bothered to sign (even anonymously) a petition, will not bother to drop a quick email, or to make a short phone call to let the government know…We, the people, insist on the wolf being reinstated on the Endangered Species list…which he was illegally removed from by Obama in a hidden attached amendment. “Lazy ‘wolf supporters’ need not apply!” Go back to your meat filled plates of slaughter animals, put on your fur coats made from animals skinned alive…and make sure that you use those products that so many animals (even cats and dogs) have suffered in pain and agony from ongoing experiments. After you finish your own self-serving platitudes…..please, do not put on your wolf faces and claim to fight for the wolf. We need to find the people who really do love the wolf with their whole being and will fight for them with their dying breath!

    • Well said Anne.

      • I wish to undo the history of wolf slaughtering – it’s too bad, too sad, too cruel – too unhuman!!!

    • I don’t know you but I love you. Lets get together via email or facebook so we can talk about things we can do to help. i have picketed, I have handed out fliers, I have made phone calls and sent emails and done everything I Know possible and yet the killing goes on…I loved what you said and I have done the exact things you are doing in my state of Washington..wolves are hunted here too…

  6. I will boycott this barbaric state of wildlife haters.

  7. it is always and still sickening me……and blocked myself to get a flight ticket to the USA for a vacation since end 2011!!….just wrote a letter to your new secretary MRS. JEWELL that the wildlife AND the nature belongs to all of you ( americans ) and us…and not only for hunters, rednecks and mass-lifestock-producers……and corrupt politicians!!

    • Well said Felix. In agreement with you.

  8. Reposting on facebook page “Defenders of Wolves” and our new social media site ” activists4animals.com”. Doing the best I can to spread the word but it doesn’t seem to go beyond our circle of supporters. That’s why we started our new site, so facebook can’t suppress the information. Thank you Nabeki for the wonderful work you do in keeping us informed.

  9. Sickening. Unfair. Inhumane. Disgusting. That’s all I can say about this.

    • Honestly. It’s like looking your best friend in the eye and saying “you don’t deserve life.” how about thanking them once in a while for giving you healthy deer herds and an abundance of natural beauty.

  10. While so few are standing up for wolves they are being hunted and destroyed beyond there numbers. Is there a chance we will see our beloved wolves destroyed forever? I believe there is. How can it be that in this day and time the wolves have no safe haven in the U.S.? We must keep making our voices heard or someday the only wolves alive will be living in zoos. This is not how they should ever be forced to live..

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  12. So many blood-thirsty people. I wish they would devote as much time and attention to civic duties as they do to hunting God’s innocent creatures!

  13. Reblogged this on Carinas space and commented:
    Poor sweet soul ~ may you finally roam free. Rest in peace OR-5 <3

  14. When will they stop killing these wolves. OR5 may you run free with your family of wolves who already died unnecessarily up there.

  15. What a beautiful girl. I read where WY is going to cut back on the number of wolf hunting licenses issued for next season. I guess it finally occurred to them that wolves could be relisted. Du-oh! Just a matter of time I think.

  16. Just received news from the USGS about an earthquake in southern Idaho: Click here: M4.2 – 28km W of Soda Springs, Idaho 2013-05-06 03:13:42 UTC

    Not the strongest quake, but it was shallow — only 11 miles deep. One can only hope some scum hunter(s) were frightened. We know the wolves felt it coming long before it hit.

  17. Just so heartbreaking to see and read this. One can only speak out and scream so much before wishing to take physical action against these so-called “great white hunters”. RIP beautiful wolf sister, may you be roaming and running freely.

  18. Perhaps we should send the hunters to North Korea and let that little prick over there use them for target practice.

  19. Rest in Peace, Wolf OR-5. You did not deserve to die such a horrid death, and we will all miss you very, very much.

  20. Horrific… how do we stop this?! So many have no idea…

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