Online Buzz Over Wolf Hunts Heats Up



Online Outrage Over Wolf Hunt

KECI, Missoula
Jackie Bartz (9/24/09)

Less than a dozens wolf tags have been filled in Idaho and Montana.  Idaho’s first wolf hunting season opened September 1st, Montana’s September 15th.  Robert Millage shot the first wolf in Idaho.  When news hit the internet Millage received hundreds of calls and emails referring to him as a wolf murderer, and a fat redneck.  And it’s a similar story for montana wolf hunters.  When Daniel Pettit shot his wolf, he didn’t imagine people would begin taking shots at him.  But when the picture popped up on the internet, the comments started coming.  Here are just a few, “what a man, what a hero, not,”  “I hope he is haunted by the mournful howl of its packmates.”  But comments came in on the other side too like, “I want to go buy his next box of ammo” and “if you think they are so mystical and awesome take one home with you.”  People told me the internet is the perfect place to express an opinion, but everyone told me they wouldn’t want to be the center of this debate.

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  1. There is a wonderful little book called “Who speaks for Wolf. A Native American Learning Story” by Paula Underwood. I think you would like it as it illustrates in parable what you are trying to communicate with your blog. Thanks


    • I’ll be sure to put “Who Speaks for Wolf” on my reading list.

      The Native Americans certainly got it right, they knew how to co-exist with nature without destroying it. We could take a big lesson from them.

      If there are other issues or articles about wolves you’d like to see covered, please let me know. My goal is enlightenment and education of this vital, apex predator.

      Thanks for stopping by (-:


  2. There is another nice reference to wolves in a book called “Blackfeet and Buffalo: Memories of Life among the Indians” by James W. Schultz who lived with the Blackfeet in the late 1880’s and was accepted as a member of their tribe. On page 136 “Some wild animal pets” he describes how he found a wolf pup and raised it. He only has good things to say about the wolf and the wolves here before the 1900’s; also how the Blackfeet felt about wolves. He is an interesting author in general.
    Good luck with your endeavor. You have an uphill battle. I live in WY and don’t hear much good things about wolves. I think there is still a lot of ‘story fields'( left over from Christian/European mythology in peoples consciousness.


    • The Native Americans, no doubt, understood the connectivity between man and nature. They lived peacefully among the wolf and grizzly, while having a healthy dose of respect for them

      I’ll definitely read “Blackfeet and Buffalo”. I actually live very close to the Blackfeet reservation.

      On wolf intolerance, it’s widespread and deep but there are many, many people that are friends of wolves and want to see them roam free in the Northern Rockies. I know Wyoming had a very unworkable wolf “management plan”…basically they wanted to shoot them on sight. That’s why Wyoming’s wolves haven’t been delisted. That is also why we’ll probably win the lawsuit in federal court, challenging the delisting. Wolves don’t understand boundaries. Fish, Wildlife and Parks just removed Wyoming from the wolf recovery plan so they could move ahead with the delisting. I don’t think Judge Molloy likes that idea very much.

      Thanks again for your comments. If I can change one mind that will be worth it. If not this is still a site people can visit that care about wolves, like youself.


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