Wolf Hell! Judge Says Idaho Can Continue Wolf Slaying In Frank Church….

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January 18, 2014

Idaho is wolf hell and the fires are burning hotter than ever for them now that a district judge has refused to stop the extermination of two wolf packs (Monumental and Golden) in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, after environmental groups filed a lawsuit to halt it. The wolf packs are bothering nobody, they live in a  2.4 million acre wilderness for god-sakes. BUT some elk hunters, who think Idaho is a giant game farm, want more elk to kill for themselves, hence the pressure on IDGF to eradicate even more wolves.  Who do these people think they are? Do they own Idaho’s wildlife? Apparently they do!!

And I highly doubt the Idaho hired gun or guns is just going after two wolf packs. Who in the heck really knows whats going on in that vast wilderness? They could be killing or have already killed wolves from other packs.

Judge Edward J. Lodge’s ruling allows the outrageous trapping and killing of wolves, by a state hired hunter/trapper, to continue. It’s bad enough Idaho allows a year round wolf hunt in some areas of the state or that Wildlife Services and poachers continue to kill them. Now wolves are being trapped and slaughtered in a protected wilderness.

“Hiring a bounty hunter to kill wolves in one of America’s crown-jewel wilderness areas, just to make sure there are more elk for hunters to kill, is one more example of the deeply sad, cruel and reactionary nature of Idaho’s ‘management’ of wolves,” said Noah Greenwald, the Center’s endangered species director. “This outrageous slaughter is a clear reminder of why all of our country’s wolves need the protection of the Endangered Species Act.”……Center For Biological Diversity

We can lay this debacle at the feet of the Obama administration and Congress. Mere months after Obama took office he and his rancher Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, delisted wolves in Montana and Idaho. Those wolves have been in the cross-hairs of brutal state management ever since and the bloodshed has spread to Wyoming and the Great Lakes.

The environmental groups plan to appeal the ruling to the 9th Circuit but that could be a lengthy process, meanwhile wolves continue to suffer and die. The only solution to the savage wolf killing, that’s gripped the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes, is to place gray wolves back on the Endangered Species List!


Judge Lodge Issues Ruling Allowing Wolf Extermination in Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness

U.S. District Judge for Idaho Edward J. Lodge has issued a ruling denying plaintiffs’ case against an ongoing plan to eradicate two wolf packs in Idaho’s Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. The judge ruled that plaintiffs are unlikely to prevail based on the merits of the case because the US Forest Service’s decision to allow Idaho Department of Fish and Game to use the cabin and airstrip at Cabin Creek was not a final agency action that is reviewable. The US Forest Service claims that it is still evaluating the wolf eradication plan and that it has not taken a final agency action. The Judge also ruled that the removal of wolves in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness does not constitute irreparable harm because the actions don’t irreparably harm the species as a whole.

So far the trapper has killed 9 wolves.

Read more: http://www.thewildlifenews.com/2014/01/17/judge-lodge-issues-ruling-allowing-wolf-extermination-in-frank-church-river-of-no-return-wilderness/


Definition of Wilderness (from the 1964 Wilderness Act)

(c) an area of undeveloped Federal land retaining its primeval character and influence, without permanent improvements or human habitation, which is protected and managed so as to preserve its natural conditions and which(1) generally appears to have been affected primarily by the forces of nature, with the imprint of man’s work substantially unnoticeable; (2) has outstanding opportunities for solitude or a primitive and unconfined type of recreation; (3) has  at least five thousand acres of land or is of sufficient size as to make practicable its preservation and use in an unimpaired condition; and (4) may also contain ecological, geological, or other features of scientific, educational, scenic, or historical value.


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Photo: Wisconsin DNR

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  1. Where are the Feds?

  2. How could this judge just ignore this situation? This is horrible.

    • he prob is out their hunting them to! the judge is an idiot!

  3. Words can not convey the sadness and regret in my heart. There are those among us who are living but without reason, heart or soul.

  4. How sad and tragic that Idaho is reverting back to a mentality that almost drove our beautiful wolves into extinction in the first place. Killing two families of wolves is definitely not a solution to protecting nature’s NATURAL balance and ecosystem – Shame on Idaho!

    • This makes me absolutely sick. These people in Idaho are trying to be God and seem to think they can do things better than God.

  5. we never really had a problem until Pailin started this whole mess!

  6. Clearly the judge has a vested interest in allowing this. Considering how the dollar has bought all this in Idaho against all the valid reasons why it should not continue versus the wishes of a few Elk Hunters it certainly gives pause for speculation. Lots of questions here and yes, questions about how Federal property has been allowed to be used in this. Seems not to be protecting the rights of the majority to have a say in how the money is used. This is sickening and enfuriating to know the special interests of the few supercede the wishes of many.

    • I agree…..what about appealing this horrible decision…..ask for a judge that is impartial !!

  7. But again, it is Idaho…………

  8. Another bought and paid for judge.

  9. this is bull shit!!! why dont they let us kill off the people sittin on death row this way?

  10. I think it is time to arm the wolves so they can stand their ground!?!

    • Both this Judge and the Governor of Idaho are ranchers…!! The killing of our beloved Wolves is a financial gain for them ! Besides, they belong to the NRA and hunting is a big sport for many people in Idaho ! I believe there is discrimination going on here !! Do your homework folks ! This is all for political gain..as usual !

    • You may be right about arming the wolfs if that’s what it takes to stop the slaughter of the wolves. There are many who feel so strongly about this that indeed the hunter could become the hunted. People have given there lives for far less a noble cause.

      • Where is Earth First ?!
        People sit in trees but no one raises a hand to upset traps ? To upset the hunter .? .
        The judge ruled you can hunt in wilderness so no rules to be broken anymore!
        We need to stop this horrible injustice !
        A crime against nature that tells it all in a nutshell .. The approach to our wild under this administration is nil. .. Annihilation by ignorance … And special, very special interests …
        The big feedlot, game farms and energy fields have taken our America … This is a sad decree resulting in environmental degradation in epic proportions .. The implications are foretelling of the future of a native removal campaign once again .. Custer once again reigns in Idaho killing fields.

    • Idaho’s hired gun, gives the perception that Americans are a bunch of war mongers. Thank goodness I know so many animal lovers on the internet that I realise that even though there are millions of hunters, there are also millions of animal lovers.
      I received a newsletter from the National Wolfwatcher Coalition. In this edition they cover:

      North American Model of Conservation

      Is Wolf Hunting Conservation?

      Hunters Speak Out

      Their link to their website is: http://wolfwatcher.org/

      They seem to have a pro-hunting stance. But I am not sure after looking at their site.

      Any comments? I cannot understand how anyone can kill any of our planets beautiful creatures. I also don’t believe that hunting for food applies to the wolf killers in Idaho.

      Actually I don’t even like the slaughter of livestock – thus I am a vegetarian.

  11. It’s time some hunters are accidently injured while hunting, if you can read between the lines. Every year it get’s worse. Idaho is filled with some of the most ignorant, blood thirsty jerks in America. Time wolf advocates start investing in some drones. Maybe that will stop them.

  12. So terrible. Leave our wolves to live as God created them to live.

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  14. It’s time to take this fight to the International Court of Justice. I strongly believe going international with this is our last option. Especially when you consider there actions not only violate the Wilderness Act, but also the World Charter for Nature.


    See you in the ICJ, IDFG and Judge Lodge.

  15. I sometimes wonder if there is a heaven, because judges like this only know hell for wolves. The same to them. Burn in hell, because for all of the wolves who have died or will, that is the only small bit of justice there is. We are so sick of this legal system that continues to call for the killing of one of the great creatures on this EARTH.


  17. This is so horrible! It seems that item 1 in in Definition of Wilderness “with the imprint of man’s work substantially unnoticeable” has lost all meaning! Damn them!

  18. I’m going to contact the Center for Biological Diversity. They do go to court to fight for the wolf. Hopefully they will be able to do something about this.

  19. These are the people who will fight for all wolves. They are not afraid to go nose to nose with Obama and his cronies:


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  21. It’s okay for the hunters to kill the elk, but not the wolves? That’s how wolves survive. Humans can go to the supermarket. What asses!!

  22. What can we do to help? Is there anything us bloggers who care about wildlife can do? Please tell us and we’ll start our own fire.

  23. Human-kind can be more dangerous and unkind than any other animal

  24. this person have a mentality of stone age :-(

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    A must read and follow for my pack!

  26. This group sponsored the Idaho Wolf Hunt – despite their name they are not a conservation group:








  27. Idaho Governor and Representatives:

    Governor “Butch” Otter


    Senator James E. Risch


    Senator Mike Crapo


    Representative Raul Labrador


    Representative Mike Simpson


  28. Killing wolves in order to create more game opportunities for the clients of outfitters is wrong–period. And that’s exactly what this is all about. How is acting on behalf of selfish,whiny outfitters “scientific management?” If wolves aren’t safe from traps, snares, and guns in a designated wilderness, where will they ever be safe? The US Forest Service is an absolute disgrace for allowing this.

  29. People are so short sighted and narrow of thought.

  30. So heart breaking!! Absolutely no justic for the wolf! :(

  31. For anyone who has not seen this article yet. Here at the Idaho meeting a hunter holds a sign for his 3 minutes with a shit eating grin on his face. Knowing full well, that Hunters are all in charge. No doubt the judge is either a hunter or in the back pocket of hunters and ranchers. I’ve been talking to these hunters in the comment section. They have NO DESIRE to even look at non-lethal methods that exist. They want them dead. plain and simple. there is no talking to these people, they are blood thirsty killers. I have asked time after time for them to tell me WHY do they like to hunt? No answer. Cause it would no doubt mean for them to admit, hey we like to kill! At this meeting there were 15 scientists and a room full of people against this wolf hunt. and the judge still rules in favor.


  32. It’s hard to know what strategy to pursue. The Idaho governor & Fish and Game Commission (which sets policy for the Fish & Game Dept & which are appointed by the governor), and Idaho Fish & Game Department (the implementers) are all stuck in the stone age, where violent bloodthirsty dominance over all is a badge of honor and macho achievement. They’re all big practitioners of the blood “sports” and do their best to poison young people into following in their footsteps.

    I see no hope but to bring public pressure, probably through the feds. But the federal US Wildlife Services is as corrupt and malevolent as the Idaho state officials. We must all continue to apply pressure to the White House, to the deaf Idaho state officials, to the useless piece of crap Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, and to all the regional perverts that enact and carry out these filthy policies.

    These people don’t care and will never care. They will only change their policies and behavior when we make their lives so uncomfortable that they can’t do otherwise.

    Each of us has a voice. USE IT.

  33. Why do people need to hunt Elk even? There is no need for hunting these days…it’s time people got with the 21st Century and out of the 19th. It’s bad enough that we destroy the natural habitat of these poor creatures, now we have to kill them so we can steal their natural food supply as well? Honestly, how many of us eat elk? We really need to rise above all this.

  34. Right, I do not see the wolf knock on your door to eat your family. Why must you go knocking on there’s to kill them.
    I understand an Omega coming across farm land and in search of food. I understand the need to the rancher to kill if on property.
    I too was born and raised on a ranch.
    But, I know that once you remove the wolves, then you will be ticked cause your over ran with deer, and other animals.

    You must leave nature a lone, nature has a way of weeding out the weak and strong. It is not up to humans to do natures business.

    You are doing nothing more than playing god and those who are killing our wolves are not god.

    Even native american’s value a dog, Sir. But there is no value in a foolish human’s greed and fear.

  35. Mankind is so cruel.it wasn’t meant to be this way….

  36. If an investigation was done corruption would be found with the judges and the courts.

    • I am sad to say the courts are not corrupt but the hole system is a lost cause and evil, This is the way the courts will always rule in this kind of matter, We need to fix the system.

  37. I will never go to Idaho or buy their potatowa or anything else Idaho
    .. boycott everything from there!

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    Here’s something else to be proud of as “humans”, right?

  40. I am disgusted to be a human sometimes.

  41. What if we did try to create a boycott of Idaho products… Create a list of companies that purchase from Idaho, obviously potatoes being a big one. And stop buying… They want to be in control and in charge and not listen to the people… let’s try to really hit them where it hurts.

    • Dawn…That’s a great idea that I’ve pushed for sometime but so far boycotts haven’t worked because people forget about them or don’t follow through. The real problem we have is the pro wolf movement itself, there is no unity. Most of the big environmental orgs are tolerating the wolf hunts and have really given up on trying to stop them. The grass roots groups are divided too. Some think we need to compromise with hunters, which is a total dead end, others know the truth, that you can’t negotiate in wolf blood. The hunts are unnecessary, Wildlife Services was killing hundreds of wolves every year before the hunts started. But the wolf movements biggest problem is poor media exposure. Nobody is covering the slaughter except for one lone voice, Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN. It’s been largely ignored by the media. That has to change. The only hope of turning this around is to get the American people behind the wolves. Writing to Idaho politicians doesn’t work, we’ve been doing it for years and they don’t care.

      I like the boycott idea, I think all the wolf hunting states should be boycotted but making it stick is the problem.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • You understand the problem, Just as Hitler killed the Jews, First they came for my neighbor and I said nothing, Then they came for my family and no one said anything and when they came for me their was no one to say anything for me.

        This is the problem the pro wolf group is bigger and stronger the the wolf killers but we are not united. We need to find a way to united and get the public to understand the need for wolves and this is the only way to change the killing field. The wolves are in the same place now as the Jews back in Germany, it is the same think evil and hate.

        Every wolf that dies it a part of us and Me that dies.

      • Nabeki…. I hear you… I’m going to PM you on facebook. I’d like to give this one more try…

  42. This is an example of how bad the court system has gotten, The court system is nothing more then a sociopath controlled system with no sole. We are in a country just like Germany in 1930 as Hitler took over. The people saw what was coming and did noting just as we are today and the courts and government are out of control and will not stop until they have destroyed all we love.
    I am sad to see the US go back the the 1800 on how to deal with wildlife and unless the good people stop watching TV and sleeping things will only get worse. The power is the the people as most people do not want to hurt wildlife but the good people do nothing so the bad one can get together and destroy.

  43. The way I see it is the wolf killer are a Sociopath. If they could kill us they would but they do not want to go to jail so they stick to killing wolves that is legal this way they and feed on the death of the wolves they kill, And just like Jeffrey Dahmer they keep a part of the kill.
    This is what we are dealing with.

    All you need to do is read the junk they wright and you can see what kind of people kill wolves and provide the money to kill them.

    Charley Manson would be proud of them.

  44. what a bullshit judge?

  45. Now it is EXACTLY like last time. People never learn…

  46. Native American recording artists are singing for our wolves in new CD


    Albert White Hat was a teacher of the Lakota language, and advised on the movie Dances with Wolves. In his book Zuya he speaks of the concept of mitakuye oyasin…all my relatives….

    “Everything in creation is a relative, no different than your aunt, uncle, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather or parents. All of society needs to understand that if a family member is dying that we, as a good relative, do everything we can to support their battle to live. ”

    We must support the wolves’ battle to live..

  47. This is so true…..we must support the wolves ……but WHY are most people not seeing this?? WHY do some people want to exterminate the wolf?? WHY is our government not listening? It’s so sad and disgusting………..I pray for all the 4 leggeds…….they need all our help……..

    • Yes we must support the Wolves. Why is the people that want them dead think they compete with the hunters and the hunters love to kill all they can and Wolves are on that list, To make matters worse the killers have lots of money to spend on killing are side does not have that kind of money and we have the best government money can buy.
      It is sad to say it is all about money and wolves have not money.
      Ranchers want to use are land free and want the wolves off them.

  48. how on earth could this evil man allow this to go on i hope he is proud of himself he should get the same treatment as the wolves hell will never be full until he is in it

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  50. Good news for the wolves! Thanks to many good people!


    • I am so happy to see the hard work paid off, So sad 9 Wolves had to die for nothing and the people had to pay for this wast of life.

    • Great and Commendable Work! Thank you.
      Let’s stop all the wolf killing!

  51. […] Wolf Hell! Judge Says Idaho Can Continue Wolf Slaying In Frank Church…. […]

  52. […] Wolf Hell! Judge Says Idaho Can Continue Wolf Slaying In Frank Church…. (howlingforjustice.wordpress.com) […]

  53. Such atrocity to our fellow animal brothers and sisters must not go unpunished. It tears at my heart and soul to see such monsters doing as they please. Time to take action and hunt down those that would choose the unnatural way.

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