Another Senseless Killing, Yearling Wolf, OR 16 Slain For Nothing…

Yearling Wolf OR-16, a member of Oregon’s Walla Walla pack , was slain January 19, 2013 in the bloody Idaho wolf hunt

Update: May 5, 2013

While we’re mourning the death of OR-5, remember Oregon’s Walla Walla Pack yearling wolf  OR-16, was also slaughtered in Idaho’s wolf hunt in January of this year. That makes three Oregon collared wolves wiped out in Idaho. Anyone think collaring wolves is a good thing? Interesting how collared wolves are targeted so easily. As Bob Dylan famously wrote, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”!


January 25, 2013

Here’s the convo from an anti-wolf Facebook page laughing about  OR-16’s death. This is what these freaks find funny, the death of a yearling wolf.

Too bad it didn’t get shot. So much for the whole family thing the wolf humpers claim.

  Larry O.
    Hopefully he will stay in Idaho long enough to get angel wings. With that black hide he will make a great rug.

    Bill K
    If us pushing that wolf back over to be shot in idaho works.. we willc ontinue to push many more back for the shooters. hell we will even pay for the ammo. ha ha ha ha.


January 24, 2013

I might as well be a funeral director, that’s all I seem to be doing is reporting on dead wolves.

OR-16, a beautiful black yearling Oregon wolf, who made the terrible mistake of crossing the Snake River into the killing fields of Idaho, was slaughtered  for nothing last Saturday in the deadly Idaho wolf hunt. There was talk he and other collared Oregon wolves were being targeted.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of this insanity. I’m not planning on sitting on my hands this year and watching the carnage continue. Enough is enough. The wolf killers are rubbing our faces in it  but their hubris will be their downfall because wolf advocates are more upset than I’ve ever seen them.

The anti wolf crowd thinks they hold all the cards but they forget they are the minority and we are the majority. It’s just a matter of waking up the sleeping masses. The killing of collared wolves, who many people identify with,  is mobilizing the troops. The killing of Yellowstone’s Lamar Canyon alpha female O6 and her beta male 754 and many other collared  wolves, including  OR-9, brother to famous wolf OR-7 and now OR-16,  has people hopping mad. Not because these wolves are more important than the almost 1000 wolves who’ve been slaughtered since August 30, 2012 but because they are well-known, have numbers and have been written about. People identify with them and their deaths are sparking outrage.  The pro-wolf movement is ready to stand and fight.

Rest in Peace OR-16, beautiful boy. You were just a yearling, never having a chance to live your life. But you will not be forgotten. This is a rallying cry to all who love wolves. The time for lamenting is over. It’s time to take action and work to see wolves relisted.  For all who are frustrated with the ineffective actions of the past, several other wolf advocates and myself are  plotting a new path, one we hope will change the dynamic of this fight.

For the wolves, For OR-16,



Oregon Wolf Gunned Down in Idaho

Oregon conservationists lament killing, highlight contrasting approaches to wolf management and wildlife conservation.


Second Oregon wolf killed in Idaho by hunter

By Richard Cockle, The Oregonian
January 24, 2013 at 6:46 PM, updated January 24, 2013 at 7:12 PM


Photo: Courtesy ODFW

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  1. [...] Another Senseless Killing, Yearling Wolf, OR 16 Slain For Nothing…. [...]

  2. why dio they seem to be targetting the black wolves? aren’t they kinda rare?!! and they’re not protected!!!!! the hell with our government!!maybe if a few of these so called gov. beurocrats went hunting maybe they’ll become the hunted!!!! i should be a hunter and “accidentally” shoot the stupid beurocrat and say oops,did i shoot you? oh,i am soooo sorry i thought you were a wolf?well now how does it feel to get shot? feel good? no? well how the hell do you think these poor wolves feel?!!! they don’t go running around carrying guns and shooting everything that moves!!!!! mother nature has a way of turning things around and if these gov. dicks keep messsing with her she’s gonna bite them where the sun don’t shine.maybe even put these dicks 6 ft under!!!! how are the young pups supposed to learn how to stay away from humans and hunt properly?!!what a bunch of a holes!!!! i have wolve guardian spirits and maybe i should ask them to speak to the real wolves and start hunting the damn hunters!!!! a message to the gov. and the hunters!!!! LEAVE THE WOLVES ALONE!!! OR YOU’LL BE VERY,VERY SORRY!!!!! AND NO WOLF LOVING HUMAN IS GOING TO HEAR YOUR SCREAMS AND IF WE DO, WE CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!

    • me too I have old grey alpha female spirit guide, she came to me when I was in trouble and she and her kin are being persecuted.. the agony for them wrings my gut. I feel so helpless it is if my own family are being hunted and tortured….did I understand right… that these evil low life had managed to log in to the collared wolf frequences ? when they have finished with the wolves maybe they will start hunting and tortruring each other .. I hope..

    • well i have a white wolf guide and i must say i am furious i dont live in USA or Canada but it still makes me angry that some people get to live because we arent allowed to shoot them and the animals can be shot on sight FOR WHAT!!!??? Trying to get food?!! sometimes i wonder how come that we didnt extinct yet?
      Sorry for such a flame but i lost it for a moment.

  3. I want to fight for the wolves. I am sick and tired of our precious wolves being killed by hunters. Let me know what I can do to fight, I am ready!

    • Pls sign & share widely, my petition to get them back on the federal Endangered Species List! Thanx… Lee

      • hey these wolves need to be protected for a very good reason these animals have a life and need to be able to live a long life so they can have their young and i dont believe in killing any animal,s unless their kill people and i have not heard of any wolves going after humans unless they are in danger

    • See my posts below for some suggestions

  4. Instead of all the useless, media fueled rhetoric about gun control, there ought to be a push for human control! I believe that the DNR should be stripped of all control of wildlife management and it should be given to the Indian Tribes. There should be an open season on hunters.

    • I agree 100%, wildlife management should be given to the Tribes, because they care about the wolves and wildlife, They know that the Creator put the wolves here for a purpose and that all animals should be respected and cherished.

      • Maybe the tribes could do better, but they do their own share of the killing–bison, whales, etc. We need a new way of viewing the other creatures of this earth, as beings valuable an important in themselves and not as commodities to benefit us through hunting, factory farming, vanity reasons. We need to move beyond religious and cultural tradition excuses for the killing.

      • Marcia,
        To the best of my knowledge, the Tribes only hunt Bison, whales etc. out of need for survival not for sport or because the “Authorities” say they can.
        There is but faint hope that the dumb human animal can learn to live in harmony with nature before it all gets killed off by stupidity!

    • Give this man beer. I completly agree!! because of these sad news i felt like i have just lost a couple of my best friends in a battle.
      Give the native american people control over wildlife regulation.

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  6. Nabeki, you say you are no longer going to sit on your hands. What can we do. I will be with you. Collared wolves being shot is so very wrong. How can the beaurocrats let this happen? How can someone who is a wildlife biologist let this happen? There is zero tolerance. The killers and the hunters are flush with their killing and proud of flaunting the law. What can we do? We are clearly in the right? Who ccan we turn to? This is totally frustrating. I know we are int he majority. What gives? Why can’t we fuction and turn this into a winning situation? Why are the outlaws having their way with our wildlife? It is a comoplex question, I know. But you don’t answer the question by extermination. There are some crazy cruel people out there and we need the help of the government to make them put their weapons away. The beaurocrats are just sitting on their hands watching this. It is insane.

    • Shoot back with your VOTE!!!

  7. Again, in excruciating pain I find myself, once again..the burden keeps gnawing ln me on and on and on. Is this it? is this ALL there is to it? am I, are we condemned to endure the obliterating pain that this causes all of us for life? I’m barely turning 18 this year in September and I already feel as if I had returned from bloody war and have watched all my comrades slaughtered..I dunno if its of any use that I get a career on vet science as I chose that for the sake of helping wolves..but by the looks of this by the time I, if, I finish college, even before, wolves might be gone already, if so what will be my purpose? I by any means plan to get married and no way I’m having children, I wanted to devote myself to the wolves, but it seems that decision is up to those who are whining about not being able to have the chance to murder an innocent wolf to get a rug out of him..OR-7, OR-16..I never got to see any of them, now even less of a chance, how would I have felt by glancing at them? enjoyed their presence? or if the situation was the right one, have an encounter? now I can’t, never, ever.. not because I live in TX, aka far.. but because they are gone.. not gone in peace as all living things do eventually, but murdered by some[I'm literally out of insults]..I seriously wonder if in this world loving wolves is some kind of curse or punishment…
    What is the point of collars anyway? It would seem like totally legit scientific study of this creatures would just be putting a dot in this murderers’ GPS.. Next step is they will be using ballistic missiles pointed to those collars..We have done A LOT yet we have achieved NOTHING, any win we’ve had has been instantly tackled by more and more killings..Gotta get back to class, I am literally out of words.. Wish me luck in being able to focus in class after this..
    Thanks Nabeki, thank you all who love wolves..

    • Don’t give up, get even!!


    • Daniel…I agree with you, I feel robbed as well, I will never be able to see those wolves in the wild and it’s not even that, even knowing they are there is so comforting. That was taken away from everyone who loves wolves and wildlife.

      There is hope, a few years ago we couldn’t get four people to show up for a protest. But recently there were Walks for Wolves in many cities. Advocates are putting up billboards..look what just happened in Cody, Wyoming, Project Wolf’s truthful billboard was taken down because of pressure from wolf haters but it won’t stop Project Wolf and there are more billboards coming from Predator Defense. New things are being tried. We aren’t beaten. We’ve lost many battles but haven’t lost the war.

      We are all with you Daniel, I’m sorry you’ve had to experience this ugliness at such a young age but keep the faith. We’ll prevail.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • If anyone here has a facebook page could you go to this page and report it for cruelty to wolves. It is just horrible and shows very graphic cruelty towards wolves. This person also is friends with many other wolf haters. Here is the pages link.

      • Done, Jan. More than cruelty to wolves on that page for it to be taken down……etnnic issues…..disability issues, etc. Wish I could have chosen all that applied

      • This is no better than a serial killer he wants attention, instead of hate you should pity these people for wanted to make others feel
        horror able for his senseless killing.

    • Daniel, I wish you all the best and hope that you will stay with your resolve. The world is already overpopulated, and that population and its consumer demands are fueling the destruction of animals and the environment. I chose the same path of not reproducing and trying to help the creatures. I stayed with it. It is so frustrating not to be making better progress, but at least I know I tried and still keep doing my part to help.

  8. Horrors!! Another wild life snuffed out…….unbalancing mother nature…..

  9. If the hunters are using the collars to find the wolves I am NOT going to donate money to the cause anymore ,until the wolves are back on the list. I’m am NOT going to have blood on my hands !!!!

  10. Isn’t that illegal if not doesn’t Idaho have to have a certain amount of breeding pairs ,so if they are under can’t that force the government to put them back on the list? I really do not understand aren’t they in court now , the Humane Society Earth Justice etc? Will somebody explain this to me ?

    • Idaho is supposed to maintain a population of at least 150 wolves with 15 breeding pairs as required by the USFWS. If the wolf population drops below this level, then the USFWS will relist Idaho gray wolves on the Endangered Species List.

      • Are you sure because someone just wrote attached to the rider was a law that said the courts can’t get in the middle anymore ?

    • There is no court case that I’m currently aware of involving wolves in Idaho. When Congress inserted a rider within the must-pass budget bill that forced the delisting of the Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf, a clause to the rider was included that prohibited judicial review of the rider. Environmentalists challenged the constitutionality of the clause, but lost in court. I don’t think there has been any legal challenges involving wolves in Idaho since then.

      • So the courts cannot even stop the hunts if they fall below the number pairs so they can be wiped out completely ,oh my God!

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  12. They can bluster and huff and puff all they want, but they will not win. Relisting has them running scared now, and they know it. Cornered animals make mistakes. All we have to do is wait because they cannot control their violence and it will be their undoing.

  13. Ghoul Wolf Hunters will soon see their God “Lucifer” in Hell. Lucifer you praise motherfucker!!

    • Unfortunately, not soon enough!

  14. This is very sickening. As the owner of a beautiful black wolf, and being a animal lover, this really gets to me. These animals has a right to live just like we do. It’s not their fault that their hunting grounds are being taken away from them.

  15. To Idalupine: I hope your right , what do the numbers say , that is my big question ! Will this new secretary of Interior do something ?

    • My suggestion is that the Dept. of the Interior and the DNR be stripped of the power to regulate wildlife “management” and that it be turned over to the Indian Tribes. And that this be communicated to ALL politicians, Federal and State, before their next election. Attend town hall meetings, debates and stop by campaign head quarters. Flood their offices with emails, personal letters and petitions. Get a position from them. And VOTE !!

      • nice idea very nice idea the Indians will do what is good for the environment and themselves, they will kill if it is a must

    • I hope we’ll know soon, Richie. :(

      • I hope I can’t take the senseless killing

  16. So sad so disgusting and so very wrong ! People in power are spiritually blind,deaf and dumb. To kill any of gods creatures is a disgrace to him in my book. They will reap as they sow i do not doubt. All life is connected and all from the same energy no matter if in human form or animal form. we are all spirit. i believe if a “country” is killing animals for their fur or because there are too many of a species or for sport or fun then they will bring suffering to it in some way. Leave nature alone, it has a perfect balance and man should respect nature and learn from it. There will NEVER be peace on this earth while animals are being murdered. It’s their world too , and the creator of life knows every single species that suffers by the hand of man. The wolf is beautiful and if it were not that species we would not have the beautiful dog. I pray for this world to evolve spirirtually and it will but only time will tell.

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  18. ARGH! Dammit!!!!

    • Do more than complain on this site! Get active! Read my posts yesterday and today for suggestions on how you might do that.
      Check out my blog. Shoot back at the elections.
      Another suggestion: let’s de-list and collar the DNR.

  19. IT’S A GREAT CRIME!!!!!! I AM UPSET!!!!!!

  20. IT’S A REAL GREAT CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The now recent killing of another collared wolf after a rancher baited it, is another joke!! They are finding all kinda of ways to get around killing the wolves. Baiting on the edge of YNP should be illegal, but these killers keep paying the officials who could really care less what the rest of us think. We have to get more involved and start writing (snail mail!!) and calling! Petitions are great, but a pile of tens o thousands of letters on their desks and calls coming in every 2seconds would make a huge impact!!! For those who would like to help, we are doing a ‘MEAT OUT’ for Augest 2013. Beef, Veal, lamb, Pig, all you need to do is not purchase any of the meat for the month of Augest!! We want these ranchers to SEE N FEEL THAT WE ARE SERIOUS !! You do not need to be veggie or vegan to participate :) please search on Facebook, twitter, causes ect for ‘The Great Amercian Meat Out’ – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !! If we have over 100,000 people not purchasing meat… They WILL FEEL US N HEAR THAT WE ARE DONE !!

    • can’t do the meat out, my family wouldnt let me…they love bacon…il try 2 help, though

  22. Rest in Peace, Wolf OR-16. You will be missed, and you did not deserve to die at such a young age by such a cruel mean.

  23. Does anyone know if USDA Wildlife Services takes any part in all of this? They do so much damage to wildlife, so I was wondering.

    • When it’s government management, it’s dead wrong! Vote them out!
      Syd’s Sarcastic Symposium. On Google+

      • Syd, Wildlife Services cannot be voted out – unfortunately. They are notorious for their killing sprees, trapping, poisoning of millions of animals …..and friend to ranchers. However, we don’t vote for them or for who runs the USDA. I wish I wasn’t so politically clueless – it’s all so complicated.

      • Maybe we can’t vote Wildlife Services out, but we can vote the people out that funds them!!!

  24. D:poaching…well, at least it’s not legal…

  25. I’m with you, Nabeki. I will continue to help from Illinois.
    OR-16…we will meet someday and you will know the difference between “people” and a human being.
    Peace and love my brother.

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