Idaho Wolf Hunt Celebrated By Auctioning Commemorative Tags

If anyone doubted hunters are celebrating and gloating over the wolf hunt in Idaho, look no further.  Idaho, Fish and Game is teaming up with pro hunting groups to auction off commemorative wolf tags 1 though 10.  

To commemorate the killing of wolves, after all the work and years dedicated people have spent to bring these magnificent apex predators back from the brink, is stunning to me.  Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more shameful concerning the wolf hunts, it does.


Idaho puts wolf hunting tags on the auction block

September 22, 2009 |  3:04 pm


To commemorate the first public wolf hunt in state history, Idaho Fish and Game is auctioning off state gray wolf hunting tags Nos. 1 through 10 via six hunting and wildlife conservation groups.

Proceeds from these tags will go to the Idaho wolf management program, which aids in wolf conservation and management, public education, population monitoring and law enforcement.

  • Tags No. 3 and 8 will be sold by the Mule Deer Foundation through sealed Internet bids closing Sept. 28.

Each organization will keep a portion of the proceeds to cover its costs.

Winning bidders will receive one commemorative tag suitable for display plus a duplicate for use when hunting. Since state rules allow only one wolf tag per person per calendar year, any winner that already has an unused tag may exchange it. Winners must also have a current Idaho hunting license to claim their tag.

— Kelly Burgess

Photo courtesy of National Parks Conservation Assn.

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