Stop The Euphemisms Hunters – You’re Killing Wolves Not Harvesting Turnips!

Walla Walla Pack Pup ODFW

Wolves Are Killed Not Harvested

October 11, 2013

“Sport” hunting is a brutal business. It means taking the life of an innocent animal for personal gain. The hunting industry doesn’t like the word  kill because it exposes the lie that animals die peacefully after being arrowed, shot, trapped, choked and generally tortured to death. So they sanitize the cruelty of hunting by using euphemisms to describe their evil deeds. Harvest is a favorite.

Harvest: The gathering of a ripened crop

Are wolves ripened crops to be harvested as  turnips, green onions, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, lettuce, pumpkins, squash, bell peppers, grapes, etc? Or are wolves and other living creatures sentient beings who feel pain, who suffer, who bleed, who die?

Admit what you’re doing  killers of beauty.  You’re not harvesting anything. You’re making a conscious decision to take an innocent animal’s life. Stop sanitizing your actions. We have your number, you kill for sport. You may have the law on your side, laws that were created by people like you, who’ve turned our wildlife into “crops” but you don’t have karma on your side.  And I believe in karma, oh yes, karma can be a b@#%h!

Kill: causing or able to cause, death; destructive deadly; murder, homicide..Websters New World

To put to death;To deprive of life….The Free Dictionary


Hunting for Euphemisms: How We Trick Ourselves to Excuse Killing

Dec 21 2011, 8:57 AM ET


Photo: Walla Walla Wolf Pup ODFW

Posted in: Wolf Wars, Animal Cruelty, Trophy Hunting

Tags: Harvest/kill, hunting/killing, euphemisms, sanitizing killing, lack of empathy, dominion, wolves aren’t crops

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  1. Reblogged this on Exposing the Big Game and commented:
    This of course applies to the hunting of all wildlife, not just wolves.

    • Absolutely Jim. I did add this: Or are wolves and other living creatures sentient beings who feel pain, who suffer, who bleed, who die?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Yes indeed!

  2. Excellent –hunters always make me want to puke. Just sayin’.

    • Crops are “harvested”. Gunning down wolves for sport is killing and nothing else.

  3. The majority of Americans want our wolves. We need to film what’s happening to them. Put the wolf slaughter in front of the eyes of Americans. Let them know, they were de-listed and face eternal extinction because of this de-listing.

    If the majority of Americans want our wolves, why not permit them to see what is happening to America’s wolves! I think, we’ll receive a strong, public cry, demanding we stop this ongoing slaughter now! These images are deeply disturbing to me, and if most Americans support our wolves, get them disturbed.

    • I totally agree !! Get this footage out in front of folks!
      Anybody willing to do this?
      We should be out in the killing fields stopping this tragedy … !

      • We need to find a film producer. Film what’s happening to our wolves and put it in American living rooms and on tv. Let them see the smirks and smiles on the happy hunters, next to a pile of 20 or more dead, beautiful wolves.

        We also need to remind them, if not for wolves, we would not have our beloved dogs to rest at our feet and sleep on our Earths.

        Let America feel our pain and hurt and sorrow; let them know, soon, America will not have wolves. They were de-listed while wolves only occupied but five percent of their historic range!

        Anyone know a free-lance film producer?

      • Dear Nabeki
        Balance Media in Oregon comes to mind. We could raise the $ thru Howling for Justice to engage a great videographer. I am ready to donate.

      • Brilliant idea….. but who controls the TV programes ?To be sure it is not the American people, maybe the Discovery channel. Why not combine pictures of hunting wolves and the types (I wont call them people) who take delight in torture with a short film about the good group of people who are running the program of educating farmers to keep their livestock safer I forget which state this is in but ut looked to be working really well.
        In England we have a similar situation with our badgers , and the exterminators give excellent reasons for killing them (TB) !hello…. why not vaccinate the cows perported to catch it from the badgers..a far more intelligent and guaranteed to stop the spread.

    • We need to show this as animal cruelty and abuse since that is what it really is. Also many of these sick bastards get off sexually by what they can legally get away with back in the woods. I am sure many of them need to change their underwear. How about the national news stations? Would they be interested in this abuse since there is so much posted by these scum on their pages that the abuse should be very easy to prove. Harvest, what a load of crap. It makes me sick. Torture, and it is all legal. These are very sad times we are living in.

      • Headline News Network, HLN, did show their lovely Jane Velez Mitchell featuring and interviewing a lady from a pro-wolf advocacy, sharing the de-listing and current slaughter of America’s wolves.

        We need to produce a film of the slaughter and get it on tv and into the living rooms and hearts of America. If we find these images upsetting and disturbing, I believe, most Americans would too. Also, the majority of Americans want our wolves protected! De-listed while our wolves only occupy five percent of their historic range. So, ironic!

      • Ugh. Only the human mind can be that demented and haywire. Too bad they wouldn’t have to change their underwear for another reason – like going toe-to-toe with an angry Grizzly without any weapons!

    • I agree, it begins with awareness

  4. death to the hunter bastards……………………………….

    • Absolutely, since hunters are delisted.

  5. Not merely killed, but serial murdered as a part of a holocaust on wildlife that completely blows any other transgression against living things out of the water. The fascism of the human species aganits all other life forms is the biggest black mark on the ledgers of God and Nature EVER.

  6. I will agree with you over the use of “harvest” as a means of sanitizing the act of killing an animal; my belief is that it is used more for the non-hunting public’s welfare though. Whether you agree with hunting or not, the fact remains that something must die for us to live. Our species has furthered distanced ourselves from nature to the point that many have a real disconnect that the food they are eating was alive at one point…well, as alive as a large farming operation will allow it to be. I am a hunter who prefers eating meat obtained from a wild source; I will not apologize for that. I am not a sport hunter though and I do not agree with those who are. While my presence may disgust some of you, know this, I am 100% in favor of protecting wolves. I do not consider the taking of an animal’s life for a “trophy” to be a justifiable death. I have taken the life of many deer and they have fed me and my family. The taking of a life is a serious and solemn occasion, I can’t recall any occasion in which I did not shed tears over it. I have always thanked the deer for its gift to me and my family and we thank it at every meal prepared with it.

    I guess the point of my comment is this, although you may not agree or understand hunting; there are plenty of us that agree with you over the issue with wolves and other apex predators…the true hunters. I only ask that you try not to alienate us as many times we are the only ones that can “get through” to another hunter to get them to change their ways.

    • A lot of people don’t realize that WITHOUT the wolf hunting would be an artificial necessity to cull herds of large prey animals – to keep them from starving to death – wolves are a crucial element to a healthy eco system. I am not a hunter but I would be if it were necessary (apocalyptic event LOL) and I do understand and appreciate you point of view and your sharing it with everyone – that was a brave thing to do here LOL. I personally love deer meat and before I became vegan for my health friends gave it to me each year during hunting season but it’s your thankfulness that the deer gave it’s life for your nourishment that I appreciate most and teaching your children those same values – it means a lot to me personally to hear this. I don’t think and I hope that people here will respect your well thought out and heartfelt post. Hunters ARE a tight knit group and you are correct they will listen to you while peeing on a tree hugger!!!

      • To show how vital wolves are to Earth’s very existence, science considers the appearance of trees and vegetation on the land’s surface, one of the most vital evolutionary events in Earth’s history.

        Every homo sapien on Earth is a tree-hugger because they release oxygen while transpiring water vapor for rain and fresh water. What specie protects the existence of trees and plant biological diversity on Earth? Take a WILD guess? It’s isn’t humans and human hunters; it’s America’s vital keystone specie that carries the entire ecosystem on his small back — THE AMERICAN WOLF.

      • Yes Tess…but the haters know nothing about conservation or trophic cascades..they want the states turned into giant game farms so they have lots of animals to shoot and kill. They could care less about the benefits of wolves and other apex predators. They think they have dominion over our wild places.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  7. Regarding wolves and other predators the bottom lines in my opinion is several but one major one is that the states of MT, WI, and ID in particular are too hostile and backward in their thinking to be managing wolves and so are some other states. This country has exhibited a hostility and misunderstanding of the predators and an ignorance of balanced ecology from the beginning. I have met a few hunters who do not abide by killing wolves. I have listened to hunters maintain their folklore, lies and myths about wolves killing live stock to a degree out of touch with statistical and empirical reality with reality checks available from the wildlife agencies statistics for them to look up: About 0.002 % is the figure for cattle and 1% or less for sheep. Elk numbers are up in every state since wolf reintroduction and the elk herds in Yellowstone have stabilized at historical levels. There are a hosts of myths to which hunters seem to hold despite the counter evidence such as the gigantic Canadian wolf myth; wolves kill for fun myth; hamstringing as the major way wolves kill, but it is really seldom; wolves waste kills myth; wildlife agency myths that the wolf numbers have to be driven down to marginal levels; the myth that predators have to be minimized or marginalized so that ungulate numbers will go way up for the sportsmen to kill. The idea of balanced healthy ecology escapes sportsmen, and that apex predators are good for the ungulate herds and have a trophic cascading effect on ecology and that man hunting is more likely to weaken herds and encourage disease. Predators and prey will usually regulate their own populations if left alone. There is an obvious barbarism and cruelty to hunting and trapping that cannot be denied and the arguments for it are rationalizations that are self-serving. Hunting and trapping are dying sports, depending on the estimates and states, down to 6% to 16%. Yes, a lot of people do find that killing wolves is a barbarism we can live without and do see that wolves should be allowed to fill up many of their old niches. We certainly do not need the anti-wolf jihad going on in the states of MT-WY-ID-WI and other, Midwestern states. Most of this jihad mentality is spawned by hunters and ranchers and state and federal wildlife agencies that primarily appease them. They call it harvesting or management, but is killing whether ungulates, bears, lions, birds or wolves.

    • Roger Hewitt: Excellent comment and right on the money!

    • Roger, I am a hunter that agrees with you completely! What I find most appalling is when I find biologists who are aligned with certain hunting groups who find it convenient to ignore all of what they learned and embrace “game management”…also known as let’s keep the predator numbers low to make hunting easier.

    • Excellent commentary. I’m elderly, but I remember my father sharing what he read about wolves in Europe saving and taking care of children lost in the woods. He shared these articles with me, ensuring I had a different opinion about Earth’s wolves.

      It’s as simplistic as Fairytales, goblins and Miss Ridin Hood or societal voices that brainwash Americans. For hundreds of years, the redneck states were carefully taught to hate and kill certain animals. Of course, totally unaware of what several sciences state, wolves are a vital keystone specie.

      Science versus centuries old voodoo and things that go bump in the night, kinda thing, glaringly prevalent in the redneck states, the redneck worldview and brainwashed mind.

      America must remember, wolves are merely wild dogs, and our pet dogs are merely domesticated wolves. Without wolves, we would not have pet dogs.

      When we look into the eyes of our dogs, we see the spirit and soul of the American wolf.

      Paraphrasing A. Leopold, man’s opinion about her wolves is irrelevant; what’s vital to Earth and the great continuum, is Earth’s opinion of her wolves. Earth chose wolves for America. Did you read the novel, “The Loop”?

      • I’ve tried to read ‘The Loop’ in its entirety, but I always get hobbled when I come to the part where wolves’ bones and skulls were used to line the streets. Contemplating the sheer number it must have taken is upsetting. I do plan to finish it one day.

    • Great article, the public must know the truth. Thanx for caring!!!!!!!!

  8. Reblogged this on Higher Ground for Animals.

  9. Sick America,shame on you for the cruelty you allow !!!!!

  10. ALL life is sacred, ALL life is sentient, ALL life is intelligent (except some of us humans, it seems…) Subsistence hunting is good because only what is needed is taken – this wolf’s death was a wanton disregard for life in general…no respect. Native hunters know to say a prayer, to ask “permission” for a good hunt and the animal’s spirit/life are always a part of the ritual. This is how it should be, but sport hunting is nothing more than a poor phallic replacement for what is missing in one’s life. How one can look into the face of such a beautiful, intelligent creature and want it dead, is beyond my comprehension.

  11. I hate this term because it ‘de-living thing-izes’ (like dehumanizing) the target animal. It’s like a return to the Descarte theory that animals are incapable of feeling pain as we do and are merely automatons. Like racism, it makes it easier to dismiss or mistreat another living being.

  12. Hello. just a heads up that four of us decided to blog for Wolves with music in order to raise some awareness. It’s not a lot, but hopefully we reached some folks. If you’d like to know who did what just trackback to my blogcasa and then you can follow the links for Bear, Willow and Johnny. I invite you to comment so that others might find their way back here.

  13. we should not be killing our wildlife. this is so very wrong n uncalled for. they have every right to live as we do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hunting today is not a sport because there is no equality between hunter and prey and nothing is left to chance. Telescopes are used to find the quarry and the prey is killed with high-powered military style weapons. So called “hunting” is murder pure and simple. BTW what do these crazy hunters do with the dead bodies of the wolves they have murdered? Do they throw them away, mount their heads on a wall or make jackets out of their skin? I sincerely doubt they eat wolf meat. Do u know?

    • Harvey…..They can’t kill environmentalists, so wolves are the next best choice. It’s their way of getting back at us. Wolves are scapegoats for tiny little minds, who can’t perceive a world they don’t control or “manage”. It’s really not about wolves it’s about vengeance against all who love and cherish nature and wildlife. These are hateful, hateful people.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • Its to late and doesnt matter, the killing of our wolves must stop.. Period!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Our government does everything it can to accommodate hunters…….

  16. I totally agree! With the announcement by Jewell that 96 new “refuges” opened to hunting and fishing, to preserve the hunting and fishing tradition in the U.S., I think they need to rename all those refuges “hunting and fishing zones”.
    Webster’s says REFUGE;
    1 shelter or protection from danger or distress
    2 : a place that provides shelter or protection
    3 something to which one has recourse in difficulty.

    While they may have been at one point a refuge for wildlife. Allowing hunting and fishing on them changes everything! U.S. Gov is so good at making things sound pretty when in reality they’re killing fields of horror!

    • Let’s call them what they are scientifically. Killing fields are killing Earth’s body, face, heart, lungs and life blood or ecosystems. Native, wild species of plants and animals are the strands in the web of all life and are the body parts of Mother Earth.

      We’re the only animal on the planet, so utterly brainwashed, so utterly clueless as to wipe out mankind’s only nest, and wolves are part of that fabric that holds that nest, altogether. A very vital, important chunk of that fabric that holds that nest, tight and secure.

      How is it, more and more Americans are pulling away from hunting and killing the rivets holding spaceship, altogether? Hunters are “suicidal” when they kill the strands in the web of all life, and the wolf is a big, vital and strong part of that fabric. The majority of Americans do not want our wolves slaughtered, and in a democracy, doesn’t the majority rule — not the minority? Hunters are the minority in America!!

      Bring the science oboard!

      • the rich rule, dont be fooled…

      • The rich may rule, but they live on the same planet as the poor. Interesting, tho, I never think of human hunters as the richies. I think of them as rednecks, white trash, certainly not rich in level of consciousness, science, and the fact, they are so clueless as to wipe out a vital keystone specie, The American Wolf.

        This also makes them “suicidal”, so utterly dumb as to wipe out a specie that protects and sustains Earth’s body, face, lungs, heart and life blood, scientifically, ecosystems. Ecosystems and wolves flow each and every one of mankind’s lifelines to existence.

        Rednecks, so stupid as to wipe out a strand in the web of all life. Man’s opinion of her wolves is irrelevant. Only Earth’s opinion of her wolves matters in the big scope of life on Earth, whether, we’re wealthy financially or poor. It’s up what’s front that counts, after all.

        Save the wolves, save Mother Earth!

    • Yeah, but calling them ‘refuges’ sounds good to the clueless general public, doesn’t it? :(

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  19. I believe that , in part, this is why their howl is so mournful…

  20. Leave the wolves alone. They where here first

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  23. You are WEAK PEOPLE, SICK . You are BOYCOTT from USA. You are a SICK . START Spay and Neuter in stead. Or The PEOPLE.

  24. Pythagoras, the 6th-century mathematician and philosopher, was one of the first famous vegetarians and he believed that nonviolence toward animals was the first step in achieving the same among humans. He said, “For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.”
    That explains why murder is on the increase in our country and why there is so much conflict among the nations of the world.
    We have learned much from our ancient philosophers, but have forgotten the most important lessons.
    Someday, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will wake up and realize that they were instrumental in the destruction of a specie of animal that was essential in keeping a healthy deer and elk population in the state.
    As our animals become infected with EHD, Brain Worm, and other diseases, the populations will decrease, and hunting for game in Montana will decline.

  25. Reblogged this on Wolf Is My Soul.

  26. I love wolves and the idea of killing them makes me mad and sad more than you think, please don’t do this, it hurts me, attacks are dangerous for our nature or the world even.


  28. […] Stop The Euphemisms Hunters – You’re Killing Wolves Not Harvesting Turnips!. […]

  29. How long ago was it, that I was crying tears of joy for the people that went to DC? Since the moment I saw the picture of a dead beloved wolf on a canoe, I have an ache deep in my soul. I own a canoe just like the one in the picture. My husband and I use our canoe to go fishing. We have a small trolling motor and the lake we fish on is in the Rocky Mts.
    It is at 10000 elevation, on the east side of the lake is the continential divide. When we put our canoe in the water we become a part of everything that is wild. Looking up at 13000 and 14000 ft. mountains always takes my breath away and we have been camping and fishing there for 17 years now. When I am there I feel at HOME. And it gives me strength to carry on in our screwed up world. (my husband and I were married on the shore of that lake) We wait all winter to go there every summer and we go as often as we can.
    To get to my point, I promised some very dear wolves that I will always be a voice for them. As much as it hurts just knowing the death toll, I will not let the evil that killed the beloved wolf destroy the joy my canoe allows me and my husband.
    Due to a hip problem I use a cane. On the front ot the cane I wrote in tape, then put the words on my cane. On the front is “For the Wolves, for the wild ones” On the back I have in red “SAVE AMERICA’S WOLVES” Up near the handle I put the number of Murdered wolves
    It starts comments, when I am in a waiting room, or in line at the store.People notice it and opens up a place where I can tell people about the plight of innocent wolves. Some people I have shed tears with. I always hear “I had no idea it was so bad for wolves” Then I tell them how they can get involved to save Wolves. I am keeping my promise to my best friends. Some of them have passed on and 4 are still alive. And however I have to do it I will always be their voice.
    Howl with your friends, Christy

  30. Any excuse will serve a tyrant

  31. I am sick and tired of hunters (and trappers) using the word “harvest” to describe the killing of an animal for sport! Hunting is killing, not “harvesting!” I agree, stop the euphemisms!

  32. Ludicrous to call it a sport! Is there any other reason why they’re killing so many wolves besides for pleasure?

    Let’s let these hunters loose and go out to shoot them for fun and call it a sport. Idiots. Should be illegal these days.

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