Here’s What Turns On a “Sportsman”…

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…or a serial killer.

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  1. The animal in them that loves to destroy and kill. Sick minds.


    • I was born respecting all creatures and learn from them. Nature is pure and and we need to be their voice. All these wolfs etc. are all part of the big picture. But today the world has no respect they kill for the thrill really cave like minds, I guess that proves that this is a real mans sport. Evil to take these actions it makes my heart sick. I rather live with a pack of wolfs which gave us our best friends our angel dogs. They are killing our dogs that do no harm to the farmers you cant fix stupid……. The world needs more creatures at peace in nature and less stupid people. Sheila Coles

  2. Just the thought of hunters killing animals for no good reason is repulsive to me, & I will do all I can to change the laws to protect these innocent animals. I watched a video called Bears Forever that showed how “hunters” lay in the grass waiting for Bears & take their high powered rifle & shoot them,, for nothing more than a trophy. This majestic animal shot for nothing. This is sick, killing just to kill. The result is refusal of humans to want to co exist with bears peaceably. It seems as though MAN, is a natural enemy of animals, & this senseless killing has to stop.

  3. Unfortunately, there are challenged rednecks, whos daddys don’t know how to read or write, so they teach their challenged offspring they must kill Gods creatures to live. as there mamas inside cooking muskrat & chitterlings. A BRAIN IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE,& WE ALL WILL PAT FOR WHAT WE HAVE DONE! Uneducated, the fact is, that animals are here for a reason, READ A BOOK, CORKY! BRUCE IN BOSTON

  4. I have met people like this, especially cause I live in Texas..for my good fortune and peace of mind there are no wolves here, but there are coyotes and other innocent creatures that are slaughtered just like the above. I had to learn the hard way that this sick retards are in any way Reasonable and connot be discouraged from perpetrating this carnage. I have been in the major’s office and in hearings to no avail…the truth is a cowboy fucktard cannot be changed as much as a redneck lowlife can..I think it is about time for raw justice to kick in, no laws or regulations, as these merely pat the backs of this murderers..I’d have no problem with fighting back, they have made my life a hard piece of ….. well I just turned 18 and day after wretched day I keep getting more and more bad to horrible news in my inbox, thing that sometimes makes me think that my unconditional and infinite love for animals is nothing short of a curse..truth is we are not winning, in fact, wolves are at the brink of being fully can I go smoothly through my senior year in HS with all this and many other things in mind, knowing in addition that I’m unable to act in any significant way because of my location and economic status?? go figure….

    • Daniel in time it will be your turn to carry the torch for animals. I feel your pain. I am a big time animal lover and I’ve been this way from the day I was born. I too feel that sometimes it is a curse, but truth is there is so much to be done and even when you can only save one animal you make a difference. Do well in school and pursue your dreams. Keep fighting for the animals you love. Its who you really are inside.

      • Indeed, even if life seems to pummel my spirit to exhaustion, I will not lose hope, I’ll keep going forward against all odds no matter who or what gets in my way..I will have the wolves saved forever, succeeding, failing or dying in the attempt, I will have tried.

    • Daniel,
      I feel ya! Don’t get discouraged. Use that pain for good. Turn it around into something constructive that helps animals. Go into wildlife biology studies and become a wildlife Biologist. We need youngsters like you. More important, the animals need you too. It’s a noble thing you do to stand up for them. Never give it up. How do you save the animals? One at a time. Spread your feelings to friends and family. It’s people like you who help make change.

  5. I will steal his guns and send my ravens and my wolves!

    I am a hunter but beleve animals are over humans, i use no Guns, share wildlife with predators like wolves, i would run an take a shot for a wolf to save him so even if i do die the cops will jail him

  6. stinking hunstcum perverts have had it their way for too long. We will change everything or die trying

  7. never ever will I understand the ego who wants to take a life , all I can say is they are spiritually blind deaf and dumb. they will wake up one day maybe

  8. This is a new world that we are in! Gone are the days of killing for food, clothes or for warmth! These new people with their high power rifles actually enjoy just wounding these helpless creatures torturing them for as long as they can… One takes a video while the others laugh & kick & stomp on them!!! I have seen the videos!!! Worst of all: Many are practicing for bigger game, like children or become serial killers! This must be stopped as we Need these animals for life to exist!!

  9. Sportsmen my ass, just a bunch of deranged assholes

  10. Bastards Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 07:21:11 +0000 To:

  11. this is killing sport is meaningless? kill the innocent animals to eat real hunter hunting not for sport

  12. I just unfriended someone on FB for a post that he put on his page about hunting. It said that this is what hunters love getting in their sights, especially when they are standing still. It was a picture of a wolf. I became so outraged by his post that I wrote him and told him that I was totally against this and I could no longer be friends with him. He said that I was denying him his rights and that was the way he was raised. I never got to answer him as I unfriended him too fast. I had plenty to say to him that I was never able to say.

    • GOOD FOR YOU JAN, I WOULD DO EXACTLY THE SAME. we are talking about life here not sports or other hobbies we differ in but LIFE.

  13. There are a lot of console/PC games now that have either hunting references or outright sport hunting tacked onto them as well.
    Hypothesis: “We got to get the kids into killing animals somehow”

    • Indeed!!! Finally someone spaks coherent about videogames!! I’m a hardcore gamer and I despise games that include hunting.. most recently Grand Theft Auto 5 looked very promising to me, yet I saw it included many innocent animals, so I gave it a pass. And I also hate when people say “its just a game” as the simple thought of killing an innocent creature without any remorse is evil itself….GTG you make a good point here, thanks for bringing it up..howls..

  14. If I were of an age to choose a mate, I would indeed be totally discouraged by all this cruelty and coldness.

  15. Dear,Dear Daniel,
    When I was in my mother’s womb, an orange & white cat would lay on me (my mom’s belly) The day my mom got home from the hospital, when she layed down to take a nap the cat jumped on her belly & I was gone. The cat gave her a dirty look, and never sat on her lap again.
    I have no memory of not loving animals. I love them all as you do.
    You can.t change the world, right now. I am 56 and I’ve only started my work with wolves.10 years ago this month.
    Be a kid, learn about wildlife, Have a fun Senior Year ! We have HOPE now that a group went to DC! This month theres a wolf rally in Sacramento Ca. In October theres a wolf rally in New Mexico. People are coming together! Don.t worry. Its ok to cry and feel heart ache watching murder of those we love so dearly. All wolf and wildlife lovers feel the same as you and I and Nebki. Hang on kid!
    I knew at age 9 that I am a world changer.
    Howl with your friends, Christy

    PS Nebki, please contact me as I have some questions for you.

  16. This is not “sport.” This is animal abuse, and those who engage in this kind of cruel, senseless killing are twisted sociopaths who need to be institutionalized. No surprise that this screwed up culture allows these sick A-Holes to do this kind of thing–the entire culture is based on violence, control, and domination, and is completely pathological and insane. That’s exactly why I prefer to be around animals instead of people, and exactly why I hope this entire culture collapses before it murders the entire planet.

  17. Congratulations!

    I have nominated your blog for the Awesome Blog Content Award.

    More about this nomination is at

    • Thank you so much Wolf is my Soul, I’m honored (:

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  18. I’ll never forget a supposed “enlightened” individual describing the “intimacy” of a hunted animal at the moment it “knows” it’s going to die. What a load of crap–and just like you say elsewhere–just to make themselves feel better about being serial killers of animals.

    • Michael…they have all kinds of justifications for what they do because there is no excuse for their brutality…so they wrap themselves in the flag..totally delusional and Congress gave them carte blanche to do what they’re doing to America’s wolves.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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