Wolves Howling

Wolves Howl

Wolves Howl (distant)

Published on December 22, 2009 at 3:21 pm  Comments (26)  

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  1. I love This Web Site I love Wolves TOO!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Heaven!! Wolves are magnificent animals but terribly persecuted. Glad that you are taking an interest in them and thanks for reading!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • for the wolves nabeki, but we need to spread our word farther, i may not have even discovered this website if i haldnt been looking for pictures of obama with his self-killed wolf trophy for my blog. Plese anyone interested search me up on yahoo and read my blogs on wolves or just email me about these awsome critters.


        and if any bad wolf hunter jotts down my email for a threat: I DO NOT FEAR YOU, TRY AND GET ME AND YOU WILL SEE THE WORLD’S ONLY BIG BAD WOLF!!!!!

  2. i would do anything to help stop the cruelty mankind has inflicted upon them.i would give my life to save them.i would stand in front of a hunter’s gun, and if he killed me, as long as the wolf got away i would be pleased.

    you should use this to help bring people around to help them:

    why do wolves howl at the moon?
    they are howling for help. over _____ wolves are killed each year.

    • Hi Una,
      Such passion for wolves and wildlife!! To stand up for what you believe, could the wolves receive a better complment? Thanks for reading. Lets keep them in our hearts today and send positive energy their way in this season of death. Today is a day to love.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. I hate these useless slaughters!!!! CURSE it!!!!!!! My first dog was a wolf, gentle, amazing Shiloh.

    • Cool!! I would have loved to see a wolf in real life, but owning one that’s amazing!!

  5. I adore wolves, i had THREE WOLVES!!!!! Why, why dosent man just open his eyes and see what a gentle, tranquill species wolves are. MAN PEOPLE SHOULD READ Never Cry Wolf, Or Shadow MOuntain, for (forgive me) GOD”S SAKE STOP THE COLD-BLOODEDE KILLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You had three wolves!? Why should you have owned three wolves that should have been running free?

      • she is doing a good thing by keeping them so they dont get killed and hurt.if they or unprotected they are more likly to get killed

  6. This is disgusting! The government restocks the wolves at the national parks and the states do their best to kill them off again. The idea of auctioning off tags to kill these beautiful wild animals is just wrong. I do not agree with killing the elks and the wolves and the buffalos just to keep them in check on land that belong the federla government anyway. The ranchers rent these federal lands for cheap and then we the people watch as they kill off anything that might interfere with their precious cows. Wrong! We own the land. Take it back and give to the wild things.

    • Evelyn I would never have supported reintroducing wolves back to the Northern Rockies if I knew this would be their fate…they brought them back so these cretins could hunt them and the state could make money off dead wolves. It’s sick and disgusting. Another thing that gets me is their excuse there are too many of them…that is so ridiculous…the Great Lakes Region has over 4000 wolves in an area way smaller then the Northern Rockies and they have a much larger human population. Montana barely has 500 wolves and probably less then that number (when they counted them at the end of 2009) because Willdlife (Dis)Service has been killing off entire packs since the beginning of 2010. State game agencies should not be managing our predators.


  7. Wow! This seems like a great website! I am, too, a wolf lover and I hope to make a difference in the well being of wolves one day. I can’t stand how people can just kill wolves like that. It should be outlawed in every state. <3 love you wolves!

    • Glad you stopped by WolfLuvr. We need all the help we can get from every wolf advocate. There has never been a more dangerous time for wolves since they were reintroduced then right now. I hope you will joiin us in our email, fax, letter-writing and calling campaign, to tell Congress to keep their hands off gray wolves and the Endangered Species Act!!

      Welcome to our pack.


  8. i love wolves

  9. Warm greetings my friends. I found this site and wanted to share it with you as it is the very injustice which caused Wolf to vanish once before.



    • What a horrible site White Wolf. These people seem to feed on cruelty. It’s sickening. Maybe they have a chip missing.


  10. A silver world awakens to our cries
    On silent feet we run like ghosts
    Through thick forests and grassy oceans of prairies
    Over emotionless tundra and proud mountain range

    This is how for ages it has been
    To walk where we want and be as we please

    We hunt, we kill, we eat, what we can’t finish we store
    Back to our rendezvous to feed our pups’ hungry maws
    They bring us such delight, demanding though they sometimes are
    When eating is done we watch while they play, learn and spar

    This is how for ages it has been
    To walk where we want and be as we please

    We are always on the move
    Our territory must be secure
    We abide no foreign foot
    No trespasser will be let off the hook

    This is how for ages it has been
    To walk where we want and be as we please

    The old and young we tend with great care
    The young and healthy are expected to work
    Keep your place and do your job
    Or you’ll suffer our teeth

    This is how for ages it has been
    To walk where we want and be as we please

    Our day now finished
    All trials overcome
    We rest together as a family
    As one

    This is how for ages it has been
    To walk where we want and be as we please

    • Just beautiful John. I’d like to share it one the front page of the blog if you don’t mind?

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,

      • Sure, thank you.

  11. Is sheer survival is sin, the wolf kills only to live and feed its young never wasting, it even stores uneaten food.
    The wolf is one of creations finest and oldest examples, powerful, loyal, self sufficient – living in the harshest environment.
    To breed and release these magnificent creatures to be hunted for sport is sadly typical of mans greed and perverted pleasure.
    If we must segregate them allow a huge hunting ground where they can live as nature intended and man cannot interfere.
    Cattle farmers working in wolf country should take into account that there are other things trying to survive not just in order to make money.

  12. Wow! Just found your blog. I’m with you. My dogs are my closest companions. If I see a wolf that’s hurt, makes me feel like my kids are hurt. Beautiful blog, love the howling post. Sucks people want to hurt them.

  13. I love wolves! Im actually doing a project for AS ART on this majestic creatures. People don’t see the beauty of wolves which is really sad! I hope the world thinks about the judgement against wolves, and consider the fact that they are beautiful!!

  14. i will adopt as many wolves as i can as soon as possible and start a pack of wolves so they would never be hunted. Curse you, stupid wolf haters. what if something started hunting the humans? they wouldnt think it was fair.

  15. The howl of the wolf is one of those sounds of nature that I will never want to go without, along with the laugh of the hyena, the bulge of an elk, and the roar of the tiger, among others. I saw wolves at Busch Gardens in Virginia back in 2010, and I got to hear them howl. It was amazing, and it serves as a reminder of why I’m studying to be a conservation biologist.

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