Wolf Warriors Speak For Wolves – Yellowstone 2014

Jimmy St. Goddard 3

Jimmy St. Goddard of the Blackfeet Tribe – EESUKYAH

July 1, 2014

It took us 9 hours to drive to the rally. Most of that time was spent stopping for gas, letting the dogs out to stretch their legs and finding something to eat. No seriously, we are just very slow drivers. We got there around 9:30 am Saturday morning, sadly we didn’t make it to Bob Landis’ film on the 06 female Friday night but she was in our thoughts, what a magnificent wolf she was, no wonder everyone called her Rockstar.

Of course the weather was moody. One minute the sun was out and the next rain clouds were hovering overhead. But that’s Montana. If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute :) There was a brief thunderstorm cell that passed through in the afternoon but it was over quickly.

I want to thank Brett again for doing a wonderful job of organizing and planning the rally. The line up of speakers and panelists was amazing. In no particular order: Brett Haverstick,  Bob Landis, Mike Hudak, Doug Peacock, George Wuerthner, Catherine Feher-Elston, Jimmy St. Goddard,  Bill Chamberlain, Mike Mease, Goodshield Agular (guitar), Neil Haverstick (guitar), Brett Haverstick (Organizer Extraordinaire), George Nikas, Louisa Willcox, Nathan Varley, Oliver Starr, Anja Heister, Camilla Fox, Dr. Robert Crabtree, Bill Chamberlain. Hope I didn’t leave anyone out or misspell their names.

Jimmy St. Goddard of the Blackfeet Nation, started the rally on Saturday with a powerful presentation. In ceremonial dress, looking resplendent, he prayed, chanted and spoke for wolves.. Anyone who knows Jimmy or has heard him speak will always come away impressed. He is dedicated to the wolves and buffalo and all wildlife.

We spent Saturday morning and afternoon at Arch Park, listening to the amazing line up of speakers. I was lucky to connect with friends, some whom I haven’t seen in years.

 There were booths set up for most of the sponsors that displayed their educational material, booklets, calendars, bumper stickers, etc. The Buffalo Field Campaign had a beautiful calendar. Everyone was wearing the Speak for Wolves tees!

 We spent the evening at the Gardiner Community Center watching  films with a panel discussion at the end. The film, Exposed: The USDA Secret War on Wildlife, was particularly gruesome, focusing on the agency we’ve all come to hate- Wildlife Services. Their cruelty to animals seems to know no bounds.

In the evening on Saturday we spent the time unwinding and talking wolves.

On Sunday we took a brief trip into the park, which is always spectacular but you can’t forget going thru the Gardiner entrance that buffalo were slaughtered outside the park just a few months ago, as buffalo cows attempted to leave the park and travel to their ancestral calving grounds. Mike Mease, founder of the Buffalo Field Campaign, spoke about this travesty and how important the Yellowstone herd is. These are the last remaining descendants of the millions of wild free roaming buffalo who once covered this land like a blanket, more than 60 million, wiped out in a killing frenzy. It’s truly unbelievable.

While touring around Yellowstone we couldn’t help notice the abundance of elk, they seemed to be around every nook and cranny, many cow elk with their babies. They were  even lounging behind Arch Park in the high school field.  I think they traveled there to support the wolves.  A few people traveled to Lamar Valley and were lucky to see  wolves romping with their pups.

It was a wonderful experience and helped rejuvenate my spirits, which have taken quite the beating these last five years since wolves were delisted by Obama in 2009. Not sure why many people think  2011 was the first year wolves in the Northern Rockies were delisted, Obama removed their ESA protections mere months after he took office, along with his buddy Ken Salazar. There were wolf hunts held in Montana and Idaho starting in the Fall of 2009 and 500 wolves died. So this has been going on a lot longer than 2011, although that was the year Congress shoved Tester’s wolf delisting rider (with no judicial review) into a budget appropriations bill and all Democrats save three voted to strip wolves of the Endangered Species Protections. Quite the travesty.

Arch Park

Brett Haverstick

Brett Haverstick – Event Organizer – Thank you Brett!!!

Gardiner Community Center 5

Gardiner Community Center – Watching Films and Panel Discussion After

Gardiner Community Center6


Speak for Wolves 11

George Nickas, Executive Director of Wilderness Watch

Doug Peacock

Doug Peacock

Catherine Feher-Elston 2. jpg

Catherine Feher-Elston

Speak for Wolves

Neil Haverstick

Mike Mease

Mike Mease

Arch park 1

Speak for Wolves Neil 2

Well that’s all for tonight. Hope there aren’t too many mistakes but it’s 4:46 am and I’m pretty sleepy. I have lot’s of video on my phone so I’m hoping to upload it soon and share it. Or maybe I’ll put it all together in a YouTube video.

Great experience, we should do it every year and keep the momentum going!

For the wolves, For the wild ones,



Elk lounging on high school field behind Yellowstone entrance 1

Wolf cheerleaders!! :)


elk cows and calves in Yellowstone on the way to the Lamar Valley 1

Yellowstone elk Cows and calves on the drive to the Lamar Valley – Speak for Wolves


Photos Nabeki

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31 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Thank you for speaking for the wolves and sharing this with us.

    • Kathy, So glad to share with my fellow wolf warriors, we are in this together for the long haul, no matter how long it takes to see wolves protected again.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  2. Lovely. Get some much needed rest! I can imagine almost exactly where you all were. I loved your description of the bison too – “these are the last remaining descendants of the millions of wild free roaming buffalo who once covered this land like a blanket.”

    I’ve been reading about ‘plans’ to move some of Yellowstone’s bison to other parts of the country, such as Grand Canyon. Is this area even suitable for them, because they are already trying to ‘get rid’ of the ones they have out there, citing landscape damage as with cattle. I hope this isn’t just another way to placate ranchers. Fools.


    • Glad you liked it ida, I was so tired I had a hard time spelling words :) Would have love to have met you, maybe next time. ]There are already bison in the Grand Canyon National Park. Not sure where they came from but when we visited the Grand Canyon three years ago took pics of a small bison herd. hmmmmm. I’ll have to investigate this. As for the Yellowstone bison, they need to leave them the heck alone and let them wander and graze where they will. Montana is an enormous state and this is their home, there’s plenty of room for them. Its the ranchers who don’t want them outside the park. Its always the ranchers and hunters who think they can dictate to all of us. I’m sick of it.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Yes, the ranchers subjugate the cattle and then subjugate the bison/wolves and then attempt to subjugate us all for a profit, which is as fleeting as the wind.

  3. Thank you very much I hope it keeps going you and the wolves and the Buffalo and all wildlife that are threatened by the ranchers and our government , you are in my prayers

    • Thank you Richie!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  4. Great week-end….Need to go again !

    • Yes, Leslie!!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  5. Thank you for sharing. It iss just wonderful to see the pictures of the Elk and know that someone out there cares about the wolves and is willing to speak the truth. Hugs to you Nabeki. You are amazing.

    • Thank you so much Bert. Don’t you just love how the elk showed up to support the wolves. The picture of them lounging on the high school field right behind the Speak for Wolves rally was perfect. Hugs back to you too Bert!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  6. Wolf Cheerleaders!!! YOU sick twisted LIAR!! you didn’t see tons of elk …the only flippiong elk you saw were the local herd that stay in mammoth and Gardiner….LIES LIES LIES!!! Im so fired up now and you bet your ass im spreading your garbage all over our nation!!! You twisted sick people care nothing for wildlife only these worthless mutts….You will always lose…Always!! YOU ARE SICK!!!!! You do nothing for wildlife…GAME ON LIBERAL QUACKS!!!! GAME ON

    • Boy Derek, you sure got your panties in a bunch. Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble but there are 150,000 elk in Montana and have been for years. Every time we visit Yellowstone we see many, many elk, inside and outside the park. Yesterday there were cow elk with their calves right close to the road as we drove toward the Lamar Valley, yes you know the Lamar Valley where the wolves roam. I guess the elk weren’t too scared to be close to that area. Sorry if your feelings are hurt but apparently you’ve been listening to the wolf hating talking points too long. And who are you to dictate which animals live and die in the wilderness? It’s ridiculous the hate that’s spewed at wolves for hunting to live. I guess you’ve never heard that natural predation is actually good for the ecosystem, that’s the reason we have PREDATORS! I’m glad you’ll spread the info on this blog all over! Maybe it will change a few hearts and minds, not yours though, it’s pretty clear your mind is closed.

    • Derek,
      Perhaps you should relax and take Wildlife 101. Name calling doesn’t solve anything. And whether one is a “Liberal” or a “Conservative” has nothing to do with the issue. As you may or may not know, Conservative Republican President Richard Nixon signed off on the Endangered Species Act. And what “Game” is on? A little education can go a long way.

    • Hey dumb ass. If wolves have decimated the elk populations then why are elk hunting tags still being sold by the thousands? Common sense says that if animal populations are decimated, you don’t hunt them. So if elk numbers are decimated, why are hunting tags for elk being sold by the thousands? Explain that!

  7. For you to understand – Dem. Senator Tester and the whole party, threw wolves under the bus in order to get him elected in MT.

    Only with your native strength will the wolf be freed from wanton killing.

    NO elected official the you vote for should have any record of allowing wolf killing. I have made this clear in no uncertain terms repeatedly, in emails to every political person I have contacted, or who has contacted me, for a decade.

    Let this issue be the one upon which you stand – the rest, from rewilding of public lands to climate change, hinge upon unyielding protection and restoration of the wolf.

    While this may not sound logical, is is – any politician, and culture, any person, who will compromise on the lives of this vital social species and keystone to ecological diversity will slowly eat away at the life of this land in their position of power.

    Anyone who will allow blind or petty vengeful cruelty to those who live their purpose on Earth, is unlikely to be worthy of trust.

    Thank< Nabeki, thank you all in Gardiner these days!

  8. Thank you so much for this. It makes my heart warm to know there are others like me/us who share the same spirit and heart for the wolves.

    • You’re so welcome natureinverse, back atcha. We’re all in this together, one big wolf family!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  9. Nabeki,
    Thanks for your excellent coverage of the Speak for Wolves event. And especially for acknowledging the Wolf Cheerleaders. Stand and fight and stay strong.

    • You’re welcome Catherine, I loved your presentation, it was terrific. Is there a chance we can get a copy of the transcripts for each of the speakers? I’d love to post them so people can read what was said. Or maybe a better option is wait for the DVD of the event, I’m sure Brett will be offering one.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Thanks, Nabeki. I will look into transcripts…Walk in Beauty…

      • Terrific Catherine!!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  10. The few elk left in the park tend to stay close to people….due to the fact that wolves are now hunted and avoid people. Simple as that. Less than 4,000 left and still decreasing. I hope they stabilize soon, but it has not occurred yet. Nice that you saw some calves. I counted 54 cows last winter with only 4 calves in the bunch. Sad

    • Don’t despair Harold and I do appreciate your polite tone. It was inevitable the overpopulated elk herd would decrease in the park, once it’s top predator returned. It needed to decrease, the elk were overgrazing Yellowstone. They would stand around all day munching down the aspen and cottonwood trees that once lined the river and stream beds. Without fear of wolf predation they made a mess of things in Yellowstone. If you look at pictures of stream banks before wolves were reintroduced and then after, the results are striking. The elk wouldn’t allow the trees to get any taller than a few feet. The stream and river banks were practically bare. The beaver had disappeared, song birds no longer had places to perch near the streams. Once the wolf returned and got the elk herd under control the trees started to grow again. The beavers and song birds returned. The wolves managed the coyote population down to normal levels making it possible for the pronghorn antelope to once again thrive. The grizzly bears flourished on wolf kills. It’s called a trophic cascade, basically everything in nature is interconnected. A 20,000 Yellowstone elk herd is not normal, it was too large and doing much damage, the wolves did what they needed to do. Besides as I said the elk population in Montana has been steady at 150,000 for many years, there is no shortage of elk in the state but there is a shortage of wolves, since they are being brutally shot, poached and trapped. There is a shortage of bison, who are not allowed to leave the park without being hazed back in or outright shot or sent to slaughter. Those are the real tragedies of the Yellowstone ecosystem, not the lack of elk.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  11. Awesome event. Lots of great speakers, great music, and great people. So glad I was able to attend!

    • Joanne, It was a wonderful event, passionate, informative and festive. I enjoyed it thoroughly and was happy to connect with friends I haven’t seen in years. We should do it again and again. I especially enjoyed Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston, she was amazing.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • So sorry we never got a chance to talk, Nabeki. I loved how Catherine called out Cliven Bundy and his cronies. She was passionate and tough, and pulled no punches. And I agree–we should do it again and again.

  12. Hi, Nabeki! Was so great to see you in Gardiner! Here’s a link to my talk and the Wolf Activist toolkit I mentioned:

    • Same here Oliver :) I have your link but wasn’t sure if you wanted it posted on the blog, so I saved it in my email.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

  13. Thank you so much for sharing Nabeki!
    Truly wonderful seeing all these great supporters getting together. I hope to attend the next one.
    Much appreciation and support!

    • You’re very welcome Paul…hope to see you next year :)

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

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