Idaho hunter hired to kill wolves “gets the job done”!


And so it goes, smoke and mirrors…..

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[This answers the question, "How many are left?"]

by Associated Press, January 29th 2014

KETCHUM, Idaho — A professional hunter has been called out of a federal wilderness in central Idaho because he succeeded in killing all the wolves in two packs, a state agency spokesman said.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game spokesman Mike Keckler tells the Idaho Mountain Express in a story on Wednesday that the hunter killed eight wolves with traps and a ninth by hunting.

Gus Thoreson of Salmon started hunting and trapping in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in mid-December as part of a state plan to eliminate wolves to boost elk numbers. The state agency had planned to keep Thoreson hunting through the winter.

“He had been pretty effective early on, but it had been two weeks since he had taken any wolves, so we decided there was no…

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  1. hello,
    a little drop in ,out from France…I don’t understand this article,where they mention that he was “free” to kill …Isn’t there since a few days ago ,in Idaho a law now that protect the wolves and keep this killing away?Didn’t our petitions have the succesfull ending then at last???

    • No, they haven’t listened to us at all, more killing to come :(

  2. IDFG, Butch Otter, and the US Forest Service are a disgrace. These wolves weren’t harming anyone or anything. They were deep in the wilderness, doing what nature intended them to do. Now they are dead in order to appease a minority of selfish, ignorant outfitters who whined to IDFG because their clients could no longer blast elk away from the back of their pick-up trucks. Killing wolves to create ungulate farms is morally and ecologically inexcusable. Idiot-Ho is pathological and insane.

  3. God awful news, awful

  4. This government is SICK, what can we do to get these people
    replaced or out of the Dept of fish & game?

  5. What can be done to stop this maddness??? This makes me sick.   Karen

  6. It is what I had said when the announcement was made that they halted the hunt – that they had accomplished their mission. Another crime against these wolves, nature, the Earth and us.

  7. Gus Thoreson of Salmon …. is the worst excuse for an “individual” and that is putting it mildly…. He and Butch Otter are a DISGRACE…… Disgusting!!!!!!!

  8. disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone involved with trapping these beautiful creatures spends eternity in a leg hold trap!!!

  9. I don’t understand why Canada assisted in building up the wolf population by sending our wolves down south to you if they were just going to be killed. Wolves avoid humans and keep the population of deer down and reduce the rodent population. Not to mention that they are beautiful animals. I hope that our government never sends another animal down south.

  10. This is beyond extreme sickness!!! All involved in doing this killing are mentally sick beyond repair! All of them must be removed-. Every legal step to send them to prison should be used with no free get out of jail card!!!

  11. How do we know this mercenary-type person actually did accomplish this goal? Any bodies as proof? The above have stated excellent pts. The wolves are doing their jobs to keep balance in the environment with the big game, the hunters, ranchers, baiters, snare people, use of dogs, trappers, have an agenda to kill and in my opinion get a charge from it, anger, hostility, my grand daddy did it so will I, taking advantage of public lands-graze and shoot the wolves, the greed of the hunters/money/politics in the hunting groups, the backward judges, one sided government-governors/legislatures/ WHAT IS THE VOICE OF THE CITIZENS? All these pts bring up a violent society that means no good for anyone. Communication and trust are lacking with the government, its agencies, and the above factions. Scientists are excluded often, see Sally Jewells, to help keep a balance/education in the communication. Ignorance/fear/anger, silence etc seem to be prevalent in the anti-wolf camp. I am totally disgusted in this behavior. I do want there to be rationalizations for what we are doing with the environment and the animals. This will take a lot of deep rooted honesty on all sides. Thank you for listening.

    • Sadly, the people engaged in cheering on the wolf hatred are a product of their beliefs during their formative years. They lack the understanding of what is taking place in their own ‘back yards’. With closed minds they forge forward in their beliefs. Yes. It is true. They know not what they do.

      • The task is that we can offer them some education, understanding, compassion, and awareness. I suspect these would help them in their personal lives too as well as in the environment. behold the wonders!!! from the bible. Thank you.

  12. I thought that the judge halted the massacre, WTF this is bullshit

    • The judge halted this because Gus Thoreson already wiped out both packs. It’s all propaganda!

  13. I wonder what Frank Church would say today about these events.

  14. I am totally perplexed by this announcement. It was just a few days ago that as a member of Earth Justice that I received a notice saying the hunt had been called off with a court order.
    I’ve been donating money to Earth Justice, Defenders of Wildlife and a number of organizations to stop this senseless killing of the wolves and now you’re reporting that this coward of a human has gone in and killed two entire packs.
    Butch Otter and his Idaho Fish and Game Department can go straight to Hades. Boot them all out of their offices!
    My heart is truly heavy from this loss.

  15. I am in UK and horrified by the scale of wildlife persecution going on in US (although we have problems too). As an individual I am very angry but powerless – we must stop this madness but how do we do it? Governments across the world seem intent on killing all non-humans. One day I think we will have to actually FIGHT for our animal brethren.

    • I got so upset yesterday that I called up Earth Justice and spoke to a receptionist. She told me that they’d (Earth JUstice) had read the AP but felt that the info was correct on nine wolves killed but no one knew how many were in both packs. With that in mind and the fact she felt that the remaining pack members would have moved on to safer terrain without this guy (killer) tailing them. Let’s hope.
      Earth Justice will continue to follow Idaho Fish & Wildlife on the fact that this took place on Federal wilderness so they will follow most likely with a law suit.
      If anyone knows anything else please let us all know.

  16. Just an FYI, Earth Justice and Defenders of Wildlife will take a situation, like this incident and make it look like they are doing something with your donations. When I emailed them to ask how many wolves were left before they were able to pull Gus Thoreson off the job, NO RESPONSE! I emailed Defenders of Wildlife twice. They are not the pro-wolf agencies we all thought they were. IT”S ALL ABOUT PULLING YOUR HEARTSTRINGS FOR DONATIONS! Think twice about donating to them.

    • That is very upsetting to me. Please let me know where I can send my donations where it will make a difference from now on. Thanks.
      Ann Breeden

    • Sadly, I agree with you. I realized awhile ago that many groups prey on people who have a heart just to make money.

  17. I read yesterday that the Wolf killing in Idaho is being banned and today I read that all the wolves have been killed any way! Does any one know if there are any wolves left in this area and if so, will the hunter/trapper go back in and kill them or are they now “safe” with a ban in place?

    • Claire….Wolves were being killed in the Frank Church/River of No Return Wilderness by a trapper hired by Idaho to target the Golden and Monumental wolf packs. Environmental groups filed a lawsuit to stop the slaughter but unfortunately nine wolves died at the hands of this trapper. I’m sure there were more killed that are not being reported. The judge ruled in Idaho’s favor to allow the killing to continue but the enviro groups stated they would appeal the ruling to the Ninth Circuit. After that Idaho stopped the “program” but basically the trapper did what he was sent to do, decimate the two wolf packs. So in a way it was a hollow victory because the wolves died before anyone could help them.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  18. A spit in the face.

  19. Idaho is a state we won’t be traveling to.    

    • yup, crossed off our list too. had plans to travel there this year.

      • I can hear what you are saying, my feeling is similar when these atrocities occur in different states or countries. Idaho is a beautiful state with areas that have attracted me, the Pallouse, the Lakes area, the drive to Canada. It is the behavior of some of the people that horrify me, killing animals for what reason? the holy elk for the hunters, the hatred of wolves for what reason, the judge who made his decision to allow a mercenary type of person go out and kill many wolves for what reason. I would hate to be/or see the mercenary’s behavior towards his dog, his horse, his three mules, his family??? I am trying to be compassionate towards these people who do this inhuman, my opinion, behavior. I want to strike out like they are doing. YET, I am not lowering myself to that low level. It is a world of lawyers, the courts to stop these injustices and look what happened. Our government is letting us down AND yet, the wolves die horrible deaths and don’t have a chance to live. This is utter insanity, cruelty, not a way for a country nor its citizens to act, again, in my opinion. I guess the only way is to educate as many people as we can and get the message to the governments to STOP their behaviors. I don’t know any other way. Thank you for your comments, this is what it takes to change things.

  20. If it wasn’t for Earthjustice, there would be less environmental protection all around. They go to court to stop polluters, defend clean air and water, defend against toxic chemicals, pesticides, defend endangered species. If it wasn’t for them, EPA rules would have been overturned. No judge ruled to stop the wolf killing in the Frank Church. The groups that filed the lawsuit, including Defenders and Center for Biological Diversity, were going to appeal to the Ninth Circuit when the trapper was removed.

  21. If wolves can’t like in a wilderness area like the Frank Church River of No Return then where can they live? And it seems like the situation in Idaho is only getting worse; did you guys hear about…
    *The bill that will allocate $2 million for killing wolves:

    *The proposal to allow hunters to bait wolves:

    *The recent aerial gunning of 23 wolves in the Lolo:

    If this is not indication of Idaho’s intent to drastically reduce the gray wolf population and/or eradicate (or all but eradicate) wolves again from the state then I don’t know what is! This War on Wolves is going too far in Idaho!

    • “If wolves can’t like in a wilderness area…” — Sorry, meant to say “If wolves can’t live in a wilderness area…” in the previous post.

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