The Brutal, Senseless, Killing of Marius the Giraffe….

Giraffe RIP Marius_reuters_keldnavntoft_scanpixDenmark

RIP MARIUS/reuters/keldnavntoft/scanpixDenmark

February 12, 2014

UPDATE: I want to keep this post up for a few more days because Marius’s memory deserves it. The petition calling for Bengt Holst firing from the Copenhagen Zoo gathered 123,000 from 52,000 in one day. The petition is now closed and will be turned over to the “Copenhagen Zoo, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria and the World Wildlife Fund.” Click HERE to read the petition.


February 11, 2014

At the Copenhagen zoo, a sweet giraffe named Marius, was shot in the head by the zoo veterinarian , as he was eating a favorite rye bread, then Marius was dismembered, skinned and fed to the lions. This tragedy played out in front of zoo visitors, even children. This is something that could scar a child for life. But the zoo spokesman saw Marius’ murder as a teaching experience for kids.  WHAT?

“I’m actually proud because I think we have given children a huge understanding of the anatomy of a giraffe that they wouldn’t have had from watching a giraffe in a photo.”…..Zoo spokesman Tobias Stenbaek

Why did this terrible thing happen? Well, apparently the zoo has too many giraffes, and I guess the lions were hungry. Never mind that Marius  was a young giraffe, or that someone had offered to pay over $600,000 to rescue him, or that people from around the world were pleading for his life. Oh no, that didn’t matter at all!


Did This Giraffe Have to Die?

By Danielle Wiener-Bronner

The Copenhagen Zoo is under major fire for putting a perfectly healthy giraffe to death in front of visitors, including children, and then proceeding to skin, slice and feed it to the zoo’s lions. According to the Associated Press, the public event, promoted as a teaching exercise for the children, was well attended. (Warning: Some of the photos below might be upsetting to animal lovers.)

According to the zoo, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) recommended it put down Marius The Giraffe, because there were already too many giraffes with similar genes in the EAZA’s breeding program. Plus, the Copenhagen Zoo already has seven other giraffes. 

The Zoo went through with the euthanization even though more than 20,000 people signed an online petition to save Marius and one individual offered to buy the animal for $680,000. The zoo also refused offers from Britain’s Yorkshire Wildlife Park because Marius’ older brother lives there, and the Copenhagen Zoo’s scientific director Bengt Holst didn’t want Marius to take up space that could be used by a “genetically more valuable giraffe.”  

The zoo veterinarian, who shot the lethal bullet, described the killing in a similarly stark manner to Reuters: 

The zoo veterinarian, said the giraffe was coaxed into a yard and over to a zookeeper, who held out rye bread – a food the giraffe was especially fond of, according to the video footage, which was distributed by Reuters TV. “I stood behind with a rifle, and when he put his head forward and ate the rye bread, then I shot him through the brain,” he said. “It sounds violent, but it means that Marius had no idea of what was coming. He got his bread, then he died.”

Zoo spokesman Tobias Stenbaek Bro was less than sentimental when defending the zoo’s decision to show children the vicious circle of life, even when it includes the dismembering of giraffes with human names. “I’m actually proud because I think we have given children a huge understanding of the anatomy of a giraffe that they wouldn’t have had from watching a giraffe in a photo.”

What a nice lesson in death and eugenics for our children.

Read more if you can stomach it:

Giraffe_publically_killed_and_chopped_at_the_Copenhagen_Zoo.jpg Wiki

Marius lays dead after being shot in the head for no reason. Children and visitors look on.

Warning Graphic Video!


Online protests fail to save Marius the giraffe

Sunday 9th February 2014


Fire Bengt Holst From the Copenhagen Zoo For Having Marius the Giraffe Killed

Click HERE to sign the above petition!


Contact the Copenhagen Zoo and let them know what you think about the murder of Marius, the innocent, sweet giraffe!

Copenhagen Zoo

Address: Roskildevej 32, 2000 Frederiksberg



Phone: +45 7220 0200


Top Photo: Credit to reuters/keldnavntoft/scanpixDenmark

Bottom Photo: Marius dead Wiki

Video: Courtesy YouTube Sochi 2014 Olympics

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  1. This is one of the most disgusting, cruel, barbaric and inhumane acts I’ve read about in a LONG time! I hope everyone connected with this atrocity is fired and never allowed to work with or own animals in ANY way! And to skin poor Marius in front of CHILDREN! These sick, lowlife individuals should be in prison! HORRIBLE!!

    • I totally agree. Take action. I want justice for Marius. This zoo must be close.

      • This zoo must be close!

  2. I cannot believe what I just read regarding this senseless killing. Has the whole world gone mad? And just what did the children learn from the death of this animal? That is just an excuse to cover up the senseless killing of this healthy beautiful young animal. This zoo needs to be boycotted and shut down. I pray that this poor animal died quickly and did not suffer. There is no reason on the face of this earth to explain this killing.

  3. this was the most violent thing I ever heard of and in front of children who may decide to copy cat what they witnessed

  4. OMG, I’m so shocked about this sad news :( and tha horrible person a.k.a. Tobias whatever actually think it’s a good anatony lesson to children?? are u fucking kidding me??? this is disgusting, this is barbaric, this is horrific!!! This zoo needs to be shut down right now!!! Those ppl who did this horrible cruelty to that sweet animals should be put in jail. Justice need to be made ASAP!! SHAME ON YOU COPENHAGEN ZOO !!! LOTS OF SHAME ON YOU!!

  5. Reblogged this on Mungai and the Goa Constrictor and commented:
    They gave him his favourite treat, shot him with a bolt gun and fed him to the lions! And, lets not forget the crowd, including children, they gathered around them whilst cutting him into pieces.
    And, this is 2014!
    Are these people even civilised!
    Bengt Holst should be prosecuted and the vet in attendance struck off. The justification for committing this heinous act amounts to nothing more than drivel. It is their job to care for these animals – not kill them unnecessarily.

  6. From the picture I saw of the lion eating.. the giraffe was not skinned..
    Still, I find the suggestion that this was suppose to be educational ridiculous!
    1. No zoo animal should be bred unless it has a home to live in.
    2. A bred zoo animal should have then been offered to other zoos and sanctuaries, or neutered and kept.
    3. Feed the zoo administrator who made this stupid decision to the lions!

  7. Perverted. Sick. Reprehensible. As I said in a previous post, I no longer know what to say about the murder and carnage going on daily around this planet to my fellow creatures. There is something wrong with the human race and I mean “wrong” in our biological makeup. No other species on this planet does what we do to other species. We are not the norm. I speak of the majority of humans who perpetrate these crimes and those that remain silent, who are culpable. Not the handful of us that extend compassion and respect to all life forms. I’ve come to believe that those of us who are like us are the ones who have carried the human race forward for without compassion and empathy, existence and perpetuation is surely doomed and that is exactly what we are seeing happen to the other species on this planet. What to do? What to do? Keep on fighting. And never give in or give up. Marius – sweet, beautiful being – I am shamed at what my specie has done to you, first betrayed you with your favorite treat, then gave you no dignity. I feel heavy pain and hold you close to my heart. I hope all who were involved pay the ultimate price.

    • Great comment, Thank you…I have no words…RIP Marius…

    • You just put into words what my heavy heart is feeling. As I read your post I cried. Never give up hope for all animals.

  8. This is so heartbreaking to think that those beings could be proud of what they have done, and proud of the fact that it was done in front of kids. Who is going to take responcibiliy when kids start killing animals with the excuse, that “they do it at the zoo”. I hope someone makes those beings be held responsible for this. May God have mercy on them, cause I never would.

  9. This is without a doubt, the most sickening act of cruelty by so-called humans that I have read about for a while now. And to think it was promoted as a lesson for children and the parents of those children actually brought them to see this grisly event. What have they learned? Holst is an example of a veterinarian? And these neanderthals are proud of what they did. They are terrifying people. Shame on them and on the parents of those poor children. Rest in peace, Marius.

  10. I can only echo what everyone else has said. You have to wonder if this was reported wrong or something, but it appears to be legit. Regular people would go to jail for something like that, surely a zoo keeper who abused an animal should be held to even higher standards. I hesitate to say what I think should happen to these people. Similiar to what they did to Marius.

  11. How horrible is this!!!!??? Disgusting!! I hope all involved are prosecuted.

  12. Sick bastards. Close the zoo.

  13. This is horrible and it did not need to happen. That zoo needsto be shutdown and the veterinarian needs to be fired snd have his license revoked. Veterinarians are suppose to help animals not murder them.

  14. Is it no wonder we are raising a society full of violent adults who have no doubt been also raised to know nothing but violence and sociopathic behavior. Whether done in the name of “educating” it makes no difference when children are forced to witness such barbaric methods or reasoning for killing. This is “senseless” and was avoidable. With so many offers to purchase Marius, the lions could easily have had sufficient food. Education?! These are not zoo keepers….they are fiends!

  15. What is the matter with those people, another zoo was ready to accept Marius, but oh no, the zoo ran out of food for the lions or what, and cutting this poor baby to pieces on the front of children, why didn’t they kill an old giraffe, is it because they want to breed her again to kill the baby later in case the run out of food for the lions again, this is the most ugly thing I have seen, those people are psycho assholes, maybe they can be proud of themselves when the children follow in there foot step, I am so disgusted with humans

    • Good post Daniele. If they were determined to kill a giraffe, why not an old and sick one? And not in front of the public! What kind of zoo kills a healthy baby of any kind, when it is wanted by other zoos? Answer: Danish Nazi zoos. What are other zoos doing hidden from public view? If they cannot house animals in natural settings with lots of space for the animals to feel good about life, than they should be shut down. To Marius, your life mattered to so many good humans around the world. RIP sweetheart.

  16. It’s a barbaric and a criminal act. I am convinced that the responsibles deserve long time in jail!!!!

  17. Educating children… what a load of B.S.
    Fire these sadistic freaks and make sure that sick vetrinarian can never touch another animal again – he has broken his hippocratic oath. People are fined and jailed for lesser acts.

  18. What an ugly and hateful thing to do!

  19. Natureinverse, I share your thoughts, the shame of belonging to this species who dares to hurt like no other species does, the anger. With all the sorrow in my heart I will not give up because if I do, evil wins.

  20. I believe evil has already won. Not enough people give a damn. This sick mentality is growing by the month and it’s like watching the movie “The Body Snatchers”.

  21. The heartlessness and arrogance of these Danish zoo aholes is pathetic. The perpetrators should certainly be fired for being so cruelly determined to kill this baby giraffe when they so easily could have been heroes for doing the right thing and sending young Marius off to live at a welcoming zoo where he would have been appreciated for who he was: a beautiful, fascinating, healthy and innocent giraffe.

    • Bob, I’m absolutely sickened by this. It really touched a nerve for me. Here is an innocent, trusting baby giraffe, just 1 1/2 years old, lured out of his enclosure with his favorite rye bread, only to be shot in the head with a bolt gun, while people with children stood there and watched. That is completely sick. It reminds of the Romans and the Colosseum. Not only am I upset with the zoo but also the people who stood there like dolts. They had to know what was going to happen. The whole thing is nauseating and so wrong.

      For the wolves, For Sweet, Baby Marius,

      • As far as I read more local(european) news here, it seems he wasnt killed in front of people, “only” dissected and chopped up..

        I have a bit mixed feelings about some of the the comments here to be honest..

        I was and am outraged that they bred this giraffe only to kill it off as “surplus”, and get away with it. If people would do this with unwanted kittens they would get in jail(or fined, more likely) for animal cruelty for Christ’s sake but these people get away with it? I just don’t understand.. I thought Zoo’s were supposed to stand for something different…

        On the other hand I feel comments like “they had enough other food for the lions”etc are quite insulting to living creatures as well, even though they are supposed to defend them. It’s not because a nameless, faceless calf in a stable was bred to die, unlike this giraffe, that it suffers anything less. Quite the contrary in fact… it just feels less like a betrayal to most people, I suppose?

        As horrific as it is, the Zoo has -some- point. Even if it is a heartless one.

        And again, I am wholeheartedly against this sad killing. I do not want to defend it, I will never set foot near that Zoo. I believe Zoo’s especially should educate children about the value of species and life, and not present them as expendable cattle. As ironic as it may be, since they keep their real cattle(living mice, chicks for the snakes and predator birds) and corpses behind closed doors.

        In my ideal world, Zoo’s woudlnt need to and just would’nt excist. For animals should be wild.

      • Kim,

        “As far as I read more local(european) news here, it seems he wasnt killed in front of people, “only” dissected and chopped up..”

        PLease look at the picture at the bottom of the post, there was a crowd of people witnessing Marius’s murder, including children. If you can stomach it there is a video showing the zoo cutting up Marius like he was in a butcher shop in front of children and adults.

        And even if nobody was watching the killing (which they were) it still would still have been horrific. This giraffe did not have to die. Someone offered $680,000 to save Marius. A Wildlife Center wanted to take him. there was a petition to save him that now has over 121,000 signatures, up from 52,000 yesterday. So the zoo had a chance to do the right thing but instead did the wrong thing by that poor baby giraffe.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  22. I don’t see why this sweet Giraffe had to be killed? is there any logical explanation for that? I don’t think so. we want to see soon the trial of the in charge of the zoo and hopefully a harsh punishment for the crime he committed so that he would be a lesson to others. hope to hear it soon.

  23. just beyond words. i can’t believe they went ahead with this!

  24. The height of barbarism. A large section of humanity is truly sick.

  25. It’s sick and barbaric, so cruel to end such a young innocent life, this world is scary, knowing we have so many cruel humans living among us. Rest in peace little one, no one can ever hurt you again, bless your little soul.

  26. What is going on? Anyone directly in charge of (even access to) our beloved animals seem to have all drank tainted Kool Aid from the same fountain. I cannot believe what is happening to our animals. First of all, animals do not belong in zoos! Amen! Now they are be slain in these animal Nazi camps (zoos). I think that there is a killing spree atmosphere spreading through our nation…..and we have the most corrupt government in history and the most barbaric, mindless, cruel people in charge.

  27. Humans have to keep up the tradition of violent dominance alive over other life forms everywhere, I guess. Terribly sad and needless.

    It reminds me of the rave that was held at a marine park in Switzerland. Aside from being bad from a loud noise and music standpoint (you’d have thought wildlife caretakers would have been opposed to it for that reason alone), someone or several someones had the bright idea to give dolphins heroin and they died. Such poor oversight, and animals should not be held captive in these places. Humans have no restraint over their behavior.

  28. Have I said lately that humans suck? Humans suck!

    • Yes they are Ida! It’s a sick world we live in.

      For the wolves, For sweet Marius,

  29. Despicable savages!

  30. Reblogged this on .

  31. this cold blooded “neat” killing reminds me of the hollcaust

    • Orna, I was thinking the same thing, organized killing of a sentient being, no empathy, no compassion, Marius was a thing to be used. Think how much food $680,000 dollars would have bought for the zoo. Everyone involved in this murder should be fired. Please sign the petition at the bottom of the post.

      For the wolves, For Sweet Marius,

  32. While I do think animals raised for food do suffer horrifically and that our leadership would prefer to cover it up and keep it going rather than address it (it doesn’t really bother them) – it is going to take a major cultural change for people to stop eating meat or even eat less of it, especially with the world population projected to hit 9 billion or more by 2050.

    I hope we are not saying that until that happens, we shouldn’t address other cruelties for other creatures. Some animals could become extinct or suffer needlessly, such as Marius. I don’t have the stomach to watch the video – just the still frames are gruesome enough!

  33. Rest in peace Marius, you are now with your creator, and he loves you.

  34. This was not “euthanasia,” as that word was used in reference to the murder of Marius. Euthanasia by definition is a merciful painless death gently done to relieve suffering and pain that cannot be alleviated. This was a brutal savage immoral and inhumane killing. More animal murders will continue until more good people protest. As that happens, please do not use the pronoun “it” in reference to an animal. Please use “he” or “she” since animals have gender whereas the application of “it” connotes a mechanized unit without personality or feelings. As we know, language itself affects perceptions and animals deserve all the dignity they deserve. Please keep up the outrage against the murder of Marius, as we work for a better, more civilized, more compassionate world. Thank you, my evolved friends. Linda Emily

  35. […] The Brutal, Senseless, Killing of Marius the Giraffe…. […]

  36. We just viewed the chilling response to public outrage from Copenhagen zoo Director Bengt Holst. He clearly does not understand why animal lovers are upset. He frequently directed questions to other ways people kill animals, such as urban rabbits who become pests and he kept deliberately changing the focus away from Marius. (Be wary of that technique, it is common among those who abuse animals.) Holst sees animals only in terms of numbers, not the fact that each animal is precious, has a unique personality, and is not a mechanized thing devoid of feeling. His demeanor was cold, emotionless and quite Nazi like. He appeared to have no empathy or compassion yet said he “likes animals.” This is a dangerous person to have authority over animals. You can also be dismayed and horrified that this monster is a real human being by seeing the discussion on Americablog.

  37. This man dies sound dangerous. I think he’s mental and needs be blocked from practicing vet medicine.

  38. Ugh, the slaughterhouse four or five in the still frame above holding butchers’ knives has got to be one of the most cold image I have ever seen. I guess that’s what reason alone gets you. I don’t believe that children need to be ‘educated’ about this kind of cold cruelty in the world. A zoo can never duplicate life in the wild for animals.

    Another Danish zoo is planning the same fate for another Marius:

    • I have not respect for danish people.

  39. Another sad fact is, many Danish people are defending this cruel act, so I don’t feel any sympathy for the whole lot of them. Their arrogance on Facebook and You Tube , shows what these icy people are really like. The Danish tend to be very clinical in their thinking and it clashes with the compassion people from other countries feel toward animals. What has happened is disgusting and evil.

  40. I had always believed zoos were safe havens for animals and necessary for the survival of endangered species. But after the unnecessary murder of Marius the giraffe, I changed my mind.
    Not only was I appalled by this barbaric killing, I was sickened that children were permitted to see them butchering the poor animal. It really proves that zoos see these beautiful creatures as nothing more than lab rats. This is evil and I will never support zoos again because the reality is these animals would stand a better chance in the wild and they would certainly have a better life in their natural habitat.

    • Fay, What they did to Marius was truly heartbreaking and barbarous. I cannot fathom the callousness of that zoo to lure him with his favorite bread only to shoot him with a bolt gun. He trusted them and committed no crime. Many people tried to save Marius offering him sanctuary but the zoo turned them all down. In the end the he died a brutal death for nothing. I don’t know how any of them can sleep at night. I worry about the children and the the cold blooded scene they witnessed, it will stay with them the rest of their lives.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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