Boycott Idaho Potatoes In Response To Gray Wolf Hunt

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September 19, 2009 

Write or call the governor of Idaho:

Write and/or call the Idaho potato commission:

Write/and or call the Idaho tourism office


Friends of Animals is calling for a boycott of Idaho grown potatoes, due to the state’s  gray wolf hunt. I think it’s a good idea. Count me in.

Pro-wolf group urges Idaho potato boycott

The Associated Press

 Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 5:01 AM

BOISE, Idaho —

A Connecticut-based animals rights group angry over Idaho’s planned wolf hunt aims to punch the state in its tuber.

Friends of Animals is urging foes of the hunt, due to start Tuesday, to boycott potatoes grown in Idaho, a state where potatoes are such a big deal they’re on the license plates.

Priscilla Feral, the group’s president, criticized Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter’s role as an avid supporter of allowing hunters to shoot up to 220 wolves in the season that ends March 31.

A hunt in neighboring Montana, due to start Sept. 15, targets up to 75 of the big predators.

Feral says “Wolves don’t need Gov. Otter – or anyone else – to manage them.”

Idaho and Montana wildlife officials counter they have responsible wolf management plans. *There’s that management word again.  Management=Killing Wolves

On Monday, a federal judge will consider a request by 13 environmental groups to put a halt to the hunts.

*Italics Mine

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  1. Thanks so much for the positive feedback!!


  2. Nabeki,

    Love the blogsite. Here’s a thought. Wolves are protected here in Colorado. I live adjacent to some of the best wolf habitat in the lower 48.(San Juan Mountains) Wolves cannot make it to Colorado without being blasted by hunters in Wyoming. It would really be great if they could find their way here. Have any ideas? I do.


    • Hi Cat,

      Glad you like the blog!

      The San Juan Mountains are beautiful and you’re right, great wolf habitat but as you said, wolves have to run the gauntlet through Wyoming. Look at what happened to wolf 314F, who traveled all the way from Montana to Colorado, a 1000 mile trip. I was cheering for her and then she’s found dead on a hillside, under suspicious circumstances. Everyone is mute on the subject. They said the investigation could take up to a year?. Do they know something we don’t?

      I’d love to see wolves disperse to Colorado, as a matter of fact if Judge Molloy returns their ESA protections, a whole new recovery plan must be drawn up. They should be allowed to inhabit their entire home range, not just a fragmented population in a few states.

      What ideas do you have to help them? They definitely need all the help they can get.


  3. man this is horrible….. no more potatoes!!


  4. […] Save Idaho’s Wolves […]


  5. In Sweden they massacre wolfes for their own best.Claiming that they are inbred. They started a massacre on 01.02. 10. 27dead ,10% of the population.Its so sad.


    • Hi Hans,
      I was saddened to hear about the Swedish wolf hunt. To think they would kill so many wolves out of a tiny population. We have lost over 500 wolves in the Northern Rockies out of a once population of between 1500-1650. That’s over 40% of the wolves gone. So we share your sorrow here.


  6. Again this is horrible people have to stop hunting our wolves. I my self have all ways been deeply in tune with wolves, with it being my spirit animal. So I do all i can to help them. from joining a wolf conservation center and adopting a wolf. People need to know how precious these animals are and start doing what they can to help them.


    • Hi Raven,
      I was driving to town yesterday and the image of a wolf being shot just flashed through my mind. I could hardly stand it and had to block out the image. It’s such a nasty business and anyone that shoots an animal purely for sport, I have no use for them. The hunts should never have happened. I don’t believe in wolf hunts, wolves should be allowed to disperse and reclaim their habitat which they were exterminated from in the West. Instead they are hemmed in everywhere by WS in their relentless pursuit of them and now the hunts….which are still ongoing in Idaho. Colorado is hostile to them, Utah wants to kill any wolf that steps inside it’s border, Wyoming wants to shoot them on sight. It’s a sad situation.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones.


  7. I read a lot of the responses people have made. People say its a sad situation, and it is! What else is sad is that I can no longer take me children to the mountains to go hiking, camping, or to just enjoy the great outdoors. I live in Idaho, and I am afraid to step out my back door! I dont know if there will be a pack of hungry wolves there to meet me. What is also very sad is Idaho is a poor state, most of us work really hard to provide a living for our family. We raise sheep, we raise cattle; it is not a 5 day a week job, we dont stop working at 5 pm, we dont get weekends off. We work 24-7 to ensure that our livestock is safe and healthy so we can provide food for our families. When a wolf kills a baby calf for sport, that is whats sad to me. Have you ever seen that? I have. Its not pretty. All of your hard work is done for nothing. Now you want to boycott the hard working potato farmers, just because Idaho wants to protect its citizens and their livelihoods. I think that we need to come to some kind of middle ground on this issue. I dont like the thought of killing wolves just to kill them. I also dont like the thought of fearing my children’s safety, and the livelihood of my family.


    • Hello Ashely,
      I’m sorry you’re buying into the wolf fear hysteria. Wolves are the predator you have the least to fear from, the predator that rarely kills a human being, they are normally shy, reclusive animals. Did you know that domestic dogs kill TWENTY PEOPLE A YEAR and bite another 4.5 million people? Should we now have to kill all our pet dogs? Of course not but if you want to be afraid of a canine biting your kids, it would be domestic dogs not wolves.

      Concerning wolf depredation, wolves kill very few livestock. Coyotes are the main predators of cattle and even they kill very few. But I’m sure you already know that. More livestock die from other causes like weather, disease, theft or reproductive issues. If a rancher does lose a cow to wolves they are compensated for it. But of course the drum has to be continually beat on wolf/livestock issues when really it’s more about intolerance. Wolves killed 214 cows last year in the Northern Rockies out of a population of SIX MILLION., yet 272 wolves were killed in “lethal control actions”. As of today, over six hundred wolves are now dead in the Norhern Rockies since the beginning of 2009 from Wildlife Services, the combined hunts in Idaho and Montana, poaching, SSS, and general wolf mortality.

      You talk about wolves killing a calf for sport. You must be listening to all the wolf haters and their sad stories of wolf kills. In case you don’t know this wolves are predators and kill to survive. When they want to eat breakfast they have to risk skull fractures and cracked ribs from a flying hoof. Wolf hunters on the other hand, hunt with Remington scoped rifles. They creep around the forest killing wolves for fun and the thrill of blood lust. Have you seen any of the disgusting dead wolf pictures circulating on FB or the rest of the Internet? If we’re talking about killing for sport, that would be the multi-million dollar industry in this country calling hunting, specifically trophy hunting. Add to that the disgusting predator derbies, where “hunters” run around the woods killing animals for points and prizes. Here’s an example: (From Deviant Art:

      Who is the predator that kills for sport? That would be humans. I think the picture speaks for itself. Did the person holding the baby think of what the images of dead, bloody, mangled coyotes could do to a child’s psyche?

      Of course we can’t forget Wildlife Services that aerial guns wolves, often chasing them for miles to exhaustion, shooting them with twelve gauge shotguns as the wolves are riddled with buckshot, biting at their backsides, dying horrible deaths. Is this what you mean by killing for sport?

      I live in grizzly country and every single time I walk into the woods I know there is a chance I could encounter a grizzly and that bear could kill me. That’s a fact. Grizzlies do kill people. But people that live in bear country are willing to take that chance to know we have the privilege of living among the great bear, a magnificent apex predator like the wolf. I carry bear spray and stay alert when I’m in the woods. I don’t jog or run on trails or listen to music wearing headphones. I make noise and am aware of my surroundings. I also live in wolf country. It is rare I ever catch a glimpse of wolves. When I do I’m not scared but awed by their beauty and wildness. People flock to Yellowstone from all over the world to catch a glimpse of a wild wolf. Wolf watching brings in over 35 million dollars to the GYA. People spend hours, days and weeks watching wolves. It’s not the wolf you should fear but the hate mongering and persecution of an animal that is doing what predators have been doing for hundreds of thousands of years to survive.

      Montana, Idaho and Wyoming are some of the last places where intact ecosystems exist in the lower forty eight. Instead of cowering in fear you should feel grateful to live where you do. Some people will never see a grizzly or wild wolf in their lifetimes. You and I live in places where that’s possible. I consider that to be an honor not a curse.



  8. I am a bit cofused, what is the ID potato commission doing?


    • Loua…Friends of Animals called for a boycott of Idaho products and I support it. It’s not that the potato commission did anything but it’s a way to influence policy and remind the state that others see what’s going on there and might not want to spend their tourist dollars there or buy there potatoes. That’s how boycotts work.



  9. …i hate hunting… killed my favorite animal…you put me to shock right now…..


  10. what can do people that not live in america


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