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buffalo bill tumblrBuffalo Bill/Silence of the Lambs

May 27, 2013

Yes, that’s the famous line uttered by the infamous serial killer, Buffalo Bill (Jame Gumm) in Silence of the Lambs.  What does he mean when he makes that statement? If you remember the movie, Gumm captures a woman he plans to kill for her skin and places her in a deep well in his house. He wants her to rub lotion on her body to make her skin softer,  so he lowers a basket containing skin lotion into the well and repeats the famous line, “It puts the lotion in the basket.” He uses the word IT when addressing her because he doesn’t see her as human, he sees her as an object, one he plans to exploit for his own sick pleasure.

He reminds me of trophy hunters who objectify their prey and see them as nothing more than targets for their sick games.  They display a sense of entitlement that is beyond arrogant, as if animals have been put on earth just to amuse them. They have no ability to comprehend the level of brutality their actions entail. Their behavior is in the minority, the vast majority of human beings abhor this cruelty and yet these “brave hunters” wield tremendous power due to the backing of wealthy and powerful pro-trophy hunting organizations, like the Safari Club International, who seem to have the ability to  influence state governments, even countries, who allow them to carry out  legalized slaughter of  innocent wild animals.

Serial killers and trophy hunters have many things in common. They kill for fun, for power and control and the  love of killing.  Most keep souvenirs taken from their victims, whether it’s skin, bone, fur or head to mount on the wall, so they can relive the seminal event, the extinguishing of a life.  They take pictures and video to document the suffering and death of their victims.  BUT although it’s absolutely illegal to kill a human being, taking the life of an innocent wild animal, in the name of sport, is a legal billion dollar industry.  There are guns to buy, ammo, camo, licenses, expensive rigs, the list goes on and on. It’s now fashionable to carry the AR-15 assault rifle to kill  innocent animals, under the guise of “hunting”.  Every year,  in North America alone, wolves, bears, mountain lions and other unfortunate animals die brutal deaths in the name of trophy hunting and that doesn’t account for the animals that can be killed on sight, no need for a license. Anyone can dispatch coyotes, foxes and bobcats any time of the day or night in many states. Wyoming wolves are also subjected  to this brutality in the newly designated  “predator zone”, which encompasses a large portion of the state. No accountability, any method of killing allowed, pups, pregnant alphas, entire packs, no matter,  as long as the killers report a wolf has been killed within ten days. Yeah,  like the majority of wackos who commit these outrageous acts will suddenly give a crap about reporting their “fun and games”.

So is there a connection between serial killing and trophy hunting? Gareth Patterson, world-renowned conservationist and champion of African lions, thinks so. What about you? It’s fairly clear isn’t it?  Sadism is alive and well.


Is Trophy Hunting a Form of Serial Killing? By Gareth Patterson

Lion expert and conservationist Gareth Patterson takes aim

“For me – and the many people who contact me to offer their support – killing innocent animals for self-gratification is no different from killing innocent people for self-gratification. By extension, then, trophy hunting – the repeated killing of wild animals – should surely be viewed as serial killing. And in the same moral light humanity’s thinking is, I feel, beginning to approach such a level of morality.

What are the comparisons between trophy hunting and serial killing?

To attempt to answer this question, I did some research into the gruesome subject of serial killing. I learnt firstly that serial murder is a grotesque habit which analysts regard as addictive. Serial murder, I learnt, is about power and control – both linked to the killers’ longing to “be important”.

It appears when the serial killer commits the first act of murder, he experiences feelings such as revulsion and remorse, but the killing – like a dose of highly addictive drug – leads to more and more murders until the person is stopped. Researchers have discovered that serial murderers experience a cooling-off period after a killing, but as with a drug craving, the compulsion – the need to kill – keeps building up until the killer heads out again in search of another victim.

Trophy hunters are mostly “repeat” killers. This is further fueled by elite trophy hunting competitions. It has been calculated that in order for a hunter to win these competitions in all categories at the highest level, he would have to kill at least 322 animals.

Pornography is perceived by analysts as a factor that contributes toward serial killers’ violent fantasies – particularly “bondage-type” pornography portraying domination and control over a victim.

Hunting magazines contain page after page of (a) pictures of hunters, weapon in hand, posing in dominating positions over their lifeless victims, (b) advertisements offering a huge range of trophy hunts, and (c) stories of hunters’ “exciting” experience of “near misses” and danger.

These pages no doubt titillate the hunter, fueling his own fantasies and encouraging him to plan more and more trophy hunts.

Trophy hunters often hire a camera person to film their entire hunt in the bush, including the actual moments when animals are shot and when they die. These films are made to be viewed later, presumably for self-gratification and to show to other people – again the need to feel “important”?

This could also be seen as a form of trophy which mirrors in some respect pornographic “snuff” videos known to be made by some serial killers. Other serial killers have tape-recorded the screams of their victims, which were kept for later self-gratification.

There is a strong urge to achieve perceived “heroism” in serial murderers. This is linked to the individual’s craving for “self-esteem”. Student Robert Smith, for example, who in November 1996 walked into a beauty parlour in Mesa, Arizona, and shot five women and two children in the back of the heads, said of his motivation to kill: “I wanted to become known, to get myself a name”.

Multiple killer Cari Panzram (among whose victims were six Africans he shot in the back “for fun” while working for an oil company in Africa) once stated of his actions: “I reform people”. When asked how, he replied: “By killing them”. Panzram also liked to describe himself as “the man who goes around doing good”.

The “Stockwell Strangler” of South London in the mid-1980s who told police he wanted to be famous is another example of how the serial killer clearly confuses notoriety for fame.

Are the trophy hunter’s killings linked to the serial killer’s addiction to murder, to achieve what is perceived to be heroism, to deep-rooted low self-esteem, to wanting to be famous – the “name in the trophy book”?

Certainly one could state that, like the serial killer, the trophy hunter plans his killing with considerable care and deliberation. Like the serial killer he decides well in advance the “type” of victim – i.e. which species he intends to target. Also, like the serial killer, the trophy hunter plans with great care where and how the killing will take place – in what area, with what weapon.

What the serial killer and trophy hunter also share is a compulsion to collect “trophies” or “souvenirs” of their killings. The serial killer retains certain body parts or other “trophies … for much the same reason as the big game hunter mounts the head and antlers taken from his prey … as trophies of the chase,” according to Colin Wilson and Donald Seaman in The Serial Killers, a book on the psychology of violence.

In The Serial Killers, the authors wrote about Robert Hansen, an Alaska businessman and big-game enthusiast who hunted naked prostitutes through the snow as though they were wild animals, then shot them dead. Hansen would point a gun at his victim, order her to take off all her clothes, and then order her to run. He would give his victims a “start” before stalking them. The actual act of killing his victims, Hansen once said, was an “anti-climax” and that “the excitement was in the stalking”.

How many times have I heard trophy hunters describing their actions in similar terms? “No, hunting isn’t just about killing,” they say. “It’s also about the stalk, the build-up to the kill”.

Hansen was a trophy hunter, who, according to Wilson and Seaman, had achieved “celebrity by killing a Dall sheep with a crossbow”. He also trophy hunted women but, as a married man with a family, he couldn’t put his human trophies next to those elk antlers and bear skins in his den.

As an alternative, Hansen, it was revealed, took items of jewellery from his victims as “trophies” and hid these in his loft so that, as with his animal trophies, he, the hunter, could relive his fantasy-inspired killings whenever he wished to.

According to Wilson and Seaman, Jack the Ripper cut off one victim’s nose and breasts and “as if they were trophies, displayed them on a bedside table, together with strips of flesh carved from her thighs”.

Jewellery, body parts, clothing such as underwear and so on, are all known “trophies” of the serial killer. One serial killer flayed his victim and made a waistcoat from the skin as a “souvenir” or “trophy”.

What could the non-hunting wives, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children reveal of the nature and behavior of a hunter in the family? Could they reveal that the hunter had a very disturbed childhood?

Almost half the serial killers analyzed during behavioral research were found to have been sexually abused in childhood. Environmental problems early in life manifest in many cases in violence such as cruelty to animals. Maybe they have a frustrated craving for “self-esteem”, a deep desire to be recognized, a resentment against society? All these factors are some of the known links to the profile of the serial killer.

Lastly, serial killing has been described as a “20th-Century phenomenon”. The same could be said of Western trophy hunting in Africa.”


Sick canned lion hunt in South Africa

The killers drive a pick-up truck inside a tame lioness’ enclosure and kill her with a high-powered bow and arrow.”


Photo: Courtesy tumblr

Video: Courtesy YouTube stopmadnessable

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  1. Reblogged this on Carinas space.

  2. reminds me of the correlation between animal abuse and family abuse.there is much to be learned about family abuse if one looks into the background of an animal abuser.there is a pecking order in such families.most often,as i understand it, the animal abuser has been abused by other people who are older or more powerful or stronger in the family .there is not another person younger or weaker in the family to readily hurt.so the abused inflicts this pain onto an animal ,usually the family ‘pet.”and until we look at this situation holistically,there is a good chance the pattern will continue ,ad infinitem.trophy killing seems to be this abusive pattern carried to an extreme under the guise of ” socially acceptable.”it all breaks my heart.

  3. Reblogged this on Mungai and the Goa Constrictor.

  4. It’s true they are awful examples of humans. You know that they are capable of much worse things.

  5. So creepy and so true. Great article.

    • It is truly creepy Karen and sadly true. This is what we’ve come to as a nation, devolving back to the 19th century. I’m not sure it was any worse back then than it is now, just different. The brutality is the same though.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. Excellent, explains a lot. Thank you.
    I suggest that impotence may also be a factor.

    • Yes Syd, I think there may be a shortage of viagra.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. Remember you are dealing with a very very sick element of the population when you talk about trophy hunter. Very sick.

    • Yes nancy and they are stealing our heritage away from us as if wildlife somehow belonged to only them.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  8. This must be a case of great minds thinking alike;) In July of 2012 I wrote a post called “The Serial Killers Named Buffalo Bill” http://exposingthebiggame.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/the-serial-killers-named-buffalo-bill/ which started out with the line, “It puts the lotion in the basket…” and includes the lines: The fictitious “Bill” was modeled in part after the real-life serial killer, Ed Gein, who, like most sport hunters, made trophies and souvenirs from his victims’ bones and skin. It seems whether their victims are human or non-human animals, objectification and depersonalization play major roles in the psyches of hunters and/or serial killers.

    Also on the subject: http://exposingthebiggame.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/obama-ryan-is-a-decent-man/

    • Wow a Vulcan mind meld, that blows me away!! I wrote this last week but due to my personal issues I couldn’t finish it-then last night I found myself looking at it and decided to put it out there!

      I absolutely agree with you, “It seems whether their victims are human or non-human animals, objectification and depersonalization play major roles in the psyches of hunters and/or serial killers.” We need to call them out for what they are, brutal killers. I especially had a very hard time with the canned lion hunt video..it was so horrible and heartbreaking. These “people” have NO SOUL.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. About time someone began to speak out about the correlation between serial killers, whom everyone regards as the sickest of the sick, and animal trophy hunters who can, with enough money, pursue their bloodlust with the help of guides and corporations that exist only to help them do it. Then bask in the admiration of others like them. The first minutes of the canned hunt video here, where we hear the heavy breathing of the psychopath behind the weapon, not because he has physically exerted himself, but because he is experiencing a perverted killer’s excitement, should be enough for any sane person to make the connection.

  10. There is not only a connection but there is no difference between the mentality that tortures and kills an animal and the mentality that tortures and kills a human —- only the victim is different. Trophy hunters don’t hunt for food —trophy hunters hunt for trophies and sadistic pleasure.
    It is incomprehensible that we live in a world which allows our wildlife to be taken in any manner — in Wyoming you can run over a wolf with a snowmobile or by any other means.
    If anyone has observed the wolf hating pages lately— the graphic photos of torture are shocking and appalling!
    Sadism is alive and well in this world — a world gone mad!

    • The world has gone mad indeed!!
      When all the world stands by and placidly watches a single deranged murderer slaughter 60,000+ of his neighbors, it is time for a species specific plague to strike the human animal.

  11. Of course all of this is happening BUT no one stops it and the fat, white republicans are at head of slaughter – take a look @Utah Fish & Game site – the Wolf “policy” and even sicker (@ present) is the bounty on Coyotes -so far they have “redeemed” 6,000 Coyotes and have a “goal” of 10,000 but no one knows how many there are -they just want to kill Coyotes and Mt. Lions so that there (w/o proof) will be more deer for them to kill AND big deer for their “children” to kill! Now want to enact a law to allow dog packs to hunt down the Mtn. Lions – a ’94 law prevented that!

  12. Right on I agree with everything he said I myself have called them serial killers on different blogs what else could they be when they so grossly inhumanly torture animals for their sick pleasures

    • I agree Joan…it’s a sick perversion couched as a “sport”.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • It is not a sport when one of the participants is armed with a weapon and the other one has only teeth and claws. It will be a sport when the human animal is equipped with only teeth and claws and has one leg in a leg hold trap also!

  13. Having worked with law enforcement for years in the areas of murder, kidnapping, drugs and terrorism, I can attest to the accuracy of this excellent piece. I applaud you, Nabeki, for publishing it. You have done a tremendous public service.

    Note that bedwetting past the usual years and arson are also early expressions of a potential serial killer (human or animal) in addition to the torture/killing of animals.

    If you identify any aspect of this unholy trinity in your child, please get help STAT.

    • sabienne6….I absolutely agree…Jeffery Dahmer comes to mind..he was torturing animals at an early age. The list goes on and on. I think trophy hunting allows the worst of society to take their pathology out on innocent animals and they get away with it because their buddies in the state fish and game agencies and the federal government have set up a system that caters to these “people” and so it ties the hands of compassionate Americans who are abhorred by what’s going on.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  14. Well put, all exactly true..I heard Dick Cheney had escalated to humans, before and maybe during his White House years, it was said he has a private hunting area in Mt. Shasta that he takes human prey to..with the internet we are able to see all to easily how absolutely sick, derranged, violent, brutal “hunting”, killing an innocent animal is. If you pay attention, you see them trying to influence local media to report hunting as a normal part of society to continue to accept the corrupt actions of Fish & Game/Wildlife as a professional agency, “managing” wildlife, when in the cold hard facts are they are nothing but a blood lusting group of sociopathic killers put in position by other sociopathic killers in political positions. We have to organize and overhaul the whole Wildlife Agencies! They are trying to infiltrate the school systems under the guise of AG programs. I saw an trailer for a new CBS Reality show about Baking being hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, (R) (Hunter) they were highlighting a big fat wht woman, giggleing that people think she is a premadonna, but, she can take down an 8 point buck, and they show her aiming a high powered rifle with her family behind her…sick people, we need to be very creative to counter act these constant digs into peoples mentality, We have to get to the kids that this is NOT acceptable to kill an animal!

  15. Very very good analogy.

    • Lover of Wolves..I think we all know in our hearts trophy hunting is very closely connected to serial killing, their actions are so similar…the only difference is they practice their sadism on animals instead of people. One of the hallmarks of serial murderers is they almost always start their killing careers by practicing on innocent animals.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  16. Creepy. For some reason our society allows it, for what reason I can’t understand. Is it a throwback to older times when we didn’t value animal life, or is it a way for our society to try to protect human society from our violent tendenciesw (because we still don’t value animal life) to ‘they’ll get it out of their systems.” But guess what? They don’t get it out of their system.

    • ida..it’s such BS they try to lay on us by saying the killing promotes tolerance and as you said “they can get it out of their system”. It will never be out of their systems because it’s a sickness and it’s something they enjoy and escalates with time. Wolves were brought back from the brink 18 years ago and the wolf haters are less tolerant of them then they were back then.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  17. Great article! I have wondered all my life “what makes someone want to kill an innocent animal?” I feel as if I have my answer, after reading this.
    Thank you Nabeki for posting it. I believe humans have become so self centered and greedy that an innocent animal death does’t bother them,and has become acceptable. A person with a need to KILL is sick and serial killers they are! Also there are hundreds of canned hunt farms here in the US,Texas has the most. and I believe its all tied into money, which is GREED! May God bless our beloved wolves and other wildlife, and give us the strength to keep up the battle.
    Howl with your friends, Christy

  18. Interesting article you found here. Glad to see that there are other conservationists who don’t agree with sport-hunting.

    That video is so disturbing; poor lioness!

  19. Ted Levine here. The comparison is spot on!

  20. I grew up with a dad and brothers who hunted. There was none of this serial killer behavior. Daddy shot the deer and we ate the meat. Deer, Elk and Moose were the only animals ever shot. I wanted to kill my first deer but when I had it in my sights, I froze. I could NOT take a life. That was the first day of the rest of my life as a protector and advocate for animals. What you do on a daily basis is awesome. I would love to come work with you. We are losing our wild life at an alarming rate. This witch hunt that is going on with our wolves breaks my heart every single day. I literally FEEL it each time the life of a wolf is taken..I swear I do…What ever it takes, I will do in order to save our wild animals from the most feared animal of them all..the HUMAN ANIMAL…

  21. This video of the lioness killing is one of the sickest and most cowardly acts I have ever seen. Someone should put this twisted ,jerk in an enclosure and shoot arrows at him. What a disgusting piece of humanity.

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