Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators

Lords of Nature is a ground breaking documentary filmed by Karen and Ralf Meyer of Greenfire Productions. It explores the importance of apex predators in shaping healthy ecosystems. 
Please visit http://lordsofnature.org where you can purchase the DVD and find a screening in your area. 
This enlightening video is for anyone interested in educating themselves and others on the role apex predators play in our natural world.  The current climate of intolerance is not acceptable.  We must find better ways to co-exist with the wolf, grizzly bear and mountain lion to assure that future generations will benefit from their presence in our wild-lands and forests.


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  1. This is a truly must see documentary. If you want the science based facts and not the Saveourelk spin BS. Opened my eyes to why we and all living things need predators in the Eco system.


    • Marc….completely agree,



  2. Nabeki thank you so much for more good news. This looks very, very well done, well thought out and informative. With screenings across the country I cannot help but think that finally we are beginning to make an impact.


    • Your welcome SoCalWofGal…..Everyone should see the film, it’s amazing.



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