Wolf Who Fled Isle Royale Was Killed By A Pellet Gun…

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Wolves are not safe anywhere. The poor female wolf, called Isabelle, who escaped her home on Isle Royale, was killed by a pellet gun, causing fatal injuries. The endless suffering wolves are enduring is beyond measure.


Pellet gun killed wolf that fled Isle Royale park

Posted: Monday, March 17, 2014 7:37 am

Associated Press |

TRAVERSE CITY (AP) — A gray wolf that fled Isle Royale National Park across a Lake Superior ice bridge and was found dead on the mainland had been shot with a pellet from an air gun, officials said Friday.

The 5-year-old female, nicknamed “Isabelle” by researchers who monitor wolves and moose on the island park, was described as a loner that had been bullied by other wolves.

She escaped this winter, seizing the rare opportunity to traverse at least 15 miles of ice separating Isle Royale from an area along the U.S.-Canadian border. Isabelle’s body was found Feb. 8 along the Minnesota shoreline on property owned by the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.

There were no visible wounds, and scientists initially said she apparently hadn’t been shot. But the pellet showed up during an X-ray, and a necropsy showed it had caused fatal internal damage.

The pellet was a type used typically to hunt small animals such as squirrels, said Phyllis Green, the park superintendent. That suggests the shooter may have been trying to scare off the wolf instead of kill it, she said.

Green described the wolf’s death as “a fluke thing” that resulted from the pellet striking Isabelle between two ribs and entering her chest.

“If the pellet had hit just a half-inch to the left or right, the outcome may have been less significant,” said Margaret Wild, the National Park Service’s chief veterinarian.

The Colorado State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory teamed with the park service on the necropsy.

An investigation concluded the shooting happened on tribal land, Green said. The Grand Portage Band prohibits hunting or trapping wolves on its territory but allows people to chase away or kill those creating a nuisance, she said.

Because it appears no rules were violated, the park service won’t try to identify the shooter, she said.

A message seeking comment was left with the tribal chairman’s office.

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Photo: gray wolf Wisconsin DNR

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  1. When is this ever going to end? More of our precious wolves are disappearing everyday and it’s disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LEAVE THE WOLVES ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Our infinite sadness, anger, and rage will not stop the killing. Wolves have to be legally protected throughout the lower 48 states. They are no just beautiful, intelligent, highly social, and noble animals. They promote biodiversity and biodiversity is the key to survival of many threatened animal and plant species. Loss of biodiversity threatens human survival as well. Killing wolves equals killing ourselves.

  3. BREAKS my heart…

  4. That’s it. Now I know they need to intervene and reintroduce more wolves on that island. Ridicuous!

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  6. This is sad indeed. Wolves are beautiful creatures

  7. Very sad and my heart is heavy with grief for the life of this innocent wolf who led such a short lonely life only to meet the a worse rejection at the hands of man than she ever knew with her own species.

  8. whats going on, will it never end. how dumb are people be up north. did some dumb fuck enjoy doing this. can the state please stop this!

  9. Shame the murderer can’t be found and someone let him/her have a few pellets fired into him/her. I watched “Call to the wild” yesterday and I cried all the way through it, at the cruelty, and then at the love between a man and a dog, who loved the wolves.

  10. I am horrified!!!!!! Why so much hatred for our animals???

  11. She was found on tribal land, but that doesn’t mean someone there killed her. And, what do you know, the case is closed and we’ll hear no more about it. Says it all, I think.

  12. Heartbreaking news. May she roam freely now across the rainbow bridge. :(

  13. Once these people who kill animals for some unrealistic reason, need to be put in prison, & then people who know this could be their fate, will stop.  

    • I don’t know about in the States, but prison in the UK is like a holiday camp, much too good for these murderers! They should be treated the same way they treat the animals. Perhaps not the ‘PC’ thing to say.

  14. Let’s find out what happened, please, so we can ask other individuals not to do this …. Sounds like fear or target practice… ? Ignorance is not our friend
    Please stop killing our wolves!

  15. My heart is heavy with this news and this loss of such a beautiful creature.

  16. Filthy stupid humans shameful behavior by a shameless species.

  17. Utterly disgusting – as always!

  18. Reblogged this on Wolf Is My Soul.

  19. I am very heartbroken over this. I worked on Isle Royale in 1973 as a volunteer park ranger. Back then, there were 22 wolves and 800 moose. I met Rolf Petersen, who was just taking over the wolf study then. That whole summer I howled up wolves every time I was in the backcountry and they howled back. I saw scat frequently, but no kills and no wolves. It was just so satisfying knowing they were out there living their lives with no human persecution. I hope they will put more wolves on the island and not let them go extinct. They are so necessary to keep the moose in check.

    • It is wonderful to read something from a person who recognises that nature knows what it is doing. Man is very ignorant in the scheme of things.

  20. How sad….. :(

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  22. What is it that people are such jerks my fellow american is worse than almost any outside threat …..5% that hunt kill/consume 90% of the animals in the US which are all the peoples property why do they think that they pay for it all with license/bullet fees

  23. Man, I wanna become present. Sick of the past

  24. I was wondering whether this seemingly “persecution” of wolves , may be inspired by many years of a myth that wolves are dangerous to humans. I remember the story of the “Hound of the Baskervilles” . The hound as I remember was a wolf. It is a story, but together with other myths about wolves, it had an influence. We are still combating myths humans sometimes have about other humans. However, one wrongdoing does not invalidate the wrongs against wolves.

    • I wish everyone would read Farley Mowatt’s book, ‘Never Cry Wolf’, it would help better understanding of such beautiful animals. We have always had Alsatians and they have a bad name, but they are the most trusting and gentle dogs. Humans are so arrogant and cruel.

  25. Quem assassina estes magestosos animais deve ser punido como tal “assassino” pois ao matarem estes animais estão a dar cabo do nosso ecossistema. estas pessoas não passam de cobardes.

    Whoever kills these magnificent animals should be punished as such “killer” because by killing these animals they are ruining our ecosystem. these people are nothing but cowards.

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