Oregon Wolf Pup Calls To It’s Pack….

January 13, 2013

Is there a more haunting, ethereal sound in nature than the howl of the wolf?  This sweet pup calls to its pack and they howl back!!


Posted in: gray wolf pups, biodiversity

Video: Courtesy YouTube ODFW

Tags: Snake River Wolf Pack, ODFW, wolf pup, howling wolves, Oregon

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  1. It’s amazing. I can hear so much dog in it too. Some of us may never get to hear this sound in the wild, and be the lesser for it.

    • Ida…yes I can hear it too. People don’t realize that wolves can also bark and do bark. It’s amazing the different pitches to their voices. I know whenever I play howling wolf sounds my dogs almost always join in (:

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. I remember so very well my best friend, Thor, a timber wolf talking to me. I miss his soothing voice and his warm welcome. He made me feel alive. God bless you my best friend and may God keep you safe. I’m sure you will be at my side again.

    • Anne…Did you rescue Thor? What happened to him? Sounds like you had a wonderful bond!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  3. These barbaric killers be assured that when wolves are gone they will turn something else.I will never be resigned that they will be eradicated as long as there’re are those that will fight for them.Irreguardless of being in a bar in Idaho or in Washington .I will .

  4. is he lost?

    • Orna…More than likely he/she is at a rendezvous site, where the pack goes off to hunt and leaves younger pups, sometimes by themselves, or with a babysitter. Wondering where the pup’s litter mates are? Seems weird there would only be one pup but it’s possible.

      Rendezvous sites are the next step after the pack leaves the den but the pups are still too young to go on a hunt.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • thank’s nabeki. i put it on my facebook and people got very worried. some of our animal rights activists were starting to organize a saving mission :)

      • Orna, That video is from August 2012, so that pup is almost two now LOL. The pup is from the Snake River Pack and they had three pups confirmed that year. This is from ODFW’s website:

        August 1, 2012 – The Snake River pack has at least three pups, a July 25, 2012 survey found. Photos taken by remote camera also show at least three adults in the pack.

        During this survey in the Summit Ridge area of the Snake River wildlife management unit in Wallowa County, an ODFW employee also captured video footage of one of the pups howling and other members of the pack returning the howl. See the video here. Wolves are highly social animals and howling is a common behavior that helps packs communicate and stay together. Wolf howls can be heard from several miles away.

        Tell your friends he’d be too big to rescue now (:

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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  6. Liked the post. Pinned, tweeted, and scooped (see the scoop here: http://scoop.it/t/ecoscifi).

    • Thanks Gary and now I’ve discovered your exemplary blog (:

      For the wolves, For the wild ones

  7. […] Oregon Wolf Pup Calls To It’s Pack….. […]

  8. So wonderful! They can’t really win, a world without wolves wouldn’t be the same.

  9. Reblogged this on CreekWaterWoman and commented:
    On a good day we smile with the world. We are thankful for all of the species still in existence. On the bad days we’re inundated with reality:
    – Wolves being ‘harvested’ or packs being killed for whatever reasons a state or federal fish and wildlife agency can dream up.

    – Carnivore species crashing globally.

    – Lions are endangered.

    – Coyotes called, hunted and slaughtered at alarming rates.

    – Sea life is crashing. The fish populations are crashing.

    – Dolphins and whales are sick.

    – Dead zones in the gulf of Mexico.

    – Elephants are being poached and slaughtered into extinction.

    – Corruption on every scale is ruling the world.

    And this list could be long enough to circle the globe. So it’s nice to simply watch and listen to a recording of a wolf pup howl. Don’t think about how short his life may be with the bloodthirsty sport hunters. See him in the moment. This moment. Enjoy.

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  11. I hope and I really do that Oregon gets all the tourist dollars meant to go to Yellowstone and the Idaho especially Idaho

    • I agree people should boycott those states.Even Yellowstone doesn’t rock the boat with their in state wolf killers.A lot of them work for park service local yokels.

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    Many say that the howl of wolves is an eery sound but I don’t agree at all! Re-blogged on Wolf Is My Soul

  13. The sound can be downloaded for electronic calling by hunters ya know

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