Dead Souls….

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Just a few words tonight reflecting on the mindset of trophy hunters who feel the need to torture and kill wolves. Maybe someone dropped them on their heads when they were kids, maybe they didn’t get enough hugs growing up or never learned to spell compassion or empathy. Obviously something is twisted in their brains that allows them to do the cold-blooded things they do.  I think back on the KKK wannabee pic. Those men, whoever they are, have dark hearts. But more importantly, it’s not about hunting for them, it’s about getting even. Getting even with their perceived enemies, wolf advocates, environmentalists, whoever they think threatens their culture of death.  But what they don’t realize is by destroying the lives of helpless animals they kill their own souls.

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men”………Francis of Assisi


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Tags: brutality, lack of compassion, zero empathy, dead wolves, dead souls. St Francis of Assisi

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  2. Blessings to you, Nabeki. Catherine Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2013 05:37:40 +0000 To:

    • And blessings to you dear wolf sister.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  3. can’t agree more with this excellent article!!! The purposeless killers-hunters remind me of zombies. Their dead souls need more victims, that’s it… this is a perfect crime that everyone is witnessing. Thanks to God many people are trying to stop zombies from further crime.

    • Ludmila…we may have stumbled on something here. Wolf killing zombies? And they do travel in herds.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

    • These sadistic trophy hunters are serpents
      disguised as humans who dress up like serpents,
      to appease the Devil!!

      O’ Great Spirit, protect our brother wolves
      from the elements of evil……

  4. maybe they r just really zombies dressed up like humans?

    • That’s possible Nikohl.

      For the wolves, For thew wild ones,

  5. Instant Karma’s gonna get you
    Gonna knock you right in the head
    You better get yourself together
    Pretty soon your gonna be dead

    What in the world you thinking of?
    Laughing in the face of love
    What on Earth you tryna do?
    It’s up to you, yeah, you

    Instant Karma’s gonna get you
    Gonna knock you right in the face
    You better get yourself together darling
    Join the human race

    ~ John Lennon ~

    • I like John Lennon’s poem. It is so appropriate for “trophy hunters”.

    • Yeah Batzion….karma can be a beotch.

      John was such a visionary.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. Thank you so deeply for quoting St. Francis. I’m not a Christian religious person, but I adore everything about this Saint. Perhaps, after all, the gods were shining on his illuminated soul.

    Therefore, go I — I wish to run with the wolves, sleep where they sleep, wherever they go, I follow. Because my soul stays with the wolf — when they run to the tree-lines, when they howl into the night, missing their loved and cherished tribe — because I, too, am a member of Earth’s tribe, the call to the wild — because wildness and wolves seeded all life, including my very own existence. We’re one; one with Earth; one with the howl of the wolf that radiates, deep into my soul and into my being, a part of the whole, that is Earth, that is life.

    After all that is said, the wolf is my brother; my sister in this journey that is life, aboard a miracle, Earth. Wolves are participants in this vast and great miracle that is life, that is Earth!

    How can we fail to love and protect their souls; their lives? If not for wolves, we would not have dogs to sleep at our feet and rest on our hearths — because, after all, our dogs, our beloved dogs, are merely domesticated wolves.

    • Tess, If I had an award to give for writing, I’d give it to you. Beautifully composed. Expertly executed. Bravo. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight.

    • Tess, absolutely beautiful writing from the heart. Thank you so much, so moving.

      I love St. Francis of Assisi as well, a pure soul.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • A magnificent piece indeed written by Tess and we all run with the wolves forever…Every night I pray to st francis to intercede, to save our beautiful light filled wolves, to gentle the world…to reform the hatred, and let us all find the peace and understanding the wolves and the world need now…prayers are strong medicine for a misguided policy…and I pray with all my heart the murder will cease.

  7. I often feel the same, even though I have never seen wolves in the wild. Somehow they have entered my heart and soul and I feel a strong bond with the wolves, the same as you Tess.

  8. What a beautiful photograph of a really magnificent wolf you have at the top. I love your write-up as well and the quote by Francis of Assisi. Your love for the wolves is so obvious I can literally feel it when I read this page. Thank you

    • You are so welcome Allan, I agree, the photo is ethereal and perfectly captures the beauty and grace of wolves. I do love wolves as you do. I’m filled with grief over the brutality and torture they’re suffering. We’ve all worked so hard to save them from this fate. Sometimes I have to step away, it can be overwhelming.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. Sadly I agree with this blog. It states the obvious very clearly. Anyone who enjoys killing, unless it is unavoidable, is lacking in a number of basic human elements, either emotional or psychological. I think of all the serial murderers who began their killing sprees by killing animals. It is one thing to hunt in order to feed one’s family, but let’s face it, the vast majority of us do not need to do so. Those who kill for the “thrill” or for the sake of their ego are the ones who are lacking. Choosing to end life without real cause, human or animal, is not the reason God put us here.

    • Those who kill for the “thrill” or for the sake of their ego are the ones who are lacking. Choosing to end life without real cause, human or animal, is not the reason God put us here.

      So well said Rob!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  10. For me,each of the eloquent and heartfelt comments on this blog say it all. i have no more words to express the heaviness in my heart any better.i’ve written my words so many times.killing keeps happening.
    I’ve lost two of my beloved dogs to old age this past month and so i am especially full of sorrow.i wish these magnificent wolves could get to die such dignified and natural deaths.i am simply Sad.

    • I am sorry to hear of your beloved dogs passing Helen. I know they had a wonderful life in your care but it doesn’t lessen the pain of their loss. I know how heavy your heart must be having to deal with the loss of your friends and the daily horror headlines concerning wolves. These are dark times. But I have hope for the wolves because I believe the evil that is being done to them will turn on those committing it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Thank you,Nabeki and I ,too,i believe that what goes round comes round. My spirit was lifted today, when my paintings and drawings of wolves seemed to speak to those people who visited my studio.. The power,majesty ,loyalty,beauty,and intelligence of these creatures cannot be contained on a canvas or a piece of paper. Their spirits reach beyond the limits of those artificial boundaries.I am honored to have this connection to wolves.And I will continue to have hope for them ,also.

  11. Well said. I have no words, only sadness and anger.



    • Diane…I feel your pain. Just when I think it can’t get much worse, it does. It has to be stopped and soon.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. These cruel people, who believe it is their right to murder these most beautiful animals, have no souls. I am saddened and frustrated every time I hear of more wolf killings. The government is promoting this, the states and the secretary of the interior who has lifted the endangered species protection from them. So these heartless, soulless killers are free to murder all of them. I love St. Francis of Assisi too, and I can’t imagine his sorrow at seeing this. I also wouldn’t have had my three beloved dogs were it not for the wolves. This brings tears and anger every day.

  14. They are products of an insane culture that is based on the domination, control, and exploitation of the planet. Until the culture changes (and it won’t do so voluntarily) or collapses (and collapse is inevitable), the murder of the planet will continue.

    • Yes Joanne…that is so true and as you said they won’t give up power voluntarily, which means we have to fight for the soul of this planet and the wolves. Paul Watson is under siege right for trying to stop illegal whaling in the Southern Whale Sanctuary. But as a true warrior should he fights back with all he has against those are trying to destroy these magnificent animals. He;s my hero, these are the kind of people that change the world for the better.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  15. Our dominant culture is soul-sick. I’m glad St. Francis isn’t alive to see what these men are doing. Thank you to everyone speaking up for the innocent wolves being killed to make angry men feel good.

    • I’m glad St. Francis isn’t alive to see what these men are doing.

      Yes he would be heartbroken.

      And your welcome Harvey, this is your wolf family speaking from their hearts!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  16. I was watching a show on TV, they say that killing animals is a substitute for killing humans

  17. I really do not know when the government will pick up the ball?

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  19. Words from a Native American on a Trophy hunting page.
    May 5, 2012 at 1:50pm
    As a Native American I want to say something, and this is my observation. My people hunt, and when we do so we do it for food only. We take no pleasure in taking life, we respect the animal. So I don’t hate hunting. I hate it when Westerners hunt.
    Because every photograph I see on this page does not show respect for the animal. It shows a typical American posing and grinning over the dead. That is not respect. Respect is not photographing a corpse, or taking pleasure from death.
    Anyone on this page who claims to hunt because they care for nature is a liar.Those who care for nature would not be proud, happy, or pleased with taking a life. They would be sorrowful.They would also not hunt animals that clearly provide no nourishment, such as elephants, and they would certainly not hunt a fellow predator such as a wolf or jaguar. If we hunt, we hunt prey, and we do so only for food.
    To do anything else is to violate the natural order, and proves yourself to be a barbarian.

    I would also like to put to rest this lie about hunters kill to control over-breeding. This is a myth.
    For millions of years nature has kept in balance, if a species dies it dies because of natural selection. To believe that you can arbitrarily decide what species is growing too large, and what species is not, and then hunt based on this observation, is imbuing humans with the power that only a god should have. We should not choose the fate of the animal, we are not the gods, and we are not nature.If an animal is growing too large and over-hunting, then that is supposed to happen and part of nature. For millions of years this is how species have lived and died.
    Stop trying to pretend that humans are a magical creature who can dictate fate to all who live on this planet. I suggest you study natural selection and the way animals evolve.

    Mez Kitsu
    Anyone that Trophy Hunts should be so a shame of themselves so disrespectful against Nature

    • Thank you for bringing these words to light! The Native Peoples are so wise…they wish to share and live in beauty and harmony not domination and death.

  20. I actually blame the national and state politicians for this, and a general public who either doesn’t care, is apathetic, or not very intelligent (or all of the above!). Only a fool would not realize there are people that are insensitive louts and heartless killers (and a small minority of psychopaths) like this out there that would take advantage. Only a fool would not know the results of the delisting. So they either soullessly don’t care or are hopelessly uneducated about ecology, or they are total fools. They are the ones who allowed this to happen,

    • Pres Obama has failed the wolves and the nation by allowing this violence to perpetuate our system and the blood of our brethren to soak our soils. He knows not the TRUTH ..there needs to be an awakening of his higher consciousness as the urban dweller that he is and realize we all live on the earth and share the planet. We are all connected in systems and apex predators are the top of the earth systems…He needs some serious science! It is his policies that are killing our wolves and wild horses. Foolish folly from an otherwise educated fellow. He doesn’t seem to understand the stewardship is his! and right now it is very very very bad. The big greens and all of us need to keep calling keep writing till he hears us !

  21. And the general public who voted for them as well! I hope you people have read the following about the Michigan hunt, how out and out lies are backing up the hunting laws:

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  23. Well I’m from Wyoming and I disagree completely with wolf hunting in this state. I have known people who hunt elk and deer who respect wildlife and care about preserving the wilderness. The “vigilante” hunters and those who kill only for the sake of killing do not deserve to be given a hunting license. The state’s wolf plan is poor wildlife management, ten breeding pairs is not a sustainable population. The fact that wolves are considered “predators” in 85% of the state…that’s just another way of saying vermin. Wolves are not “vermin” they are beautiful wild animals that deserve to be conserved for future generations to see.

  24. Though it has always been there, isn’t it odd that there is a rise in environmentally unfriendly materials abound in the media lately? From television shows to video games, pop-stars to pop-culture and forums of all kinds are all -proudly- celebrating (or at least turning a blind eye to) and profiting from animal abuse as if it were nothing to be ashamed of.

  25. I know that this is a wolf site, but has anybody heard about the Badger Cull in England? They want to kill thousands of badgers under the excuse that it will save cattle from bTB. The cull was originally going to last only six weeks, but they’ve extended it by eight weeks and it now lasts till mid-December. The cull is not supported by the scientific evidence, vaccination is a viable alternative that is not being considered (DEFRA [basically the British version of the DNR] claims that vaccination is not a realistic solution since it is not practical at this time), and, since the shootings occur at night, there is no doubt that some badgers are being subjected to a cruel and painful death. I know that everybody is busy with saving the wolves but if you could take a moment to help the badgers than I (and the badgers) would really appreciate it.

    By the way, great quote from Francis of Assisi!

    • Hello, do you have a petition to sign for the badger cull? I will sign it. I always sign a petition for this. Thanks.

      • I have been signing those petitions for the last 6 months or more, it’s all over the internet, go to tweeter or Facebook badger cull

      • Sorry, but I do not have any petitions that I can link you to in regards to the badger cull (I once had my own petition on this issue, but it was on paper and I sent it to the British government a while ago). Like Daniele said, there are many online petitions that you can find and sign – any of them will do.

        But thankfully, the cull is over…at least for now…

  26. Have you guys heard about that wolf (and coyote) killing contest that is occurring in Idaho after Christmas? It’s horrible!

    • The supporters of it are already calling themselves the victims because of the extreme negative reaction to it. Death threats were sent to the organiser and business owners sponsoring the event; such threats are not the way to do things, but you can understand why people sent them. Fed up with the arrogant and spiteful attitudes by greedy and twisted people – the supporters’ biggest arguments against those who are against the contest?
      “You don’t live here” and “It’s our way of life”
      Wildlife advocates are threatened and bullied by these people incessantly, not to mention the vile treatment these yahoos inflict upon wildlife.

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